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Right after Harry and Snape come back from the showdown with Bellatrix

Back at Hogwarts, Harry and Snape were sent to the hospital wing by Dumbledore, where their bruises and cuts were examined by the anxious matron, who also looked at Snape's chest, where he had been stabbed – but there was only a tiny curved scar. She released them with plenty of chocolate slabs and some ointment for their bruises.

In their quarters, Snape drew Harry close to him.

"I owed your father my life. I felt hate. Now I owe you my life, and what I feel is more love than I can possibly describe."


"Hush, love. Hold me."

Harry hugged him tightly.

"I thought that I had lost you…"

"And I thought I had lost you."


Harry proposes to Snape

Harry sidled up to him as he opened the box. Snape gazed at the contents for a long time; then he said slowly:


Harry simply looked at him calmly, but with a certain expectancy in his green eyes.

"Harry…Are you sure you want this?"

"I am, Severus, if you want this, too."

"People will be negative about this."

"And they can't change the fact that I love you, and only you," Harry said softly, taking Snape's hand and leaning his cheek lightly against his fingers.

"It's yes, Harry James Potter. I love you. I want to be yours and I want you to be mine."


After the wedding invitations have been sent out: reactions from McGonagall and Dumbledore

Dumbledore smiled benignly at Minerva McGonagall.

"Yes, yes, I believe so. Did you also receive the invitation just now?"

McGonagall shook her head.

"I still have difficulties believing this," she said.

"Oh, I think it's one of the best events of the century," Dumbledore beamed. "Ginger toffee, Minerva?"

"Thank you – I think I need one for fortification."

"Now, Minerva, Harry and Severus have been a devoted couple for quite some time so far."

"Not even for a year! They're rushing into this."

"I think they've waited long enough," Dumbledore observed happily, "after all, they have known each other for more than eight years."

"Known?" McGonagall coughed sceptically.


The ceremony itself

The two wizards were married in a quiet ceremony at Hogsmeade. The celebration, which was held at Hogwarts after the wedding, was an equally calm do, with their closest friends and most of the Order of the Phoenix attending. The only minor but comical disruptions were caused by the Weasley twins. Ron looked incredulous throughout the occasion. Nor was he the only one. Hermione, on the other hand, was pleased.

"Look at it this way, Ron. Harry can catch up on Potions from Snape now," she observed practically.

It did nothing to improve the expression on Ron's face.

"Thank goodness Harry has not got any siblings. Who'd want that – I mean, Snape as a brother-in-law? They would be compelled to act rather lawlessly towards him."

"Shut up, Ron," Hermione said tersely.

"And just think of the wedding night…Ugh, with that creature…! Poor Harry…Better notify the Aurors."

"RON!" Hermione hissed, digging her elbow into his ribs, "Stop being so rude and vulgar. For Harry's and for Snape's sakes."

Lupin and Hagrid were smiling throughout the occasion, and Dumbledore, naturally, was beaming.


After the wedding

Snape was looking rather tired from the whole ceremony; but he was not too tired to show Harry in a variety of seductive ways that he was his for that night and for all the nights and days to follow.

"Come here, you recalcitrant brat," he whispered fondly into his new husband's ear.

"Only if you come here, sarcastic prat," Harry quipped, stroking the empty space next to him in bed.

Snape raised a haughty eyebrow, but the expression in his eyes was full of love for the young man who had once been his enemy.