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Prologue: Experiment # 133

When she awoke, it was to pitch blackness. Her eyes adjusted, and she felt her pupils growing and knew that if anyone was to see them now, they would think her eyes were pure black rather then blood red. Unlike other humans -the word made into an insult laced with disgust in her mind- she could see perfectly well in the dark. Once her eyes adjusted, she snarled to find that she could only make the vaguest distinctions between the wall and the door. She swung her head around slowly, her eyes piercing the darkness. Taking everything in, she discovered that she was standing on her feet, her arms strung up above her head. There was a thick chain attached to her wrists by large, heavy metal cuffs, and from that a third chain connecting to a large metal collar around her neck. After struggling in vain for several minutes –receiving only skinned and raw wrists and a sore neck- she leaned against the cold, almost wet, stone wall of her cell.

For that's what it was. A small cell, dark, dank, musty and cold. The walls were rough hewn stone, moss growing in a few crevices near the ceiling. The floor was smoothed down and the ceiling as well, but it was mostly just a stone box. If she was free of the chains –each link as thick as her thumb- she would be across the cell with two steps –normal steps even, not strides- it was five feet by five feet, the only door a three inch thick solid steel door without even a small window. No light was allowed in her dank cell, for if she was able to get even the weakest beam of light on her pale, bruised flesh, she would be able to escape. Because of some of the chemicals that had been injected in her over the years had caused her to gain a very strange reaction to sunlight; in that sun strengthened her.

She jerked her right wrist away from the wall while throwing the rest of her body weight to the left with an impatient snarl. Her snarl turned to a smothered growl of rage which escaped through clenched fangs when all she succeeded was popping her wrist out of its socket. With her teeth clenched so tight that she felt her jaws lock; she rammed her wrist against the wall shoving all her weight behind it and popping her wrist back in.

She hung there sweating for several minutes, her jaws aching and her wrist throbbing. Swearing under her breath –using words learned from listening to the 'Doctor' swear- she shook her head and glowered at the door.

This was what she had woken up to every day for the last four years, since she had turned nine, and the doctor's experiments had shown promise. Except for the fact that she had gone feral. That's what he called her anyway. At thirteen she was stronger then most fully grown humans, and faster as well. Which one would not expect from one underfed, pale, frail looking little girl. That is, until they saw her eyes, here ears, or worse, her fangs.

Her master, 'The Doctor' had been doing experiments on humans for decades now, and once he started getting results, he used the two best subjects he could find; so to get super humans; so to sell to the highest bidder.

He used children. He had his men scour the countryside for likely subjects. He had told her of this once actually -indirectly at least- when he thought she was still unconscious. (At least she thinks he did, he may have known very well that she was aware.) He had needed young and malleable children; who were strong mentally and physically, showing signs of alchemical abilities, and would not be likely missed. The results were two year old Kemairia Dere'tah Lonien and her four year old brother, Gerald Staphin Lonien. Gerald had already been showing interest in the way of learning alchemy, and his sister had shown promise. Their mother had run off somewhere, and their father was an alcoholic. Their home was a decently sized village in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a forest where children were always going missing. Two mere orphans; nothing but a burden to decent folk, were of little consequence. They were hardly missed.

The experiments were not started immediately, which simply made everything that much the crueler. For awhile the man actually fed them and clothed them and took care of them. At least, for what little she could remember of that age he did. Then, suddenly, about three months after he kidnapped them, everything changed. She never knew why; just that one day the man had smiled at her and called her Kimi-chan and feeding her sweets and allowing her and her brother access to the library and books on alchemy.

And the next he was cold and dark and hateful; they were fed terrible tasting concoctions and strapped onto cold tables and poked and prodded. From that day on the experimentations and augmentations were started. As far as she knew they had the same tests and experiments done on them; but then, she knew very little if anything about her brother. They were separated from one another almost immediately afterwards; and due to all the horrible and agonizing experiments she almost entirely forgot him, and it wasn't until a chance conversation she overheard between the doctor and his men some many years later that she even knew she had a brother in the first place.

And then he started bragging to her unconscious (or so he thought she assumed; he might very well have known she was feigning, but she doubted that.) body about how difficult it was for him to find the perfect subjects, and how she and her brother were works of art. It disgusted her.

She had learned of him when she was seven.

She had been strapped to a cold bare table; her feeble and frail arms strapped above her head her head by thick leather straps and her thighs and ankles with similar straps. One would think such a thing a little excessive for an malnourished and waif-like child, but even then she was stronger then norm. He had just injected some enzymes into her side and then used alchemy to speed the process up, and thought she was unconscious.

She was actually awake, weary, and in pain, but awake. She heard him enter the room so closed her eyes and lay still while he proceeded to talk to one of his men. She could not remember what he had said exactly, but remembered him speaking of her brother. Her brother! That had been a terrible shock to her. She spent the next year doing nothing but think of him, wondering, hoping.

She even became somewhat placid and docile; allowing him to think he had cowed and tamed her.

Once she had him convinced of her docility she made her escape; she had become seemingly lethargic and emotionless; and he had become increasingly more and more careless. After several days of him leaving her cell –such as it was, at that time it was simply a small, faded and bare room with a cot and a stool. Bigger then her current cell, and warmer, but somehow worse then her current cell; because it made it seem like she was a guest…instead of an experiment, a prisoner.- unlocked, she made her escape.

She had slipped out easily during the night and had carefully explored the halls, trying valiantly to find her brother. After several desperate hours of elusive searching, she found him. Unfortunately she was found by the doctor at almost the same time, before she had gotten more then a glimpse of him.

From what little she was able to see of him he had dark blue hair, black eyes, and what looked to be the beginnings of black wings. She was unable to tell if they were feathered or not. He was gaunt, just as underfed as she, and his face was haunted and brooding –much as she figured hers must have looked like- and his hair shaggy and unkempt. The doctor had been furious and rough with her as he dragged her back to his workroom to 'punish' her. She never tried to escape again, and her punishment left her with a permanent scar from her collarbone to her navel.

The amounts of experiments and injections and surgeries had been extensive and seemingly never ending. Her bones had been laced with some metallic substances to strengthen them, and she had been fed several vitamins which were then infused in her blood stream, and her vision and hearing had been enhanced. He had caused her ears and fangs to grow, and changed the shape of her eyes "To enhance the amount of light gathered." or so the doctor explained. The augmentations had taken years and had been terribly painful; but she had grown almost completely immune over the years.

She had lost all memories of her past, including any recollection to what her name may have been. For now, all she knew was that she was experiment # 133.

When she was nine, her thin but still round features turning sharper and more defined, and her cat-like attributes grew. Her ears were larger then normal, and came to a sharp definite point, her canines were all half again as large as norm, and her eyes were blood red. Her fingers grew to resemble claws. Her once lush blue-black hair was now thicker and so dark as if to suck the light from the room. Her shaggy bangs half covered her eyes; long sections of hair hanging in front of her ears -hanging messily to her chest- while the rest was cropped short.

Later that year, due to a mismatch of chemicals in her body -he had been trying to speed her growth and change the shape of her bones at the same time- the chemicals fed on each other and turned into a hormone boast which fed her into a stream of constant anger, she went feral, but still kept her mind. That was when she was moved to her new cell, the chains added after she had killed three of 'The doctors' men.

By the time she was twelve her pupils had turned to slits, her canines more pronounced and her claws more dangerous. She just grew more and more intelligent, gleaning any knowledge she could from everything around her. One of the actually good side effects of one of 'The doctors' misshape with her mind (he was trying to make her absolutely obedient to her master whomever it be) but instead due to a smudged line in his alchemy circle caused her to have a photographic memory. She could remember every conversation the doctor had had with her since then. None had been good. She had somehow convinced the doctor in the past to teach her to read, but had not been able to get her hands on once since locked in her new cell. But she remembered every book. When she was bored, and could not sleep due to some side effect, she'd re-read them over in her mind.

After several years, by the time she was eleven she managed to get a reign on her emotions, and felt every other one clearly now, although peace, glee, happiness, calmness, and other such emotions were a rarity in her hateful life. She also -over the years- learned how to block out most pain.

Every morning for the first month since she was chained some poor fool would get in and try to feed her, usually leaving with a finger missing. But eventually the doctor found someone able to feed her –forcibly mind you- but even then she ate very little. Then the doctor would do experiments and tests on her for hours on end, feed her lunch –she knew he only fed her so she would be strong enough bodily for the augmentations to take hold- do more tests, then back into her cell with dinner, and then left chained until morning. It went on like this, day in and day out until one day when she was thirteen and her life took a sudden plunge. For better or worse she could hardly describe.