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Last Time: Tsunade-sama pursed her lips and then spoke. "And why is this?" She prompted. Sakura grimaced and then looked over her shoulder at Anko. Their eyes met and locked. Anko stared deeply into her twins eyes...so like her own when not covered by her blood-red contacts. Covered in lies. Like the lies she was steeped in. Anko nodded, ever so slightly. Sakura worried her bottom lip for a mere moment, then firmed her jaw and nodded firmly, once. She turned and squared her shoulders as she faced Tsunade-sama -and their demons from their pasts- head on.

"Fine. I will tell you Tsunade-sama." Sakura said in a low and serious tone, her eyes alight with a green flame and her hands trembling.

Sakura was nervous and frightened, but their demons had to be faced. She felt her twin standing right behind her; where she always was. Anko had wrapped her arms around her waist and she had her forehead leaning against Sakura's shoulder. Sakura felt Anko tremble slightly against her back. Anko felt the same way about this as she did...

She looked at Hinata, Haku, and Deidara. The three had by now risen to their feet, Hinata was holding Haku's hands in her own and she was staring silently at the wall next to her while Haku stared down at their intertwined hands.

Deidara was standing with her arms behind her head, glowering at the same wall Hinata was staring at.

Sakura took a deep breath to center herself and turned to look at Tsunade.

"I will begin with what sort of life Anko and I grew up with." Sakura said bluntly. She glanced at Anko over her shoulder; took a deep breath, and plunged forward to get it over with.

"We are identical twins; Anko was born only five minutes before myself. We are the same height; and up until recently the same weight. We look exactly the same; same birth marks, same freckles, everything identical." She started slowly, her voice flat and strangely calm as she stood, staring straight ahead; not seeing the wall before her but into their shared painful past.

"And that was exactly how we were treated. As a matched set. They did absolutely nothing to differentiate us; not even our names, they called both of us 'Saiko'." She continued, her voice bitter and low.

"It was I who gave Anko her name...and she who gave me mine. But we had to be certain our parents never caught wind of it or they would have beaten us soundly. Everything we owned was identical, we dressed the same, did our hair the same, and we had to stay absolutely silent unless spoken too so that we sounded the same too. And when we did speak, it was imperative we did so in unison.

You see, our parents only wanted one daughter, one perfect little girl. They did not want two. They could not have gotten rid of one of us without making a scandal and causing their reputation to plummet; so they raised us a single unit. One daughter in two bodies...and if we did anything to act as separate units, they beat us." Sakura finished, her tone flat and emotionless as she stated the bare bones of their previous life. Anko had tightened her arms around her waist as she had been speaking.

She was still staring at the wall before her, she did not want to gauge anyone's reactions to her sordid tale. Instead she took a deep breath and continued.

"We...Anko and I, named each other when we were four. When we were six, we ran away. We lived in the forest for several months, but then our parents found us. They punished us very soundly." And now she paused and looked at Anko who shrugged. Sakura grimaced and turned back around to face Tsunade, her shoulders back as she gazed calmly at the woman.

"We were seven or so when our mother got pregnant once again. When our sister was born, a more perfect child then either of us...they let us free. They gave us a small house, but disowned us as well. We belong only to ourselves now. We do odd jobs and take care of each other. Even back then we were self-sufficient. It is all we need." She finished with a glare at the woman before turning away again.

"Haku-chan and Hinata-chan's lives were not much better." Sakura began again, her voice calm and straight forward. "Haku-chan was born first, she should have been the heir but for the fact she was born without the family's bloodline purity, visible in the eyes. Because of her eyes, she can never be the heir. As soon as Hinata-chan's was born, with the proper lineage, she became heir and Haku-chan became her slave." Sakura started, her tone giving a bitter emphasis on the last word.

She saw Hinata and Haku out of the corner of her eye. They had not moved very much from the position they had been standing in when she had started Anko and her own story, but now Haku's shoulders where slack and her gaze was distant, docile. Hinata in turn had her shoulders high and her body was stiff as she stared at the wall next to them, her face emotionless. Her hands had tightened on Haku's slightly and they were trembling slightly as well. Haku was so still it was almost as though she were carved of ice.

She observed the two of them silently for a moment and then her eyes slide slowly over to Deidara. Her slim pale arms were still placed behind her head but now both her hands were gripped tightly around her wrists. her nails digging into her skin; but not quite enough to draw blood. Her posture was stiff and because her face was turned away Sakura could not see her face. But she was sure that the girl was scowling.

She then turned her attention back to Tsunade and saw an unreadable expression on the woman's face. But it appeared she was not pleased with her previous statement. Sakura firmed her jaw and took a shallow breath before continuing in a calm and straight forward tone. She spoke as if reciting a story instead of the tragic past of her dearest friends.

"Haku-chan became a tool, she did everything they demanded of her without question, without thought. She did all their dirty work. She was also Hinata-chan's servant. She did all the menial work which needed doing, they treated her so very terribly, but she never objected. Not once. She accepted it as her duty and was docile and subservient. But she also was so very smart and proficient with her training. Especially with her senbon." Sakura explained. At Tsunades's take aback expression she paused for a moment and then decided she may as well explain everything.

"You see, the Hyuuga are a old family, a ninja family. What Haku-chan had lacked at birth, was their blood-line trait. The Bayakugan. Hinata-chan and Neji-san both are blessed with the Bayakugan. As is Hanabi-san, Hinata-chan and Haku-chan's younger sister. All five of us in fact are trained in ninjutsu and martial arts." Sakura explained a little smugly. She winced when Anko hit her over the head but did not turn to look at her. She instead turned her head to look at Hinata and continued.

"For Hinata-chan's part... she has always been shy and soft-spoken, nervous, desperate to do her duty as the heir but just so weak in everyone's eyes...not fit for her duty they say. She hated that she had displaced her elder sister as heir; and that Haku-chan was being made to be her servant. She hated that her much stronger cousin Neji-san was not heir simply because his father was her father's younger twin. And she hated herself for being so weak. She trained hard, but it was never enough." Sakura said in a calm, serious tone.

"And now she is being pushed aside by Hanabi-san, a prodigy just like Neji-san. They should not be able to do such a thing, she is youngest and should be given the seal of the branch house just like Haku-chan and Neji-san. But their father is bypassing their laws out of favoritism..." Sakura knew she sounded bitter as she said this, but she could not help it. That was how she felt. She hated that man and all he stood for, and hated the brat Hanabi because she had such a terrible attitude and treated Hinata and Haku like slaves; although they were technically such a thing. She did not like Neji much, but he treated everyone the same, so he was not nearly so bad. He was simply cold.

"Because of how they were raised, Haku-chan has all but cut herself off from emotions, and she truly believes that all she is useful for and all she exists for is to serve Hinata-chan. And Hinata-chan was raised from birth to be heir, and feels like a failure because she has been surpassed for her duty by her much younger sister, Hanabi is five years her junior. And although Hinata-chan has always looked up to her cousin, Neji-san, he has never been anything but cold to her and Haku-chan. So they both have very severe inferiority-complexes." She explained, sad and sympathetic as she gazed at her friends.

Haku's eyes were distant and blank and Hinata looked as though she was close to shedding angry tears. Because the biggest change in Hinata now was she got angry. Especially at how she and her beloved sister had been mistreated. She would never forgive them. Nor would Sakura or her twin.

Sakura stared silent for a long moment, and then her eyes slide over to Deidara whose arms had finally dropped down to her sides.

"Deidara is the only one of us whom has had an actually loving home life, for how little it lasted." She started again with a small chuckle. Deidara looked back at her over her right shoulder, her long blonde ponytail swinging with movement and slipping over her left shoulder. She absentmindedly brushed the hair back over her shoulder to hang down her back.

Sakura smiled softly at her and the younger girl stuck her tongue out playfully as she turned around completely. She walked over to stand closer to Haku and Hinata, facing Sakura now. Sakura turned to look at Tsunade whom looked just a little incredulous. Sakura shrugged.

"Everyone may find it hard to believe, but it is true. Itachi-sama doted on her. But, after the attack which cost her, her eye, he decided she was no longer safe with him. He knew she needed a safe home, but I am sure you all understand that it was very doubtful that he would trust anyone in this village with his precious daughter." Sakura explained, her last comment said with a wry smirk. She sighed with bemusement and continued.

"I don't know how long he had been staking out our town, how long he had been watching us. But when we were eight and Deidara-chan seven he gave her to us to take care of. I know everyone thinks he is a terrible person -and he is- but he loves Deidara and was so very kind to Anko and myself. We took her in gladly." Sakura finished with a grin. She then turned her attention to Hinata and Haku.

"As for Haku-chan and Hinata-chan, we met them a little after we had moved into our own house. We had been hired to do some odd jobs around the Hyuuga compound. Hanabi-san was only a baby then, around one or two. Hinata-chan was still the heir apparent. Haku was quiet and in the shadows, an obedient little shadow to the heir.

We met Hinata-chan then, and were surprised at how modest and shy she was. How humble. With how all the rest of the Hyuuga acted, we had accepted her to have some seriously high airs about her. She proved us wrong, she was so sweet to us. And Haku-chan, Haku-chan was...so bound up inside herself, not showing a single emotion other then subservience. Anko-nee and I took it upon ourselves to bring them out of their fragile shells, and we were fast friends." Sakura said with a soft loving smile.

"We were hired to help with the preparations for the New Year's festival they were having. It was busy work mainly, we just had to unwrap all the packages they had coming in and organize them for the rest of the staff to handle. Little Hinata-chan and Haku-chan came to help us, it was so sweet. And then later we found Hinata-chan being picked on by Neji-san..." Sakura and her twin turned their heads in unison to glower at the individual before she turned back to Tsunade -Anko held the glare for several more seconds before slowly turning away- and continuing.

"And we defended her and kicked his ass..." She said with a smug smirk. She heard Anko chuckling darkly behind her. "And then we were friends. When Deidara-chan was given to us we introduced her to Hinata-chan and Haku-chan and she just fit right into our group as if she had been destined for us. She filled up a void within the four of us we had never even know existeted. And then when Hanabi-san was decided to be heir, When she was six, Hinata-chan eleven and Haku-chan twelve; Hinata-chan and Haku-chan were given a house on the edges of the Hyuuga compound; so as not to interfere with Hanabi-san's training and new life." Sakura spat the last part bitterly.

"Anko-nee, Deia-chan, and I all moved in with them almost immediately after because their house was a fair bit larger then our own. Also because Hinata-chan wished for us to move in with them. So we did. And the five of us have been together for everything ever since. We originally went to Oto High because we did not want to be anywhere near any of the goodie-goodies from our town. The commute was nothing to us. So now, we are here." Sakura finally finished with a relieved sigh.

She turned around and buried her face in her sister's neck as Anko put her arms around her shoulders and held her.

Tsunade and everyone else in the room had been almost eerily silent through the whole telling, but now Tsunade spoke.

"Your lives were indeed horrible and tragic girls, but you must see my point as well; if the five of you have been consistently together for the last six years or more, then you must realize that you are in serious danger of becoming completely dependent on one another, which is not healthy at all. And you all need help to come to terms about your pasts..." Tsunade began, sounding sincerely worried and sympathetic as she moved forward a step and held out her hands in a placating gesture. Sakura felt Anko stiffen and she herself turned -Anko's arms still around her shoulders- and was about to interject when Hinata of all people spoke up instead.

She had released Haku's hands and had turned to face Tsunade, her face and posture calm and confident. Haku for her part had finally returned her attention to the present and was standing supportively behind her sister. Deidara was standing besides her looking amused.

"There is something you must understand Tsunade-sama." Hinata began, her voice was strong and self assured, her shoulders back and she looked their principal straight in the eyes as she spoke. Sakura was so proud of her. Anko smirked behind her and whispered in her ear.

"They better watch out when Hina-chan is like this, she takes no prisoners..." Anko said with a sadistic giggle. Sakura just nodded with a small giggle, all her attention on their friend. She was certain however that most people were looking at Hinata with mixtures of shock and surprise. This was the first time since they had been here this morning Hinata had shown this side of herself. Sakura was enjoying it greatly.

"The five of us are not in danger of becoming dependent. We already are." Hinata continued. Her tone was serious and blunt. She held herself in a regal manner, as she had been raised to act as the head before Hanabi had usurped her claim. She almost seemed aloof in fact. She continued on straight away. "But you see, that is not a problem to us. We know it, and we. Do. Not. Care." She drew out the last several words to clarify her point. "We do not want to change ourselves, we are happy and content the way things are with us now." She said firmly before adding as an afterthought. "And we have come to terms with our pasts long ago."

Sakura cheered her on silently and saw Deidara grinning in triumph. Haku was looking fondly at her sister as well. Tsunade looked taken aback. Shizune's eyes were wide as well. Hinata shrugged her shoulders and tilted her head slightly; a very uncommon gesture for her which made Sakura grin.

"But, you may be right. It may indeed be best for us to be separated a small bit; if only so we may become stronger for one another." Hinata said in a softer tone, and Sakura felt Anko stiffen up behind her, and Deidara stared at Hinata in shock.

"Be that as it may!" Sakura spoke up sharply. "Anko and I will not be separated, and nor should Hinata-chan and Haku-chan." She said just as sternly, her point final. "At least not...as of yet..." She added in a softer tone looking away. Anko leaned her head over her shoulder smirking sadistically at Deidara.

"Deia-chan of course is perfectly fine to be left alone with Sasori-sama, after all they do have quite a lot to catch up on..." Anko taunted with vicious glee. Deidara's head whipped around so quickly that Sakura was afraid she'd snap it, and she looked stricken. First she was pale, and then flushed so red she'd give a tomato fair competition for hue. She tried to talk and merely sputtered incoherently. She was quite obviously severely angry, and the flush on her face clashed with her platinum hair horribly.

Sakura glanced sidelong at Sasori to see his reaction to both Anko's words and Deidara's face. His face was as still as stone, as it always seemed to be, but she got the impression that he was amused.

She shifted her eyes back to Tsunade and saw the woman thinking hard, her brows furrowed and her arms crossed under her considerable bosom. Deidara had by now regained some sense of composure and she crossed her arms over her chest and looked away with a huff. Hinata giggled softly and Haku looked amused as well.

Tsunade simply threw up her hands and shook her head. "Oh, on to class with you girls, I'll think about this all and tell you after school what I have decided for you and your mentors." She said with finality.

The girls stared at her for a moment and then glanced at each other before staring back at her. She made shooing motions with her hands and Anko hissed softly with annoyance at the gesture. Sakura giggled and shrugged Anko off of her and then she grabbed her hand and she looked at the other three.

"Well? Let's go teach these punks what terror comes out of Oto High!" She announced with sadistic glee to the amusement and malicious delight of her four sisters. Even Hinata got a mischievous look to her face.

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