A/N:: Well, some more angst to add to my collection. lol I woke up this morning and the idea just popped into my head soon after. I hope the story's not too horrible!

FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 053- Earth


With every step I take toward your grave, a proverbial knife twists deeper into my heart. I am weakened by this pain, so much that I do not at first realize the shower of rain that is flowing from the dark, menacing clouds above. Yes, I hear the way everyone speaks of me. They say I'm crazy for returning here so often, simply staring at your tomb because I only wish to be as close to you as possible… Perhaps I am crazy. I do not care. What do they know of this love, anyway? They heard the rumors going around about us, but did they dare to care that we were really in love? For thirty years we had been Mr. and Mrs. Albus Dumbledore, but who and what am I now? I am nothing.

Your absence consumes me. I have never felt so alone, so helpless, so foolish. This is all that is left of us- your body lying here cold and lifeless in the ground, my body standing here cold and empty on the wet earth. Oh, how I wish it were my body instead of yours in this grave! I would give up my own life so that I would never have to live a single day without you!

I feel I can never be the Headmistress you said I would be. How can I ever run this school alone? I know I can not turn my back on Hogwarts, for it is my home, but your spirit lingers here somehow, and it makes it difficult for me to keep living in this world that is void of you.

Years ago you made a promise to me. You told me that you would always love me, that you would give up the world for me, that you would never leave me. Where are you now, Albus? Dead! Where am I? Alone! You told me that I would never be alone, Albus! You promised me, but you lied.