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Chapter 8: The Intricate Way

"Why," Naruto kept repeating dismally, following Sakura's steady lead. "Why... why..." Sakura didn't bother to turn around- she already knew Naruto would be near tears and Sasuke dangerously mutinous. In fact, she didn't think she could bear to look at their faces.

She thought wisely.

"Don't worry I know this is right," she told her 'shadows', unable to stand the silence. "And Lady Laokomu will understand, too."

"But..." Naruto said weakly, too miserable to put up a real argument. That and, well, he trusted Sakura. Even if she did tear his future as he would have known it from his own hands, and smashed it on the ground so that it shattered in a hundred irreplacible pieces.

A little while later, the three were back again, at the mystical tent with grim expressions on their faces. Sakura decided to skip the whole song and dance and cut through the tent bluntly.

"We're back," Sakura said shortly, disregarding the 'magical' lights and such used for a visitor's entrance.

The old woman they saw so often raised an eyebrow.

"This is getting tedious."

"We-" the pink haired girl began, but corrected herself. "I mean, I-"

"I know what happened," the Lady said boredly and propped her head on her hands, causing her shiny bracelets to jingle eerily.

"But how?" Sakura's insides clenched. It was the first time she heard Sasuke spoke since she broke the ball, and he sounded quiet and emotionless. Yet, there was some desire in his tone. Could he possibly want another one?

"I sense these things," She said. "You broke the magic crystal ball." She smiled. "You were unable to handle the truth of the future." Suddenly, her taunting words of the past flashed in their memories as if they were in another vision. She once told them that they may buy the thing if they

Sakura hung in some shame. "It was me. I couldn't, for us." Then Sasuke cut in.

"Is there any other way?" he said. Sakura glanced at him fearfully-he still didn't get over it. He was hungry for more.

Fortunetly for Sakura, Lady Laokomu shook her head. "It wouldn't be wise."

"Is there or is there not?" Sasuke demanded. Naruto suddenly stepped foward.

"No, Sasuke. Leave it alone. We weren't ever meant to see the things we saw-" Sasuke growled.

"Maybe you weren't, you don't need to be involved."

"Silence!" The old Lady baged a bony fist on her table, and her bracelets jingled noisily. The dark lighting in the tent at nce became bright and clear. The inside of the tent became a watery blue. Each of them staggered back a little bit, surprised. For once there could see properly.

"No more bickering, no more will I entrust to you my sensual entities. We will be rather straightfoward about this, him? Take a minutes, breathe, become serene." Sakura had to shut her open mouth.

Sakura and Naruto both thought.

"Alright. To answer your question," Lady Laokomu continued at last. "There are many ways, but you already proved you are not able to handle the most intense and easy method. We can predict our futures another way, by our common sense and our exposition. This would require a very detailed examination of your own minds and past."

Naruto gulped. "What was that?" the blonde asked.

"Tell me, do you wish to learn of your futures in wise, sensible means? It is difficult but I will guide you."

"Is it definite?" Sasuke asked. "You will tell us?"

"Tell you, no! Heavens, you will have to figure it out yourselves!"

"What do you mean?"

"If I told you, then you wouldn't figure it out yourself, would you?"

"AHHH! STOP CONFUSING ME!" Shouted Natuo, jumping up and down. "WHAT THE HECK DO YOU MEAN?!"

"Tell me this!" Shouted the old Lady, raising her voice. It made Naruto cringe a little. "Do you or do you not wish to do it?" There was a pause.

"Yes," Naruto said first, to Sakura's surprise.

"Yes," Sasuke said also. Sakura ground her teeth. Someone had to make sure they didn't go crazy.

"Me, too," the girl nodded.

Lady Laokomu settled back into her chair, calming down.

"I will explain to you this. In the story that is our lives, you exposition is the most important part of the work as a whole. As in, the begginning. It established the characters and introduces the conflict. Often from studying the exposition you will find that it reveals the ending as well. Why, is that? It is because the exposition reveals the theme. The theme remains through the whole story, and therefore the expostion may reveal many important aspects of the future-"

"Hey! Life is not a story! We're talking about our lives here not a story-"

"My dear, you have it switched. Your life is not a story, true, but a story is a life. The structures are similar, if not the same."

But I will get to the point. I aim to take you all into your pasts so that you may study, from the third eye perspective, you pasts... You will discover the theme of your life and from that be able to make an accurate prediction of your future."

"So it's not definite!"

"Into out pasts?"

Cries of protests erupted from both Naruto and Sasuke. They both looke duneasy about the idea, especially the idea of delving into their pasts. Sakura, on the other hand, was optimistic. It didn't sound horrible... but...

"Now that you know of this method, you must use it." A heavy silence blanketed the tent while they thought a while.

"Okay, when do we do this?" Sasuke said finally.

"Tommorow, in the morning."

"How long will it take?" Asked Sakura.

"Maybe an hour. But to you, it will seem a long time."

"And how are you going to do this?" Asked Naruto.

"I will bring you into a vision of the most important moments of your past."

It was a little nerve-wrecking to think about, but they were really going to do this thing.

Yeah, see, they're going to 'relive' their pasts, but just watching it. You'll see, its just different from where this fic orginally started...