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Chapter... whatever

Finally, we're here. Hinata thought and sighed. The whole trip was a disaster. There were alot of accidents. Sakura saying rude remarks, Hinata trying not to get mad and say something back, Naruto being Naruto, Sasuke yelling at Naruto, Kiba and Akamaru messing around, and Shino... well, Shino was quiet almost the whole trip and the only person he would talk to was Hinata. Hinata was glad that the mission was almost over.

"We're finally here!... Now what?" Naruto asked.

"Did you forget why we're here?" Sasuke asked.

"...Maybe." Naruto said. Sakura hit him on the head and Hinata sighed.

"Ow!!!! What was that for!?" Naruto yelled. His reply was Sakura muttering about Naruto being an idiot.

"We have to go deliver this scroll to Gaara." Hinata said.

"Oh... I knew that." Naruto said.

"Hinata?" Someone said behind them. They all turned around to see Temari.

"Temari? Hi! How are you?" Hinata asked.

"I'm ok, just doing some shopping. So, you said you have to deliver something to Gaara?" She asked.

"Yes, we do." Hinata said.

"I'll show you the way." Temari said.

"Thanks." Hinata said.

"We don't need directions!" Naruto yelled, followed by Sakura hitting him again. Hinata sighed. This is the longest mission ever. She thought and followed Temari.

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