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Blood red eyes surveyed the room cautiously. Everything seemed pretty normal and clear. Seeing that the room was empty, the prince put his guard down.

Wanting to go further into the room to do what he needed to do, his trip was cut short when an all too familiar hand was gently placed upon his shoulder. 'Dammit…'

His shoulders slumping down even lower then they were before, the prince exhaled a breath. "What is it this time Teana?" he asked, not really wanting an answer anyway.

The girl named Teana giggled, "Have you forgotten already? Why, we have that engagement party in an hour!"

The prince groaned. He hated parties.

Especially engagement parties.


It had been almost a full year before Yami could take his place upon the mighty throne. He was planning on a happy life as ruler of Egypt; not too dull, nor too ecstatic; something simple no less.

That is, until he found out that someone had to sit by his side in order to achieve the throne.

He did all he could to get out of it, and rule without a wife; he even went as far as to threaten to not take the throne. But unfortunately, his priests all thought otherwise.

Knowing that their stubborn prince would never choose a maiden on his own, they picked one out for him. Her name was Teana. She was a brunette with blue eyes no less.

At first, she was all calm, nice and polite, but after a week of living in the palace, she became one real big pain in the ass. To Yami's view, she was ruthless and mean. She loved to show off her priceless things to the town's people when they would go through the city. And she hurt others with her words; namely the servants.

One day however, the prince had gotten sick of her, and promptly asked her to leave and never step foot in the palace again, but Teana simply pretended to break down and cry loud enough for a priest to come around.

This happened quite often too.


As much as he wanted to turn around and harshly slap his fiancé, Yami groaned and turned around, to look at Teana; or more than less his feet.

"Alright," he replied, trying not to show too much disappointment.


Flopping back down onto his king-sized bed, the prince sighed heavily. What a horrible night it had been. All he pretty much did was stand up constantly from his chair, dance with Teana every half hour and listen to his High Priest complain about numerous things.

But what made him really miserable was that the priests surprised him by moving their wedding day up a week. Which was in now five weeks. To Yami, that wasn't enough time to get out of the arrangement.

Taking off all his precious golden jewelry, and party garbs, the young prince settled down into bed and drifted off to sleep, trying to think of a new idea to throw Teana out of the palace once and for all.


"Yami! Yami! Wake up!" a feminine voice shouted.

Daring to open his eyes to see what Teana wanted exactly, he slowly opened his eyes only to shut them again, for Teana must have opened the drapes, for much sunlight was shining down upon his face. Re-opening his eyes once more, he sat up, and looked at Teana with an expression on his face saying: 'Whatever the hell it is Teana, I don't care.'

"What is it?" Yami muttered.

"You won't believe what I saw! He was sooo cute!" Teana squealed.

Yami grunted, but Teana didn't seem to notice, so she pressed on.

"I heard that a music group is coming in tonight to perform for us, and I saw one of them. He was just so adorable! I can't believe that he can play the Ney (1) at his young age! He must be like, super smart or something!" Teana continued.

The prince wasn't even listening anymore as Teana rambled on. There was a musical group coming in tonight? Why hadn't he known about it? Was it something the priests set up? And why would a kid be in a group like this? If there was a musical group coming in to perform for such a royal and rich place, they would all be professional, not a group of kids…

Ah, what did he care?

Getting out of his bed, seeing that Teana had left, the got changed into his royal garbs, and put on his jewelry and headdress. After doing this, the prince went to breakfast and then to his lesson. As much as he had learned already, his priests persisted that he learn a little bit more.

After his boring lesson, Yami decided to go and check out this so-called music group (if there was even one). Going to the large room where all his usual guests would stay if it was a large group, the prince opened up the doors and…


"Teana…" the prince growled under his breath. Man he hated it when Teana pulled tricks on him. He would have to do something that was both a trick and a way to make her want to leave now.

Closing the doors to the large room, Yami had nothing to do anymore. Maybe a walk through the gardens would do him some good. Walking through the open hallway, Yami was stopped short, for there was someone wandering the palace that he did not know.

Making the turn that this new person had made, Yami swiftly followed, trying not to make any sound at all. When he thought that the person had stopped, Yami jumped out away from the wall and was met with the most beautiful view he had ever seen in his life.


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(1): A ney is a musical instrument somewhat similar to a flute, except that it is usually made of bamboo, and has just holes in it (think of a recorder) to play notes.