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-Nine Months Later-

Yugi tightened his grip on his bag, as he gazed at the familiar palace before him. The orchestra's travels had ended, and Yugi sadly left it, seeing that he didn't need to be dependent on the group anymore. He'd really miss all of his friends.

Walking towards the humungous double doors, Yugi was stopped by the two guards. "Who are you?"

"I'm a friend of the pharaoh's, Yugi's the name," Yugi spoke, hoping that a conflict wouldn't come up.

The guards seemed puzzled, probably wondering why the pharaoh would have such a small companion, but they both brushed it away, as they motioned for the men up above to open the doors.

Yugi walked through, seeing that nothing much had changed from when he last was here. Walking through the familiar hallway, Yugi noticed that no one was around, not even a servant.

"Where is everyone?" Yugi asked no one in particular.

"I gave most of the servants the day off, and all of the priests are off doing some work," came a deep, rich voice.

Spinning around on his heel, Yugi almost fell down, but caught himself. "Yami?" He suddenly flung himself in the pharaoh's arms. "I've missed you," he mumbled into Yami's chest.

"I've missed you too Yugi," Yami whispered into Yugi's hair. "You were gone longer than I thought," he added.

Both pulled back, and Yugi spoke, "my group stopped traveling, and I decided to go my own way, as did most of the others, including Honda, Jou, and Ryou."

"Then will you stay with me?" Yami asked hopefully.

Yugi nodded, and in return, earned a passionate kiss. "Have you caught Bakura yet?"

The pharaoh nodded. "Just two months ago. We found him at one of the bars in the village. He was pretty drunk, so he was an easy catch even if he did try to run off."

Yugi smiled. "That's good."

"But not as good as finally having you to myself," Yami purred into Yugi's ear, making him shiver.

"Yami I-" Yugi was cut off; Yami had picked him up in a bridle-like fashion and had started moving. "Where are we going?" he asked, confused.

"I need to show you something love," Yami responded.


Yami opened the small chest, and took out the small item that was wrapped with cloth, and a small piece of rope tied around it. "You should remember it; you gave it to me."

"Do you mean…?" Yugi asked, getting a hint as to what Yami was taking out.

Yami untied the string, and unwrapped the thin clothe around the object. "This is yours again," he said gently, letting Yugi take it from his hands.

Yugi smiled as he looked at his old Ney. "Did you play it often when I was gone?" he asked.

Yami smiled. "Whenever I had the time; which was almost everyday. I didn't want it to get out of tune," he said, scooting closer to Yugi on the small stone bench, and placing a kiss upon his cheek.

Yugi giggled. "I'm glad, this old thing would have gone out of tune if you didn't."

The pharaoh snuggled up to Yugi in a child-like way. "Play for me love?" he asked, his eyes trying to look innocent.

Yugi nodded and put the mouthpiece into his mouth, and soon his fingers were moving gracefully up and down, playing the right notes to the tune.

Yami felt mesmerized. Although it was a way different song than he had first heard, he still fell in love with it. The notes seemed to dance around in his head, especially the really high notes that Yugi played out. Yami traced his hands over Yugi's slender face, Yugi not fazed by any of it.

He snaked a hand under Yugi's baggy shirt, touching his back, and then swerving it around so that his hand grazed over Yugi's stomach. This made Yugi moan a little, but he continued with the tune.

Yugi noted that he had made it through halfway, and then noticed Yami's hand on his stomach, making small, soothing circular motions. His breath staggered, making the note he was playing stagger too.

When Yugi felt Yami's lips upon his cheek, Yugi stopped playing and moaned, then Yami found his way to Yugi's lips.

Yugi placed the instrument beside him as lovingly as he could without damaging it. Yami was lowering himself until Yugi felt his back touch the warm bench, and the kiss was broken. "Yami, I…"

"Shh," Yami whispered, as he smothered himself into Yugi's neck. "I love you."

"I love you too," Yugi whispered as he let out a soft moan as Yami nipped at his neck.

Yugi was sweating, unsure of what was going to happen in the next few minutes. The pharaoh of Egypt was softly biting his earlobe, Yugi breathing his name every now and then. He didn't know Yami loved him this much after spending a short amount of time together. It was a nice feeling.

As their lips connected, Yugi's ears perked up as he felt another presence.

"You look so desperate pharaoh, I swear," came a cold, almost amused voice.

Yami's eyes widened, as he shot straight up as he looked into the blue eyes of his cousin. "Seto? What are you doing? Don't you have work to do?" he asked, almost defensively.

Seto almost smirked, but Yami could still see it. "I was about to ask you the same thing, but not to mention, the gardens are for everyone to enter," he stated, raising an eyebrow as he looked at Yugi.

"But why are you here, you had much work to do," Yami asked.

"Most of my work is already done, and I was becoming stressed. I decided that coming here would relieve me of it," the high priest explained.

"Oh," the pharaoh stated, a small blush crossing his face. Why Seto of all people?

"I see Yugi's back," Seto stated, "hopefully nothing interesting will happen now that he is back," he added.

"Seto," Yami warned, pulling Yugi close. "You know that Teana is dead, and will never return, and all of the prisoners will not escape with all of that heavy guarding."

"I know pharaoh, no need to worry," Seto apologized.

Yami nodded, accepting his cousin's apology. "You may go," he said seriously.

Seto raised an eyebrow, but nonetheless moved on. Once he was out of sight, and probably heading back to were the rest of his work remained, Yami spoke, "sorry about Seto, he's always like that."

Yugi nodded with a soft smile. "I understand, Honda was sometimes like that," he said, remembering his old friend Honda.

Yami noticed Yugi's eyes go downward, probably thinking about his said friend, along with many others that Yugi had told him all about. Yami vaguely remembered Yugi's friends, one of them being a loud mouth, with a large appetite; that was Jounouchi. One was just like him, with the large appetite, but had more common sense; that was Honda. And the last one had a long mane of white hair, and preferred to stay quiet; and that was Ryou.

"When was the last time you saw your friends?" Yami asked, putting an arm around Yugi's shoulder.

Yugi scooted closer to the pharaoh, closing the space between them. "Two months ago, when we were somewhere near the Indus River when we all went out separate ways. I got here by other travelers that were wishing to trade in Egypt, if you were wondering."

"Makes perfect sense to me love," Yami said, standing up from the bench, leaving Yugi's side cold. Pulling on his hand, Yugi stood up, but not before he grabbed at his instrument.


-Two Days Later-

"No, the note is a C, not a D," Yugi corrected, playing the correct note on his Ney.

Yami copied the note, making Yugi smile with satisfaction. "Okay, now play the first line that I wrote out. I'll play the top line," he instructed.

Yami played the simple line, which was full of low notes, and carefully listened to Yugi's higher part. Although it was just the first line to what Yugi called a duet, it sounded wonderful. Once the line of music was played, Yami asked, "How hard is it to write this kind of stuff? I've never learned anything like this."

Yugi seemed lost in thought for a second, trying to figure out how to explain it. "It was actually kind of hard at first, but since I was only writing it for one instrument, it was easier compared to writing for a whole orchestra," he started. "But I played different notes, then made a pattern, then thought of a lower part so that it would create harmony.

"So after making the first line for both parts, the rest came naturally," he finished.

Yami was amazed. It really didn't sound hard; the way Yugi had explained it. But everything was hard on the first try. "That's amazing Yugi. I'm glad that you wrote it," he congratulated.

Yugi blushed at Yami's comment, but nonetheless picked up his instrument, and started to play the top line again.

Once again, the two played the first line to the duet, and Yami finally nailed it. They soon proceeded to learn the second, third, and fourth line. It all came naturally to Yugi (since he wrote it), but Yami's part took time. But with Yugi' guidance, he was able to make out a decent tune.

"You're a quick learner," Yugi commented.

Yami smiled as he pecked Yugi's cheek. "Only because I have you to teach me."

Yugi blushed. Turning the papyrus over so that it showed the beginning of the piece, Yugi played a small scale, and then said, "Lets play it through again."

The pharaoh nodded, and put the mouthpiece into his mouth, and played the part. Soon, Yugi joined in and started to play the medley, and all the while, Yami playing the harmony. Once they reached the bottom of the page, Yugi hastily turned the papyrus over, and played once again, Yami playing when he was instructed to do so.

The piece came to an end, Yami playing yet another low note, and Yugi playing the octave of it.

"What's this piece's name?" Yami asked curiously.

Yugi thought for a second. "It's named Yami."

Yami smiled. "Why that name?"

"It suits the medley, and it reminds me of you," he answered, a small blush crossing his face.

"I'm flattered," he started. "But I think I like Wonderful Tune better; it made me meet you," Yami said, snaking an arm around Yugi's shoulder.

"I agree; I just made this out of boredom when I was traveling here, it really isn't that great to tell the truth," Yugi stated, scooting closer to the pharaoh.

"Oh?" the pharaoh questioned. "I think that all of your pieces, are wonderful tunes," he added as he captured Yugi's lips into a very long, passionate kiss.


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