Title: But It's Better If You Do

Author: Jasmine Starlight (emospicy)

Word Count: 317

Universe: Tennis No Ohjisama

Disclaimer: What, bitch?

Warnings: yaoi. No real spoilers.

Pairings: Kirihara/Hiyoshi

Rating: PG-13

Time Started: 06:46 PM 12/26/06

Time Completed: 09:08 PM 4/30/07

A/N: This pairing makes me squee. So much to fan girl over so little time.

"Hoover." Hiyoshi accuses as Kirihara's lips detach themselves from his neck with an audible pop. Kirihara grins wolfishly and traces the shell of the other boy's ear with his fingertip.

"That way everyone knows you're mine." Akaya whispers possessively.

Wakashi groans and flings an arm over his eyes, "Not that garbage again. You act as if you have competition. You're seriously deluded."

"What about that Ohtori kid?"

Hiyoshi snorts, as if, Choutarou only has eyes for Shishido-senpai.

Wakashi pretends he doesn't like Akaya's predatory tendencies but they both know that he secretly enjoys it. Kirihara smirks in the darkness of Hiyoshi's dorm room before he gets whacked in the face with a pillow.

"And stop smirking."

"I wasn't smirking." Akaya said innocently.

Hiyoshi scoffs and reaches out to tug on a wayward curl of Kirihara's thoughtfully. "What about your senpai-tachi?"

"Which one?"

"Pretty much all of them. You're the baby remember?"

This time Kirihara snorts before replying, "I guess that means you would have be the territorial one."

Hiyoshi scoffs and stares up at his ceiling, the fan whirring in a vain attempt to stir the muggy summer air that clouds his dorm room.

Kirihara sighs and entangles his fingers in Hiyoshi's smooth bangs. "You're so ridiculous Piyo-chan." He says breathily.

Inwardly Hiyoshi winces at the nickname, only allowing it during post-coital snuggling—"How am I ridiculous?" he asks becoming lethargic as Kirihara threads his fingers through Wakashi's hair.

Kirihara pauses to yawn—"No matter how many of my senpai-tachi were in love with me—I would never leave you Piyo-chan."