A\N Hi there it me again this is my second story that i write here so i hope you guys like this on. this is a mix of oban and fruits basket no i don't own oban or fruits basketAya

has long black heir and brown eyes
After her mother die her dad put her i boating school were she meet yuki and Kyo who becomes like a family for her. she stay with them at their house every weekend and over the summer to thank them for their kindness she dose all the cleaning and cooking around the house. in her spear time she fix car along with Ceres and then they would races them in the illegal racers.
Age:16 he has organ hair
eye: color(whatever you want) is 5 inch teller then Aya. he hates Ceres for putting Aya live in danger every time they go race he has feeling for Aya but because of the family crust he cant show her his true feelings.(if you are a true fruits basket fan you would know what the curs is) he is also over prover of Aya.(by the way he turns into a cat)
Age 39
he is Aya's father who Manch a racing teams after Aya mother die he lift his only daughter in some boarding school and never look back at what could happen to her

age same as Kyo and Aya. he is Kyo's twin bother they hate each other with a pa sen
yuki has gray hair and cute blue eyes
he is also crust his the "rat" in the family. the only time yuki and kyo work together is when they try to Proteus Aya.

she is like Aya's older sister. they first met on Aya's first night at the boring school. when she sew Aya crying she had a strong feeling to prote and care for her.
(there will be others but i'll talk about them later on)
story start

"mommy" cried out a little girl as she run into her mother's arm "How's my baby girl doing today?" her mother asked her as she picked her up and kiss her on the chick.

"am OK mommy. mommy can i go with you please." she bag her mother she smiled slightly and says

"you know i cant take you with me its too dangerous for a little girl... and you have to take care of your father for me. you know that he is a worry-wort." she said quickly when she saw Aya's sad face. "me a worry-writ. will i wouldn't be so worried if you would stop reaching." she hare her father say behind them they turn around and Aya holed her arms out to him. he take her away from her mother.

"you marred me so you dare with me. you know better then anyone-"

"that you will never change" Aya finish her mothers senate both of her parents laugh.

"time for you to teat drive the racer Kyoto." said one of the mechanist.

"I'll bee right there." she call out. she kiss Aya and her father she wave good bye as she left.

"lets go to the stains" her father said as he cares her away. 10 minutes later her mother was in the led.

"look daddy look! mommy is going to win." she yell out. at that vary minter her mothers star racer exploded. everyone went quit. she start to cry. and whisper "mommy don't leave me..."9 years later

"Hay Aya can you hand me that Rachel?" Ceres said as she work on the engine.

"OK sis just a minute." she said run to the tool box its been 9 years since her mother die and her father left her and even thought she haven't seen him for 8 years and she still has hope that he well come back to get her. well today was her 13th birthday and she was hoping that her father would come or call her to wish her a happy birthday. She picked up what she need form the tool box and walked back to Ceres.

"thanks.. so what are you doing today before the race?" she Asked

"i don't know the guys are privately going to make a party for me or something." Aya said a little bored the guys had been given her birthday party's for a while now her guest was that they want her to have fun on her birthday instilled of staying by the phone waiting for her dad to call.

Ceres looks at her for a moment "what do i have something in my face?" Aya asked

"no its just that i cant believe your 13 already. it feels like just yesterday that we first meet. you were crying because your father left you and your mother had died. for that day on we've been like sisters"

Aya smiled at her sadly and said" thanks to you I almost never cried again and you know what? i still have hope that my dad well one day come and get me or at lest come and see me." her voice starts to break she wanted to cry but don't want to she couldn't.

"oh Aya are you going to cry? you know that am right here for you if you do." Ceres said says walks over to Aya and hugging her as if she were a little girl again. It was truth that they were only a year apart but Ceres was so much more to Aya then a friend or a sister she was like a 2nd mother to her, a mother that would never leave her. everyone in school thought the same thing.

"you seeā€¦ you always know how to make me feel better." she said as she pull away from Ceres. Aya wiped away her tears and say "will am done so I'll see you tonight i still have to make lunch and talk a shower just look at me." Aya look at herself she was fuelled with oil, and gas form working on the car

"Lunch?! you still have to cook even thought its your birthday! who do thoughts guys think they are? make you" Ceres said getting a little mad

"don't worry i don't mine cooking." Aya said quietly Ceres was always so scary when she get mad

"man don't you get tired of taking care of those 3 guys?" Ceres asked her with a smile

"i don't take care of them their the one that are taking care of me. well see ya." Aya grave her staff and run off. Aya don't live far from were she was and it took her about 5 minuets to get back "home" she lived with Yuki and Kyo in a big pretty house were the imposter was poster, well at lest that what she thought. "am home" she said as she want inside. no one answers her "they must still be out." she thought. Aya then want up stairs she look in a mirror. "man i need a bath." she said to herself she walk to her own personal bathroom. when she finished she put a tower around her and walk to her closet she get out a dress that kyo gave her last year for her 12 birthday. this was her favorite dress. it wasn't so girly like the one that Yuki's bother gave her she hated to ware girly girl clothes. the dress was blue her favorite color. it wasn't too long or to short. she put her hair in a pony tail and want down stars. when she get to the kitchen she can't believe her eyes.

"surprised!" everyone yelled out. she was so superset because all of the members of the Chinese Zodiac where there along with Ceres and Jack. Jack was a close friend he was like an other brother to her.

"what the i thought that you guys wouldn't be here for another hour." she said as Kagura, Kisa, and Rin come over and gave her a huge Ceres followed.

"Sorry for not saying anything but the guys made me promises not to tell you anything." Ceres said as the guy come and just shock her hand for good reason. Jack and Ayame kissed your hand and said together "i hope you wash your hand." everyone laughed exist for kyo and yuki who both hit Jack and Ayame on the head "gizz guys it was joke we don't mean it." they said

"you two have been speeding way too much time together" Aya said as jack gave her a huge she laughed4 hours later

everyone was having a good time. Ceres then said "hey Aya its time for the reach we still have 25 minutes tin the races starts." Kyo and Yuik put on their series faces. She could see there were worried

"don't worry I'll be alright you guy know the race are always will caquaed. so we wont get hurt." she said she could see that they are they were not covens and before any of them could say a word she said "pleas don't worry. just this once. when we get back i will open the presets. OK" they both sigh knowing vary will that they couldn't change her mine.

"all right but come back safe and sound " Kyo said and with that Aya and Ceres lift.

"Good luck you 2" everyone said25 minutes later

they both arrive at the strain line. and king was staring the reach today. "get really get set and GO!" he shoot the gun as the sating sine. Ceres and Aya were off Ceres and Aya put on your favorite music. Green day. they were ahead when they were about to cross the high way all of a suddenly with out warning they get hit by a sam-I-truck. the last thing that Aya could remember was Ceres covering her. and then everything went dark...midnight
Aya wake up she could feel her whole body that hurt. she could hare voice from the out side it was her father. it don't mater to her how long it had been she was so such that was her fathers voice

"no i don't care what happens to her. its her own fart for being so stub!" Aya couldn't believe what she had hers she then hear Shigure he was yell back at her father

"its more your fart then anyone i don't see why Aya loves you so much! i don't understand how he could still love someone like you even after you abated her! don't you care that she may never walk again! don't you care?"

Aya then heard her father cold voice she only head it once before when she get in trouble "I'll pay for her Trimente but don't expect me to go see her! now if you excuse me i have thing to do." Aya couldn't handle this anymore she went uncouth again.

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