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Aya could hear her hart beat go faster as Aikka leaden in as he kiss her at first Aya was shock, but got over it fast and she kiss him back. At that moment Aya hare a knocked on the door and she pulled out to see that Aikka uncle comes in. Aya brushing like mad

"prince you have training." he said as Aya stood and said

"I better get going or I'll get in trouble." she put her shoe back on. "I'll walk you back a girl shouldn't walk by herself. I'll tarn when I come back." Aikka said as he picked up her water bottle. Aya just nodded not saying anything and Aikka's uncle then said

"As you wish prince Aikka" he then left the room. Both Aya and Aikka follow

"i would like you to meet Maya." he took Aya hand and took her to were they would keep their ship if they had one when you enter Aya saw a big beetle.

"what do you think?" he asked

"he She is so cute! can i pet her?" Aya asked Aikka nodded and she started to pet her. she purred like a cat. Aya smiled and 2 minute later she and Aikka head out.

"Dan is going to kill me. i told them that i would only be out for a half an hour." Aya said as you get closer to the base.

"that means that they care vary much about you right?" he asked "yes, he just like kyo, yuki and Jack. they are very prove of me almost like they are my big brothers" she said as she remembered them. Aikka smile as she remember them

"i can go on by myself from here on out it not too far and i don't mine walking the rest of the way on my own."

"As you wish princesses." he said as he kiss her again. when the kiss stop Aya smiled ran off as she wave good bye to Aikka as she turn.

~Back at the base~

When Aya want back to the base there was no one there.

'were is every one?' she asked herself as you walked in the dark. ' I'll go use the phone and call kyo and yuki." she thought as she walked all of a sudden she hear a crash

"Who there?!" Aya yelled but no one answered "i must be hearing thing.." she said out lode. Aya then got up stars to her "dad's" office/room when she enter she saw that there wasn't much there was only a bed, a desk and a phone she walked to the phone and hope she could talk to her friends

"Hallo?" it was yuki that asked this time

"Yuki! hi this is Aya." Aya said

"Aya how are you? are you all right? When are you going to race?" Aya smiled "i don't think am going to Rach they found out that am a girl and wouldn't let me." she said.

"oh to tell you the truth that good because the i don't have to worry to much about you." he said

"ha will i finger you and kyo are happy about that oh and if you think of ever coming a visit me they know me as Ceres. OK." Aya told him

"ya hay don't give up hope who knows maybe you will reach, but if you do you have to promise that you well take care of yourself and that you will not over do it." Aya again smile and said in a daze voice

"yes i primes and if i do ever race i would like you guys to be here by my side. like so many times before."

"i promise that we will go and cheer you on." he said

"hay is Shigeru or Kyo there?" she asked just remembering that she hasn't talk to them for a while

"no Kyo is at the dojo and Shigura is at the mane house. I'll tell them know that you call."

"man last time i called you and Shigura wont home and now it's kyo and Shiguar that won't home. how is everything back there anyway? are you guy keeping everything clan or will i return to a mess house?" she asked imagining how Mess the house will be when she return.

"its all right." he said she then have voices from down star and fighter the guy were back. "yuki i have to go I'll go bye" and with that she hanged went down stars

"hi there where did you guys go?" she asked as she come down the stars they all stair at her.

"were have you been young lady! we've been looking for you all over the place!" it was her father that yelled at her

"am sorry sir."

"Sorry sorry! don't you ever dare do that again. Now go to your room." Aya just nod and walk off. 'maybe he dose care foe me' she thought as she walked off. Aya walked down stares to get a drink of water when she hare her dad talk to Rick

"you want to far so what if she took long she could have been with a friend."

"i don't care she is a pain i don't want to see her! i want her out. i a really take to the jutsus and they said that there will be a ship going back and for so she will be on her way back to earth and threes nothing you can do about it." Eva froze

'no dad you cant.' she thought she then ran back to her room as she saw Rick come out of the office. a minute later she hare a knock on her door "come in" Aya say and Rick come in

"Rick what are you doing here?" he smile at Aya

" i don't know you sleep in a spots bra and boxers." he said looking at Aya she felt like punching him at that moment.

"what do you want Rick?" she asked

"oh right, so you think i couldn't see you from upstart little mouse you hare everything that me and don were taking about don't you?" Aya nodded

"am sorry i don't mean to over hare. so he is sending me back right." he nodded

"He said you will leave in 5 days." he sat on Aya's bed "so tell me were you?" he asked as Aya blushed

"i was with a friend. we lost track of time sorry i don't mean to worry all of you."

"A friend ha who's the lucky guy?"

"Guy how do you know that it was a guy." she asked

"were you are a pretty teenage girl.. and i show you two kissing." he said cooly As Aya blush like crazy

"his name is Aikka and his vary sweet and i can tell his caring." Rick eyes On Aya which made her a litter nerves

"is he a good kisser?" he asked out of no where made her face turn all read

"..i..he....i..mean .." Aya couldn't find the words to exaly what to say the Rick laugh

"so that was you first kiss huh? so how was it." Aya smiled a little and say

" you remind me of my friends back home."

"that's nice to know. will I'll try everything in my power so that you can stay, but i want you to promise me that you will be careful with that guy Aikka he may want to take advantage of you because your on the earth team." Aya nodded and Rick wish her good night and leaves the room

Aya wake up the next day. so excited for the race she hoped that Rick would win. she got dress and want out the door.

"hey, guy do you need any help" she asked Dan and Koji.

"Na you can just relax go eat something Jordan and Rick are in the kitchen already they are trying to cook." they both laugh as she left and entered the kitchen. When she was in the kitchen she could see that Rick and Jordan were fighting.

"no you add water to the pancakes that's what makes the flour tin" Jordan said

"and am telling you that you put milk and water in them if you just add water they will just end up too tin."

"ok you both cant cook i see." Aya walked over to them

"hay Ceres do you know how to cook?" they asked she nodded

"ya i had to do all the house woke, and cooking back home." She said

"oh will after you then." Jordan said standing aside.

"wow how can you make then so fast?" Rick asked as he watcher her making ten pancakes in about 5 minutes

"like i said i had to do all the cooking back home and this is nothing i can do about 4 at the same time."

"Wow your make on a good house wife." Jordan said she smiled at him as she finish the last 5 pancakes.

"so what do you think would you marry me?" Rick asked her as a jock

"what?! Rick we just met and you are about 8 years older then me." Aya said 'not that your not good looking' she thought as Rick and Jordan laugh.

"am joking. but i wouldn't mine to have a pretty and young wife like you thought " he said Aya sated to laugh as will

"man you sound just like Shiguar and Ayame Yuki's other brother." She said as the three of them sit down and started to eat.

"these are great you thing you can make lunch and dinner too." Jordan asked "ya such i have nothing better to do." Aya said as she fisher up her pancakes at the exact time at her father comes in

"time for the race now get a move on " Aya walked out of the room without saying a word

"hey koji do you want me to Check your guys work over?"

"Na its all fine you can go on to the reaching ran we dont need any excel help." he said sweetly Aya just nodded and she left hoping to see Aikka there. Aya ended up sitting next to him. when the reach start she couldn't help but have e a bad fleeing about the ship

"what's wrong? Aikka asked her seeing her with a worried face

"i don't know but i have a bad feeling like -" Aya never finished her senters because at that expel moment Rick's ship exploded and she suddenly remember when her mother had the accent "NO!! Rick, Jordan " she yelled out

15 minutes later

Aya was in the hospital she sit by Aikka he was the one that brought Aya to the hospital and tried to calm her down a little

"Rick and Jordan will be fine but Rick will have to stay here for a few days here but Jordan can leave right away." the doctor said "What BUT WE HAVE RACHES TO WIN HE NEEDS TO COME BACK TO WORK" Aya could hear Don yell

"are you OK Ceres?" Aikka asked her she just nodded as Don come out "young lady i will need to talk to you later tonight alone if you don't mine." he said in a cold voice as he show Aikka.

"I'll go now see you another time Ceres." Aikka said as he left, Aya walked back with Jordan and Don. when they arrived she follow him to his office.