Author: Obviously, I don't own Naruto or any of it's characters. However, I have been obsessed with the idea of a vampire/Naruto crossover. And, because I despise Sakura/Gaara, I decided to use Hinata instead. /Nods/ I think she's good enough for him. Anywho. First chapter is a bit of a teaser. I want to see if anyone's going to actually read this story before I get really into it. So review! REVIEW I TELL YOU! And enjoy. Also, I less than three Naruto/Hinata, but in this story, Naruto's not a good person. So deal with it. And this summary is the /entire/ storyline. Not like it's all going to take place in the first chapter.

Summary: She was his prey. Nothing less, nothing more. But he found he couldn't kill her. He did what every vampire tried not to do. He fell in love with his prey. As their trust and relationship grows, Gaara knows he has to hide her from the others in the castle. When the vampire lords, Itachi and Sasuke, take notice, they too begin to seek Hinata. Gaara eventually helps Hinata escape from the castle, even though it breaks his heart. But Hinata, knowing that Itachi and Sasuke will most likely kill Gaara for his betrayal, cannot leave, and seeks help from a werewolf. Will her love for Gaara endure? Will Gaara overcome the vampire lords to save Hinata's life? Or will they, like countless others, become one of the Fallen?

The movie had been dull. Exceedingly so. Ridiculously so. I mean honestly. Three hours. Three hours they had sat through this stupid, boring movie about nothing. No plot. Not even interesting characters. Although Hinata would have never told Naruto that. She thought it would have been rude to just leave a theatre, right in the middle of a showing. Thankfully, Naruto had no such inhibitions. "Let's get out of here." He muttered, grabbing Hinata's hand. They had been dating for a few months now, but Hinata still wasn't entirely used to his blunt nature.

Tugging on her wrist to get her to move faster, Naruto eventually led the way from the cinema. They usually retired to Naruto's place after a movie, then Naruto would drive Hinata home, except the few times she had fallen asleep on his couch. But they still hadn't slept together. Hinata wasn't ready for anything like that, and in all truthfullness, she didn't even know the specifics of the birds and the bees.

Naruto plopped down onto the couch, turning on the stereo as he did so. He motioned to Hinata, who blushed slightly and sat beside him. Hinata leaned into Naruto's side, his arm around her shoulders, and after a moment Naruto tilted Hinata's chin up and kissed her gently at first, then hungrily, pushing gently on her shoulders until she lay back on the couch. He pushed his tongue against her lips, seeking entrance, which Hinata was all too happy to give. This was always what happened. Then the kiss would die down and they would either watch tv or fall asleep in each other's arms.

But tonight something was different. Tonight Naruto wasn't pulling back. She let his tongue roam, lips caressing her own and her mouth. She kept waiting for him to stop, kept waiting for him to break the contact, but he didn't. He wasn't slowing down. Hinata felt Naruto's hand trail up her stomach, fingers nearing her breast.

"Naruto-kun," She murmured, breaking the kiss and shifting.

"It's all right, Hinata." Naruto said, pressing his lips against her neck, her collarbone, sucking softly on her skin. His hand cupped her breast, and Hinata squirmed again.

"Stop, Naruto..." She protested faintly. He seemed not to hear her, and was pulling off his jacket, tugging at the base of her shirt.

"No, Naruto..." The words weakly tumbled from her mouth when he lowered his lips to her breast, tongue swirling around her nipple. She felt uncomfortable, despite the strange feelings her body was sending out.

"Come on, Hinata. We're not doing anything wrong." Naruto muttered against her skin, looking up at her.

She shook her head and tore herself away, springing up off the couch. "Naruto, I said i'm not...I'm not ready for this."

Naruto was walking towards her, advancing until her back was pressed against the wall. "We've been dating for months, how long do I need to wait?" He growled, kissing her again. She pushed him back and started to dart away, but he grasped her wrist and pulled her back to his body. Hinata could feel something pressing against her hip and felt heat rise in her face. Naruto kissed her hungrily, one hand keeping her in place while the other wandered.

"Naruto...Stop..." Hinata murmured. He silenced her by biting down on her shoulder, and she gasped in pain, feeling tears starting in her eyes.

Naruto was starting to pull at her skirt, and suddenly she knew he wasn't going to stop. She squirmed hard, then stomped on his foot. It was enough of a distraction for her to break away and bolt towards the door.

He reached out and snatched her arm, gripping it tightly, and she whirled around. Her eyes darted to his groin, and she pulled back her foot, the tent in his pants providing the perfect place to aim. She delivered the kick and he released her instantly, doubled in over in pain.

While he lay swearing in pain, she turned and ran out of the apartment. Her feet hit the ground hard and she ran faster, not looking behind her. Darkness had swallowed the street, and she didn't pay attention to where she was going. She turned whenever she could. Right, left, left, right. Finally, the buildings began to thin out. She forced herself to go even faster. It felt like every evil creature in the world was right behind her.

She continued running until her legs gave out beneath her. She sank to the ground, having made her way to a deserted park on the far side of town. Gasping for air with tears running down her face, she let them fall, staining the grassy earth beneath her. Hinata sniffed, reaching up and wiping the tears from her eyes. She simply lay in the grass, breathing heavily until her heart rate returned to normal. Then she stood, walking to the edge of the park's lake.

It's surface was so placid, so calm. The crescent moon was reflected perfectly in it's surface. Everything was so quiet and peaceful that it calmed Hinata enough for her to loosen her muscles. She slid off her shoes, leaving them on the grass beside the lake, then stepped into the lake. The water came up to her shins, her skirt was a few inches above the water's surface, and the cool lake was soothing enough to stop her fingers from shaking.

She closed her eyes and lifted her arms slowly, palms up towards the sky. She tilted her head back and let the moonlight pour on her face, then began to move through the water, not noticing the pair of green eyes staring at her from the darkness. She focused her energy and moved her feet so the water wrapped around her skin in soft ripples that spread across the lake's entire surface. She spun around, skirt swirling in a gentle arc around her hips.

Her arms moved gracefully and soft sounds escaped from her lips, music spiraling into the air and making her movement seem ever more meaningful. The dance grew more complex and Hinata lost herself in it. She moved even deeper into the water so small sparklets wove around her. Her fingers swept down and an arc of water swept up. She twirled, arms flung up over her head, then when she returned to facing the bank, stopped dead.

The man standing there was probably in his twenties, a year or two older than her. His hair was a deep red, the color of blood, and seafoam green eyes were set in dark lined lids, contrasting the pale skin of his handsome face. Hinata had never applied the term 'beautiful' to a male before, but it was the only word appropriate here.

His beauty had a mystical, dark quality that made him frighteningly good looking. He wore a skintight silk crimson shirt a few shades darker than his hair and black jeans. His arms were folded, and his face was impassive, but Hinata's eyes were immediately drawn to his forehead. There was a tattoo there, carved into his skin. "Love." Hinata murmured.


She was tantalizingly lovely. He had been on his way home when he heard a faint ripple of water. It was too quiet for human ears, but Gaara was anything but human. He had backtracked and melted into the darkness, watching the girl. Her dark hair was nearly violet in color, hanging short around her face, spinning and moving with her body.

Each movement was as graceful as the water's waves, and her voice caused his bloodlust to increase. When she began to spin and her skirt lifted, revealing her creamy white legs, he abandoned his hiding place.


"You shouldn't be out here at night." He layered his voice with the power in his veins, knowing his tones would be near hypnotising.

Hinata shivered slightly at his voice. It was, much like his appearance, hauntingly beautiful. "I was just leaving." She said quietly. She couldn't look at him without blushing, and picked up her shoes, starting past him. His scent washed over her and she fought every urge in her body that told her to stop walking.

Once she was a few feet away, she looked back. But now he was gone. She frowned, and looked back ahead, letting out a small gasp of surprise. He was standing directly in front of her, face less than an inch from hers. She tried to step back but stumbled and started to fall. In the blink of an eye, his hand was grasping her arm in a crushing grip. She gave a sharp intake of breath. He had inhuman strength.

"Careful," The boy said. Hinata looked up at him, and tried to pull her arm back.

"Let go," Hinata whispered. Her mouth was dry, and her voice came out hoarse. He didn't release her.

"You don't want me to let go." The boy murmured. He placed his palm on her collarbone, and there was slight pressure, then a hiss of wind, and suddenly her back was pressed against a tree.

'He's right...' Hinata realized in a rush of emotion. 'I don't want him to let go.'

It was so different, kissing him. With Naruto, it had been a familiar rush. But compared to this, Naruto seemed so...meaningless. Hinata allowed the boy full entrance into her mouth.


Gaara didn't bother with any sort of introductions. He kissed her passionately. Her innocent beauty was captivating, and he couldn't wait any longer. He pushed his tongue forward into her mouth, hands trailing down her sides then wrapping around her back, holding her close.

He pulled back slightly and nibbled her lower lip, but he did a little harder than he intended, and a tiny drop of blood blossomed there. He licked it up without thinking and his eyes widened. He looked into her eyes, feeling his fangs slide from their sheaths.

Dear god, her blood...He had never tasted anything like it. It was filled with an incredible power, innocence, virginity. He knew that she wouldn't be a virgin for much longer, and once he had taken her, her blood would have an even better, richer taste.

He grinned, a wicked grin that spread to his entire face.


Hinata gave a sharp intake of breath as she felt the boy's teeth break the skin on her lip. She drew back, fingers moving to her mouth. In the faint moonlight, she could see the red on her hand. He had drawn blood. She flicked her gaze back up to his face, and her eyes widened. His eye teeth had elongated, sharpened. She knew suddenly that he indeed /wasn't/ human. She shoved him back, which wouldn't have worked if she hadn't caught him off gaurd, and sprinted off through the trees.

She could tell he was following, but sensed something else. He was just toying with her. He could catch her whenever he wanted. Sure enough, she felt an overwhelming pressure on her back and was brought crashing to the ground. She felt him wrestling with her arms, pinning one wrist down by each side of her head. Panting, she looked up at him, that frightening grin still in place.


Damn, she put up a fight. Most of his prey fell instantly under his spell when they first made eye contact. Upon seeing his fangs, they would be entirely his. But not her. Her struggles made him want her even more. He forced her hands up above her head, pining them with one hand and chuckled inwardly. She was still squirming stubbornly.

But human strength against vampire strength is no contest at all. He used his free hand to push the hair from her face, stroking her cheek gently and tilting her chin up and to the side.

Hinata let out a tiny whimper of fear, one that touched Gaara's heart. He was puzzled by this. Why did he suddenly care?

He shoved away the confusion and feelings, then lowered his mouth to her neck. He raked his teeth gently across her skin, then sank his fangs down, carefully inserting them into her flesh.

She closed her eyes, wincing in pain that swiflty evaporated. Gaara continued to drink, her incredibly intoxicating blood taking over every thought. He couldn't stop drinking. He had to, or else he'd end up killing her. He didn't want to do that.

He stopped after a few minutes, looking down at her. She had fallen asleep, as did all his victims. He knelt knext to her, once again stroking her hair. Her eyes were closed, and she looked so eternally peaceful. So beautiful. He rested his hand on her throat, preparing to finish the job. All he had to do was kill her.

'No,' Gaara thought. 'I don't want to kill her. I want to keep her, I want her to be mine.' He stood, sweeping her into his arms. He was startled by her slight weight, and smiled faintly as he started towards the castle only reachable by the undead.

How strange this night had been. He realized that he didn't even know her name.