After all the Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni I watched I couldn't hold back this story! This may be a longer arc than the others and it can be considered a Question and Answer arc, Enjoy the Oyashiro-Sama Hen!

"Man I hate these Punishment Games," Keichii said coming home. The moonlight was dim over the town of Hinamizawa as he came home from yet another Punishment Game. He sighed thinking of the embarrassment bestowed upon him by the Game. Entering the gate he heard a voice, one he never heard before but it was crystal clear.

"Dream," the voice said. He looked up to the moon, thinking where that came from.

"What was that?" Keichii asked himself. He then ran inside, afraid of what might happen.

Oyashiro-Sama-hen, Part I: Hakken (Discovery)

He woke up in freight and panting hard. He had the most weirdest dream yet, a dream about the Watanagashi Festival and all the people who died and disappeared from the village thus far.

"W-what was that?" He asked himself slowly. He looked over at the time and panicked.

"Oh no! Rena!" He said and rushed his dressing along with his breakfast, he got to the spot to see Rena was just making there as well as he only she was rubbing her eyes.

"Did you just get here?" Keichii asked.

"Oh! Keichii! Yes I did!" Rena said with a smile, Keichii looked around.

"Where's Mion?" He asked.

"She must have gotten tired of waiting so she might be at school already." Rena said.

"Oh, okay," Keichii said as they started to head off fast to the classroom, and they made in a few minutes before class is suppose to start.

"Where were you guys? I was waiting for 5 minutes then headed over here," Mion asked.

"Sorry, we overslept," Keichii explained.

"Both of you?" Satoko asked.

"Nipah!" Rika just said randomly.

"Yeah, both of us, it was a weird dream for me," Rena said.

"Weird dream? Same with me!" Keichii said.

"We'll talk about this at lunch," Mion declared just before the bell was rung and classes started. During the classes, everyone thought about what Keichii and Rena might have both dreamt about and then they thought of their very own dream they had last night. They stayed inside today in the classroom for lunch. Even though it was a nice, crisp spring day they decided to stay inside, unlike everyone else in the school. Those people felt like having a nice picnic lunch.

"So, what was your dream, Keichii?" Mion asked seriously.

"Well, it was the weirdest one I ever had," Keichii wondrously said.

"The details!" Mion said.

"Okay! It was about the Watanagashi Festival, and all the deaths that have happened so far. Along with who disappeared or have been "Demoned Away" and that's all," Keichii explained slowly.

"I had that dream!" Rena said in shock.

"So did I!" Mion exclaimed.

"Same with me!" Satoko said.

"Also me!" Rika said.

"All of us, the same dream?" Keichii said in confusion. Everyone looked at each other in shock, wondering why they had the same dream.

The hours passed and Rena was walking home with Keichii.

"Keichii," Rena said.

"What is it?" Keichii asked.

"Why do you think we had that dream, but nobody else did?" Rena asked.

"I don't know. I really wish I knew." Keichii said.

"Well I'm off to do some Treasure Hunting!" Rena said running away.

"Oh, okay," Keichii whispered just as she left, he walked home once more and as he entered the gate he heard it again.

"Dream," it was the same voice and the others heard it as well, at the same time!

"What was that?" Rena said as she entered the Junkyard on what use to be the construction site of the Dam. She then saw something and gasped. She was scared and ran away as fast as her legs could take her! It was almost like she was running for her life. Nobody was chasing her at all. Maybe it wasn't a run for her life; maybe it was a run for help. She ran all the way to Keichii's house where she knocked at the door, pounding until Keichii came out.

"What is it Rena?" Keichii asked.

"Come on!" Rena said pulling him out of his house and over to the junkyard. On the way Keichii was trying to struggle free and demanding she'd let go, she did not. Finally they made it to the junkyard like Rena wanted him to. He looked and she finally said.

"Over there, Keichii," Rena said pointing but not looking, he looked and was shocked as well. Soon they convinced Mion, who called Shion. Also they convinced Satoko and Rika to come.

"So you all had that dream too? Man this is weird," Shion said.

"That's not the scary part," Rena said.

"Just follow us," Keichii said as they walked into the junkyard.

"What is it that you want to show us all?" Shion asked.

"Look over there." Rena said and this time looked as well as Keichii. They looked that direction and saw what they saw. All six of them were thinking what is this. It was a statue of Oyashiro-Sama, covered in blood and the bodies off all the Watanagashi deaths and disappeared; all covered in blood as well but could still be identified. Shion and Satoko cried seeing Satoshi's body there as well and whispered his name in deep grief.