Hello! This is a short oneshot I wrote about Neji and Tenten. Seriously, those day, if I'm thinking couple in Naruto, NejiTen come at first! I'm really obsess! Anyway, you're not here to know all my life but to read stories so enjoy!

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I'm not like your fangirls!!!!

Tenten awoke in a good mood. Telling herself that today, was THE day.

"Today, I'll say to Neji that I love him. Even if he don't love me, at least, this will be out of my head and I could be normal around him. I can't believe I still love him after all those years. I was sure that after some time it would go! But now, look at me, 17 years old and still on the same guy, wishing he'll see me one day more then a friend. Better tell him all now before it get even more complicated for me."

The bun haired girl went to her team training ground to saw that her team-mate was already there.

"You are late, Tenten." Said Neji.

"Only of 5 minutes!"

"Hn." Tenten was going to reply but decide to shut her mouth.

They started the training till five o'clock with some break here and there.



"I-I-I-I want to tell you s-s-something…"

"Tenten, calm down, you sound like Hinata."

"That's not helping me!! Anyway… Hum… Neji, I…" Tenten started to blush.

"Now you look like one of my stupid fangirls."

"WHAT DID YOU SAY??? I'm not like your FANGIRLS!!!!!!!"


"How can you even think to compare me with your fangirls?! Neji you are so… Whatever! I'm out of here!"

With that, Tenten went to her house, letting her crush there.


"I can't believe he compare me with his fangirls! I mean yes I love him but he don't know THAT!! And I do NOT drool every time I see him like his fangirls!"

Tenten heard a little knock on her door. She opened to see Neji.

"What are you doing here?"

"Hi to you too Tenten."

"Whatever, what do you want?" Neji didn't answers and entered the little house. "Neji, answers my question!"



"Why did you react like this when I told you that you look like a fangirl?"

"Why would I answer if you don't answers to my question?"

"It almost look like you love me."

Tenten was now pissed… REALLY pissed… and she was blushing million shades of red.

"Hyuuga Neji! how can you be so… Urg! Whatever! I hate you, you stupid bastard!"

With that, Tenten turn and didn't saw that the prodigy had a smirk on his face.

"How can I like this guy? Even if he is handsome, he is such a jerk! And…"

Tenten got out of her though when two strong arms warp around her waist, pulling her closer.

"Neji? What are you doing?" her voice began to lose her frustration to get to be really shock. Her heart started to beat really fast.

"Tenten, don't you think you exaggerate?" His mouth got closer to the kunoichi's ear, making Tenten shiver. "You know, like me, that you don't hate me…"

He started to kiss her neck softly making her moans. Then, he turn her to look at her in her eyes.

"Tenten, I love you."

"I… I love you too…" he smirked. The kind of smirk who was saying 'I was right'. "Stop doing that little 'I was right' smirk Neji! It's…-" she been cut by Neji's lips on hers. They kissed a long moment. Tenten was now pulling Neji to her room.

"Tonight will be a great night." thought Tenten…

The end!!!

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