Ice water

Chapter Two

A/N: Hello readers and sorry to all the reviewers that have been awaiting this chapter. I was in the hospital XX. It was horrible, my leg got run over by my mom's car while I was doing the splits. I had to stay in bed five weeks and get thirteen stitches. I'm so sorry I couldn't get this one in at an earlier date but what can you do.

Vlad's P.O.V:

I sat next to Daniel's paralyzed body. I hated to have to do this to him but I...I had to. I couldn't risk him knowing. I lent over the still form and thought how beautiful at lest compared to me. I had looks, money and everything else anybody could ever wish for but I was cold and heartless like a beast that's been kicked around to much. He was the only one that could even move my heart because he had something I could not grasp...forgiveness. I stroked his black hair, deep in awe. He was beautiful than Maddie could ever be...yet I can't have him. I snatched my hand away. I don't need him.

My mask slipped back into place as I hauled Danny onto my back. I don't need anyone. As I left I felt the sting that always comes to me when I hit him only this time it really stung.

I strode into the living room with Danny on my back. I shrugged him off carefully and lay him on the couch. I took out a tiny weapon I made eons ago and dusted it off. It was time. I sat him up quickly and sat opposite him. He started to stir but it went unnoticed by me. I filled the vile up with the mind-erasing liquid and turned around only to be met by a ecto-blast from my own weapon.

He looked at me. I looked at him. Silence filled the air as we stared. My heart throbbed and ached so badly for just one little boy. I need no one. I suddenly regretted that thought. He dropped the ecto-blaster and came toward me. I panicked. "Daniel..." He just kept advancing. My ability to go ghost was null and void. "Vlad..." He came until he was a hair's breath away from my lips. "Why?...Why did you have to like me?"

"Because my boy...," I came close to his ear, whispered something, and bit his earlobe. Just as he formed his mouth to say something he shut it. I lent closer, so close that I could feel his breath on my lips...then I pulled back and rose. His eyes shot to me in an instant and looked to the ground. He started to shake as he tried to raise his head. My gaze never left him. He stood unsteadily and made a mad dash toward his room.

After he was gone I sank to my knees and did something I almost never do...I cried.

Danny P.O.V

I ran like no tomorrow after I got over my new rush of emotions. Oh my god...did Vlad just.. I felt my face flush and my palms sweat as I thought about him. My heart, in all it's wondrous moments decided to pick up speed painfully. I clutched my chest hard and nearly stopped breathing. I crossed the room, after my heart slowed, and sat down. All because of three little words. I lay back and let the tears fall. Why did you wait so long...stupid.

Chapter 3

Time skip: A week

Danny P.O.V

I had locked myself in my room for a week now. I only came down provisions, keeping my distance from anything that moved. Eventually, I got tired of that and started taking steps outside my room. First it was one step, then five steps, then ten steps until I had made it outside of my room without creeping. I did a silent cheer then hunched my shoulders and went downstairs.

I was so happy I nearly missed the sleeping figure on the couch in the living room. Almost. I blinked furiously to stop tears but it was all in vain...the figure laying there was so beautiful I had to cry. It was Vlad, curled into himself, nuzzling a pillow. His long silver hair was strewn across his face, draping over an closed eye, his tender hands holding the pillow tightly as if it were a person, His expression peaceful somewhat.

I looked at him, struck dumb by all these new emotions. My heart did that racing thing again and I couldn't control my thoughts. Suddenly, he stirred. I froze completely as he sat up and rubbed his eyes. He looked at me and it felt like all the air in the room evaporated. "Daniel? Why are you here"

I didn't speak, I was too shocked. "Daniel?" He stood up and made his way over to me. I watched him the whole time, keeping my eyes on his chest. My willpower would break if I looked him the eyes. He came very close and forced me to look. Of course, I fought against him but he was too strong. I looked into crystal depths and nearly stopped breathing again.

Those eyes held such emotion...and one thing ran though my mind at that moment. "It's all for me" I blushed at that thought and he pulled me closer. His crystal met my ocean once again, electricity flowed though the gaze and he finally did what I was expecting for once...he kissed me. My heart pounded against my ribcage and I felt a odd fluttering in my stomach I've only felt around Paulina. I let my eyes slide shut as he maneuvered his tongue inside my mouth. I moaned at this new feeling forming inside of me.

I wound my arms around his neck and pulled us as close as possible. I felt him slant his lips and push his tongue further down my throat, I couldn't help but shiver. He pulled away after about two minutes but lent back for more, I was more than willing to comply. We kissed for about ten minutes, occasionally stopping for air, before he pulled away for good. I looked at him, my vision was clouded by some emotion I couldn't name. "Vlad..."

"Daniel do you really want this" he said, he eyed me. I nodded and stepped closer. He stepped back.

"I could hurt you you know" I shed my shirt

"I don't care"

"But Daniel..." I couldn't take this anymore. I ran toward him and cornered him.

"But what, this is all a trick," I said softly. I lent closer so that our lips were only a breath away. "Is that what it is Vlad. Just a trick," He looked me in the eyes again, passion burning from their crystal depths.


"Then what's wrong," He hesitated for a minute before shaking his head and I closed the gap between our lips.

Sorry it's so short, I felt rushed. There will be a lemon in the next chapter and it will be longer. Writer's block sucks:3