Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter… but I am going into Harry Potter withdrawal while waiting for the book and movie to come out.

A/N: I was having rabid cravings for HP, so I decided to write my first REAL hp fanfic. The last one… didn't really count in my mind… (sweatdrop). Anyway, enjoy! It's pretty short, but short and sweet, in my opinion. No point in dragging this one out.

Harry sighed as he scratched down his essay, each word taking painstakingly long. On the bright side, alone in the common room, a sense of peace washed over him as he did his homework over a nice juicy apple. Ron and Hermione were in the library, and Harry was left alone. All was quiet, save for the crackling of the fireplace.

However, it wasn't ideal to think this would last too long. Before Harry had even gotten through the first paragraph, the portrait swung open, and the sound of bickering voices filled the common room.

"Ron, you are so impossible!" Hermione screeched, cutting off whatever Ron was about to say. "It's none of your business anyway!"

"Who says it's not my business?" Ron challenged in return. The two of them stomped their way in until they were standing in front of the fire in the midst of a heated argument, oblivious of their friend sitting just a few feet away from them.

Harry just paused briefly to look up, before shaking his head and taking another bite out of his apple. He was obviously quite used to his friends' constant fights. It was really an endless cycle of jealousy and Ron's thick head.

"It's just a letter for GOD'S SAKE!" Hermione cried, flailing her arms. "Would you quit acting like a jealous boyfriend about it!"

"I AM NOT!" Ron's ears tinted that lovely shade of crimson right on cue. "It's just that—you're SUPPOSED to be helping me with my paper for charms, but instead you're writing a letter to… HIM!" He spat out the last word with distaste.

"He's just a PEN PAL, Ron!" Hermione rolled her eyes.

Harry just gave an exasperated sigh. That argument again…

"Yeah, a pen pal you snogged!" Ron snorted.

"RON!" Hermione stomped a foot. "You know what I should do?"

"Write another letter to Vicky-poo?" Ron growled.

"No, I should just end this right now by doing what you should've done ages ago!" Hermione advanced forward, looking like she was ready to punch him.

Harry looked up this time. It was getting interesting.

"Oh yeah, and what would that be?"

"I should just… I should just kiss you right now! Just to shut you up about everything!" She yelled finally, causing Harry to nearly choke on his apple. Well, this was an unexpected turn of events.

"As if you would do THAT!" Ron almost laughed.

"I WILL IF YOU DON'T!" She grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

"FINE!" Ron grabbed her arms.


They looked at each other for a long moment, and Harry hardly dared to breathe.

Then, without warning, Ron pulled her into a kiss.

Harry just sat there, blinking at his two friends making out for all it was worth, not even realizing he was watching. He smirked and sunk his teeth back into his apple, turning his attention to the piece of parchment on his lap.

He had seen this one coming. Everyone had. However, his potions homework wasn't going to do itself.