Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me. No matter how many nights I pray they still belong to Disney Channel. Damn Mickey mouse and his fucking ears.

Love You

Wrapping my arms around you from behind. Feeling you breasts press against me. Kiss you neck. Hold you close. Whisper in your ear. Love you. Love you, baby Slide my hands under your shirt, feel your soft, silky skin against me. Kiss your mouth. Turn around, touch me back. Want you Hold me close. Taste your breast. Nipple, rigid in my mouth. Shivers up your spine. Heat in your core. Love you. Pants off. Black clad mound. Paradise. Fountain of Youth. Love Passion. All. Kneel, rapt before you. Kisses on your tummy. Laugh. Skirt your center. Thighs, knees, calves, ankles, feet. Beautiful. Lovely. Back up. Scent of love. Barest touch. Back down the other leg. Tickle the knee, kiss the thigh, and caress the calf. Up again. Trembling. Are you ready? Yes Dripping. Salty sweet. Black silk slides off, leaving you bare. Fuzzy covering, trimmed, wet, ready. First: lightest kiss. Second: smallest lick. Moans. Asking. Begging, giving, receiving. Diving into wetness. Gorging. Love you. A little button. Don't press yet. Flick and tease. Farther down a tunnel. Go in deep, press the spot. Feel you tense. Now. Press the button. Finger in Pump, legs give in. Make you scream. Again…again…again….love you.

Love you, baby