Chapter One

I was startled when the bed dipped behind me. He wasn't supposed to come home after the show. He was supposed to go back to the hotel with everyone else. I smiled thinking "when did he ever do what he was supposed to."

Feeling those loved arms wrap tightly around me I relaxed. "I didn't think I was going to see you tonight. I bet security is shitting bricks wondering where you are."

"No one was going to keep me from coming home to spend the night in my own bed, from coming home to hold you. Not when I was only 15 minutes away."

The sensation of his deep voice vibrating against me made me shiver and he knew it, he loved it.

"I'm glad you're such a rebel." I whispered.

The laugh I received was followed by a sigh and a gentle kiss to the back of my neck.

"Hush you. I'm trying to get you in the mood." He said with a smirk in his voice.

"I saw the miss. Are you ok?"

"I'm fine. Or at least I will be. And yes I stopped by the trainer. It's just a strain."

"You know I only ask because I worry about you. I'd love to have you home for a while but not because you're hurt. I hate to see you in pain. Only I'm allowed to abuse that body. Got that?"

"As much as I'd absolutely love for you to abuse me right now" he sighed, "Baby right now I'm too exhausted to enjoy it. Please just let me hold you."

"Before you fall asleep I need to talk to you…." I started, but it was already too late he was asleep.

Chapter Two

As soon as I had gotten home from work on Tuesday I was online. Wrestlemania 22 had been fantastic and a full report was expected.

"I'm telling you we should get a package and go to Wrestlemania 23."

"Could you imagine the four of us meeting up for the first time at the biggest show of the year?"

"Hey I'm here, finally. And how was everyone's weekend?" I asked

"Oh no you don't!" came in response from everyone.

"You have to tell us everything! Did you meet any of those gorgeous men?" Stacy asked.

"More important is did you sleep with THE gorgeous man?" asked Tat.

"If you only knew" I thought with a smile. Thinking about last night with him after RAW made me shudder. He wasn't tired when he came home but he definitely was when he left this morning. We had taken full advantage of him being home, even if only for one night. I knew he'd be back in a few days and that's all that mattered.

"HELLO!!! You still with us?" Jay asked

"yeah just daydreaming I guess." I replied.

"Must have been one hell of a show then." Tat added and another round of laughter ensued.

"So, we were talking about that big announcement about Wrestlemania 23" Stacy said.

"So I just read. You guys really serious about this then?" I asked.

"YES." was the response from everyone.

In the relatively short time we had known each other we had become best friends. We had become family. They had become my sisters. Taker's Towel sisters to be exact.

But as much as I'd come to love my girls I couldn't tell them. I knew the rules and I knew them all to well. Too many times I had seen the changes in people when they found out who I was friends with. Hell I saw it happen to some of the others too. I had been friends with the boys too long not to know the consequences. I understood it, didn't like it, but I understood. Thinking about it, even if I did tell them would they really believe me? I know if the roles were reversed I probably wouldn't.

Everything seemed to happen so quickly. Arrangements just fell into place. In 212 days Taker's Towel Sisters would be together in Detroit. Now I just had to figure out how to tell him.

Chapter 3

"Say that again." Taker said.

"I'm going to 23 with the girls. Stacy and Jay are flying in here, and then we're driving up to Detroit, picking up Tat at The Grind and then going to whatever hotel the package puts us up in." I replied.

"Oh HELL NO! You don't even really know these women. For all you know they're really guys." Taker replied.

"Well if they are really guys I'll have even more fun then won't I?" Ignoring the growl I dared to continue. Closing my eyes, faking a daydream "Oh what an interesting weekend this will be. Sharing a room with 3 men. And I'm sure they're all Adonises. Oh and they'll all be walking around the room naked asking me to oil them up after their many showers. And at night they'll take turns sleeping in my bed because you know there's only 2 double beds in the room. While I'm in bed each night, letting whomever is with me do whatever he wants to me, I can just look over and watch the other 2 do wicked things to each other. Hell I may not even make it to any of the events. I'll be to busy." Looking over at Taker I make sure he can see how incredibly pissed off I am at him.

Seeing Glen trying not to explode from holding in his laughter I finally relent. I know Taker's just being his overprotective self because he worries about me but still…

"I'm going and you know they're not guys. You've seen pictures and you've heard us all talking. I need to do this. If only for my own sanity."

"And what the hell does that mean? When did ya'll decide to do this? I know for a fact that the packages have been sold out for months." I can tell he's frustrated with me when I hear the "ya'll". You can take the boy out of the south but not the south out of the boy.

"I need to do this." I said again. "We got the confirmation in August."

"AUGUST! It's 2 weeks till 23. Why am I just now hearing about this?"

"Maybe because of your "HELL NO!" a few minutes ago. I know you, I knew how you'd react."

I had hated keeping it a secret from either of them but I knew Taker to well.

Taker turned to Glen who had been trying to sit quietly through the heated conversation.

"Did you know?"

"No, this is the first I'm hearing about it. I'm not thrilled with this either but at least when she's at the events she'll be protected."

"Ah, about that, I'm not going to be "away" from everyone else. I'm going to be at the events as a fan. I'm going to be with the girls. That's one of the biggest parts of this whole trip. That we girls are together finally." I replied.

"The others still don't know about us. As much as I want to tell them I know I can't. Taker, these girls mean the world to me. We've all been though a lot of our own separate shit these past months. But we've made it through by leaning on each other." I had to make him understand.

"You're gone for weeks at a time sometimes." I lifted my hand to stop him from interrupting. "I know that it's out of your control. I knew that 10 years ago when we first met. I knew that 2 years ago when we decided to become more than just friends. I accept that as a fact of our lives. I hate it but I accept it.

But when you're gone, when you're gone I'm still here, alone. And I watch you every week put your body through hell. I see both of you work through injury, flu, exhaustion every week, and it kills me. I get aggravated with my job, with Nik, with life in general. But these girls, my friends, my sisters have been there for me to bitch to. No I don't share about us, about you, but I know that if I could that they'd be there to listen. No matter what time it is or how long they have to listen I know that they will be there. So please understand, I have to do this. I need to do this."

Taker was silent for what seemed like an eternity to me. Then relaxing the arms he didn't remember crossing, walked across the room to stand in front of me.

With a gentle finger he lifted my chin so our eyes would meet. "Baby, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call me. Hell call Glen. You should know by now that we'd both be on the next flight out if you needed us."

"I know but it's usually not important enough to bother you. And the girls understand that I just need to vent sometimes. Just like they know I'm here if they need an ear."

"YOU are never unimportant to me! Don't ever let me hear you say that again. But I think I understand. I just wish you had told me sooner. I could have made arrangements. I just worry that something will happen to you and I'll have to kill someone." He said with a smirk then lean down to kiss me.

"Where are Stacy and Jay staying before you drive up?" Glen asked.

"Here, I knew you'd both be busy with promos and signings and stuff the few days before so I figured it would be ok."

Looking around I saw I'd have pictures to hide and some of Taker's stuff to put away. It wouldn't stay a secret if they saw the picture of Taker and I kissing.

It was my favorite picture. We had been arguing about something stupid. It was always something stupid. It was just part of our relationship. We loved to see how far we could push the other. It always ended with a kiss though. And I loved when he kissed me. I melt every time. Glen had taken the shot without us even realizing it. His incessant coughing is what made us slowly pull apart. It was the tandem one finger salutes he received that had him on the floor laughing. I had a picture of those too.

Making a mental note, I'd have to make sure they didn't go into the garage either. Seeing the bikes would bring questions.

Although we weren't married, in fact we'd never even said the "L" word, for all intents and purposes Taker and I lived together. Actually it was more like him came in one night to visit and never left.

Chapter 4

Two years earlier……

It was late but everyone was still having a blast. After the show they had all decided to hit a bar and let loose. I was told I didn't have a choice, I was going with. It wasn't a club, yes there was music, but it wasn't a dance club. The band was more of an 80's cover band than anything else.

"So what you're saying is….." I was only partially listening to the conversation. I really didn't care who the best hair band of all time was or who was better De la Hoya or Leonard. I was just happy to be out with my friends.

The week had been hell. Nothing had gone right at work. Nik and I had been arguing again. It seemed my son thought he was in charge. And then the blind date a few nights before, now that was a nightmare.

I was just looking for someone to go out and have fun with. Just something casual to start out. It had been too long since I'd dated anyone and I was looking to start slow.

The guy just didn't want to believe no meant no or that I just didn't "feel the connection" he felt. It was a good thing I had grown up with 3 brothers and that I had been in the ring with the boys a few times over the years. Just as I finished that thought who should walk in but Mr. No, Chuck.

"Oh for the love of shit!" I said when I saw him. "Maybe if I go hide behind Taker..." but the idea came to late.

"Micky? Wow I'm glad to see you again. Why haven't you returned my calls?"

He didn't seem to notice I was with a group of people. How do you miss a group that included at least 4 guys close to 7 foot tall?

"Oh hi, yeah sorry I've been really busy."

"Well we're together now that's all that matters. So let's go get a drink, talk or maybe slow dance."

Before I knew what was happening he had my hand and was pulling me toward the bar away from everyone else. When I came to my senses and tried to pull my hand back he just tightened his grip.

"Mick you ok?" "Oh thank God." I thought.

Chuck must not have heard Dave as he just kept walking, but Taker and Glen did. In fact the entire group heard him.

"Hey there friend where do you think you're going?" Taker asked while gently grasping my free hand.

I was now in the middle of a tug of war but I knew who was going to win.

Not even bothering to turn around Chuck stupidly replied "Mind your own business buddy."

I couldn't help but look up at Taker. The look on his face made me want to burst out laughing bringing a quick smile to his face.

Finally pulling my hand free I turned and was draw immediately to Taker's side.

"I don't know who the hell you think you are but she ain't going anywhere with you. " Taker said

I felt myself being moved over to Glen while I watched Taker moving forward. I couldn't let this go any further. As much I didn't like Chuck I couldn't let Taker beat on him.

"Listen Chuck, to be honest, I'm really not interested in you." Feeling brave with the boys behind me I figured I might as well get this over with.

"I don't understand, the other night we really connected." Chuck said

"No the only thing that connected was my hand to your face after I kept telling you no." When I heard the growls behind me I realized I'd said too much to loud.

"Little One I think you need to introduce me to your friend." Taker said. He face left no room for argument.

"Chuck these are my friends, Glen, Dave, Bella, Chris, Jeff, Gracie, Jackie and finally Taker."

"I think you and I need to have a talk outside son. We need to talk about your manners."

"Please don't Taker, just let him walk away. Chuck, I suggest you leave now. Taker here is a bit protective and a lot hard headed when I comes to me." I heard the girls snicker behind me but never took my eyes off of Chuck.

Chapter 5

After Chuck left things seemed to go back to normal, everyone laughing and joking around. 2 hours later the group began to dwindle as everyone started heading back to their hotel.

Taker had pulled me to stand between his legs while he sat in a chair. It felt natural having his hands on my hips. We spoke quietly, not really about anything, just 2 friends catching up.

"So that guy earlier, you went out with him?"

"Yeah one disastrous blind date."

"He didn't hurt you did he? I mean you said you had to slap him."

"No, he was just a bit to eager." I said with a small laugh.

"I'm serious Little One. If he hurt you he's dead."

Smiling softly at Taker I replied "Really, I'm ok. Actually I just used what I learned all those times you and Glen threw me around in the ring. So see you really already took care of it."

Still unamused Taker let it drop.

He stood and pulled me to the dance floor as a slow song started. It felt comfortable being in his arms. As I relaxed and rested my forehead against his chest I almost missed his question.

"Little One I don't feel right letting you go home by yourself. Let me make sure you get home safe." Looking into his eyes I wasn't sure if what I was seeing was actually there. He was looking at me differently, looking at me softer, if that makes any sense. No, I had to be imagining it. Just seeing what I wanted to see.

We walked over to where Glen had been waiting. There was another look that passed between them that I wasn't sure was there. Maybe I'd had more to drink then I thought. No I remember only having those 2 Jack and Diet Pepsi. Now I'm no where near being able to match drinks with the boys but I can handle more then 2 drinks.

"Listen Glen you take the rental. I'm going to drive Little One home just to be sure that ass isn't waiting for her."

When I agreed to go out with Chuck I was smart enough to meet him at the restaurant not let him pick me up at home. Hey I had a son to worry about. I knew he didn't know where I lived but I couldn't bring myself to tell Taker that.

"Ah shit!!" I heard as Taker hit his knee on the steering wheel getting in. "Car must be for fuckin midgets or something. Have to buy her a real car, maybe a truck or something." Taker muttered under his breath. But he knew I'd heard him when I couldn't stop my giggle.

"Wait a minute. Shit! Did I really just giggle? I never giggle. I'm not a giggling girly girl by any stretch of the imagination. Why the hell did I just giggle?" I berated myself confused. I must have said this all out loud as when I looked up at him he was smirking and shaking his head.

One thing about living near Chicago there are always bars close by. Even the arena was only 15 minutes away. So even though the ride home was in relative silence it wasn't a long uncomfortable ride.

It never occurred to me that Taker wouldn't have a ride back to the hotel. Never even questioned where he thought he'd be sleeping.

Before I could even open my passenger door he was there ready to take my hand and help me out. In all of the years we'd been friends he'd never treated me as more then a friend. Don't get me wrong I liked this new attitude but didn't know what he was up to.

We reached my door and as I turned to say goodnight his lips brushed against mine.

"Mick ask me in" he whispered and then he kissed me again, this time with more pressure. Loosing myself against him I don't remember who opened the door but we found ourselves standing in my living room looking into each others eyes trying to catch our breath.

Reaching up I found myself tracing his lower lip with my finger. I had never realized how soft they were. I noticed his faint freckles, you wouldn't even appreciate they were there. It suddenly came to me how sexy I thought they were.

I finally looked up and was captivated by his eyes. I couldn't look away, I didn't want to look away. His eyes seemed to have changed color to a deeper green.

Unconsciously I wet my lips with the tip of my tongue. Suddenly they felt drier then I ever remembered. I saw his eyes drop and watch. Tracking the pink tip's trail.

A soft moan was the only hint I received before his mouth came crashing down on mine. Breathing didn't matter to me. I would gladly have taken my last breathe if it was of him.

My hands moved of their own will, finding they're way under his shirt to his massive chest. The fast rise and fall told me he was feeling the same desires as I was. Reaching up further I caress his now pebbled nipples while leaning in to place kisses down the middle of his chest.

"Wait, I can't, we can't." I said pulling away.

Looking entirely to serious Taker leans back "Why not?"

"I, I can't do this. We have to stop."

Breathing deep while wiping a hand down his face he takes a frustrated breathe "Okay…What's on your mind?"

Turning away I sigh lowering my head "I..We..What are we doing?"

Walking up behind me and softly squeezing my shoulders Taker relents "We don't have to do this. I just…sorta saw it as the next step for us. Was I wrong thinking you felt the same?"

Shuddering I leaned back against his chest "No it's just me being me. I didn't even realize there was a possible next step for us. This just seems to be out of nowhere"

Resting his head on top if mine while he thinks for a moment and dropping a soft kiss there he continues "The last thing I wanted was to make ya uncomfortable. I just thought the feelings were mutual. But I don't want to push. We can stay right where we are"

I turned around and rested my head against his chest, "I'm scared, I'm so scared Mark"

Rubbing my back slowly "Scared of what? Scared of me? Honey please tell me you know I'd never hurt you"

Wrapping my arms around his waist I continue "No not of you. I never feel as safe as when you're holding me. I'm just afraid of loosing you after this. You mean too much to me. I couldn't take loosing you."

Tipping my face up and pressing a soft kiss to my lips he whispered "Not going to happen, no matter what happens."

Hearing me moan the word "More" makes him smile. "You ok Baby Girl? Cuz we can stop anytime."

Kissing him more aggressively I only pull back for a breath. "Not letting you stop now. No regrets though in the morning right?"

"Swear to God Little One no regrets. I've just…gotta know if this could be more. If I don't I'll wonder forever and I think you will too."

"I ever tell you how turned on I get by green eyed men? Green eyed men with tattoos and light freckles." softly running my finger over his nose and bottom lip.

Grinning back at me "that so?" collapsing down on the couch and pulling me down on top of him in the process "Funny, you never mentioned it."

While placing open mouth kisses down his neck to his pulse point I reply "Funny…never realized how strongly it affected me until this moment with you."

I feel him shudder a bit and notice his hands sliding up under the hem of my shirt.

Embarrassed I try to cover myself. "I'm not exactly in Diva shape. Not exactly what you're used to."

"I like exactly what I see" he responds, pulling my hands away and moving me further up on his lap so he can drop little kisses across my chest. "Soft 'n sweet" he says while tracing a line down between my breasts with his tongue.

"Oh god, that feels so good" I whisper stopping him and lifting his head so our eyes meet.

"Finally, a woman with real boobs." Taker sighed

I'm not sure he even realized he'd said out loud but I was grateful he did. It made me relax.

The feel of him taking my breast gently in his mouth drew my eyes down to watch him. Bringing my hand up to thread my fingers through his hair, I urged him to continue. I love the feeling of his soft lips. Tenderly he takes my other breast in his hand, rolling my harden nipple between his fingertips.

Taker lifts his eyes to me again in question but I don't see them. I can't seem to keep my head from laying back on the pillows of the couch. Taking that as a sign to continue I can feel him placing kisses down my body. I know where he is headed. My breathing quickens with anticipation. For years I have wondered how that tongue tasted, how it would feel. Now I can barely remember to breath.

"Little One just relax and let me take care of you." Looking up at me again he notices something that brings a smile to his lips. "Little One look at me." Getting no response he tries again this time a bit concerned. "Baby please look at me." Opening my eyes to meet his I wait and try to focus. "Baby breathe, you need to breathe" he says with a small laugh. "Can't have you passing out on me, at least not yet." Running my finger down his face I loose myself in his eyes. The first touch of that marvelous tongue leaves me panting. Taker's grip on my thighs tightens to hold me still. The vibration of his "Mmmm" has me fighting for control but it is a loosing battle. It's been to long for me and I can't stop the release from the brief stimulation. "Oh Little One you really needed this attention. Cum for me again Baby" I hear as I feel him enter me again with his tongue. After just a few minutes I find myself wanting more. I find myself wanting to give him as much pleasure as he has just given me.

With my hands on each side of his face I softly pull his face back to mine. Fighting to keep my senses while I look into his eyes I'm stunned by the desire I see there.

"Mark, we need to.." but he stops me from finishing. I can see frustration in his face and I realize he thinks I'm pulling away to stop. Smiling I lean in and kiss him trying to convey the passion I feel for him. Smiling I continue "I just wanted us to move to my bedroom. This couch is not nearly big enough or comfortable enough for us to do this right. That and if this goes as well as I'm hoping I don't want Nik walking in in the morning to see the 2 of us naked on the couch."

Laughing he says "Good thinking baby. No need to give him nightmares from seeing old Uncle Taker nekkid."

"Seeing you naked is what I'm hoping for." I whispered against his neck.

Suddenly I found myself in my bed. A laugh was stopped short at the feeling of his body against mine. I moved my legs to accommodate him as his body covered mine.

"Now where were we?"

Bringing his lips to mine I kiss him, my mind melting at the taste of myself on his tongue. Wanting more I roll him onto his back starting my descent down, stopping often to enjoy this gorgeous man. I can feel him proud and erect against my body. His breathing is uneven with anticipation. Kissing one hip then moving to the other I hear him groan in frustration. I've always loved the indentation of athletic mans hips so I pay extra attention to his.

"Baby stop torturing me. Please, I need to you taste me. I need to feel you around me" In my mind I'm torn between great satisfaction at the fact that he is near begging and my own desire to consume him. That I am capable of bringing him to this point of desire spurs me on.

Taking him in my hand I alternate my grasp from gentle and slow to hard and fast then to a bare touch. After a few moments I slowly placed him in my mouth. I had to hold tight to his thighs as the change in sensation caught him by surprise. Mark's hips rose sharply from the bed as I began to savor his length. Although in the past it was always something I disliked doing it was different with Mark. I found myself wanting to devour him whole. I craved his texture, his taste, I craved him.

Suddenly he's out of my mouth and I'm on my back under him. I start to moan my protest as his tongue invades my mouth. Pulling away only for air I see the raw intensity in his eyes. I can see how close he is to release. I see him fight for control.

Reaching up I feather kisses to his neck, along his jaw and chin, ignoring his lips for a moment I savor the soft skin of his eye lids then finely return to his lips.

The next moment I was breathless. Feeling him enter me in one fluid movement my mind focused only on the point of our connection. He was bigger than any other man I'd been with but there were none I wanted more. Settling his weight over me he looked in my eyes silently asking if I was ok. My answer was the moving of my hips trying to bring him deeper. He smiled and started his rhythm, building my desires with each thrust. I never wanted this to end. It seemed as though I couldn't get close enough to him. Drawing his lips back down to mine I worried his bottom lip with my teeth.

"More, please Mark more. I need more of you, I need all of you. Please."

His penetration became increasingly forceful. Our breathing erratic. We were both edging closer to completion with every movement.

"Cum for me baby, open your eyes and cum for me. I can feel how close you are and I'm right there with you. Cum for me Baby"

I opened my eyes and as they locked with Mark's I felt as though I was exploding. Everything around us faded to the fireworks that seemed to be going off in my body.

"MARK! Oh god Mark."

"That's it baby, I'm right behind you. That's it. Oh you feel so good" he replied before collapsing on top of me.

When he regained his senses and realized he full weight was on me he tried to roll to the side but I stopped him. I wanted to feel all of him for as long as I could.

"My god you're beautiful when you cum." He said running a finger over my lips.

Trying to move off of me again I stopped him. The look in my eyes caught his attention.

"Baby I'm not going anywhere. I'm just afraid I'm to heavy for you and my arms are starting to ache from the pressure. I'm not leaving you, I swear I'm not gonna leave"

I tighten my arms around him again for a brief moment, kissed him then relaxed so he could move. His withdrawal from my body drew out a sigh but earned me another kiss in return.

"Tell me again why we've never done this before? Tell me again we're ok." I whispered as he pulled me to lay on his chest.

With a smile in his voice he said "We're better than ok Mick. And I plan on doing this a whole lot more tonight to make up for lost time so you better get some rest"

That was the most incredible night of my life. Thinking of a line from an old Heart song "We made magic that night, he did everything right." Several times in fact.

And he was right he didn't leave, at least not for good. We never really talked about it but eventually most of his belongings ended up at my house.

Chapter 6

"Little One you home?" Taker yelled while setting his bags on the bed. Turning to Glen, "must still be at work. You know where "your" room is I'm just going to collapse right here for a while. Gotta be fully rested when Little One attacks me later" he smirked.

"Eww, I don't want to even think of your ugly ass naked. Mick's yes but not your's"

Taker knew Glen was just trying to get to him but growled at him anyway "Don't you be looking at her ass. I catch you and I'll have to hand you your ass."

Laughing Glen just turned away thinking a nap did sound good.

Since the divorce Glen had spent more and more time at the house. There were times it seemed that I saw Glen more then I saw Taker. That just gave us more time to talk and joke around. It gave Glen time adjust to single life again.

Nik was at the computer when I came in from work. "Taker home yet?" Receiving a grunt in reply I wasn't too surprised to see him also point to the guest room. Nik is a preteen boy, it's not cool to talk to mom anymore. He's also still mad that he's not going to 23 with me. I had tried to explain it was a girls only weekend but it did no good.

"Ok so why can't I go with Taker and Glen then? I could stay in their room then go to the events and stuff with them. I've gone on weekend trips with them before"

"No, first the guys will be way to busy to keep tabs on you. There's no way I'd let you go unsupervised. Those other trips were for house shows Wrestlemania is a completely different circus and you know it. Second, the girls know what you look like. If they were to see you at an event it would bring up to many questions I couldn't answer. The answer is still no."

"Ugh! Mom I want to go!"

"Enough! Your mother said no and that's the end of it" Taker had been listening to the argument from the bedroom. "Look buddy, I know you want to go and I really wish Glen and I could take you. But your mom's right, we'll just be to busy. I can't let anything happen to you, your mom would tear me limb from limb. And don't give me that "No way" look. You know how mean she is. You know how scary she can be when she's mad" Taker shudders.

Nik just rolled his eyes and went back to his game.

I turned around to see Taker leaning on the doorframe, hands in his pockets, a smile softening his face. What just looking at that man did to me. I still couldn't believe he was mine. Returning his smile I walked over to him. Wrapping my arms around his waist I leaned up and kissed him softly.

I laugh when I here Nik murmur under his breath "Aw jeez, get a room"

"Sounds like a good idea to me" Taker whispered pulling me into the bedroom.

I didn't even hear the door close before he had me bent over in a passionate kiss. In a moment I was on the bed looking up into the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. We just stared at each other for a while kissing every so often.

"I missed you" I said breaking the silence.

"oh yeah? Show me"

Bringing his lips to mine I kissed him. With my hand firmly in his hair I held onto him, not letting him pull away. My other hand moving quickly until I could reach between us and into his pants. I could feel him harden instantly as I started to massage his length. He tried again and again to pull away from my mouth but I refused to allow it. I wanted to swallow every moan, I want to take in every breathe. I worked my hand over him faster, causing him to edge closer and closer to completion. I strained to keep a hold on his head but I needed this to stay quiet. The overwhelming desire for control over him drove me on. The hard growl into my mouth and the warm fluid on my hand signaled his release. Freeing my hand from his hair and placing one last kiss to his now swollen lips I sigh.

"That's how much I missed you. And if Nik weren't in the next room I'd show you again."

Taker leaned down and whispered in my ear "be prepared, tonight you will be screaming my name. I missed you too" rolling off to his side he continued "you never cease to amaze me, that was incredible. But I don't want to know where you learned to do that" then he laughed, lifting my hand for a kiss.

The two days he was home flew by. I was a total mess. Taker was leaving for 23 week, Glen had decided to go see his parents for a day or two then fly up from there. Nik was going to be staying with my brother and was doing his absolute best to get on my already frayed nerves. And the countdown had begun for Jay and Stacy's arrival. I wasn't sleeping, I hardly ate. I had too much to do and refused to slow down. I might have time to think then and I didn't want that.

Taker was going to fight Batista in a streak verses title match. Taker wouldn't tell me the outcome which had me worried a bit. There was also the fact that Jay was a huge Batista fan and the rest of us loved Taker. No matter what someone wasn't going to be happy. Dave was such a great guy it was sometimes hard to see him as The Animal. I cringed at thinking about Glen's match. I didn't know Khali personally but had seen how stiff of a worker he was. That was always dangerous.

I felt arms wrap around me, one across my shoulders pulling back against a big chest and the other around my stomach.

Grabbing hold with mine I asked "something on your mind?"

"You ok? You need to slow down. I'm worried about you. I'm afraid you'll drop at any moment."

"I'm fine, I just…" and was interrupted by "MOM, I'm gonna miss baseball practice if I don't stay home. If I can't go with you at least I can stay here so I don't miss anything." I stiffened knowing I was in for another round of "if I'm going to be miserable so are you" He'd been making grumbling comments for days.

Nik had tried not to say anything when Taker was around but he must have forgot because when he turned the corner and saw Taker's face he stopped in his tracks.

"I'm sorry you'll miss baseball, I'm sorry you can't come with to 23, I'm sorry that you're not old enough to stay here by yourself the whole time we're gone" with each word my voice got louder and my tone got harder. Pulling away from Taker I continued towards my son "I'm sorry your life is so incredibly difficult. I promise to try to make is so much easier when I get back. But for now you're stuck with what I'm giving you. Now we are leaving for your uncle's in 1 hour whether you're packed or not. I really don't care at this moment if you wear the same clothes the entire time I'm gone but whatever you intend to do you better go do it. Now I need to take Taker to the airport. You'd better be ready and waiting for me when I get back." I had hardly taken a breath my entire speech. I was fighting to control my emotions as I realized what I had just said. I had to say goodbye again to Taker. I hated doing that more than anything else in the world.

Ever notice when you're taking someone to the airport that you don't want to see go the trip is fast. But when you're rushing to pick up someone you've missed time drags. Well that's the way I felt at this moment. I pulled into the parking spot and just sat there. Maybe if I didn't move he wouldn't be leaving.

I could feel him looking at me. Finally sighing he said "Baby I don't want to go. You know that."

"I know that Mark. I know, it's me.

Reaching for the door handle I feel his hand grab mine.

"What's really wrong? Talk to me."

I didn't want to give him anymore to worry about. He had enough to worry about with 23. I didn't want to add to that. It wouldn't be safe.

"It's nothing, really. I think my nerves are just getting to me. I'll be fine. I leaned over and kissed him softly. Releasing my hand we finally left the car. After getting his bags he met me at the front of the car.

"No need to come in. You still have to get Nik to your bro's house." Pulling me to him I can feel every contour of his body. Slowly he lowers his mouth to mine for a mind blowing kiss. "I'll see you in a few days. Try to relax and enjoy your weekend."

And with that he was gone.

I went back to the car and just sat there for a while. I needed to put it out of my mind. There was nothing I would do about it anyway. I would enjoy my weekend and then worry about it after. Maybe it was nothing. Yeah that's it maybe it was nothing.