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"So ladies we have about 8 hrs til 23. Any ideas?"

"If we want to get in there early I guess we could head down in a couple of hours, get queuing." Someone suggested.

"I can't believe we're really at WM!! I hope we're as close as we think."

"Only one way to find out..."

"Can you fuck'n believe this? 7th row at Wrestlemania! We're almost close enough to catch sweat!"

"Should have brought those towels, girls!" Tatt said laughing incredulously

I had to call Taker, "I won't keep you. Just wanted to tell you where our seats are. We're on the steps side about 7 rows back. Mark...please be careful ok. I love you." I didn't even realize I'd said it until Jay looked at me.


"I didn't realize you were at the three little word stage, at least not in public."

"What are you talking about?" then it dawned on me what I had said.

Looking pale again "Shit! Jay what have I just done? Neither of us has said anything like that. I don't even think he's even thought of it."

"Just calm down and breathe. I'm sure it'll be okay. He might not even have picked up on it."

"He didn't answer. I had to leave a voice mail." Breathing deep I try to calm down before anyone else notices. "I need some air. I'm going up for a drink or something at the concessions."

"Need me to come with or are you okay?"

"No I'm ok I just need to calm down. Better hold my phone though so I don't give into the urge to call him back." I said laughing slightly

"Hand it over. I can be phone guard."

As if he was watching my phone rang the moment I stepped away.

"Mick's answering service."

"Now I know there's a conspiracy!"

Laughing Jay replied "She just went to get a drink and so on, said she needed some air."

"Oh, Iisten Jay...She left me a message a little while ago. Um, could you just tell her..."

"Um, I was with her when she left it."

"Oh. I don't think she really meant it though. It was like she said it without thinking. Sorry Jay I'm just thinking out loud."

"She wouldn't have said it if she didn't. At least in my opinion and I think we know each other pretty well."

"Oh god, listen, um, forget I called her back. I need to go get ready. Thanks"

"I should have kept my mouth shut."

"No! No it's ok, really. I've just been doing some thinking and now I think I may just do it. You really think she meant it?"

"Oh yeah, I have no doubt in my mind at all."

You could hear the smile in his voice. "Good, listen enjoy the show ok?"

"Something else I have no doubt of at all. Don't beat him up too badly, okay?"

"I'll try not to, bye."

"So you keep my phone safe from me?"

"Well, you didn't make any calls did you?"

"No, then I guess I've safe."

"Here we go!!" Stacy shouted as Ladies and Gentlemen began to play over the arena.

The show was one great match after another.

The Ladder Match for the Money in the Bank was amazing. We held our collective breathes when Jeff jumped off the ladder onto Edge. When neither moved, I had to keep myself from calling the back to see if that was a work or if the injuries were real. These athletes are incredible showmen and actors. Those two in particular have mastered the art of selling an injury. They do get injured, it's impossible to avoid it, but most times the extent is much less them they portray.

I happened to look over at Tatt as they were helping Jeff to the back and saw the look of concern and something else. That something else was lust. Oh what a pair they would make.

We were a bit upset about Glen's match against Great Khali as it was to short. We also wanted Glen to win. I'm always shocked when Glen climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and flies across the ring. A smaller high flyer it's expected but a man 6' 11" and 318 lbs is not supposed to be able to do that. The ferociousness of Kane is in complete contrast to my friend Glen. Kane with his maniacal personality compared to the giant teddy bear I know and love makes me laugh every time I think about it. Oh don't get me wrong there are some similarities between the two. They are both contemplative and intelligent. Both are protective of their families and have tempers, when pushed to the breaking point, will explode.

The divas came out for their lumberjill match and when we saw Torrie we all started chanting "Chloe's hotter, Chloe's hotter. The guys behind us leaned over and said "You do know Chloe's the dog right?" We all just laughed. I hadn't like Torrie the times I'd met her before and I was even less of a fan now. I was friends with Victoria and through her had met Mickie James and Maria, my home town girl. They seemed to share my feelings for Torrie.

The one match we were all dreading was next. My stomach was nauseous and I was having trouble controlling my breathing. Mark had refused to tell me the outcome and I couldn't get it out of Glen either. That's what had me the most worried. When we heard the first few chords of "I Walk Alone" Jay and I looked at each other and exhaled.

Dave's entrance is one of high energy, loud explosions and power. His walk down the ramp is fairly fast compared to some. But once in the ring he is the Animal, climbing each turnbuckle and presenting his extreme physique to all watching. He seemed to stay on the ropes in front of us longest, looking as if he was searching us out. Taker knew where our seats were so I'm sure the rest of the boys did too.

The chanting started and my stomach churned. No matter how many times I've seen Taker perform live I always get chills. The man exudes mystery, athleticism, power and above all else raw sexual magnetism. Ok maybe that's just my completely biased opinion but most would have to agree that his presence commands respect. Like him or hate him he is the Big Dog in the yard.

Taker's entrance is the longest of all the guys. I have to keep myself from laughing at a memory of him practicing in the front yard one night comes to mind. I had realized he wasn't in the living room and had gone searching for him. Finally deciding he had to be outside sitting on the deck I went to join him. The laughter would not stay in as I saw him walking slowing back and forth. He just growled at me playfully and kept right on practicing.

When I returned my focus back to my surroundings he was already in the ring taking off his leather jacket and then hat. I could see a mixture of emotions in his movements. Tension was clearly present in his broad shoulders and back. But the calm in his face soothed me. Once the match was underway I as able to relax, even just a little bit.

The coordination between the two men was amazing. Punch for punch, move for move, virtually flawless to the average fan. Even with assistance from your opponent strength is needed to perform the power moves such as Dave's Batista Bomb and Taker's Chokeslam. Bodies flying over the top rope like superman, tables smashed and a final roll up for the three count and the match was over. His hand raised for the 15th time at Wrestlemania pride showing on Taker's face. At that moment I swore the next time I saw him face to face I would tell him how proud of him I was. How incredibly in love with him I was.

I looked at Jay, "I'll call if you want me to just to make sure everyone's ok."

Shaking her head slightly "It was a hell of a match..."

"That it was. That it was. They looked tired but I didn't see anything that would make them seriously hurt did you?"

"I couldn't really see Dave leave with just about everyone else in the arena cheering but I don't think so, no."

We cheered and screamed for Stone Cold, Shawn and John. We booed and swore at Vince, Umaga and all the other heels. We were fans, enjoying every moment.

It took awhile but we got back to the room. It was late but our adrenaline was still high. There was a loud knock at the door. Everyone looked at each other.

"Security, open up!"

"I swear we weren't that loud." Stacy said.

My heart knew that voice but I wouldn't believe it. As I got to the door there was another loud knock, startling me. Cautiously I opened it.

"I should tan your ass Little One. You didn't even look though the peep hole to see who it was. I know because Glen had his finger over it. Don't you ever do that again."

I just stood there, stunned that he was really standing in front of me.

"What's up?" Jay asked

"What are you doing here?" was all anyone heard.

"I wanted to see you. Thought I'd meet your sisters, brought some friends with." Taker said as he stepped closer and kissed me hello. "Hey there ladies, it's great to finally meet you"

Did you know that it is possible to inhale and exhale at the same time? Well that's what it seemed my sisters did at the sight coming through our hotel room door. All four of our dream men were standing before us.

Jay extended her hand "Hey... nice to actually meet you in person"

"You too, Can I introduce you to a friend of mine?"

"Sure. Get me while I'm sociable for once."

"Dave this little darlin is Jay. Jay this here is my friend Dave Batista."

I'm shocked as I look at Jay and actually see her speechless "Hi..."

As I was still stunned that he was really here Taker was left to do the rest of the introductions himself.

Extending his hand to both Tatt and Stacy he said "Ladies I've heard so much about you I feel I know you. I'm Taker, let me introduce you to my friends Belly Button and Jeffy." he laughed then he moved aside.

I couldn't make my brain work "Baby, what are you doing here?"

"Well what did you expect? You finally told me you loved me, I needed to come to hear it again in person."

The room went silent.

"You heard me?" sighing I turned away to look at my sisters.

"You probably already figured this out but to answer your question this is Mark my boyfriend." waving a hand toward Taker.

"I thought that with your sisters here and our friends here I'd come to see you. I had to tell you something. I need to ask you something."

The look in his eyes was new. I'd never seen it before and couldn't place it.


Before I could say anything he put a finger to my lips and cupped my cheek. "I love you too." I must have looked surprised. "Don't look so shocked" he said laughing a bit.

"You love me?

"Of course I love you, actually have for quite a while now. While everyone's here I got something to ask you?" He pulled something from his pocket and pulled me closer. "Marry me?"

I looked around at my sisters as if I didn't know what to do.

Trying to break me out of my stupor Tatt said "Hell if she won't I will." Everyone laughed.

Looking into his eyes I said "Say that again?"

Smiling softly at me "Baby I love you, marry me"

Everyone seemed to be watching a tennis match, looking back and forth between us.

Finally getting tired of me not responding Stacy slapped me in the back of the head.

"Are you sure about this? I mean I don't want you to ask just because of what I said."

"Marry me"

Looking over at my sisters with tears in my eyes "He loves me"

"Yeah, he does and if you don't answer him soon I'm going to come over there and slap you into next week, you hear me?"

"yes" I whispered. Kissing him passionately trying to show him how much I truly loved him.

I could hear Glen just over my shoulder, "Taker, what'd she say?"

I pulled away and said it louder "YES!"

He kissed me again and picked me up in a huge bear hug. "Baby I think we need to celebrate"

"Not in front of us you don't" Jeff said pulling Tatt closer so he could wrap an arm over her shoulder.

"Amen to that" Glen chuckled. Stacy gently elbowed him.

Dave looked at Jay "I think they're both insane but celebrating sounds really good."

"I promise we'll have our own celebration when we get home. I love you Mark."

"I'm going to hold you to that Little One. I Love you too."

With Tat as our guide we celebrated all night long.

I was sitting on Mark's lap at one to the many bars when I felt a vibration. It startled me at first. When he seemed to be ignoring it I whispered in his ear, "Baby as much as I'm starting to enjoy it I think you should answer it. It could be important." He looked at me with a smirk, sliding his hand under me to retrieve his phone.

"Yeah" was all he said as he put it to his ear. "We're out celebrating Jimmy." sticking a finger in his ear so he could hear. "Hell no, something way important, Mick said yes. Well tough shit, I've been hiding in that fuckin hotel room since I got here. If you're so worried jump in a cab and come drinking with us. Well then tell him to fire me. It'd just give me more time at home. Jimmy look, we're all fine, it's a place Little One's friend Tatt used to work at. No one's asked for anything. We just got engaged, I want to spend some time with my fiancée. Ok, yeah I'll call you when we get back."

"You didn't tell security where you were going. Poor Jimmy was probably having a breakdown. Maybe you four should get back. I don't want Vince pissed."

"You let me worry about him. This is our night and I intend to spend it with you." whispering in my ear "How about we take advantage of the privacy of the limo? I want to make love to you."

I kissed him softly then stood up, standing between his legs, hands softly on his jaw, I've wanted you since the day I met you. Lead the way.