I'm Your Wolf


Calm down, Lizzie, there's nothing to be nervous about. The people here seem nice so far. Elizabeth thought as she tried to calm herself. It was amazing how nervous one could get on the first day of school wasn't it?

A bell rang from somewhere over her head and teenagers started flocking towards the school doors. She quickly ran her had through her long blonde curls and then scratched at the back of her head with her newly manicured nails. Taking a deep breath, she stepped forward, her black heels making a faint clicking sound as other students rushed past her in an effort to avoid being late for class.

"Owe!" she exclaimed as someone clipped her hip with something sharp. Liz looked up, her eyes narrowed, but not so much to her surprise, the person had simply continued. "This is going to be long week," she groaned trying to hide her Australian accent.


"Hey!" A male voice shouted as Liz collided with something hard. Her papers went flying through the air and the book she had just picked up from the library fell to the ground.

"I am so sorry!" Liz exclaimed as she quickly went to picking up the papers, her accent smothering her voice causing whoever she had ran into too laugh.

"You don't have to do the whole fake accent thing," he said helping her stand up.

"…Excuse me?" she asked glancing at his brown eyes before she realized that the front of her body was now wet. Looking down at her clothes, and then at his wet body, she spoke again. "Why am I wet?"

"Oh, sorry about that, me and some of the guys went swimming. I'm tom by the way," Tom offered his hand and she shook it firmly.

"Liz and it's not a problem, rather refreshing." She smiled.

"Tommy, who's your new girlfriend?"

Another… gentleman said coming up behind him and throwing his arm around Toms neck. He was soaking wet just as Tom was; only he had the bright idea of wearing no shirt.

"Uh… Liz, this is Randall…"

She looked him up and down, catching a glimpse various piercings. "Shiny," she smirked.

Randall's smile immediately disappeared and he played with his lip piercing with his tongue for a moment before he spoke again.

"I see you're already training a new bitch." He commented to Tom and Liz quickly shot back.

"I see you are one."

He played the lip piercing again for a long moment and Liz found herself feeling rather uncomfortable. "And what we? Miss Goodie Tooshoo?"

She took a step towards him, "You got a problem with it, ring boy?" Liz flicked at on of his nipple piercings and he moved closer towards her, their bodies were almost touching.

"I bet you haven't let a needle touch your skin in your life." Randall challenged, Liz grinned and turned to Tom.

"Hold my papers?" she held them out for him and he took them confused.

Turning around, Liz pulled her shirt up and used her thumb to pull the top of her jeans down slightly. Revealing a large, blue, flowery tattoo. She heard either Randall or Tom whistle and she turned back to them. Lifting her shirt just above her belly button, she showed off her navel piercing.

"No more piercings?" Tom teased as she let her shirt fall back down.

"None that you're likely to see," she grinned. Then taking her books from Tom's hands she sidestepped the two and continued down the path.

"I didn't think Australians could be gay." Randall muttered sorely.


With All Due Respect
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