An Ancient Love;

Ania Luia & Kwuan Forthma :

Madison & Nick By Melissa

Chapter one :

July 14,2004

Archietect Julie Johnson and proffessor Adian Fitzpatrick now stood at the entrance of the corridors of Princess Ania Luia's bedroom.

She was the daughter of Pharoh Quian Te Tehatas .

"Wow, this

place is amazing" said Julie.

"Oh my, this place is the chamber of Princess Ania Luia Princess of The Pharoh, and everything is still intact. look at the treasure and her gowns." said Emily as she now walked inside and looked to the clothes and jewlery..

"Take a few items we can donate her gowns for charity" said the Professor

"Good Idea" answered julie.

Emily now made her way to the gowns as she took four dresses and some of her jewlery. she now looked back as she saw a photo of The Princess.

there stood the image of one her students.

Madison Rocca

Rock Porium :

There faded from the image of The Princess to Madison as she smiled. "Thanks for Coming In to The Rock Porium" she said cheerfully

"Okay this is Killing me, please tell me why we were picked to work on a Saturday when we are suppose to be at Briarwood castle with our chyldren?" asked Bowen.

Madison now smiled as she looked to Bowen. "Because you know we need the time and extra money" answer Madison.

Bowen groaned as he slammed his head by a nearby shelf.