An Ancient Love

Part 2:

Try a little harder you will put a dent into your head" said Madison.

Bowen looked at Madison as the front doors open. they both looked as they saw Kalie and Bowen. "Mommy!!!!," squealed Kalie.

"Daddy!!" squealed Young Bowen .

"Hey guys what brings you both here" said Bowen.

"Me", said the female's voice.

There now stood Anvia , The Seer from The Lands of Hiladrone.

"What's going on, why are you here Anvia?" asked Bowen.

With no hestitation the seer opened her heand revealed a red stone.
"Oh Pretty" said the twins.

Anvia blew the sands right from her hand as she blew it into the face's of Bowen and Madison.

Bowen and Madison grew tired and wry as they suddenly fell onto the floor.

"Mommy ,Daddy " the twins spoke in a unison voice.

"Come chyldren, its time to go" said Anvia.

The twins walked over to Anvia as she now looked to Bowen and Madison.

"Past life appear to the bring forth the Eyptian era and erase this time" she spoke as they both disappeared.

I know this one is short, I wanted to get this part up for Cyndi Russell,

The Era has now changed, its Now known as The Past Lives of The Prince & Princess

Egyptian Era.