Gremlins Halloween Mayhem

What happens when somebody buys Gizmo and doesn't know any of the rules. Mayhem my friends Absolute Mayhem.

It was October 23rd 1987 on a dark night Jim Johnson got out of his car and made his way to a little Pet Shop on the corner of main street. As he went up to the window it seemed that the Pet Store owner was about to close up for the night. Jim Johnson ran into the store.

"Excuse me I was wondering if you had any good pets for a little girl" Mr. Joe Johnson ask

"I am sorry sir but you see we are closing up for the night I can not help you tonight. Maybe if you come back tomorrow we can help you there." The employee told him.

"Oh Please I am begging you. You see it is my Daughter's birthday tomorrow and I thought I could surprise her with a present. Can I just have a look around I promise I won't take long." Mr. Johnson Asked

"Alright I'll give you a couple of min but that's all you got that? The employee told him

"Yes that will be plenty of time thank you" Said Mr. Johnson

Joe Johnson already had in mind what he was going to get his daughter Nancy for her birthday because she obviously had asked for a cat for her birthday. As Mr Joe Johnson was looking around he heard the weirdest sound. It sounded like somebody was humming. He went all over the store trying to find the source of the humming. He finally found cage which seemed to hold the weirdest creature he had ever seen.

"Excuse me Sir but can I ask what exactly is this Creature here" Joe Johnson asked.

The Employee came up to him and saw what Mr. Johnson was asking about

"Oh well you see that is actually a very interesting question because I actually don't know what this creature is called. You see a guy came in here last night and gave me the creature for like 50 bucks and he just liked to be rid of it. So if you want to buy it I will sell you it for 50 bucks.

Mr. Johnson ponder this after all his daughter did want a Kitty Cat for her birthday but he thought this creature might be the cutest little thing for her.

"Ok I'll take it." Mr Johnson said

He pulled out his Billfold and paid the man 50 bucks. Just before Mr. Johnson left he asked the clerk

"Do you know what these thing eats?"

"Well the man didn't really say anything but he said the creature's name used to be Gizmo and he also said if you know what's good for you do not and he repeated this do not feed this creature after Midnight." The Employee told him

"That's all he said?"Mr. Johnson asked

"Yes I thought the guy was crazy myself so I just assume that the creature will eat anything." The Employee told him

Mr Johnson thanked the man and grabbed the cage by the handle and let himself out the door. He had a strange feeling that there was more to the creature than met the eye. However he seemed to ignore his feeling and put the creature in the car and drove away.