Chapter 1

The Wrong Seeker

Hermione Granger was in her seventh year at Hogwarts and she had definitely changed over the years. Her hair wasn't bushy and unmanageable anymore, but had transformed into sleek, toffee brown, ringlets and waves. Her body had ceased to be that of a flat-chested average girl and was now shapely and feminine. Her face was much the same with the same warm eyes and porcelain skin.

Hermione received more attention from males around Hogwarts than in her earlier years. She didn't have a boyfriend and wasn't interested in finding one. Ron had long ago given up his crush on Hermione and was now dating Luna Lovegood, while Harry and Ginny were still together.

Ron and Hermione were Gryffindor Head boy and girl, just as everyone had expected and Harry was the reigning Gryffindor Quidditch captain.

Hermione, being her knowledge hungry self, had taken on extra subjects again this year and had been given another, more complicated, time-turner by Professor McGonagall to manage her timetable. This time-turner meant she didn't have to dodge her past or future self wandering around the school. Instead she would sit in on one class, take her notes and then use the time-turner and go to her opposing class. It often seemed to her teachers that she was absent form her class, but she had merely changed time so that she swapped classes.

Hermione, Ron and Harry were all sitting in Gryffindor common room having just woken up and dressed.

"Okay, so we have defense against the dark arts first then what?" Ron asked. He had lost his timetable the second day back at school and since had to ask Harry and Hermione what lessons he had every morning.

"Charms...why don't you just ask for a new timetable?" Hermione asked.

"Why should I when I have you two here to tell me?"

"Lovely, come on we should go down for breakfast," Hermione said standing and climbing out of the portrait hole, followed by the other two. They talked about Fred and George's latest invention on the way to the Great Hall.

"Oh c'mon Hermione, Christmas nut crackers that actually crack your...nuts. That's funny!" Ron insisted. Hermione grinned, but stayed silent and just shook her head.

Ron and Harry continued to laugh until they entered the Great Hall. The house tables were slowly filling with sleepy and grumpy students. The three sat down together at the Gryffindor table and helped themselves to pumpkin juice, toast and pancakes. They were gradually joined by Neville, Seamus and Ginny. Ginny leant over Harry's shoulder and kissed him on the cheek.

"Morning," she said cheerfully, before sitting next to him.

"Mornin'," Harry said, his mouth full of jam and toast.

"I have such a sophisticated boyfriend," Ginny teased, pouring a glass of juice. Harry playfully glared at her and took another oversized bite of his toast. Hermione smiled at Ginny and she grinned back. Suddenly the room was filled with sound of flapping wings and screeching. Hundreds of owls flew overhead, dropping packages and envelopes in front of certain students. Harry received a dusty looking letter from Remus Lupin and a copy of the daily prophet. Ron got his usual box of cookies and letter from his Mum, telling him how proud she was. Ever since he became Head boy Mrs. Weasley had sent a box of sweets and a letter every other day. Hermione had a letter from her parents and the muggle newspaper from her hometown.

"Oh no," Neville's shaking voice distracted them all from their letters. They immediately saw the reason for Neville's unstable voice. He was clutching in his trembling hand a bright red envelope that was shaking.

"A howler," Seamus said under his breath, as though it was a secret from Neville.

"Oh god open it Neville and get it over with," Harry said. Neville gulped, he had turned whiter than Nearly Headless Nick. He very slowly pulled the envelope open and a familiar screech filled the hall.

"NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM HOW DARE YOU EMBARASS YOUR FAMILY BY GETTING TWO DETENTIONS IN YOUR FIRST WEEK?!?! YOU JUST WAIT UNTIL HOLIDAYS AND YOU COME HOME MISTER!," Neville's grandmother's unholy voice echoed around the hall and Neville had turned a sickly greyish-green colour and looked as though he was about to throw up. The Slytherin table erupted with laughter, while the Gryffindor table tried to comfort Neville.

"It's okay Neville, it wasn't anything really embarrassing," Ginny cooed.

"Ginny's right," Hermione chimed in, "It definitely could have been worse,"

Neville nodded stiffly and brushed the torn remains of the screaming letter into his hands and jammed it into his pockets. No one at the Gryffindor table said anything about the howler through breakfast. Instead they tried to make boring conversation about the Minister of Magic's latest pompous speech. Before long it was time for their first classes. Harry, Hermione and Ron set off to DADA together. They had a new teacher, a tall, lanky wizard named Professor Grimbly. He was one of the better teachers they had dealt with. Although he could be a bit skittish when it came to practical lessons, he had an impressive knowledge of the dark arts in general. The Gryffindors and Slytherins took their seats as Prof. Grimbly's lanky frame came swaggering down the stairs. He smiled warmly at the class.

"Please take out your books and open to chapter seventeen," he said in his shockingly deep voice. The whole class did as they were told, naturally the Slytherin's whined.

"Read through the chapter and memorize the devenomising spell for the miniature Sasquatch," Prof. Grimbly instructed. Hermione was only skimming over the chapter; she had already read most of the book and had mastered the charm they were supposed to be learning. She slowly stopped reading altogether and allowed her mind to wander. She allowed one of her coffee ringlets fall gracefully from behind her ear and onto her shoulder. She suddenly got the feeling someone was watching her; she looked to the side to see Malfoy leering at her. Draco looked Hermione up and down lecherously. She glared at him and turned away, she could feel his eyes on her for a while longer. Malfoy had been perving on Hermione since the beginning of the year. Hermione was aware it was just a game to him; he was just trying to prove something to his friends. Hermione returned to her thoughts and ignored Malfoy.

The class ended and Grimbly asked everyone to practice their charm. Hermione smiled knowing she had no DADA homework for that night. Ron grumbled all the way to the Charms room

"Oh shut up already Ron," Hermione said trying to suppress a laugh.

"Well it's not out fault we're not all freakishly smart like you," Ron said huffily.

"Thanks," Hermione said, unable to hold back the laugh anymore. Ron glared half-heartedly at Hermione as they walked into their Charms class. Harry and Hermione spent most of their class putting Ron out as he continued to set fire to random body parts whilst trying to master an enlarging spell.

After the class Hermione said goodbye to Harry and Ron, as she had to use the time-turner and go back to her Ancient Runes class. She wandered back to the Gryffindor common room to get her books and time-turner. She put the turner around her neck, scooped up her Runes books and rushed out into the corridor. She was in such a rush that she accidentally bumped into something hard. She dropped her books and stumbled back a couple of steps.

"Oh god, I'm so sor---," Hermione stopped mid-sentence when she saw who she had bumped into. She had looked up to see Malfoy sneering back at her. Hermione's apologetic stare quickly changed into a heated glare. She looked at him with disgust and bent down to pick up her books. As she reached for the last book, Malfoy suddenly snatched it. Hermione straightened up and stared daggers at Draco.

"Give me the book," she said coldly. Malfoy grinned, he was taller now and even Hermione admitted Draco was exceptionally handsome.

"How much do you want it back?" He asked taking a step toward Hermione, who quickly backed


"Just give me the book Malfoy," Hermione demanded.

"Or what?"

"You don't want to know,"

"Oh, I now I'm curious," Malfoy said, taking another suggestive step closer to the defensive Gryffindor girl.

Hermione suddenly stomped down hard on Draco's foot and reached for her time-turner. She decided she would just go back in time to get away from Draco, but he recovered quicker than Hermione guessed. Just as she turned the small hourglass, Malfoy threw a curse at Hermione.

She suddenly started spinning faster and for longer than she usually did when just going back an hour for class. Hermione finally stopped spinning and felt her knees and hands touch cold stone.

"Ow," Hermione said grabbing her knee. She slowly brushed her robes off and looked around, she was in the Entrance Hall of Hogwarts, but it looked different somehow. It was dark outside and she could hear noises of people eating dinner in the Great Hall. A group of Ravenclaw students walked past Hermione and gave her curious looks, but didn't stop. Hermione looked at the girls, but didn't recognize any of them.

"Stupid Malfoy," Hermione mumbled under her breath. She guessed his curse had messed with the time-turner and sent her to a different place in the castle, as well as a different time.

Another group of students walked past, this time Gryffindor, but Hermione still recognize them.

"We can't lose this year not with James Potter as our seeker," A short, blonde haired girl said to her friends. Hermione did a double take and stared after the girl, before running to catch up with them. She tapped the girl gently on the shoulder. The girl stopped and turned around. She had a friendly face.

"I'm sorry I don't mean to interrupt, but did you say James Potter is the Gryffindor seeker?" Hermione asked.

"Of course, best the house has had in years," The girl said looking at Hermione curiously.

"This might sound like a stupid question, but what year is this?" Hermione asked, not sure of what answer she was going to get.

"Its 1981,"