Before this story even starts I would like to say I wrote it for my own enjoyment. This idea popped into my head and I won't be satisfied until I write it down. This story is a one-shot battle since I haven't read too many fan-fics that are purely one-shot battles. There is no deep or underlying plot to this story, just something I wanted to write. This is my own contribution and I hope people enjoy and comment. If you don't, that is fine as well, not my concern.

Some people may think that all the Super Smash Brothers do is battle one another in tournaments to prove who is the best fighter in all the known universe. To those people I would like to inform that they are indeed correct. Battling is what the Smashers mostly do, but even so they do have down time where they relax and waste the day away, well...some of them anyway.

"Again!" ordered the blue haired prince of Altea

"Raaah!" roared the miniature Hero of Time, who, with the use of a stick, unleashed a sword swing at his tiara wearing sparring partner

The swords-master known as Marth easily parried the attack with a stick he was using as a makeshift sword and allowed the younger boy to sail past him before whacking him upside his head, warranting a curse from the lips of the Hylian boy as he rubbed the spot where he was hit.

"Goddess Damn!" he muttered, remembering to keep his voice low since Peach and Zelda were no more than fifteen feet away under the shade of a large umbrella, enjoying afternoon tea

Young Link knew not to use the Goddess's names in vain around Zelda so he was lucky his little slip-up was not heard by the princess of Hyrule, even with her large ears. The princess must have been too preoccupied with her tea to overhear his slander.

"Once again Young Link, you leave yourself wide open with your direct attacks." Marth lectured, swinging the long stick he was using as a blade around his hand expertly, "You are fast and you are very flexible, but your moves can be very predictable at times." He told him, "You do not have the strength your older self has or the skill of a blade that I have so you cannot depend on straightforward moves to help you all the time, you need to fight more fluidly." He told the boy

"Grr…" growled Young Link, "I may surprise you yet Marth." He replied, skillfully masking his agitation behind a mask of determination

"Also, sheer will of determination and confidence won't always win you the battle, but I suppose I'll have to beat that lesson into you." Marth replied, holding his stick in a defensive position

Meanwhile…Ganondorf was picking out interesting things from in-between his toes.

Meanwhile…a few feet away from the sparring swash-bucklers, Kirby and Jigglypuff, the resident puffballs, were initiating in some friendly sparring of their own. With a red bandana across his head and the steely eyed determined look of a veteran combatant, Fighter Kirby faced off against Jigglypuff who sported her own trademark green bandana that, unlike Fighter Kirby, didn't grant her any impressive fighting abilities. It just made her look really cool, as she would say. Speaking of saying things the balloon pokemon had begun to actually speak the language of many of the Smashers that lived among the halls of the Smash Mansion, not wanting to be stuck in the rut of saying her name over and over again to communicate. Though the Smashers could understand the pokemon language, sometimes it was hard to comprehend what they were saying when deep in conversation. So to remedy this inconvenience the puff-haired Smasher took up lessons in human speech and surprisingly caught on rather quickly.

"Jigglypuff ready for fight. Kirby fight Jigglypuff?" Jigglypuff asked

However, the concepts of pronouns and proper sentence structure had yet to dawn upon the pink powerhouse of a pokemon. But nobody was perfect.

"Yeah, I'm ready." Replied Kirby

With a reassuring nod Jigglypuff catapulted herself toward her opponent, curling up her body and coming at Kirby with a Rollout attack. Kirby saw the attack coming and side-stepped, allowing Jigglypuff to roll past him. She turned quickly and tried for another attack, but Kirby hopped clean over the rolling pink bowling ball.

"Hmm." Kirby smirked, watching as Jigglypuff passed by him again

Seeing as her attack was futile at the moment, Jigglypuff uncurled herself and launched herself up into the air at Kirby, bringing her paw back for a Pound attack. Kirby countered with his own punch-like attack and the two attacks collided in mid-air, canceling one another out. Both puffballs descended to the ground, but since Kirby was the heavier he landed first, giving him a huge advantage of her lighter counterpart. An advantage he did not waste, rushing her before she could land and ready herself.

"Ha!" yelled Kirby as he tackled Jigglypuff, sending her bouncing away

But before he could follow up on his attack, Jigglypuff released a surprising attack on the bottomless pit of a Smasher.

"Hadouken!" she cried, unleashing a surging fist of ki energy toward her approaching opponent

Slightly shocked, Kirby stopped his advance and stood his ground, waiting for the attack to come. When in range he swung his puffy little arm in a wide arc that swatted away the attack easily, sending it a few feet into the air before dissipating.

"Jiggly?" mumbled Jigglypuff, a dumbfounded look on her face

She was sure she would've taken him by surprise with that attack.

"Cool Jigglypuff, you can do the Hadouken!" cheered Kirby happily, bouncing up and down in his mirth, "I guess all that time showing you paid off!" he congratulated, "But it's not really strong." He commented, ceasing his bouncing as he took on a serious look, though it failed somewhat with his innocent features, "I guess you have more training to do." He replied, "But we can try again some other time, I'm sorta hungry." He told her, ready to take off

"Jiggly?" she mumbled, still dumbfounded as Kirby literally took off, leaving their battle unfinished before it ever really started

As Kirby was taking off, Young Link sailed over him, having been knocked back by a powerful Counter attack from Marth.

"Waaah!" yelled the long-eared boy as he bounced along the ground until coming to a stop beside Jigglypuff

"Young Link okay?" Jigglypuff asked, concerned over his recent air-mileage

"I'm fine." Young Link muttered, picking himself up so that he was in a sitting position

"That was a much better try!" they heard Marth call, "However, you technique is still rather flat. Some more training is in order." Marth replied, "We can try again later!" they heard

"Ohh…" Young Link growled, "I'll show him."

"Jigglypuff help?" Jigglypuff asked

Young Link looked toward his fellow Smasher with a raised eyebrow for a moment before a wicked grin crossed his face and an idea popped into his head.

"Sure, Jigglypuff can help."

"I'm soooooo hungry!" cheered Kirby, hardly able to contain his eagerness to eat

"Oh really?" Marth joked, knowing full well of his comrade and his eating habits

"Yep, not sure what I'm gonna eat first though?" he wondered

"Why don't you do what you usually do and eat everything first?" Marth suggested

"Hey, that's not a half bad idea, thanks Marth?" Kirby replied

"No problem." Marth replied, before he sensed a strange disturbance

"Shinkuu Hadouken!" he heard someone cry out, but before he could react, a solid beam of energy crashed into him, sending him spiraling away

Kirby watched as the blue-haired swordsman was rocketed away, but just as he turned to face Marth's assailant, Young Link was already upon him, grabbing hold of Kirby's hands and holding tight.

"Uh…" Kirby wondered

"Bye bye." Replied Young Link

"Uh oh." Kirby said, realizing what was going to happen next

In one motion Link spun around rapidly, swinging the pink puffball around and around and it didn't take long for Kirby to get very dizzy from Young Link's super fast rotation. When the desired speed was reached, Young Link let go, sending Kirby on a one-way trip to Painsville, courtesy of Young Link Airlines.

"Eeeaaaah!" Kirby cried out, before crash landing, creating a small crater in the earth, "Ohh…uh…" he muttered as he pulled himself from his crater, still very dizzy from his recent flight

Looking over he noticed the prone body of Marth, mumbling something to himself.

"You okay?" Kirby asked

Marth turned his head so that he was facing the Star Warrior and replied.

"I am going to pound some sense into those two." He declared

"Let me join you." Replied Kirby

Meanwhile...Mario was wonder what that blue stuff was in the fridge. He was also wondering why it was looking back at him.

Meanwhile...Young Link and Jigglypuff were busy patting each other on the back for a job well done.

"Hah! That was awesome Jigglypuff! We sure showed them!" hooted Young Link

"Jigglypuff hope Kirby okay." Replied Jigglypuff worriedly

Though he peeved her off somewhat for his lack of acknowledgement to her abilities, Jigglypuff still couldn't help but feel slightly guilty for the use of excessive force against the pink vacuum cleaner. She did have a huge crush on him after all. However, Young Link hadn't really heard her concern, still laughing at Marth and Kirby's misfortune.

"Don't worry, they deserved it after all." He chuckled, "Besides, it's not a big deal, we fight them all the time as it is. Nothing different." He replied, assuring his pink friend that their actions were just, "Hey, let's get something to eat." He suggested, turning to begin the trek back to the mansion

Jigglypuff aimed to follow, but a sharp, determined voice cut them off.

"Where do you two think you are going?" they heard Marth say, causing them to turn around to acknowledge them

Their eyes widen slightly as they saw that Marth had drawn his true blade, the Falchion, holy blade of his land. They also noticed that Kirby had taken a fighter's stance, his bandana flowing slightly in the wind as he stood determine, ready for battle.

"If you start a battle you are honor bound to finish it." Marth replied, pointing his blade toward Jigglypuff and Young Link, "Only cowards would walk away from their own battle." He added

That one comment was more than enough to light the fire in Young Link.

"I'm no coward!" Young Link yelled, drawing his blade and equipping his shield, "You want a fight, you have one!"

"Kirby fight Jigglypuff?" Jigglypuff asked

Kirby simply nodded his head, which would make anyone else giggle slightly since this involved him nodding his body. This caused Jigglypuff to stare off at the ground sorrowfully.

"Jigglypuff don't want to but Jigglypuff have to." She mumbled, looking back up toward her opponent, "Jigglypuff fight!" she yelled

It would be at this time that the announcer would begin the countdown to the Smash Battle, but because this wasn't a Smash Battle the Smashers simply stood their ground, waiting for the other to make a move. Silence reign for sometime as each gauged their opponents, wary of the circumstances before them.

"I don't know where Jigglypuff learned the Shinkuu Hadouken, especially that one, but I guess she's a lot cooler than I thought." Thought Kirby

"I'll have to watch his movements carefully. They may be predictable but they are very fast and if I slouch he'll take me." Marth thought

"Jigglypuff hope Kirby won't be mad that Kirby will get butt-kick. Jigglypuff feel bad to kick-butt, Jigglypuff like Kirby butt." Thought Jigglypuff

"I'll show that Marth. Just because my older self is the Hero of Time doesn't mean I can't fight just as well as he can, if not better." Young Link thought, bending down slightly

Marth's sharp eyes caught this slight movement and his hand moved his blade to counter the coming attack. Young Link shot off, already half way toward Marth and Kirby before Jigglypuff reacted and followed. Marth and Kirby stood their grounds as the two approached, ready for anything.

"Isn't this a great day for tea Zelda?" Peach asked, reveling in the fact that she had finally found some time to relax, to get away from the hardships that involved ruling over a kingdom

Contrary to popular belief, the ditzy school girl of a princess was actually one of the best leaders in the history of the Mushroom Kingdom. With a fierce attitude and unwavering determination, Peach kept the Mushroom Kingdom stable and progressive. What did you think she did all the time when she wasn't either: taking a vacation, baking cakes for Mario, getting kidnapped by Bowser, or kicking butt and taking names in the Smash Brothers tournament?

"It is quite a lovely day?" Zelda replied, taking another sip of tea, "Too bad it won't last very much longer."

"What do you mean?" Peach asked, getting her answer a few seconds later


Jigglypuff and Young Link landed inches away from Zelda and Peach before bouncing away again, just managing to avoid a surging fist attack, compliments of Fighter Kirby. The impact of the missed projectile caused a cloud of dust to shoot into the air, covering the general area around it, including the umbrella. Unfortunately the umbrella didn't protect either the princesses or their tea from the dust and the two ended up being covered.

"Oh well." Zelda sighed, pouring her tea on the ground now that it was spoiled

Peach however, wasn't as nonchalant about the situation and began to squeeze her tea cup tightly.

"Take this!" yelled Young Link, unleashing a Fire Arrow at the advancing Marth

Marth slashed, cutting the arrow to ribbons and kept advancing, but Young Link was not daunted and slashed his blade toward the prince. The two blades collided, causing sparks and the clang of metal against metal to cascade outward. However, Marth was stronger than the young boy and soon began to push Young Link back. Seeing as he was losing ground, Young Link backed away and slashed at a horizontal angle, but Marth countered expertly. But by doing so he left himself wide open for Young Link's shield, which the boy smashed into the prince's face.


Marth stumbled back, partly from the impact, but more so from the shock of being completely caught off guard.

"Is that fluid and unpredictable enough for you?" asked Young Link in a taunting fashion

Despite the taunt, Marth grinned, seeing as this would be a good fight.

"Don't get cocky, this is only the beginning." Marth replied, eager for retribution as he rushed the young Hylian

Once again, Marth's and Young Link's blades met in a spectacular display of light and sound. Their collisions were a magnificent sight to behold and their sounds like an up-tempo beat to any who listened. It was indeed a sight to behold.

"You're going down!" yelled Young Link, trying to gain ground on the taller swordsman

Though he had strength, height, and reach over Young Link, if Young Link could simply keep up the deafening speed of his attacks, sooner or later Marth would falter and Young Link could take advantage. But what Marth lacked in speed he more than made up for in precision, blocking and countering attacks that would seem impossible to do for any normal swordsman.

"Ha!" yelled Young Link, coming for an overhead strike

Marth caught him half way and blocked his blade, before thrusting his hand forward quickly. Young Link tried to block, but at the awkward angle he was at he could not move his shield quick enough to protect himself and took Marth's palm to the chest.

"Oof!" he coughed, stumbling back against the impressive force of the blow

The boy looked up only to see Marth directly to his side. He tried to evade, but Marth was quicker and his arm came in a wide arc, smashing into the side of Young Link's head.


Young Link toppled over but didn't let the hit slow him down too much as he rolled away quickly, trying to get some distance between him and Marth.

"Impressive recovery." Replied Marth genuinely, "I wasn't expecting you to get up so quickly from that." He told him, "But that won't be enough to win."

"Then I guess I'll have to turn up the heat a little, eh?" Young Link replied, running his index finger under his nose as a grin flew across his face

Marth grinned in response.

The small bodies of Jigglypuff and Kirby were locked in a fierce battle of fisticuffs, each exchanging blow after blow against one another. Their attacks were swift and powerful, yet beautiful and elegant at the same time, as if they were dancing, dancing to a beat fueled by the fire in their hearts and the passion between them. Well…that was what Jigglypuff felt anyway, Kirby just wanted to fight.

"Ha!" cried Kirby, spinning around so that he could connect with a back-kick

Jigglypuff countered expertly, blocking with her right paw before pushing Kirby away, throwing him off balance in the process. Seizing the opportunity, Jigglypuff rushed Kirby, hoping to take his feet out with a sweeping kick, but Kirby managed to roll away before the attack could connect, but Jigglypuff's relentless offensive kept him from getting his balance back, forcing him to continue to back away to avoid being hit.

"Jiggly!" cried Jigglypuff, slamming hard into Kirby

Though he put his arms up to block, the attack still caused him to stumble back, leaving him wide open for Jigglypuff's next attack.


With arms still up in a defensive position, Kirby took the attack full on, his little red feet grinding along the ground as the force of the blow shot him back.

"Urr…" mumbled Kirby after coming to a stop

Jigglypuff grinned slightly. Though most of her attacks had been either blocked or dodged, it had taken everything Kirby had in order to do so and he even looked rather exhausted from the blitzkrieg. Maybe now he'd see her a little differently now that he realized she could fight on an even level with him, even in his Fighter mode.

"You're cooler than I thought." She heard him say, dropping his arms to reveal his face, which showed shear determination in the face of adversity

The look in his eyes showed that he was not as exhausted as she had first thought.

"Really cool." He replied, "So I'll show you how cool I am."

For a moment, everything was calm…that was until Kirby shot off like a rocket toward Jigglypuff, catching her almost completely off guard. She barely had to time to block his initial attack, though that didn't help matters much as his next attack broke through her guard. With her momentarily defenseless, Kirby opened up with a flurry of powerful punches that pummeled Jigglypuff mercilessly. For the few seconds that she was beaten, Jigglypuff's world was nothing but a blur of pink. Eventually though, Kirby pulled back for a finishing blow, thinking Jigglypuff was too dazed to counter, but the pink pokemon refused to let herself be beaten so thoroughly and threw her own punch toward the advancing Kirby.



Both attacks hit square on, pushing against the cheek of the other with surprising force, though it was Kirby's attack that did more damage, causing Jigglypuff to reel back moments after impact.

"Hyah!" came a cry, just as Young Link slammed into Kirby with all he had

Kirby flew away, bouncing a few times from the attack. However, Young Link's timely assist left him open to Marth who had grabbed hold of the boy and threw him for all he was worth.

"Alright, that's it!" yelled Kirby, just recovering from Young Link's attack

Pulling back his hands Kirby began to collect his ki energy, focusing it tightly into a compact ball. Meanwhile Jigglypuff had had the same thoughts as Kirby and began to focus her own ki energy into her paws. Young Link had yet to hit the ground, but Marth was already gaining on the boy, hoping to take him down with one final strike, unaware that he was directly in the line of fire between Jigglypuff and Kirby. Time itself seemed to slow down as the four individuals, all with different thoughts on their mind, came to the climax of their battle.

"If I let Marth catch me, I'm finished." Thought Young Link

"I can't let him get his footing back." Thought Marth

"Jigglypuff will get Kirby to notice Jigglypuff." Jigglypuff thought

"I'm really hungry, I hope nobody at my cake I was saving." Kirby thought

Young Link was moments away from hitting the ground. Likewise Marth was only moments from reaching the boy and it was at this time that Jigglypuff and Kirby felt it was time to unleash their attacks with all their ferocity.

"SHINKUU HADOUKEN!" They both yelled, letting loose all their focused ki into two, devastating attacks

A wave of destructive energy flew forth from Jigglypuff's palms, an unrelenting wall of surging fist while Kirby set forth a massive ball of concentrated ki, an imposing figure of devastating potential.

Young Link knew the attack was coming, feeling as if some omnipotent force was coming to devour him in with its all powerful essence. But Young Link would not be taken out by such a powerful force and right before he was hit he thrust his arm out, catching himself before hitting the ground and pushed with all his might so that he bounced up and over, barely clearing Kirby's Shinkuu Hadouken.

Marth's eyes widened as he realized he as right in the middle of two formidable attacks and without hesitation he dodged out of the way to let the two crushing forces collided toward one another, resulting in a small shock wave to sally-forth from impact.

The two super moves pushed against one another, striving for dominance, but it soon became apparent who was the superior power in the struggle. Since Kirby was far more adept at the Hadou-style than Jigglypuff was, his Shinkuu Hadouken overpowered her own, forcing her to break her attack before she could be enveloped by the ball of energy. Jigglypuff dodged to the side, allowing the significantly stronger attack to sail by her until it eventually dissippated. Jigglypuff was at a lost for words, truly taken by Fighter Kirby's skill, a skill she only hoped she could rival some day. Normal Kirby may have been a cutie to her but Fighter Kirby was a man, a big strong man.

"Kirby so strong." Jigglypuff thought, falling into a state of dream-like stupor, "Kirby so cool. Kirby so handsome." She thought, blushing at her wild thoughts

Kirby stared, confused, as he watched Jigglypuff completely forgeting about the fight for the moment and start to stare off into space, with a dreamy look in her eyes.

"Jigglypuff is cool, but she is so weird!" he thought, "She does this all the time. Is she crazy or something?"

"Hey Jigglypuff, snap out of it!" yelled Young Link, jumping to her side, "We're still fighting, remember?"

Jigglypuff snapped back to reality, the blush on her face growing ever redder for being caught daydreaming during a battle.

"You're weird, you know that?" Young Link asked

Jigglypuff tried to laugh off the entire situation, but her attempt ended up failing miserably.

"Really weird." Young Link commented

"Do not think this battle is over my friends, we have yet to determine the victor!" Marth proclaimed, taking a battle position beside Kirby

"Don't worry, we're not done yet either!" called Young Link, watching as Jigglypuff resumed her battle posture

All four rushed each other once again, each ready with their own attack. However, moments before they collided, a shrill yell stopped them in their tracks.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" they heard someone yell, causing them to pivot their heads toward the piercing scream

A few yards away stood Peach, a truly pissed off look plastered across her normally calm features. Standing beside her was Zelda. Though she looked far less livid than Peach, the look on her face showed that she was indeed a tad irate. On Peach's other side stood Bowser, a wicked grin thrown on his face as he cracked his knuckles in anticipation for some event. And finally, standing beside Zelda was Falco, who too had a look of irritation on his face, though it was to a much lesser degree than Zelda's.

"I've had it up to HERE with this fight!" Peach barked, emphasizing her anger by throwing her hands up "You either quit it NOW or I'll come of there and pound all four of you into the dirt!" she roared

"Peach is right. Your four have interrupted our tea, not giving a care to the world about our wants." Zelda replied, "I suggest you end you squabble before I join Peach in battle."

"You guys just woke me up from a really good nap and now I can't get back to sleep. You have to pay." Replied Falco, his trust blaster at his hips

"I just want to get into a good tussle." Replied Bowser, "So go ahead, fight." He encouraged wickedly

"Hmm." Mumbled Marth, "Maybe we should end this battle here and now." He replied, "I wouldn't want to upset the princesses anymore than they already are."

"Yeah, I'm not sure what Zelda might do if I make her mad." Young Link mused

"I am sorta hungry." Replied Kirby

Jigglypuff however was not ready to call it quits just now. If Young Link thought she was weird then surely Kirby must have thought so too. She had to show Kirby she had what it took to fight against adversity. That, and to show that she wasn't some weirdo that stared off into space all the time (even if that was true).

"Jigglypuff not done yet." She told the three, sparking some interest in her words, "Jigglypuff had fun, want to keep fighting." She replied

"Yeah, you're right, I did have fun." Replied Young Link, a large smile appearing on his face, "A lot of fun actually."

"Me too!" chimed in Kirby, giggling somewhat, "Maybe we should keep fighting?" he replied, look up toward Marth

Marth however was torn. He was a man of honor but he was also a man of chivalry. He did not like to upset the female sex and yet, his code wouldn't just let him give up on a potential challenge.

"Hmm." He wondered again, trying to come to a decision

Fortunately, his decision was made for him.

"Are you gonna just stand their and look pretty, pretty boy, or fight or do you want to go inside and use that rank shampoo for your hair!" Bowser yelled, feeling impatient with all the waiting

Marth visibly gasped at the remark.

"That tears it, we battle!" he yelled, glaring daggers at Bowser

Nobody spoke ill-will of Marth's favorite shampoo and lived to tell the tale.

"Alright!" cheered Young Link, hopping up in excitement

"Let's get it on!" cheered Kirby, joining Young Link in bouncing randomly

"Jigglypuff ready to fight!" proclaimed Jigglypuff, striking a heroic pose

All four Smashers turned to their new opponents, instantaneously forming a team of four to counter this new threat. And boy was it ever! Peach looked made enough to melt metal by simply touching it, her body literally heating up with flames.

"Young Link…" Marth said, looking toward the young boy, trying to give him an incentive to attack

Young Link understood instantly and his grin grew wider. With a simple nod of his head he turned back to the impending battle, giving his opponents a lopsided grin.

"Uhh…" Bowser muttered, raising an eyebrow in confusion

Young Link then shot off like a bullet, his feet beating against the grass rapidly as he came up on his opponents. Marth followed up with his blade in hand, his movements graceful and precise. Kirby and Jigglypuff simply pulled their hands back, focusing their ki energy into their palms before unleashing it into a brilliant surging fist attack.


Okay, I suppose it is my obligation to clarify this battle. First off, I did not make up the parts about Kirby knowing the Hadouken. Kirby does indeed know the Hadou-style as well as the Shoryu-style while he is in Fighter Kirby mode. Play one of his recent games and you'll see. Now Jigglypuff knowing it was just something I thought would be cool. In terms with the story let's just say Kirby taught her how to use the two styles. So in a sense he is her teacher. As for the Shinkuu Hadouken and its two forms, this is also true. In normal Street Fighter games Ryu can perform this, creating a big ball of ki energy while in the Capcom vs. Marvel games; Ryu can perform this, creating a wall or beam of ki energy. Play the games, you'll see.

I purposely ended the story with Peach, Zelda, Falco, and Bowser challenging Marth, Young Link, Jigglypuff, and Kirby so that the reader can come up with their own outcome on how the next battle will go. It's all up to your imaginations.

I'll answer the question about Jigglypuff talking before anyone asks. No, I don't think that pokemon can actually speak the human language as if it were an everyday thing, as I see in many Smash Brother fanfics. I simply aloud Jigglypuff to talk in broken english because it would help with the story. I may chose to keep this canon should I make more stories but only Jigglypuff can actually speak human. Pikachu and Pichu still speak by saying their names and Mewtwo doesn't need to talk with his mouth. He's a psychic god for crying out loud! Besides, don't you think it's cooler to hear "Hadouken" over "Jigglypuff"?

Well that's about it for he explanations. Hope you enjoyed the story.