At the least this chapter will contain three battles so it might be a tad long. These battles will be very detailed so I am hoping from some critical reviews.


With such a vociferous announcement permeating throughout the stadium there was no need to explain that the next fight would be an insane jaunt into the world of intensity. Ness was somewhat perplexed by the odd grin that was present on his opponent's face. This Yingying as he was called was quite lively, almost unable to keep still for any extended period of time. By this time Ness had returned his bat to his backpack and simply looked on, as Yingying's excitement seemed to get the better of him.

"I'm gonna go like this...and then this...and that...ker-pow!" he muttered, having an imaginary fight with an unseen opponent

"Hey, are we gonna fight now?" Ness asked, "I'm getting a little bored."

"Huh?" muttered Yingying, "Oh...yeah. Let's get to fighting." he said, putting up a stance

The young antelope creature bounced on the balls of his hoof, his arms raised in an outward defensive stance that clearly showed his type of fighting style.

"I guess he's fast." Ness thought

The young herbivore answered Ness' thoughts as Yingying burst forward with amazing speed and launched a punch toward the psychic boy. But Ness was not surprised by the sudden speed boost and sidestepped the attack, letting Yingying fly past. But Yingying proved to be more than fast, he was agile as well, turning on his hoof and shooting back toward Ness. Ness sent a kick his way, trying to gauge the fleet-footed creature and watched as Yingying hopped to the side to avoid the blow.

"He could have dodged that far easier than he did." thought Lucario

Ness had similar thoughts as his blue-furred compatriot had and after Yingying jumped to the side to avoid Ness' swinging Yo-yo, both came to a similar conclusion of Yingying.

"He has incredible speed..." thought Lucario

"He's way faster than me..." thought Ness

"And he's quite agile..." Lucario continued

"It'd be a waste of time to try and catch him..." Ness deliberated

"However..." Lucario contemplated

"But..." Ness replied in his head

"He wastes too much energy running around." both Lucario and Ness thought

Ness stood his ground and awaited the speedy grass eater, letting Yingying come in close.

"Ness' best course of action would be to let his opponent tire himself out and not be overwhelmed his speed." Lucario concluded

"Man, and I was hoping to actually go all out, but if I want to win this I have to take my time." Ness thought, a little solemnly

Ness dodged only by a hair as the punch from Yingying came flying towards him. Yingying raised an eyebrow at this, wondering why Ness let the attack ever so close to him, but shrugged it off. Yingying took a step forward, sending another punch hurtling towards him, but Ness backed way, dodging as he did earlier. Before long Yingying began to unleash a series of punches toward Ness in fast succession, but Ness simply stepped back each time, letting the punches miss him by the slimmest of margins.

Now, while Yingying was excitable and overly energetic, he was not stupid and it didn't take long for him to realize that Ness wasn't fighting back even though he obviously could.

"Hey, stopping dodging already and fight me!" he yelled, ending his punching spree with a wide kick

Ness could see the obvious kick coming and knew it wasn't meant to hit him, but to break his rhythm. As the kick approached Ness had two options, block the blow and end up being at a slight disadvantage as he tried to get back into stance, or dodge the blow and put him and Yingying on equal ground but at a considerable distance. Believing that Ness would take the obvious choice and jump away Yingying let the kick sail through the air, but was surprised when Ness blocked the blow with his arm. The impact caused Ness to stumble slightly. Yingying could see that he and his opponent were slightly off balance and neither could immediately counter attack. The fast fighter wondered why Ness would put himself in such a ill-fated position, until he noticed that Ness had his index and middle finger pointed at his head. Yingying wondered what this strange gesture meant, but didn't think much of it until Ness spoke.


Yingying's eyes went wide as he realized Ness' intentions. He knew enough about the Smashers to know that whenever Ness said the letters 'P' and 'K' in succession then that could only mean that he was about to unleash one of the moves that made Ness a psychic artist. Yingying tried to back away but with him being so off balance it was far too late to do much of anything to avoid what was coming next.


A bright flame erupted on the right side of the arena, engulfing both fighters in its might. One of the fighters quickly pulled out of the blasts, a few flames still licking to his hide as he made some distance. It was seen to be Yingying, who had done his best to avoid much of the PK Fire aimed at his head, luckily getting away from the brunt of the blast.

"That was a pretty bold move, firing that thing off so close." Daisy replied

"Yes, but from what I could tell the explosion expands outward and away from the user, so Ness did not take much damage from the blast." replied Blaze

"But it was more than that, wasn't it?" Daisy asked

"You noticed?" Lucario commented

"Yeah, that was just to get that Yingying kid shocked, right?"

"That, and a little more." Lucario replied

"Are you crazy!" shrieked Yingying, "That could have barbecued us both!"

"Yeah, but it didn't." Ness replied, gathering energy into his index and middle finger

"Uh oh..." murmured Yingying, quickly taking off as Ness took aim

But instead of firing, Ness simply followed Yingying around as the antelope raced across the arena.

"What's he waiting for?" Yingying wondered, "A signed invitation?"

What Ness was waiting for was for Yingying to make a mistake, which he did as his anger got the better of him and he raced toward Ness head-on.

"PK..." Ness began, pointing his finger toward Yingying

Yingying smirked at this, having easily guessed what Ness was going to do.

"He really thinks I'd fall for that twice." he thought, getting close and then running to the side, coming up on Ness from behind, "I got him now." he thought, thinking his advance on Ness' side would be the opening he was looking for

It would have been had Ness not expected something along these lines and had his other hand patiently awaiting the nimble fighter. By the time Yingying had noticed that Ness' left hand index and middle fingers were glowing in a similar manner as was his right, it was too late to counter.


Once again Ness unleashed a powerful blast of flames toward Yingying, who did everything he could to get out of the way of the shot, even stumble to the ground to avoid the blast. Like before, flames licked at his fur, but Yingying had successfully avoided the blast and scrambled to his feet before Ness could finish him with a swing from his bat. Yingying backed away just in time, watching as the wooden instrument sailed past him, inches from his side. Yingying made distance from Ness, ending up on the other side of the arena while Ness stood in the middle, snapping his fingers in disdain for his miss.

"Man, I thought I had him." he muttered, swinging his bat to and fro out of slight boredom


That statement was true for one of the fighters anyway. The psychic boy seemed to be the only one of the two that was still 'rearing' to go, he was actually quite bored. In fact he barely looked winded! Yingying on the other hand was breathing heavily, his super-fast speed beginning to take its toll on his body.

"This guy knows everything I'm gonna do before I do it." Yingying thought, "I can't beat him this way. Guess I have to use my trump card."

Yingying bent down and began to undo straps on his legs. As he undid the straps it was revealed that the straps contained weights. Ness raised an eyebrow at this, as did the other Smashers.

" seems the fight is about to truly begin." Lucario thought, sensing a rise in the antelope's aura, "Ness, take care! You do not know the speed increase that the removal of his weights may entail!" he caused

"Gotcha!" Ness called back, the grip on his bat tightening

"Here, catch!" Yingying yelled, kicking his weights off his legs and toward Ness

Ness watched as the weights soared over to him and was tempted to let them fall nearby, but something felt off and instead Ness backed away. It was fortunate that he did for the moment the weights hit the ground, everyone was introduced to Yingying's hidden prowess.


The impact of the weights created holes in the arena, elicited gasps from the entirely of the stadium.

"Heh." chuckled Yingying, before he shot off like a bullet toward Ness

Ness' eyes widen as Yingying came at him at an incredible pace, twice, maybe even three times as fast as he had been before hand. Ness tried to back way, but Yingying was coming too fast and a punch soon connected with Ness' face, sending the psychic boy back. Ness ground his feet into the floor and stopped himself. But as he looked up all he could see was a brownish blur encircling him at a rapid pace.

Ness looked rapidly around, trying to keep his gaze on Yingying, but the antelope's speed proved to be near impossible to keep up with the only trace of him that Ness could see was his blurred image.

"Not gonna attack, huh?" Yingying asked as he circled Ness, "Well then, I will!" he barked, ending his circling and dashing toward Ness

Ness put his arms to block in the nick of time, blocking a powerful kick from Yingying. Ness skidded back a few inches, but was quick to retaliate, launching his Yo-yo from his backpack toward Yingying. Yingying sidestepped, letting the weapon sail past him and tried to go in for a punch before it returned. Ness stepped into the attack, letting it graze his shoulder instead of his face and pulled on the Yo-yo string. The spinning weapon came back, but Yingying jumped away, the toy returning to Ness' hand and Yingying ran to Ness' side, hoping to catch him off guard.

"PK Fire!" Ness yelled, pointing and unleashing a bolt of energy

Yingying dodged the blast and launched a kick toward Ness, though the psychic boy blocked the blow. The kicked was horrendously strong, and Ness could feel a dull throbbing emanating from his arms as Yingying backed away.

"Well this fight sure changed in a hurry." replied Samus, "If Ness doesn't do something soon I don't think he'll be winning this fight." she replied

"Yes...and no." replied Lucario

"What, you think he'll pull a miracle out of his hat?" she asked

"I do not believe he will win this fight, his opponent is moving much to quickly for him to effectively counterattack. Ness' overconfidence has made him ill prepared for this battle. But I do think that Ness will not leave this fight without making an impression on him."

Ness knew he had been bested. He hadn't been ready for such an insane speed boost so he had not countermeasures for it. His opponent was giving him no leeway either, relentlessly pummeling him with attack after attack. While it was exhausting for Yingying, endurance was not needed for this match. All he had to do was force Ness off the edge and Yingying would win, a win that was becoming more and more plausible since Ness was near the edge of the arena and had no way to escape.

"Time to end this!" yelled Yingying, sending all his strength into a kick directed toward Ness

Ness couldn't dodge and blocking it would only send him over the edge, so the only thing that the psychic boy could do was jumped, as high as his PSI powers would let him.

"You won't get away!" Yingying yelled, using his powerful legs to leap up after the retreating Ness

In terms of who had the upper hand it could be seen that Yingying was the victor. Ness' jump was awkward at best and was causing him to float toward the audience. All Yingying would have to do would be to land a decisive blow and use the force of the blow to land him back on the arena while Ness crashed outside. A simple punch would be enough to do so, but Ness was not about to go down without one last hoorah.

"PK..." Ness murmured, concentrating all his available energy into one last attack

He was tempted to use one of his more devastating PK attacks, but because of the vicinity of the audience he settled for a less devastating, but still powerful blow.

"I got you now!" yelled Yingying, having caught up with Ness


A bright light enveloped the two fighters, blinding the audience from the battle for a few moments. Electricity bounced about wildly as the attack hit its mark, followed by a shrilled yelled. Moments later the light died down and the audience saw who the victor had been. Yingying had been blasted out of the air to smash into the arena below. Meanwhile Ness had landed in the audience, catching himself atop one of the guardrails in the seats. Many spectators gasped at the sight of one of the fighters being launched this far out, though Ness' expression was calmer, joyous even, albeit he had technically lost the match.

"Hey." he replied, waving to them, "I guess I lost."

The victor of the match meanwhile was having a hard time standing, his body still tingling from the explosive, point-blank range attack he had just taken.

"He held back the entire time. If had wanted to he could have just unleashed hell on me." he replied, "Why didn't he?" he wondered as he finally got to his feet

Ness hopped out of the audience and landed near the other Smashers, his head down slightly out of shame.

"Sorry..." he murmured, particularly to Lucario

The telepathic fox had warned Ness of not underestimating his opponent and what had he done but do exactly what he shouldn't have done. However, instead of a reprimand from the blue-furred fox, Ness got a different reply.

"You learn more from a loss than a win." replied Lucario, "And even so, you battle was quite impressive. You easily discovered a flaw in your opponent's attack and capitalized on that. Though you let it go to you head, discovering that much is more than a testament to your fighting prowess."

"Thanks." Ness chuckled, rubbing the back of his head out of embarrassment from the compliment

"But don't think you'll be getting off that easily." replied Samus, "You lost so you're gonna have to train extra hard to make up for it when we get back."

Ness fell out, not out of exhaustion, but out bewilderment. Samus was just too much for him sometimes.

"Gotcha." he mumbled on the ground, not wanting to move for a while


At that the computer ran through the series of remaining names at lightening speed, the three remaining Smashers waited with anticipation as the computer cycled through their names. Eventually it stopped, revealing the next to combatants that would do battle.


"Woohoo! It's time for Daisy to show her stuff!" cried Daisy in mirth, hopping up on the arena with an abundance of energy


"Huh, weird?" Daisy wondered, until the arena split in half

Daisy was forced to hop back off the arena to avoid being engulfed into wherever the arena was being taken. What was revealed was a new arena below the first. This arena looked more like a swimming pool, pocketed with small floating platforms, 2 and half feet in radius.

"Well, this is an obvious sign of who Daisy has to fight now." replied Samus

"Isn't that sort of cheating though?" Ness asked, having sat up straight

"Chamaeleo is the challenger so he has the right to set up the conditions for the match. True, they seem to be in the favor of the next opponent that Daisy must face, but that is still part of the challenge." replied Lucario

"This match will surely be interesting." replied Blaze, a hint of anticipation in her voice

"Okay, so I gotta fight on these." Daisy thought, hopping onto on of the floating circles

The yellow-wearing princess stumbled somewhat as she tried to get her balance, but eventually she stabilized on the floating object. With that she reached into her dress and pulled out a strange object.

"A fan?" Samus wondered, though it shouldn't have surprised the bounty hunter much, Daisy was Peach's cousin after all

The revealed weapon was quite the sight. It was long, with the pole reaching Daisy's neck in length. The actual fan contained what was believed to be feathers that spread out like a peacock tail. The handle of the fan sported a flower, not unlike the flower that adorned Daisy's blouse.

"Hi, I'm Daisy!" she waved to the crowd, granting her a few cheers from the pumped up audience, "I'm gonna win this battle so remember my name!"

"Confident aren't you." replied a voice

Daisy looked down to see a head looking back up at her from the water. Though this head was not that of a human, but of a strange fish-like creature.

"Hey, are you a mermaid?" Daisy asked

"No, I am not that strange apparition of beauty you humans tend to relate to." she replied, "I am Beibei, The Flowing Stream." the woman replied, dipping back into the water

Daisy watched the silhouette of the woman swimming through the water as she reached one of the floating discs a few feet way from Daisy and hopped on, revealing her true form to the audience. Like she had said, she was not a mermaid, but Beibei was indeed suited for the aquatic life. Her body was covered in scales, swamp green in color that, unknown to Daisy, created a nature barrier against water pressure, as well as attacks. But that wasn't something that Daisy needed to know at the moment. Beibei would let her figure it out as the battle progressed.

"This fight just gets weirder and weirder." Samus thought

In all honesty the creature that stood before Daisy reminded Samus of a Zora, which Young Link had transformed into one time when he donned a strange mask. Young Link had told her that Zora's were adept at swimming and if this Beibei was anything like them, Samus predicted that Daisy would be in for quite the fight.


Beibei was quick to the gun and opened her mouth, releasing a small ball of water toward Daisy. While surprised, Daisy managed to dodge the ball of water and let it sail past her, smashing into the wall far off from arena. As the water splattered against the wall Daisy's jaw dropped slightly. The impact of the water had caused the wall to crack, chip even. And as Daisy turned back to her opponent it didn't even look as if Beibei had been trying when she had released that water blast.

"You are fast." replied Beibei, "This match will be quite fun. I do wish you luck."

"Thanks." replied Daisy as Beibei jumped into the water

Daisy soon lost track of her fishy opponent, though not because Beibei could disappear below the clear water, but because she moved much too fast, making it futile to try and follow her moves while she was in the water. So Daisy patiently waited for Beibei to make her appearance, which she did, a few seconds later. Daisy heard a splash and turned to it, but just as she did another water ball came flying at her, causing her to dodge once again. Beibei circled around the princess and fired another ball of water at her, but Daisy dodged yet again. This cycle continued for a time and it was obvious that this was a strategy concocted by Beibei. Beibei was too far away for Daisy to strike and it would be foolhardy to jump into the water and give chase. Beibei's line of thinking was that she would eventually wear Daisy down and then attack close range while Daisy was off guard, or better yet, knock her into the water to finish her off there. The problem was that Beibei didn't take into account Daisy's strength, though that eventually came to light when Beibei fired yet another water ball.

Daisy saw it coming, but instead of moving to dodge she spun her fan around so that the pole end of the weapon swung around, smashing into the water ball. The ball exploded on contact, dousing Daisy somewhat, but giving her a prime opportunity to attack while Beibei was in shock of having her move stopped. Daisy jumped toward Beibei and swung her fan downward. She nearly took the fish woman's head off, but Beibei ducked down moments before, avoiding damage

"Oh...I missed." murmured Daisy as she landed on a nearby floating disc

Meanwhile, underwater, Beibei was contemplating the recent turn of events in the safety of the water.

"She is fast and incredible strong to be able to stop one of my water balls dead on and receive no ill affects from it." she thought, "If she can stop my attacks there is no point in continuing my assault. I must get her into the water if I plan on doing any real damage to her."

"This is getting me nowhere." Daisy thought, "She'll either just shoot one of those water balls at me or hide underwater." she thought, "If I could just get her out of the water and get one good blow." she pondered, "But how..." she began, but was quickly interrupted as something smashed into the disc she was standing on

Daisy cried out in surprise, but managed leap over to another disc, saving herself from falling into the water.

"Too close."

"You better get moving Daisy!" she heard Samus yell to her

"Right!" replied Daisy, jumping once again to another disc, just as the disk below her was thrown into the air, "Great, she's attacking from beneath them. I can't see her from directly underneath, but I can see he as she gets close." Daisy thought, trying her best to follow Beibei's movements

A shadow darted underneath the disc that Daisy was standing on and in response Daisy jumped. But instead of jumping to a nearby disc, Daisy slammed the pole of her fan down, just as Beibei came up. A loud thud could be heard as the water from the impact flew up. As Daisy fell back down to the disc she looked about to see of Beibei was moving, but could only she out shadowy form slowly floating down.

"I wonder if it worked?" Daisy thought, "Did I get her?"

The aforementioned fish woman was slightly dazed from the disc's contact with her head, though she was a long way from being beaten.

"Was not...expecting...that." she thought, hitting the bottom of the pool, "This fighter is very resourceful. But I still have the advantage." shaking her head to cure herself of any dizziness, "Once she is in the water, she is mine."

With a powerful kick Beibei shot back up toward the surface, though she kept her distance from the floating disc's, fearful of what Daisy might try next. As she surfaced she deliberated over how she would drag Daisy under.

"Water balls and sneak attacks will not be enough to knock this Smasher into the water. I will have to overwhelm her if I hope to do so." she though, opening her mouth wide

Daisy could make out Beibei's form beneath the water, watching as the Fuwa warrior floated in place, though Daisy could not tell what the fish woman was actually doing. This didn't worry the desert princess much, as she was confident she could handle anything Beibei could throw at her. Or so she thought.

In the water below the gullet of Beibei had increased in size as it took in water, filling to almost three times its original size, until Beibei felt she had sucked in enough water. She quickly rose to the surface with her payload, but Daisy was waiting for her, watching as Beibei shot of the water, the fish woman using her powerful leg muscles to jump into the air. Daisy gripped her fan tightly, expecting a head-on attack from Beibei, but quickly noticed something odd about her opponent. But by the time she had noticed that Beibei was holding water within her throat, it was too late to do anything about it as the fish woman unleashed a powerful jet of water from her mouth.

Daisy gasped as she saw the water barreling down on her but could do nothing more than put her arms up to block. The high-pressured water slammed into her with enough for to knock her dizzy, as well as off the disc she was standing on. Her fan was ripped from her grip and across the pool to land near its edge. Meanwhile the dazed princess tried her best to resurface, though her head only stayed above water for a few seconds before something took hold of her legs and dragged her back under.

In Daisy's panic her eyes shut tight, as she did her best to hold her breath. Soon enough the grip on her legs was released and Daisy was left floating under water. She opened her eyes to look around, quickly getting used to the water around her, but as she did something came with incredible speed. The tanned Smasher managed to move away before a fist collided with her face.

"This isn't good, no not at all." she thought, trying her best to keep up with the quick movements of her underwater foe

But she was no match for Beibei as the fish woman rammed into Daisy multiple times, making Daisy seem as if she was standing still compare to the Fuwa warrior.

"I hope Daisy's gonna be okay." Ness replied, an expression of worry upon his face as he watched the underwater battle through the large computer screen

"If Daisy does not discover a way to turn Beibei's strength against her then there is no hope for her to win." replied Lucario, "Though I would not count her out of this battle just yet."

"Think she can turn this around?" Samus asked

"Let us see." replied Lucario

A symphony of bubbles escaped Daisy's throat as she tried valiantly to swim to the surface. But she was stopped by the relentless assault of Beibei. Before Daisy knew it Beibei had ended up behind her, her scaly arms around Daisy's throat, pressure slowly being added.

"Give up the battle and I will allow you to reach the surface." Beibei told her, "I do not want to choke you into submission, but I will if I must." Beibei replied

Daisy struggled as best as she could, trying to break the hold Beibei had on her, but with Beibei's strength, coupled with Daisy's slowed movements under water, her struggle seemed worthless. But if there was one thing that Daisy was not was that she was not someone who gave up that easily. And if there was one thing that Daisy was, was that Daisy was that she always had a few surprises up her sleeves.

Beibei had dragged Daisy down to the bottom of the pool, hoping that the added water pressure would be enough to force a surrender out of Daisy, but this action proved to work in Daisy's favor for the moment Daisy was in reach she slammed her foot down with as much force as she was able. Beibei noticed something in an instant, but she could not move quick enough to avoid the strange crystals that jutted from the bottom of the pool. A huge splash could be seen on the surface of the water, followed by Beibei, who looked to have been flung through the air due to the force of the crystals. The dazed fish woman crashed landed onto one of the floating discs, bouncing up and finally coming to rest on it as she crashed.

Meanwhile the foolhardy princess had just surfaced, taking in a well-needed amount of air into her lungs.

"Whew, that was close." she thought as she immediately began searching for her fan, "Ah, there it is!" she proclaimed, spotting it near the edge of the pool

As Daisy made her way over to the fan her opponent was just recovering from her close-range blow from Daisy's crystals.

"What was that?" Beibei wondered, struggling to get to her feet, "Crystals arose from her feet? Insane."

Beibei looked about and saw Daisy swimming toward the back end of the pool. Looking past her Beibei saw as to why.

"She is trying to recover her weapon? Well I will stop her before that." Beibei said, jumping back into the water

But the blow from the crystals had taken more out of Beibei than she had thought and she wasn't swimming quite as fast as normal; giving Daisy the precious seconds she needed to reach her fan.

"Almost there." thought Daisy, her fan floating lazily on the water's surface

Daisy reached forward, grabbing hold of her fan, but the moment she did a certain fish warrior leaped from the water and charged her.

"I have you now!" she barked, pulling her arm back for a punch

"Not so fast!" Daisy yelled, swinging her fan at her attacker

A gust of wind emerged from Daisy's fan and flew into Beibei, launching her up and into the sky. She uttered a strangle cry of dismay as she was lifted into the air, but Daisy was not done with her yet, for the desert princess had jumped onto a floating disc and swung her fan again.


A strong wing was kicked up, smashing into Beibei with monstrous force. The power of the wind dragged the fish woman into the air, spinning her wildly around like a rag doll.

"Time to finish this!" Daisy yelled, pushing off the floating disc with a powerful jump

The wild winds that were tossing Beibei about quickly calmed, though they were still powerful enough to keep her airborne just long enough for Daisy to reach her. The wild princess brought her foot up, positioning it above Beibei as the fish fighter cracked open her eyes.

"You may have the advantage in the water, but I have it in the air!" replied Daisy, before bring her foot down sharply


Beibei shot down like a rocket, creating a thunderous splash when she hit the water. The water that sprayed up bent the light, creating a beautiful glow and exquisite rainbow over the arena. The Fuwa warrior slowly rose from the waters of the pool, consciousness gone from her being.

"Yes! Daisy is the winner!" cheered Daisy as she made her descent

"I GUESS THAT SMASH BROTHER DAISY HAS WON BY T.K.O." Chamaeleo announced as Daisy landed, "THIS MATCH IS OVER!"

The crowd exploded into cheer and applause and Daisy was more than happy to show she really appreciated it.

"Thank you, thank you! And remember the name of the winner of this fight!" she yelled

Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!

"Well, she sure is a happy one." Samus replied, "As well as having some skill on her. Gonna have to watch out for Daisy."

"Indeed, she truly has what it takes to be a powerful ally."

"Oh..." muttered Ness, his feeling of guilt returning

"Don't give me that." Samus replied, "You're proved yourself time and time again." she replied, "You're a Smasher through and through." she told him, "Besides, you still have training you need to do when we get back."

"I thought you might've forgotten about that." Ness murmured

"No such luck kid."



The rumbling of multiple feet could soon be heard through the stadium as many of the audience members left their seats, waiting for the next battle to ensue. Daisy was already making her way toward the others after hopping out of the pool. Her defeated opponent had to be dragged out of the pool by Chamaeleo's henchmen as the pool stage retracted back into the ground.

"That was great!" Daisy squealed, "I gotta stay if I get to fight like that." she replied

"You almost drowned." Samus replied

"Well...hey, what's a little fun without a little danger?"

"She has a point." replied Ness, "Not like you don't do the same thing."

"Whatever." muttered Samus

"Anyhow, it looks like you two are the last to battle." Daisy replied, referring to Lucario and Blaze, "Are you pumped or what?" she asked

"I am ready for whoever my opponent may be." replied Lucario

"I guess so." replied Blaze

"Well you gotta win then and show these people that one defeat can't keep us down!" Daisy proclaimed, not noticing Ness fall into temporary depression

"Focusing on winning can lead to one's downfall if they do not focus on their technique." replied Lucario, "However, I do wish to test the skills of my opponent, whoever he or she may be." he replied

"I see." Daisy replied, "Want to get some snacks?" she asked

"I am fine." replied Lucario

"Oh...what about you Blaze."

"No thank you." she replied

"Oh...will you go with me, Ness?" she asked

"Can I get anything I want?" he asked


"Yes!" he squealed, racing off for the concession stands with Daisy in tow

"You'll be sorry!" called Samus, "I'd better come along to make sure the kid doesn't empty her wallet." she said, following after, "Be back in minute." she called to Lucario and Blaze

Lucario nodded in understanding as Samus left and soon after closed his eyes in concentration. He focused his mind on his upcoming battle, using his inner focus to see if there were any holes in his technique that could be taken advantage off before he even knew who his opponent was. Blaze watched as Lucario stood in place, his body unmoving, and his mind seemingly unaware of the ecstatic crowd in the stands.

"I cannot sense a hint of uneasiness about him, he is totally calm even though he does not know who he will be facing or how powerful they may be. Astounding."

"Blaze, if you do not mind me asking? Why have you decided to join the Smash Brothers?" asked Lucario out of the blue

Blaze was slightly taken back by the question so her reply did not come out immediately. Yet, as she thought about his question she could not think of an answer, not an answer she thought would satisfy Lucario. Sonic had been the one who persuaded her to try out. She didn't think she would actually be part of the group, especially with all the praise that Sonic had given about it, telling her of all the incredible fighters that were a part of it. It was surprising enough for anyone to be able to take on Sonic in battle, but to know that there was an entire group of fighters at that caliber had nearly left her breathless. At first she hadn't been quite sure of whether or not she should try to join, but Sonic said that she had more than enough strength to contend, and with a little more reassurance he had gotten her to try out.

"Well...a, Sonic had asked me. I said that I had what it took to compete and thought I should try out." she replied, hoping her answer would suffice

"I see." replied Lucario, "Do you think you have what it takes to battle in the Smash Brothers?" he asked

"I...I..." she murmured, for she was not entirely convinced that she was, "I am not sure." she finally replied

"I see. Well I do hope you discover the answer to that question as you battle along side us." he replied, "For I truly believe you have the strength of character to go far." he replied

Blaze's eyes widened at that comment. Why would someone who she had just met believe so strongly in her? Was he simply getting her hopes up so that he could dash them down when he faced her in battle?

"No...Lucario does not seem like the fighter to do such a thing." he thought, denouncing thoughts of misconduct from the telepathic fox

Maybe Lucario did believe in her, but how?

"He does use that strange power of Aura." she thought

Was it her aura that was giving Lucario some sense of her power? She wondered just how in tune his abilities with the aura were. But before she could ponder further on the subject, a loud, projecting voice interrupted her thoughts.


"Well then, it looks like we will going into battle soon." replied Lucario

Blaze nodded, though her mind was not entirely focused on her upcoming battle.

The audience soon jammed back into the stadium, the low rumble turning back to the loud roars of cheering that had filled it earlier. As the last of the crowd found their seats Chamaeleo came back onto the intercom, his voice just as booming as ever.


At his command the computer started up, running through the names at breakneck speeds. But just as fast as it had started up, it had stopped, revealing to the audience the combatants for the fourth match.


Blaze felt a wave of nervousness hit her, but she was mindful to keep it hidden from everyone around. It was now her time to show everyone what she was made off, but given what she had seen these Fuwa Warriors do so far she wasn't quite sure if she was ready.

"I wish you luck." replied Lucario, "Battle with an open heart and clear determination and you will do fine." he replied

"T-Thanks." she replied, releasing a breath she did not know she was holding, "I will, try."

Lucario nodded and watched as Blaze made her way toward the arena. As Blaze hopped on she wondered just who this Nini was, though she didn't have long to wonder as her eyes picked up the sound of flapping wings. Blaze looked up to see something dart through the sky, eventually landing a few feet away from her on the arena. Whoever it was, was veiling themselves with a set of wings, so Blaze could not see the face, but could guess that whoever this was, must have been her opponent.

"Hi!" squealed a voice as the mysterious winged person burst forth, "I'm here to fight with you!" she said, her voice joyous, "I'm Nini, the Infinite Sky!"

"Oh...well hello, I am Blaze." she replied

"You're a cat! That is so cool!" Nini replied, "I love cats, even though they eat birds like me sometimes. But I still love them!"

"Okay?" replied Blaze, taken back by this fighter's exuberant behavior, "I wish you the best of luck."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" the bird girl replied, "You too!"


A roar from the audience was all the answer that the man needed to know.


No later had those words left Chamaeleo's mouth did Nini and Blaze charge on another.

"I will take her down quickly before she has a chance to try anything." Blaze thought, slashing at her opponent as they met

Nini dodged, swing around Blaze to attack at her side with a punch, but Blaze was ready, blocking the blow and retaliating with a kick. Nini ducked under the blow and countered with a kick of her own, but Blaze flipped away to avoid the hit. As she landed on her feet the anthropomorphic cat put her hand up and a ball a flames ignited in front of her palm.


The ball of heat flew from her hand toward Nini, but Nini was no slouch and quickly swung her arm, creating a gust of wind with her powerful wing muscles. The resulting wind deflected the ball of fire, dissipating it soon after. Blaze wasn't too shocked by Nini's power, having held back power from her attack as not to hurt the winged fighter. Although it was intriguing to see that Nini had that much wing strength in order to create a gust of wind powerful enough to stop flames.

"Take this!" Nini yelled, dashing toward her, fist drawn

Blaze moved into a defensive stance a Nini grew close, blocking a punch that came her way moments later. Blaze fired a kick up toward Nini, but the nimble bird let the attack pass by her and spun around for another punch toward the gut. Blaze knocked the punch away, causing Nini to lose her balance and giving Blaze ample time to deliver a powerful, flaming punch. Her fist exploded into flames as she fired it toward Nini, who could not move away quick enough to dodge, on the ground anyway. With a flap of her wings, the Fuwa fighter took to the air, Blaze's attack just missing her.

"Whew, that was close. Had that connected I'd be done for." Nini replied, hovering just out of Blaze's reach

Blaze snorted out of irritation, but did not let this slight inconvenience get her down and jumped up toward Nini, fist still ablaze. Seeing the danger in letting that blow hit her, Nini dodged to the side in mid-air, but as she retreated Blaze fired a ball of fire from her hand toward the bird warrior.

"That won't work!" Nini yelled, using her wing to deflect the ball like before

But as the fireball dissipated Blaze rushed her, this time her body ablaze in a full on tackle. Nini pushed down, only barely avoiding contact with Blaze's attack, letting the feline fighter sail over her as flames licked at the avian battle. Blaze landed a few feet off and watched as Nini tumbled through the air trying to right herself. Blaze saw her opening and took it, racing off toward the flailing Nini. Nini had no choice but to land and as she did Blaze shot out another blazing punch, though the nimble creature managed to dodge the attack by bending back. The winged warrior used her momentum to move into a back flip and send her clawed feet toward Blaze, who had to back away in order to avoid damage. As Nini flipped into a more desirable position Blaze fired yet another fireball before the bird girl could fully recover.

With no way to escape Nini twisted her body, spinning around and letting the ball of flames pass by her, before landing on her wings and pushing away to try and make some distance between herself and Blaze.

"She is quite nimble as well as flexible." Blaze thought, "If I plan on hitting her I need to hold her in place long enough so that she cannot dodge."

"Whoa! I only barely dodged that! This kitty is good. I better stop messing around or I could get hurt." Nini thought

Both battlers glared at one another, fierce determination in their eyes, before they rushed one another again, both Blaze's fists ablaze while Nini kept her wings wide out to her sides to be used at a moment's notice.

"Seems like they are getting serious." Lucario replied, "This should be interesting."

"Hey, did the fight already start!" called a dark-haired boy, "Aw man! How much did we miss?" he asked

"The true fight is beginning." replied Lucario, turning to Ness as he approached, "Did you get enough?" he asked, referring to the boatload of snacks in the hands of Ness

"Daisy said I could have whatever I wanted." he said

"The terms 'whatever' and 'how much' have very different meanings." Lucario replied

"That's what I tried to tell him." replied Samus, food of her own in her hands, "I think she just felt sorry for his loss." she replied

"Oh, don't be like that. I think he did really well in that fight and even though he didn't win, he deserves something for his efforts."

"See Samus, she's nice. Unlike someone I know..."

"She's also gullible, but I'm not one to point out people's flaws." Samus told him

"Hey!" growled Daisy

"Do you wish to watch Blaze battle or not?" asked Lucario, feeling a headache coming on

"Oh yeah...Go Blaze Go!" cheered Daisy, "Show'em we girls mean business!"

Managing to sidestep Nini avoided a blazing punch from her feline opponent, though had no time to dodge the oncoming kick sent her way, forcing the bird warrior to block with her wing. As the blow sunk in it became obvious who was the stronger of the two, as Blaze began to put her weight into the attack and knock Nini away. Nini stumbled, but had enough sense to send a gust of wind toward Blaze before Blaze could follow up, impeding her for a moment. As Nini regained her balance she saw Blaze on the move again, firing a ball of flames as she rushed the Fuwa warrior.

Blaze jumped, her body going ablaze as she spun vertically through the air. Nini had no time to counter and jumped into the air to avoid the blow, but just as she was taking flight Blazed landed and fired yet another fireball at the retreating avian. Nini managed to dodge, though not without taking some damage from the close proximity of the blazing ball. As the flames died down Nini could feel the few scorched feathers on her wings as she hovered in the air. She looked down at Blaze, with a large smile on her face, even with the pain of her wing.

"Wow! You're getting better and better." she replied, "You almost hit me that time." she told Blaze, "I haven't fought anyone that could figure me out so quickly!" she said cheerily

"You are quite skilled yourself." Blaze replied, "But even so, only one of us can be the winner of this battle."

"You're right, so I guess I need to use my last resort." Nini replied

"Bring it." Blaze countered

With a twist of her body Nini began to spin sideways, instantly becoming a whirling blur in the air. The spinning avian shot toward Blaze like a drill, coming at her at a furious pace. As Nini closed in Blaze fired a ball of flames at the spinning warrior, but the ball was deflected and sent spiraling away with no effect on the feathered attacker.

"Whoa!" Blaze gasped, hopping to the side to avoid the blow

Even though the attack did nothing more but graze her, Blaze was still thrown back as the attack passed her by.

"How did she do that?" Blaze wondered, watching as Nini came around for another pass, "I know my attack made contact, but how was it that it had no effect? Something is off."

Not wanting to be thrown for a loop again Blaze jumped away as Nini came spinning her way. The spinning fighter retreated to the skies, ceasing her spinning for a moment to look down at Blaze carefully.

"Man, even my Drill Rush didn't work? Guess I'll have to pull out all the stops now." Nini thought, "But I have to be careful. If I spin at max speed I won't have much control. I'll have to gauge my distance right or I could go right out of the arena."

Meanwhile Blaze was having similar thoughts on the predicaments presented before her.

"The air pressure created when she spins must have been the reason my fireball was so easily deflected. The same air pressure is the reason I was thrown when she simply grazed me." Blaze thought, "If she were to land a solid blow I could be thrown from the arena." she pondered, "Fireballs will not be enough and it would be foolish to try and take it head-on. I need to overwhelm her."

"I guess I gotta used the "Max Velocity Drill Rush" if I plan on beating her." Nini thought, "Even if I don't land a perfect hit I should still be able to knock her out."

"I do not want to hurt her..." Blaze thought, "But..." she murmured, glancing toward Lucario, "I will discover my reasons for being a Smasher!" she growled, bringing her hands in front of her

The furious fighter brought her hands together, pointing her index and middle fingers toward the hovering Nini. Concentrating the blazing Smasher focused heat to the tips of her fingers and eventually a small ball of flames ignited at that point. The crowd watched in astonishment at this, wondering what the purple feline had up her sleeve. Nini merely raised an eyebrow at this, though did not bother to speculate as to what Blaze had planned, she simply rose up, doing a back flip and began her spin.

"Okay! Here I go!" yelled Nini

The speed of her rotation grow five-fold, the avian fighter becoming a monstrous drilling force as it barreled down on Blaze. Blaze stood her ground as the powerful spinning fowl spun toward her, the air around her whipping violently.

"Let me show you my soul." she muttered, already able to feel the whipping air of Nini's attack, "A soul alit with flame!" she yelled, the ball of flame at her fingers growing twenty fold

"Fire Soul!" she roared, unleashing the large fireball at Nini

"Take cover!" yelled Lucario, ducking down

The other Smashers quickly followed suit at Blaze's attack hit its mark. As the blast hit a sudden expansion of heat was released before the actually fireball exploded, raising the air temperature around the arena instantly.


The audience had to shield their eyes at such an expulsion of flames, that literally coated Nini in a raging inferno. The knock back had been more than Blaze had been expecting, propelling her down the arena. Luckily she was able to stop herself before she went over the edge. However, her luck ended their for her attack, while being a destructive force of nature, had not been enough to stop the spinning vortex that was Nini's most powerful attack.

"What!" Blaze gasped, her eyes going wide

The anthropomorphic cat tried to jump away, but only managed to get away from the tip of the attack. The sides of the attack raked her body, catapulting her through the air. A shrilled cry escaped her lips as she rag-dolled. She had no way of controlling herself and could only brace herself for her inevitable impact outside the arena.

However, instead of crashing into the ground, something caught her and broke her fall.

"Are you okay?" she heard in her head

Yellow eyes that had been squinted opened up to meet up with piercing red eyes looking down at her.

"I...yes, thank you." she murmured, "I am fine."

"That is good." he replied, helping her down to her feet, "I suppose even with my intrusion you have lost the match." he replied

"Yes." she murmured

"However, it was quite the match." he chuckled, "You're power...your soul is amazing." he told her

"T-thank you." she replied, looking away, unable to meet his eyes any longer due to the embarrassment from the comment


Said winner was slowly floating back toward the ground, her body still sizzling from her head-on collision with Blaze's Fire Soul attack.

"That was..." she murmured, breathing heavily, "...AWESOME!" she shrieked, hopping up and down excitedly despite her injuries, "If I hadn't been spinning so fast I would have been toast!" she yelled, running up to Blaze, "You're incredible!"

"Uh...thank you?" Blaze replied, perplexed

"We gotta fight again sometime!" Nini exclaimed, unable to keep still, "But I guess it's your turn to fight now." she replied, referring to Lucario

"I guess so." he retorted

"Good luck." Nini replied, walking off, "You'll need it."

"And why is that?" Lucario asked behind her

"Well our last fighter is the toughest out of all of us." she replied, "He's Huanhuan, The Raging Inferno."

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