Chapter 5

The group made there way down the hill to Ash's mother's house. When the got in May asked where Ashley was. Ashley was upstairs taking her nap. While May went up to check on her Ash introduced his mother to Norman and Caroline.

"I want to thank you for helping May during this ordeal." said a grateful Caroline.

"It was a pleasure. You have a lot to be proud of." said Darla. "Mimie could you get us some tea please."

"Mr. Mime Mime Mr. Mime." said Mimie, Daria's Mr. Mime. As he went to get the tea.

"Guess who woke up?" said May from on top of the stairs. May carry Ashley down to meet her parents.

"Wow honey, she is adorable." said Caroline with a tear in her eye.

"She looks like her momma." said Norman

"Would you like to hold her Dad?" asked May

"I would love to." said Norman

The next day they took Norman and Caroline to there house that they bought, and caught them up on what was happening with there lives.

"We have more land that we know what to do with, so we decided to donate some land for the Palette Gym." said Ash

"Do you know what kind of gym it will be?" asked Norman

"Yes we do. It will be a non-standard gym having all types of pokemon." said Ash

"Do you have someone in mind to be the Gym Leader?" asked Caroline

"As a matter of fact we do. I will be the Gym Leader at first." said May

"Two Gym Leaders in the family. Who would have thought it possible." said Caroline.

The next day Caroline and Norman made there way back to Pettleberg city, while Ash and May went to see a contractor to help design the new gym. 2 months later after the initial groundwork was laid and Ash and May were home relaxing the phone rang. Darla picked up the phone. "Yes this is the Ketchum residence. Yes May is here, may I ask who is calling?" asked Darla "May it's your Aunt Reba."

"I'll get it on the video phone." replied May She turned the Video phone on and her Aunt Reba was on the other end. "Hi Aunt Reba. How are you doing?" asked May

"No good, which is the reason I am calling." said Aunt Reba "There has been an accident at the Pettleberg Gym. During a heavy storm a tractor Trailer crashed though the front of the Gym. The truck caught fire and destroyed the Gym."

"Oh my god. Were my parents in the gym?" asked May

"Unfortunately, yes they were. They have been taken to the Pettleberg Hospital and are in critical condition." said Aunt Reba

"I'm on my way there, Have you called Max yet?" asked May

"I haven't been able to get a hold of him. I have sent an e-mail to every pokemon center though." said Reba

"I'm on my way there." said May

May explained what had happened and Ash loaned her his Pidgeot. "I'll go up to the lab and get my fling pokemon to find Max. I'll catch up later." said Ash giving May Pidgeot's pokeball. "I love you." said Ash

"I love you too." said May

After Delia got home she agreed to watch Ashley while Ash was gone. "How will you get to Hoenn without Pidgeot?" asked Delia

"An old friend will fly me there mom." said Ash "Could you also take care of Raichu while I am gone?" asked Ash

"Yes I will." said Darla

Ash ran up the hill to Professor Oak's lab to retrieve his Noctowl, Swellow and Butterfree to search for Max. Gary happened to be visiting his grandfather and also sent out his flying pokemon. Ash then made a call to the Chariffic Valley to get Liza to send him his Charizard. He left instructions with Professor Oak that if Max didn't have a Flying type large enough to get him to Hoenn he would send either Pidgeot or Charizard to him When Ash got to the hospital he saw May in the waiting room. The Doctors would not tell her what was going on only that her parents were in surgery and were in critical condition. Ash got Pidgeot from May and sent him and Charizard back to professor Oak. A few hours later Max arrived to sit with his sister. Doctor Joy came out and asked to talk to May alone.

"So what is the prognosis Dr. Joy?" asked May

"Not very good. Your father suffered third degree burns to50 of his body. He saved all the pokemon that was living in his gym. We are not expectation him to make it though the night. You mother was impaled by a piece of debris and we used all our resources but we were not able to save her. I am very sorry for your loss." said DR. Joy.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" screamed May. Ash and max got up and ran to May. Was on the floor crying. Max and Ash knew at once that something was wrong. Ash picked May up and placed her into a chair.

"May what's wrong?" Asked Max as he put his arm around his sister

"M-m-m-mom d-d-ied." May whispered. Max started to cry too. After Max and May composed themselves they were able to see there mom. Ash was with them the whole time. After seeing there mom they were taken to there Dad. He was informed about hi wife passing away. The room he was in was for family members only, so Ash had to wait on them in the waiting room. While waiting he called his mom to tell her what had happened.

"Hi mom." said Ash

"I see that you got there OK. How are Norman and Caroline?" asked Darla

"Mom, Caroline died an hour ago." said Ash

"Oh my god. How is Norman?" asked Darla

"Not good. The doctor's are not expecting him to make it though the night." said Ash

"How are May and Max holding up?" asked Darla

"Not good. They are putting up a brave front for there father's sake, but they are devastated." said Ash

"If it is ok with you I would like to come and help in any way that I can." said Darla

"Who will watch Ashley?" asked Ash

"Brock is already on his way from Pewter City." said Deliria "Professor Oak has made container that Charizard and Pidgeot can fly him and me there."

"I guess I can trust Ashley with Brock. Be Careful with Charizard though. You know how he acts sometimes." said Ash

"I'll be careful with Charizard and I'll see you soon." said Darla

A few hours pass and a nurse called Ash into the room.

"Ash, will you promise me that you will take care of my daughter?" said Norman

"I promise." said Ash

"Good, will you also promise me that you will also look out for Max as well?" said Norman

"Yes I will." said Ash

"May, watch out for your brother. When you marry Ash know that your mother and I will be watching down upon you." said Norman

"Daddy, don't go..." said May

"Don't worry; I know that whatever happens that you will be able to take care of yourself. Take care of your family." whispered Norman "Max, the pokemon in the gym will need a new trainer, and I believe that you would be a good one for them."

"Dad I will train them right." said Max

"I know you will. I am proud of both of you, and I love you both very much." wisperd Norman and he stoped breathing and died.

The next few days were some of the toughest that May and Max has ever had to endure. They had to make funeral arrangements, and make insurance clams as well. At the funeral Max and May let all there father's pokemon out of there pokeballs to pay there final respects. After the funeral they went to look at the gym. There was not much left and they would have to start from scratch to rebuild it. May was offered the opportunity to take over running the gym, and be the gym leader. May told the Hoenn League that her home was in Palette Town and that they would have to send a temporary Gym Leader to replace her father. After all there parents affairs were in place they finally went home. Max went back to continue his journey and Ash and May started to plan there wedding.

1 month later.

It was 1 day before the wedding. There was a knock on the door and it was Misty. "Hey Misty, it's good to see you." said Ash as he opened the door.

"It's good to see you too." Said Misty

"Like, don't tell him we are, like, here." said Violet, one of Misty's sisters.

"Hi Daisy, Violet and Lily, what brings you all here?" asked Ash

"Like a bachelorette party, like, for May silly." said Lily

"Like, we haven't like even seen Ashley yet." said Daisy

"I figured that I owe her big for not killing me after what happened so we are throwing her a bachelorette party." said Misty

"May, there's some people down here who want to see you." said Ash

May comes downstairs with Ashley. The girl's all giggle and go oh and ah over Ashley. Mrs. Ketchum gets home just in time to go with May and the others to the party. An hour later there is another knock on the door and it is Brock "So are you ready buddy?" asked Brock

"Ready for what?" asked Ash

"For your Batcholer party?" asked Brock

"Uh Brock, I don't know how to tell you this, but May went out with some girls..." said Ash

"I know all about that. Misty called and asked if I had anything planed for you. Max agreed to watch Ashley while we celebrate your last day as a free man." said Brock

Max came in and was told where everything was. Ash went upstairs where Raichu was sleeping next to Ashley's crib "Hey Raichu will you come along with me?" asked Ash

"Rai Rai-chu Rai" said Raichu

"Come on buddy, this is my bachelor party, and all our friends will be there. Max and Mimie will be here, come on you can leave Ashley for one night can't you." Said Ash

Raichu nodded its head and left the room with Ash. Brock took them to a nice bar in Vermillion City. Already there was Gary, Professor Oak, Tracy and Ritchie. After they had dinner, the party really got started when the strippers came.

The next day Ash woke up with a hangover at Professor Oaks Lab, where he stayed the night so when he woke up he wouldn't see May. After a breakfast prepared by Brock Ash killed time by going outside to play with his pokemon for a while. Ash was really surprised that Blastoise, Primeape and Charizard were there. Professor Oak called the people responsible for there care to send them to him for the wedding. After an hour the guests started to arrive and Ash had to get ready for the wedding.

In a different room May was frantic. While getting into her wedding dress a seam ripped. Mrs. Ketchum came prepared and began to sew it up. "Mom, I'm going to step outside for a few minutes, if that is ok." said May

"Make it quick. I should have your dress ready by the time your done smoking." said Darla

"How did you know I was going to go smoke." said May

"I know you smoke witch by the way you shouldn't do when you get nervous." said Darla

After May had her cigarette, she went back in and her dress was ready. Max came in to check out how she was, while Darla went to check on Ash.

"You look so handsome dear." said Darla

"Thanks mom." said Ash "Are you here to ask if I am sure that I want to marry May?"

"Nope, I was just checking to see if you had cold feet." said Darla "But I can tell that you don't."

Darla left and went back to May's room Max was there with an arm over his sister's shoulder

"What's wrong?" asked Darla

"I just wish that my parents were here to see the wedding." said May

"I know honey. I know that they are watching right now from heaven." said Darla "Besides they wouldn't want there little girl to be sad on what is supposed to be the happiest day in her life."

May smile and hugged Darla "Thanks; I really need to here that." said May "Hey Max, would you do me the honor of giving me away?"

"I would be honored to do it May." said Max

A few minutes later and it was time for the ceremony. The setup was extremely huge. All of Ash's pokemon and all of May's pokemon were lined up on the sides of the isle. Professor Oak was the person that would be Marring Ash and May. Ash made his way up to the front. Muk tried to give him a big hug, but Raichu stopped him. But he couldn't stop Bayleaf from coming out and giving him a nuzzle on the chest. Once Ash got up to the front, music started to play ash Brock escorted Darla down the isle. Once they took there places Here Comes the Bride played and Max escorted May down the Isle. Once they got up front Professor Oak said "Who give this woman away?"

"I do. Her brother Max Flower." said Max as he hands May's hands to Ash "Take good care of my sister for me."

"I will" said Ash

"We are gathered here to celebrate the love and marriage of Ash Ketchum and May Flower." said Professor Oak "May do you take Ash to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love honor and cherish, in sickness and in health, to death do you part."

"I do." said May

"And do you Ash, take May to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love honor and cherish, in sickness and in health, till death do you part." said Professor Oak

"I do" said Ash

"The rings." said Oak. Brock and Darla each gave May and Ash their wedding bands. "Repeat after me, with this ring I thee wed."

Both Ash and May slipped the ring on each others fingers and said in unison "With this ring, I thee wed."

"Then with the power invested in me by the Pokemon League, The State of Kanto, and the town of Palette, I now pronounce you man and wife." said Oak. Oak then looked at Ash. "You may now kiss the bride!" Ash kissed May and kept kissing her for a minute and they broke off when Oak taped them on the shoulder. They turned to face there friends and family "I now present to you for the first time, Ash and May Ketchum!"

Ash and May walked up the isle. After the photos were taken and the food was eaten and the first dance. May and Ash opened there wedding gifts They saved the ones that they were giving to each other for Last Ash gave May's gift to her first. "May I know you have wanted one of these for a while now, and I thought that I would finally give it to you?"Said Ash

May opened the small box and inside was a pokeball. "Wow Ash, just what I wanted, an empty pokeball." said May sarcastically

"Go ahead and open It." said Ash

May thought the ball up "Come on out, who ever you are." said May and out of the pokeball came a Chikorita. "How did you get this?" asked May

"It seams that my Bayleaf was not as innocent as she let on." said Ash.

May walked over to Bayleaf and gave her a hug. "Thank you. I will take very good care of your baby." said May. Bayleaf then nuzzled on May. May then handed Ash his gift. He opened the Box and a pokeball was inside.

"Great Minds think alike." said Ash

"I know you have all the pokemon that you want, but Ashley and I came across it going to the park. I thought that it would suit you and I caught it for you." said May

Ash though the pokeball up in the Air and out came a Fearow. The Fearow took one look at Ash and went at him with a Drill Peck attack. "What the Hell was that for Fearow?" asked Ash then he remembered when he first set out on his pokemon journey and the Sparrow that he threw a rock at "So you are that pokemon huh, you sure can remember a long time." said ash as he dogged another attack. "Fearow return" said Ash holding the Pokeball in front of him, but the pokemon would not return to its pokeball. "Fine, if you don't want to return the easy way we can do it the hard way. Raichu Thunderbolt it." Raichu let loose a thunderbolt attack that knocked out the Fearow so Ash could return it to its pokeball.

"Sorry honey, I didn't know." said May

"That's ok May, I'm sure that with time and training I can calm it down." said Ash laughing

May whispered in Ash's Ear "I'm horny and I can't wait to get to Cinnabar Island so you can fuck me."

Ash got onto the podium "Thank you for everybody who came and thank you for all the gifts. We can use them in the new gym or our new house. We have to be on boat for Cinnabar Island in about an hour, so everybody enjoy the food and drinks." said Ash Everybody hurries outside. When Ash and May get outside everybody tosses bird seed at them. They get into there limousine, and leave.

A short while later while making a check of Ash and May's pokemon, Tracy noticed that Ash's Charizard and Pidgeot were missing. He went up to professor Oak and Asked if he knew where they were

"Tracy they didn't have reservations on a boat. They most likely had Pidgeot and Charizard take them to Cinnabar Island As fast as they could." said Professor oak

"Why didn't he just take the boat?" asked Tracy

"If you don't know now then I can't explain it to you." said Oak

"Oh I get it now." said Tracy

Later we see Ash and May in there Hotel Room, the same room that they had when they first made love, opening a bottle of Champagne

"To our family" said Ash

"And to us, may we always be happy." said May

The end

A/N: I hoped you enjoyed this story. I had a blast writing it. The next story in this alternate universe that I am writing is set 2 years after Pokemon: The Search for Ashley Ketchum. It deals with the World Pokemon League holding a world Pokemaster Tournament and a World Pokemon Contest. The title will be Pokemon: The World Cup