A/N: So I know I'm supposed to be working on Pet, but the lovely Valkyrie Nienna Helyanwe set a rather precocious plot ferret on me! It's a Naruto/Harry Potter cross with a Gaara/Harry ship at her request (I'm giving you this pairing 'cause it's pretty obvious even from this short chapter). So let me know what you think – and I'll keep plugging away at Pet. The first chapter is done and I'm thinking of posting it just to see if it'll motivate me a bit more…

Chapter 1

"A companion, Yashamaru?"

"Yes, my Lord. Gaara is lonely and I believe it is this loneliness that is causing his fits of temper."

"So I should spoil him? Reward him for injuring the people he was created to protect?"

"I believe it to be a subconscious anger Lord Kazekage – the demon leaking out when the boy is aggravated. I believe a companion will help close the only weakness in Shukaku's cage."

"And how should I go about procuring one? The chances are high that Gaara will kill the child in another fit of anger. The people are already afraid of him… another death would have Suna tearing itself apart from the inside. It would be rebellion."

"A child from outside the village then… and an orphan. If the child is killed no one will ask any questions. It will never leave the compound. Gaara himself has only gone into the village twice and he won't be returning there anytime soon."

The Kazekage of Sunagakure was silent as he pondered his brother-in-law's words.

"Do you have contacts that could obtain such an item Yashamaru?"

"Yes my Lord."

"Then see to it. But this little experiment is fully in your hands. You are responsible for the cleanup. If it fails, then the Council's recommendation will be implemented."

Yashamaru bowed his head in acknowledgement of his leader's words and quickly left the room.