Come to me…

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Inu: keh! U cant 'sit' me!!!

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Inu: oh noo not Kago-

Kag: inuyasha sit!!

Inu: falls face 1st on the ground and a wide crater appears unferneath …grrr… wench….

Kpika: thanx Kagome-chaaannnn!!! 3

Kag: no prob! I can do that any time!!

Inu: pulls face off ground you little bit-

Kag: SIT!!

Inu: stars appear on top of head wench…

Kpika: anyway baefore I was so rudely interupted stares at the hanyou who is getting dozens of sits lets get on wid da story!!!

Summaryinuyasha and kagome had another fight which broke the heart of a certain Miko. Will inuyasha win her back? And what happens if kagome steals another demon's heart?just read and find out!!! INUxKAGx??? Love triangle….

Chapter 1: Can I trust you?

Kagome's POV (point of view)

'why?? Why does he always do this to me?'

Kagome was sitting under a tree in Inuyasha Forest. She was crying once again. Crying so much it seemed like she was gonna cry a river. Her school unifrom was wet and muddy. The weather didn't seem to happy either since it was crying to. The rain soaked her. Her shiny, smooth raven hair were all over her shoulders as she covered her face up with her hands tryong to stop cruing. Her brown chocolate eyes was full of clear salty tears. She was bleeding slightly on the upper parts of her arms.

'Why does he always chose that dead, clay, poor excuse for a living being over me?'

kagome let out another range of tears.

'Kikyo… he will always love her. Forever. I am just a shard detector to him, he will never truly love me… not ever…'

Kagome let another river full of tears as she recalled what happened.

Flash Back Mode

kagome, inuyasha, sango, miroku, shippo and kirara had just completed the Shikon no Tama jewel in three years. They had also killed Naraku and his companions and Miroku's hole in his hand vanished. It all seemed happy but they were going to part soon and Kikyo still wandered the earth wrongly.

It was their night of celebration at Kaede's hut. The demon exterminator, Sango, was dancing with the perverted monk, Miroku. He was slowly getting closer to Sango until they connected and she slapped him.

The little cat demon, kirara was playing with the young kitsune shippo.

While all of this was happening kagome and inuyasha were outside. Kagome was sitting on inuyasha's lap while he was lying down on a brach of the Sacred Tree.

"Are you going back to your time tomorrow Kagome?" inuyasha asked as he pulled Kagome closer to hin.

"…yes inuyasha. I am." She replied and rested ger head on his chest.

"your're going down that well and never coming back?"

"Yes." Inuyasha's ears slightly drooped. His silver hair was the same as the moon. His amber eyes were full of sadness.

"Inuyasha? Is something wrong?"

"Keh!" he replied and closed his eyes.

Kagome sighed and once again stared at the moon.



"Can I see the Shikon no Tama?"

kagome's eyes widened. Why would he want to see the jewel now? He's seen it a thousand times before.

'is it because he wants to wish on it? To bacome a full demon?' she sat up and glared at him.

"if you want to wish on it to bacome full demon you didn't need to steal it away from me! You can HAVE the Shikon no Tama but wait until I get home first. Then you can do whatever you want with it!"

inuyasha's eyes narrowed. "What do think I am?! Some kind of heartless monster?! I would never do that!!" he yelled at her.

Kagome winced. Then her eyes were full of guilt. "I'm so sorry inuyasha. Of course you would never do that!"

She pulled out the whole jewel out of her pockets.

"Here" she said with a heart warming smile.

Inuyasha took it. The pure, pink jewel glowed in his palms. Kagome again snuggled into his chest and he embraced her.

"I do trust you and I always will…"

"thanks Kagome…"

End of Flash Back Mode

"H-How could I have been so stupid?!" she yelled out loud.

She continued her sobs in the rain.

'first the Shikon no tama gets stolen when I slept. Then I found out that it was gone because I couldn't get throught the well. THEN I found out that Inuyasha wasn't there and when I searched for him I found him with the Shikon no tama!!!'

kagome cried even more as her heart felt like it was ripped and then stuck together again only to be ripped once more.

'then I found him with… with… KIKYO!!' she cried out even louder than she ever cried before and that was loud!!

She cried while saying this over and over agin: "How can you do this to me Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha's POV:

Inuyasha stood up from one of Kagome's sits. He stared after her fading figure into Inuyasha Forest.

Whee! Another Flash Back!!

kagome fell asleep in inuyasha's arms. Inuyasha inhaled her scent. Lavender. He would miss her scent after she would leave tomorrow. Inuyasha carried her bridal style off of the Sacred Tree and into Kaede's hut.

Everyone was fast asleep. 'From all the ale I guess…' he thought.

He carefully laid Kagome on her futon. "Inu…Yasha…" she mumbled in her sleep. Inuyasha's ears twitched and he smirked slightly.

Inuyasha still had th shikon no tama in his palms.

'I wonder what I'll wish on it when Kagome is gone? To become a human or a full demon?'

he glanced at the beautiful, sleeping Kagome. Her black, shiny hair spilt all over her pillow and her cheeks were rose pink.

'or maybe I should just wish that Kagome would stay here froever! She ould never have to go home to her era again!' he smirked as he stared at the peacful Kagome. Then he mantally slapped himself..

'what the heck am I thinking?! She would never love a half-breed like me…' he sadly thought as his ears dropped low.

He stared at Kagome, thinking on his next move. Then suddenly he pirked up his head and sniffed the air.

It smelt like grave soil and clay.


he put the jewel back in Kagomes pocket and headed towards the undead Miko.

Kikyo slowly turned her head to face inuyasha. She looked very much like Kagome but their eyes were different. Her's were cold and unlively unlike Kagome's. (And kags prettier 2 if I may add!)


kikyo then turned her whole body towards the dumb struck hanyou. "Hello inuyasha." She said in her usual loathing voice.

"What are you doing here?"

"I want the Shikon no Tama"

inuyasha growled. "the shikon no tama doesn't belong to you! It belongs with Kagome!"

kikyo stepped closer but inuyasha kept his ground.

"But I want it inuyasha. Can't you give it to me?" she asked. (She was soooo spoilt…. rollz eyes)

he growled again. "No!" he gritted his teeth.

She stepped closer so that they were only inches apart. "But if you did then I can become a living being again,"

Inuyasha said nothing but glare hatefully at her.

She neared even closer so that their faces were almost touching. Inuyasha could feel her cold dead breath on his.

"Then I can finally be with you inuyasha… Forever…"

inuyasha's eyes widened as kikyo closed the gap between them. Her cold hard lips on his. Inuyasha looked stunned for a moment but then returned the kiss.

He embraced her then their lips parted. "Forever Kikyo?"

"Forever inuyasha" she said with an evil grin. Of course she knew inuyasha's weakness. He was lonely. He didn't want to be. He wanted to be with someone who cared for him and valued him and Kikyo was the only one left. Kagome was going to leave tomorrow anyway so he couldn't be with her. Only poor, liitle, dead Kikyo left.

"Okay Kikyo."

She smirked widely with an evil look in her eyes. She then started to walk away.

"I'm very grateful inuyasha. But be sure to give it to me at dawn."

Then she left.

end of Flash Back…

inuyasha stood there guiltily. His claws were dripping with blood. Kagome's blood. He stared at them dumb founded as the rain slowly washed it away.

"do you mind telling me what happened inuyasha?" asked a cold voice. It was Sesshomaru . inuyasha's half brother.

They looked very much alike except sesshomaru had a cresent moon on his forehead and he had two blue stripes across each of his cheeks. He was also a full demon.

Inuyasha just growled and glared at his older half brother. "Yes I do mind you bakayarou!!

They both glared at each other. "well you might as well tell me or you can feel my blade against your neck."

"Just try it YAROU!!" he held the shealth of his sword Tetsusaiga.

Sesshomaru did the same with his own sword.

Then they both lept up into the air and clashed. Sword against sword. Insults after insults. (from inuyasha…duh!)

Seeshomaru has tried to kill his younger half brither, who he most hated, more than once but had failed he could've killed him there and then but that would mean that he wouldn't get any answers out of him since he was just going to be another pile of undeserving corpse. And it could also break the heart of a certain Miko… that is if her heart hasn't been torn to pieces already.

Inuyasha charged at him again. Disturbing his thoughts. Seeshomaru was swift though and he easily dodged it. Then in the split second that inuyasha was caught off guard Sesshomaru took this opportunity to punch him hard in the stomache.

Inuyasha stepped back, clenching his stomache. He cursed under his breath.

"I don't want to kill you inuyasha… yet. Just tell me what happened,"

"What the FCK do you care?!"

"I don't. tell me anyway."

Blood boiled in the hanyou's blood, Dmn you!

Sesshomaru said nothing. They both glared at each other with unimaginable hate. Then inuyasha sighed a sad sort of sigh and looked at the muddy ground.

"Kikyo betrayed me again…"

another Flash Back!! Whee!!

inuyasha took the shikon no tama from kagome in her sleep. The pink jewel began to grow brightly in his palm but soon faded. It was dawn and inuyasha crept inside but not before looking back at Kagome.

'I'm so sorry Kagome'

then he sped off towards the scent of grave soil and clay.

He found her outside Inuyasha Forest. It took him approxly 30 minutes to find her since she was constantly walking.

"Glad you kept your word inuyasha," she said in her usual cold voice. "You got the jewel?" (it sounds like they're drug dealers or something!! XP)


she grinned evilly. "Let's see it then." (drug dealer!!)

inuyasha took the jewel out of his haori sleeves and held it out to show kikyo. All she could do was stare at it and smile widely.

She embraced him and they kissed. Inuyasha shivered at the feel of her. She was cold unlike Kagome who was as warm as the sun. her lips were as cold as ice. Her black hair spilled over her shoulders as she deepened the kiss. Inuyasha just flinched. Then her lips parted.

"Don't you want the shikon no tama now?"

"not yet… I'm just waiting for… someone." She asid in a dark voice.


"You know her very well"

"And who is she?"

"Just wait. She'll come." Inuyasha growled slightly as she was keeping even more secrets from him.

Kikyo kissed him again. It took a while but inuyasha finally returned the kiss. Slowly. He slowly moved his tongue into her's and she opened her mouth almost instantly. Again inuyasha shuddered as her mouth was cold and freezing. She had no passion. There was no passion in their kiss but inuyasha tried at it but kikyo wouldn't co-operate. brr… -- kissing an old, dead lady… brrr

Inuyasha broke the kiss since he couldn't stand the coldness of her lips.

Kikyo's eyes widened and she smirked.

She stood back. "Give me the jewel now inuyasha," she demanded quietly

Inuyasha hesitated but slowly gave it to her. Until the jewel was firmly in her gasp something hit inuyasha's nose. Lavender. Lavender mixed with salt. But before he could turn to see the the one he last wanted to see him do this kikyo embraced him and kissed him hard. They stayed like that forKagome. Wide eyed and crying.

Inuyasha's eyes widened, "K-Kagome??"

His thought were interupted as he heard kikyo laugh madly.

"Ha ha! Foolish half-breed! You are so pitiful you know that? You actually believed me when I said I wanted to be alive again and to be with you forever!"

she continued to laugh like a mad woman (and probably is) as inuyasha's heart broke again to see her betray him again. He growled deeply at her.

She stopped laughing but had an enormous grin on her face. "You know what I'm actually going to wish on it? Nothing! The jewel is righttfully mine and shouldn't be in your filthy hands, you half-breed!"

Inuyasha growled even more but kikyo just turned to kagome, "After all. You just betrayed someone who is very close to you right? You did the same to me when you stole the shikon no tama. How can you be trusted?" she then looked back at the enraged hanyou.

"And now you can suffer! You'll never have it back!" she laughed again and disappeared.

"KIKYO!!!" inuyasha yelled out hatefully at her but she was long gone.

He then looked back at Kagome.

"I-I can't believe you did that inuyasha!" she yelled through her tears.


"Don't 'kagome' me!" she said as more tears poured out od his eyes. "I can't believe you did that inuyasha!!" she repeated.

Her eyes were full of rage, sadness and betrayal. This made inuyasha's heart feel like if was being stabbed by a knife. "kagome… list-"

"NO! I trusted you inuyasha! Doesn't that mean anything to you?"

"Of course it does!"

"Then why did you decieve me? I thought I meant more to you!"

"You do! I-I love you Kagome!"

kagome sent out another range of tears.

"Yeah! Like I'll believe that? You love kikyo!"

"No I don't!"

"Don't lie to me!!"

inuyasha winced and hung his head in shame.

"You gave her the shikon no tama… you kissed her… you lied to me… and now I can never go home!"

inuyasha stood there. Guilt screaming at his heart.

Kagaome turned around so she didn't face him. "Well I dobn't care anymore! Just go back to your darling kikyo!"

She started to walk off but inuyasha grabbed her arms and smashed her against a tree.

"What did ya say wench?!"

"I said gi back to your darling kikyo dog boy!"

inuyasha pierced his claws into kagome's skin.

"inuyasha! OSU-"

but she was cut off when inuyasha banged her against a tree.


she tried again but he just kept on banging her on the tree and his claws sinking deeper into her skin. His eyes were full of rage.

She cried harder. "inu…yasha…y-you're hurting m-me…"

Immidiately he released her. She cried even more as he looked at his claws with disbelief.

He looked at Kagome. "K-Kagome?"

Kagome's eyes were closed as she cried. "Kagome?"

She said nothing.

"Kagome! Look at me!"

she then started to run away. Inuyasha grabbed her wrists "K-Kagome?"


End of another sad Flash Back…

"…And I betrayed Kagome…"

sesshomaru looked at him with loathing in his eyes yet he didn't show any facial expressions. As usual.

"Why would you chose a cold, dead woman ,as you call her, over a warm living one?"

inuyasha growled and attacked him again but he dodged.

"Be careful with your actions inuyasha. For if you make one false move your life may end."

"Why are you here Fluffy?"

"I don't think I should explain myself to you Inuyasha."

Inuyasha took another swing at him but once again missed.

"Shouldn't you be looking for that human Miko?"

"Shut up! I'll do that right after I've killed you!!"

"So I mean more to you than the wench? You don't seem to care if she's in a forest infested with hundreds of youkai, do you?"

inuyasha hestitated as he cursed himself. 'Oh Crp! I am such a baka!"

his thought were interupted by sesshomaru. "Well if you won't go afer her then I will."

Then he disappeared along with the rain.

"SESSHOMARU!!!" He yelled then sped off towards the forest.


Kpika: sigh that took long.

Inu: you said it. It was so boring I thought that time had gotten slower.

Kpika: O.O inuyasha? Aren't you supposed to be looking for kagome?

Inu: hm? I did. points to kagome who is tied up, socked and blindfolded

Kpika: O.o inu… why'd you tie her up?

Inu: so that she would never leave me and look at another man again. picks teeth with claws

Kpika: OO what did she do?

Inu: in ur story she ran away from me so I tied her up so she wouldn't leave me again. And I put I sock in her mouth so that she couldn't seduce me. And I blind folded her because she looked at sesshomaru in a goofy way, so keh!

Kpika: -- I think you have a jealousy problem inu.

Inu: glares at KazunaPikachu keh! At least she'll think twice before leaving me again!

Kpika: creeps up to kag I think he's obsessed with you kags…

Kag: mmnn….. mmmfnnh….. mmunnff….

Kpika: oops sowwy! unyies kag when inu isn't looking

Kag: takes off blindfold and sock furiously INUYASHA! OSUWARI!!!

Inu: frr… u little b1tch!

Kag: OSUWARI!!!!!

Kpika: sweat drops glade everthings back to normal… he scared me for a second there… -- anyway neaxt chapter!! Its called: purest heart

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