Come to Me

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"That hurt…"

Was that a good thing or not? The IY gang, minus Inuyasha and Kirara and adding Rin, braced themselves as they felt the strong pull of youki the small girl was currently drawing in. The wind around them battled wildly, everyone's hair flying across their faces harshly. The demon on the temple roof looked down with scorn evident in her different coloured eyes. Anger was a word too minor to describe the child.

She slowly lifted up her arm and wiped the blood off her forehead and eyes, smearing her white kimono with red. When she let her hand drop to her side, her mark appeared upon her forehead, the one with the stars and moon. Kirara roared angrily with the other nine demons and they lunged at the gang.

Kagome protected Rin with her arms as she was protected by Sango, Miroku and Shippo. But the humans couldn't really do much without their prime weapons, making them easy victims. Kagome wouldn't have any of it though. "Shippo!" she yelled. "I want you to go ahead and retrieve their weapons. Can you do that?" she asked.

Shippo looked uncertain at first, wondering how the heck he would be able to carry a large boomerang, but eventually nodded. He sneakily exited the small battle and made his way towards the unknowing Toko. Kagome stood up and notched one of her arrows, Rin behind her legs. She may not be able to purify them any more but she could still cause some damage. Plus, it didn't hurt to hope right?

She released an arrow expertly and shot at a monkey-looking demon. She had filled it with some of her powers but it was still black. Her energy seemed to empower the monkey demon, her arrow harmlessly at its side. Sango fought the demons off with her poison pellets and small knife while Miroku used his sutras. Kagome notched another arrow, aiming for the monkey demon's throat. She released without her tainted miko energy.

The arrow hit dead on as the demon fell, its windpipe disconnected. It fell to the ground lifeless as the mark on its forehead disappeared. And she continued to do this, knocking out two more while Miroku and Sango took out three combined. Only four more to go ne? But it didn't seem easy.

The four youkai left was Kirara, an ogre, a large flying insect and a mean looking boar. And they didn't appear as if they'd go down easily. As they continued to fight continuously, Shippo reached the top of the temple roof. He transformed himself into a mere pebble. He'd gotten good at shape shifting. Now he was able to hide his tail as well. He advanced to the weapons that lay beside the distracted Toko and gulped quietly. Even though she was only hardly double his size, she still looked scary.

But he stored up his fear and advanced determinedly, his eyes never leaving on the weapons that fell by her side. She was still a child right? And children get scared easily. If he scared her, not only would he be able to throw the weapons down at his friends, but he'd also have her distracted so her hold on the other demons would be momentarily broken.

Just when he was only a couple of centimeters away from her, he took a large intake of breath and popped into his large pink balloon with a BOO! His plan seemed to succeed as Toko squealed in fright and jumped back a few meters. Shippo used this opportunity to slide the boomerang and the staff down the roof and land onto the ground.

His assumptions were also correct as the demons were momentarily released from Toko's hold and were staring out in confusion. That is, until Toko took hold of them once again. Shippo gulped as he was about to descend to the battle but someone's hand caught his hair.

He let out a yelp and looked up, seeing Toko glaring angrily down at him. She was taller than him but not by much. She was the size of the village kids he played with but she still looked intimidating, especially with her green and blue eyes.

"You." She said heatedly, her eyes narrowing as Shippo began to struggle, forcing the tears at bay. "You're going to pay for scaring me like that!" she said angrily.

Mustering up all his courage he countered. "You deserved it!" he said defiantly, much like Kagome's, as he forced Toko's grip on him to loosen. "Foxfire!" he yelled and Toko ignited in blue flames.

She screamed out loudly and backed away from Shippo, trying to distinguish the flames that burned into her skin. Seeing as how it wouldn't let up, she looked up and glared with so much malice that Shippo squeaked in fear. Her eyebrows were knotted together angrily as she bared her teeth threateningly, her body still on fire. "You are going to die." she said heatedly.

That was when Shippo lost his courage as he squealed out in fear. "Kaagoomee!!" he yelled.

Kagome's head snapped up at the sound of her name and saw Toko advance a stuttering Shippo. By now, she had gotten rid of the flames. Her anger and protectiveness flared as she notched another arrow, not noticing as she filled it with her black energy. "Don't come any nearer!" she yelled angrily as she released.

It stabbed at Toko's arm and she only faltered for a moment before she stood up straighter and pulled the offending arrow out. Blood poured out freely from the wound but it was like she hardly even felt it. She threw the arrow worthlessly aside and proceeded her advance to the kitsune.

"Shippo!" Kagome yelled out in both anger and horror and she released another arrow, this time with such instinct that she didn't have time to put energy into it. The arrow whizzed by and hit Toko's leg, making her stubble to the ground. Shippo used this momentary distraction to safely jump down from the temple and land in Kagome's welcoming arms. Kagome hugged back forcefully. "Shippo, are you all right?" she asked worriedly.

Shippo nodded. Sango and Miroku had retrieved their weapons and had successfully killed the remaining demons, minus Kirara. Toko pulled the arrow out with a sharp intake of breath and glared angrily at all of them, her aura flaring around in her in undeniable rage. "You're just like the people who had tried to hurt me." she said dangerously, venom dripping from her voice. Her gaze was piercing and Shippo found himself whimpering.

Kagome looked down at the kitsune cub as he cried on her chest, his tiny hands trembling. "S-Shippo? What's wrong?!" she asked.

"Ka… go… me…" Shippo whimpered as Toko's symbol began to flash on his forehead.

"Shippo!" Kagome cried with anguish. She looked up at Toko with a pleading look. "Toko! Please don't do this!" she begged, tears streaming from her eyes. If Shippo were to turn against her, then she wouldn't know what to do… She could never hurt him, not in a million years. She would rather die then to cause harm to her adopted son.

But Toko's gaze was unrelenting as Shippo continued to moan and groan in protest to her powers. "Sorry Kagome-nee-chan." She said although she didn't sound apologetic at all. "But if we're to live as a happy family all the others must go." She said as she glared at both Rin and Shippo, a jealous gleam in her eyes. "That way you would only treat me like family." She hissed.

"I've had enough!" Sango yelled out angrily. No body hurts her friend like that! No body! "Hiraikotsu!"

"Kirara!" Toko called.

Said neko demon roared and took the hit for herself once more and everyone heard some ribs crack under the second hit. Sango felt like crying out, falling to her knees and pounding the earth in frustrations but she was a woman. She could hold it in forever if she wanted. Plus, she didn't want to look like a sniveling wimp who thought life was way too hard for her.

"It's no use!" Toko laughed madly, an insane expression upon her once innocent, childish face. "You will all die!" she laughed. "And then me and Big Brother and Kagome-nee-chan will-"

But she was cut off. Literally as someone's claws sliced her head clean off her head. It was a gruesome sight. Toko's eyes widened momentarily in surprise before they half-closed. And then her body collapsed onto the temple roof, her head rolling down the slope and off towards the ground. The head of the child landed with a thump on the dirt, the body following soon afterwards. Her lips were curved up in a slight smile though, it looked peaceful and in content.

Kagome covered her gasp with her mouth, her eyes widening like saucers as she shielded both Rin's and Shippo's eyes before they could see the sad sight. Toko's face was somehow smoother, not like the insane expression she had on earlier. She had a soft smile upon her lips, it almost looked happy, the mark upon her forehead gone from sight. Her half open eyes changed colour. They were no longer both blue and green, now they were a soft gray. Her small child-like body was just behind the head, tangled in a heap.

Kirara leapt towards Sango's side and she nuzzled her hair. Sango wrapped her arms around the neko's mane and cried quietly. The mark was gone, on both her and the exhausted Shippo in Kagome's arms. There was a slight sound of cutting wind before they noticed that Ukizo was before them, blood on his hands. Everyone was surprised, except for Rin who had never seen this man before in her life. "U-Ukizo-sama?" Kagome stuttered in utter shock. "What are you doing here?"

Ukizo flicked the blood off his hands and smirked slyly at them. "I told you I'd be here." He said almost playfully. But then his eyes grew sterner as he wrapped his arms around Kagome's waist. "Look out!" he yelled.

Sango and Miroku hopped onto Kirara and Shippo and Rin hung onto Kagome as she was carried off by the bat demon, all narrowly dodging the thick tentacle that was sent their way. Oh yeah. How could they forget about their battle? Kagome stared on with worried eyes as Sesshomaru and Inuyasha battled it out with the full spider-demon Tioka. And from what she was saw, they were losing.


Inuyasha growled out in irritation. Not long before their battle was divided by two, he had received massive injuries to his arms and legs. Sesshomaru wasn't faring to well either. He had three grazes to his arm and his leg had been pierced right through. So when Kagome and the group had come to inspect their battle, he was pretty sure that they didn't have high-hopes at the moment,

'Damn.' He thought angrily as he continued to dodge each of Tioka's attacks. 'This guy won't even let us near him! How the hell am I supposed to take him down?' he growled. He had tried to use his Wind Scar numerous of times but the barrier Tioka was holding up wouldn't even crack. Even Sesshomaru couldn't break it!

And he knew why. It was that tainted jewel that hung around Tioka's neck, radiating pure, tainted youki. If only he could get that jewel away, but how? He couldn't even come within a meter of him for Pete's sakes! But of course, the stubborn hanyou didn't let that get in the way of things.

He momentarily glanced back to make sure the others were okay. He was slightly surprised to see Ukizo there… holding Kagome by the waist! He growled possessively but shook his head. Now was not the time for such things. He'll deal with him later.

"I'm beginning to grow bored." Tioka said lazily. "Don't you have any new tricks up your sleeve or something?" he asked tiredly.

Inuyasha growled angrily and pulled his sword back. "Kongosoha!" he yelled. His sword shown bright as diamond shaped attacks were sent Tioka's barrier.

As the attack neared, Tioka yawned. "Good grief." He said lazily as the attack collided with his barrier. And yet it still wasn't strong enough as it was deflected. "I should finish this up soon if that's all you have to offer. I can't believe my father lost to you losers." He hissed.

Inuyasha was about to retort but then Tioka sent a large array of tentacles his way. Unlike his father, his tentacles were much faster and harder to slice off. Probably the effects of the damnable jewel around his freaking neck. Sesshomaru and Inuyasha dodged them and they noticed Sango, Miroku and Kirara join the battle. "Hiraikotsu!" Sango yelled as Miroku threw some of his sutras towards Tioka's body.

Tioka smirked and dodged Sango's attack easily and deflected Miroku's worthless sutras. Well, at least it wasn't getting so boring ne?

Ukizo flew into the battle and made a small energy ball within his palms. He threw it at Tioka and it gradually got bigger the closer it got towards him. "This is a shadow energy ball." He yelled. "The closer it is to a tainted presence the larger the energy becomes!" he smirked although his strength was quickly vanishing. He hadn't completely healed yet and he could only send out his shadow energy ball twice. Once he released the second one, he'd be close to dead.

Tioka glared angrily at him, his violet eyes narrowing. "Ukizo, why must you always complicate things?" he hissed as he braced himself for the large energy ball. He had only seen this attack once and it was incredibly devastating. Ukizo was a powerful force to be reckoned with if he set his mind to it. He knew if the bat released another once of those balls, there will be an extremely large possibility that he'd die.

As the attack neared it grew enormously. Of course it would be big, his aura's taint was boosted by the immense power of the jewel and that was extremely tainted. Pure evil in fact. There isn't an innocent soul within it after all.

The attack collided with him and his barrier. His barrier wasn't strong enough to withhold the great pressure and so it shattered, leaving the cat demon to the attack's wrath. He was pushed back by the energy ball and he connected harshly to the temple, effectively destroying it. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru saw this as a chance to take him down as they released their sword's power. Sesshomaru creating a large blue energy ball while Inuyasha blasted away a Wind Scar.

The combined attacks made a large explosion where Tioka was currently residing. The ruined temple was obliterated, debris and wood flew everywhere along with dust and dirt, creating a large cloud above and in front of them.

When the cloud cleared everyone warily advanced the heap. "Is he…?" Kagome started. She didn't know what she was feeling at the moment. It was the combination of joy, relief, hope, anxiety, fear, confusion and, for some odd reason, regret. She never found out where she had met Tioka after all.

"I don't know." Inuyasha said unsure. The dust had blocked out his nose and his senses were a bit fuzzy. But then his eyes widened as he yelled began to yell. "Everyone! Get back now!" he ordered hastily.

Everyone but Sesshomaru and Ukizo retreated a few meters away as they saw a figure slowly rise in the dusty cloud. As the dust fully cleared, they saw Tioka's form standing there all beaten and battered with bloody wounds all over his body. His blackened hair fell over his eyes, making them impossible to be seen. The jewel hanged limply around his neck as it glinted with a slight purplish glow. And then he did something that had everyone question his sanity. He laughed.

He laughed so hard and merrily that he grasped his stomach and bent over in laughter. Kagome felt her heart quicken. He had done this before, from when he first attacked Inuyasha. His laugh was not cruel or spiteful, it was just merry and cheerful. She found herself frowning and glaring at the laughing figure. What the hell was there to be cheerful about?! She was certainly NOT happy. She had lost her powers and she was completely useless without them! She couldn't even purify his ass!

Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed at the sight. Maybe Tioka really was mental. "Do you find this matter funny?" he asked with ice in his very voice and eyes.

Tioka quieted the merry laughter and stared at them with violet eyes. "Yeah, I do." He said truthfully, a wide smile on his face. "You all think that you can beat me but in actual fact, you can't." he said happily.

Kagome glared angrily at him. "Why the hell do you find all this funny?!" she asked loudly. "People have died, people had got their soul sucked out, people had got hurt, damn it!" she swore. Everyone was mildly surprised at that. "And what about Toko?! Do you find her death funny as well?!"

Tioka grinned at her but it wasn't as happy as before. There was almost a sad look in his eyes although there was a smile plastered to his face. "No, I don't find it funny, I find it ironic." He replied. "You, some warm, loving person who adores kids, had spoken to her harshly and shot her with two arrows." He mused. "And she was only following orders too." his eyes then flickered to Ukizo. "And I also found irony when my past partner killed my now-dead-current partner. And she was a child no less."

Kagome's anger flared. The nerve of him trying to make her feel guilty! And she also hated the fact that it was slightly working as well. "Did you even care for her?!" she yelled.

His smile faded to be replaced by an evil smirk. "Of course I did." He said, all humour gone from his eyes. "That's why I'm planning to avenge her death by killing Ukizo too." his eyes flickered to the bat. "You shouldn't have gotten involved." He said quietly before he attacked.

Everyone dodged, Kagome carrying Shippo and Rin out of harms way. Inuyasha turned to her and his eyes caught hers. "Kagome, you have to get away." He said when he wrapped his arms around her waist. "You can't fight, especially with two kids hanging onto you." He said determinedly as he carried the three into the forest. He gently set Kagome on her feet and grasped her shoulders. "Kagome stay here." He ordered before he returned back to the battle.

Kagome fell on her knees, hugging Shippo and Rin to her chest. She wanted to argue, she really did, but she knew she had no choice. Inuyasha was right, she had to protect these kids. She pulled back away from the embrace and only noticed then that she was crying.

"Kagome-chan." Rin said worriedly. "We're going to be okay, right?" she asked.

Kagome nodded with a quivering smile. "We will, Rin-chan. We will." She said softly. With the three non-fighters watching from the bushes, Kagome felt like she was helpless again. Why was she the only one who couldn't fight for herself among her group?

When Inuyasha ran back into the battle, Tioka stared at him. "Wise move, taking Kagome and the other two worthless beings away from me." he smirked. "I could've accidentally killed them."

"Shut up!" Inuyasha growled in irritation. He was tired of hearing him talk. He was tired of seeing his smirk. He was tired of him breathing the same air he was. He was tired of HIM. He growled angrily as he neared him, slicing off any tentacle that went his way. He was just like Naraku. Rotten to the freaking core!

"Persistent guy, aren't you?" Tioka smirked darkly. "Maybe that's why you've gotten so far in your relationship with Kagome. Too bad it'll all be gone right after I kill you."

"For the final time, shut up you bastard!" Inuyasha roared as he got within distance of attack range. With expert ease he swiped his sword down to Tioka's form but the neko narrowly dodged it, using his incredible speed. 'Damn.' He thought angrily. 'I forgot how fast that freaking cat is.' He growled.

He remembered the first time he battled with Tioka. He got pretty beaten up, was what Kagome said. Of course, his male pride and ego wouldn't believe that. He was taking it easy of the twerp anyway. Feh.

"You're mine." he growled as he chased after him. But out of the corner of his eye he saw one of Tokijin's attacks coming straight for him and Tioka. With a surprised yelp he leapt out of the way, Tioka leaping away from the other side. He glared angrily at Sesshomaru who stared at him blankly. "Are you trying to freaking kill me?!" he yelled angrily.

"Does that fact surprise you, little brother?" he asked coldly. "You were in the way."

Inuyasha snarled at him as he landed right beside Ukizo. "Do have any plans to take out this creep?" he asked him. "You were his partner after all. You've got to know one of his weak points."

"Tioka was a master thief, I know no weak points." Ukizo replied truthfully. "But I believe we can take him out with pure power."

"How can we do that?" he asked, noticing Sesshomaru as he landed beside Ukizo. He inwardly smirked. 'Was the big bad Sesshomaru feeling left out?' he mocked within his head, knowing it wasn't the time to voice out such thoughts.

"My shadow ball draws energy from not only tainted presence but from demonic energy as well." He explained as they watched Tioka form a barrier around himself mid-air. Everyone caught on as they charged for Tioka once more, Ukizo going airborne. "Now!" he yelled for both Sesshomaru and Inuyasha to hear. He sent out his tiny shadow ball as Inuyasha released a Bakuryuha and Sesshomaru used Tokijin's full power.

The attacks combined, making the energy ball look like a giant blackhole as it came towards Tioka, its strength expanding. But Tioka just stared on with a smirk. "Do you think that same trick would fool me twice?" he asked skeptically. "You underestimate me!" he yelled as he used the full power of the jewel around his neck to create not only a barrier, but a deflective shield.

Everyone's eyes widened. The massive ball came into contact with Tioka's shield and sparks ignited where they had connected. Tioka groaned with his brows knotted together as he willed his shield to do what it was supposed to do. And then the ball bounced off the shield and went straight for his enemies. And while it was going, Tioka snapped the jewel off his neck and threw it into the giant ball, smirking at the prospect of victory.

Inuyasha's eyes widened. Why the hell wasn't the ball getting smaller?! They didn't have the power or knowledge to create such a giant shield to protect them all. Especially not a deflecting shield like Tioka summoned. The giant ball neared them at such a slow and deadly pace, as if it was slowed by the power it concealed. But they knew even with the pace it was going at, they wouldn't be able to outrun it. It was way too big. It could take out a quarter of this freaking forest!

And they couldn't try to destroy it with their attacks since their attacks were demonic and would only fuel its power. Plus, Miroku and Sango knew that their weapons would be worthless for something so big. And so they had no options left. They would die by their own attacks. In a way, they caused their own downfall. Who knew that bat's attack would be so strong? But when Inuyasha looked, he realized that the bat demon wasn't even standing. He was on the ground with laboured breathing. He was dying.

Inuyasha didn't feel much about it though. He never really liked the bat demon but he did help them out so he was grateful. Too bad he couldn't voice out his thoughts because they were all about to die. At least Kagome wasn't going to die. She was away from the line of fire. He smiled at that. At least she and those annoying kids would live where he hadn't.

But then there was a large shout and he saw the very same Kagome standing in front of them, her arms spread out wide, tears streaming down her face. "Stop!" she ordered loudly. She then notched an arrow and aimed it at the giant ball.

"Kagome, no!" Inuyasha yelled out. He was angry but he was worried and confused too. What the hell was she freaking doing?! "Your powers won't do any good! You've seen it yourself! It will only fuel the ball even more!" he yelled.

But Kagome didn't falter in her stance. "I don't care!" she yelled back. "If I just sat by and did nothing then I would have never forgiven myself! I'm a miko, I should be able to protect the ones I love!" she yelled and then released her arrow.

And it was at that moment her arrow was flaring with a bright pink light, heading straight for the giant energy ball with flaring energy and awesome speed. So strong was Kagome's light, pink mixed with a bright white, as it soared through the skies. It seemed to take on a shape of a large phoenix as it flew with such a grace towards the ball. It screeched loudly, and yet beautifully, as it gained speed and was swallowed by the massive evil mass in an instant.

For a moment there was silence, all of Kagome's purifying light gone and a heavy silence fell on them. And after that single second, the ball seemed to crack as a bright whitish light shone through the broken bits. The dark swirl inside the orb began to grow lighter and lighter until it was so bright that it smashed totally, all the demonic energy purified. When it was all gone, they saw the jewel that was cracked by the arrow sticking out of it. Another second past before it cracked totally, its shards falling upon them lightly like sparkles and glitters.

Kagome held out her hand and let some of them fall upon her palm. The tiny, tiny shards were white once more, the souls finally able to go on to the Netherworld in peace. That was when Kagome collapsed and Inuyasha caught her. "Kagome?" he asked worriedly.

Kagome opened her eyes and smiled faintly at him. "I… I did it… Inuyasha." She said softly.

Everyone advanced her but then they suddenly remembered about Tioka. He was standing there, a disbelieving look heavy upon his face. But then his face turned ugly as a scowl escaped his lips. His fists were curled angrily at his side as his frame shook with uncontrolled rage. "You think this is over?!" Tioka yelled in anger, losing his cool composure. " I will avenge my father if it's the last thing I do!" he yelled.

And that's when the transformation began to take a change. He fell upon all fours as his back arched and his bones reformed and disjointed. He grew larger and larger, small black hairs sticking out all over his body. Everyone took a step back as he grew eight arms and large fangs. It looked like he also gained the giant spider trait from his father as well.

"I'll deal with this one." Inuyasha growled as he let Sango look after Kagome. "You're exactly like your father!" he yelled angrily. "You are dead! Bakuryuha!" he yelled.

The giant youkai spider screeched out in pain as the attack hit him. When that attack faded, Tioka's humanoid body was back and was lying deathly still on the ground all broken up and bleeding. He was too far-gone to have hope. But Kagome stood up and walked quietly over to Tioka.

Inuyasha grabbed her arm when she past him. "Wench! What the hell do you think you're doing?" he growled.

"Let me go, Inuyasha." She demanded softly. "There's still something I need to know." She explained. There was a look in her eye, a very determined look and Inuyasha knew that she was too stubborn to listen to him. So he let her go but the rest followed her towards Tioka's body.

She knelt beside him and pushed the bangs out of his eyes gently. He looked up with numb and glazed eyes. "K-Kagome?" he asked through dry and bloodied lips. "I'm sorry…" he said quietly, sadness in his eyes and voice.

Kagome smiled at him. "I forgive you." She replied truthfully but reflecting the sadness in his eyes. "It really wasn't your fault. You just wanted to avenge the father you loved but never knew. You were blinded by hate and vengeance that you couldn't see the truth. After all, the same happened to me." she smiled sadly. Her powers left her because all she saw was hatred and vengeance. So when she released that powerful arrow, it was pure because she didn't feel any hate or anger. Only the need to protect the ones she so dearly cared for.

He smiled at her sadly and closed his eyes, sighing like he was peaceful. "Maybe in another life… I would have been able to claim your heart."

There was a snort from behind them but they both ignored it. "You once did but only briefly." Kagome said gently. "But there's still one more question I'd like to ask."

"What?" he mumbled as if half-asleep. Well, he was almost dead.

"Where did we first meet?" she asked.

He smiled again, a true genuine smile as if he was surrounded by many friends instead of enemies. "We first met when I tried to kill Inuyasha." He chuckled lightly but only succeeded in coughing up more blood. "But I've known you longer. I've watched you, in the feudral era and in your own." He lifted up his hand and cupped Kagome's cheek. "I really did… love you." He said with a loving caress in his eyes before he closed them entirely and his hand fell limp onto the ground.

Kagome stood up and once again realized she was crying. She wiped them away slowly and felt a tugging on her skirt. She looked down and smiled sadly at Rin and Shippo. Maybe… maybe in another time they could be friends. Just maybe, Tioka wasn't all that bad…

"Rin. Let's go." Sesshomaru's voice was heard. Rin smiled at Kagome and hugged her before she returned to her rightful place at Sesshomaru's side. "Kagome, I am grateful that you have protected Rin." He said to her with a glance before she and he started their way off.

"Bye-bye, Kagome-chan!" Rin sang in a sing-song voice. "Don't forget to visit me!"

"I will!" Kagome reassured her as she waved back. Once they were gone Kagome turned back to her other friends. She gave them a puzzled look. "Miroku, why do you have Ukizo-sama on your back?" she asked.

Sadly and gently, Miroku put the body of the bat demon onto the ground (he had carried him all the way there). "I'm afraid, Kagome-sama, Ukizo-sama didn't make it to the end," he said.

Kagome stared down sadly at him as more tears fell. She liked him. Another could-be-friend dead. Sometimes, she thought her heart couldn't take any more deaths. "We'll make a burial mound here for the two of them." Sango said. "They will stay at the spot where they had fallen."

Kagome nodded and turned to Inuyasha so she could give him an embrace. But he beat her to it. "You are such an idiot!" he yelled out in both frustration and anger. "I told you to stay! What part of that didn't you get?! Why the hell don't you ever listening to me?!" he growled.

She wrapped her own arms around his waist and rested her cheek on his chest. "If you die…" she whispered so only he could hear. "Then I wouldn't know what to do." She said honestly as tears silently poured from her eyes.

The others stared on with blank faces. Were they talking about tacos?


A week had past and during those times it was pretty hectic. Before they could leave the temple grounds they buried Tioka and Ukizo side by side along with Toko's body. They were partners after all, even though Ukizo and Tioka had a sort of lost love thing going on but still. It felt like it was necessary. And even after they've buried them the nearby village had asked what happened to their beloved temple, which was weird because the group thought that it was deserted or something. But Miroku bailed them out saying that the God was not pleased about the temple and so destroyed it. They didn't build a new one.

Since then, it was much easier to get back the jewel shards because this time they had no enemy to race against. Kikyo had never shown her face again, making the others think she's finally gone to the afterlife seeing as Naraku and his offspring were dead.

After a two months or so they had completed the jewel. A new record for the group. Things had gotten too easy for them… Surely it couldn't last.

And they were right because the sooner they completed the jewel, the sooner Kagome had to return home. Inuyasha and the group had decided that she should keep the jewel. It did belong to her time after all, not theirs.

They all stood by the well. It seemed as if they were back right at the very beginning where they completed the jewel for the first time. Sango and Shippo were crying while Miroku and Kirara just stood there sadly. Inuyasha was the closest to Kagome who was standing right in front of the well.

"So this is goodbye, huh?" Inuyasha asked sadly.

Kagome nodded. She, too, was crying and she had no idea how to stop the tears. About three months ago they had confessed and now they had to be separated. But the two knew what would happen all along. She was in the future while he was in the past. If she stayed, then it wouldn't be balanced. It just couldn't be…

They embraced and the others left. They had already said their good-byes. It was their turn and they didn't want to disturb such a precious, precious moment. Kagome held on to Inuyasha as if she'd never let go. She didn't want to and neither did he. Inuyasha nuzzled her neck, smelling her for the final time. He'd miss her. So, so, so much. After this, he didn't know what to do with his life. He wanted to spend the rest of it with her and she with him. But they both knew, they both knew that they couldn't be together. The past and future couldn't live side by side. There was present in between. And their present was in another time.

They parted but they still touched. Inuyasha bowed down and claimed her lips in his, making a sensational and memorable kiss. He always did think that actions spoke louder than words. The distance between them grew when they pulled back. Kagome cried as she hugged him once more, not wanting to let go.

"I don't want to leave you Inuyasha." Kagome sobbed. She felt as if her heart was breaking with every word. "I wanted to stay with you. Forever." She admitted for not the first time.

Inuyasha felt like his own heart was slowly being frozen by every second. "I wanted that too." he whispered in her ear. "But you have a family on the other side. A family that loves you."

"I have a family here that loves me too." she sobbed.

"But to you, we're dead." He said quietly. He hugged her tighter, her quivering form wrapped securely in his arms.

He was her past, she was his future. Two separate worlds that cannot be altered. Two people in worlds they didn't belong. What a cruel, cruel fate. As Inuyasha pushed Kagome gently towards the lip of the well, he whispered softly in her ear. "Wait for me."

Kagome's eyes widened. "W-What do you mean?" she stuttered, utterly confused.

"When you go back, wait for me. I'll come to you."

"Come… to me?" she asked. Maybe it was wrong to be still there. Maybe they spent too much time saying their goodbye. But she didn't care. What Inuyasha was saying really confused her but something inside her swelled up in hope. What did he mean?

He didn't say a word but his eyes spoke volumes as she stared into their depths. And yet, she was still confused. "Inuyasha…" she started.

"When you go back, don't forget me." he almost pleaded. "Just wait for me. I will be there. Waiting for you so just wait for me."

Again, Kagome was entirely confused. Was he telling her that he'd be there, in her own time, when she got back? Could he really live for five hundred years? "But Inuyasha." She started sadly. "You're… you're part human. There's no way you can live that long."

"I'll find a way." he said determinedly. "I'll find a way." he repeated. "Because for you, I'll be willing to wait for an eternity."

Kagome gasped and felt hot tears pour out her eyes. "Y-You mean that, Inuyasha?" she asked hopefully, her heart aching so much that she thought it would burst.

There was a pause and then suddenly he whispered almost silently in her ear. "I love you, Kagome."

And he pushed her down the well, not giving her time to respond.

And Kagome didn't care. She only stared with half-closed eyes as she fell, almost slowly, towards the magical portal that would separate them… forever? While she fell, she stared for the last time into his golden eyes and he stared down too, as if transfix.

The final words she said to the hanyou were the words she wanted so dearly to come true.

"Come back to me…"

And it was then that she was absorbed into a bright blue light.

When it was gone, there was nothing but a well with dried up bones.




The End?