Fuuko Kirisawa's gaze rested solely on the deadly weapons before her, sweat trickling down her forehead to her cheek. She couldn't lose this fight to her opponent. Not this one. She remembered the consequences of the last one, and it hadn't been pretty, considering her opponent had pulled her none-too-gently by her hair and sneered, in a rather common-used tone, "You've lost."

She gritted her teeth, grinding it together so hard if she clenched her jaws together any tighter her pearl white teeth would break into pieces. Hanabishi Recca, a witness to the uptight, tensed fight going on between Fuuko and her enemy, impatiently tapped his foot onto the ground.

"Hurry up, Fuuko!" he grumbled, folding his arms. "I can hardly restrain myself from wetting my chair any longer."

Fuuko shot him a dangerous glare, and said, cuttingly, "I never asked you not to go to the toilet, you moron. And shut up, I'm trying to concentrate here."

Her opponent smirked, stifling a chuckle with much expertise. "Well, I guess there's a first time for everything."

Fuuko tried to turn her attention to the weapons placed carefully before her before finally grasping the meaning of the words. "WHAT!!! HEY, I DO CONCENTRATE SOMETIMES, YOU KNOW, YOU FREAKING MORON!!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs, before calming down and reverting her cautious attention to the weapons in front of her.

"Would you hurry up?" Recca huffed, stamping his foot in such a manner he reminded Fuuko of Ganko's stomping when infuriated, mostly concerning Kogenai.

"Fuuko-san, are you going to move anything?" Yanagi asked, giving Fuuko an encouraging smile. "If you don't, I think-"

"SSSSSHHHHHH!!!" Fuuko hissed, thrusting a finger roughly onto her own crimson lips. "I'm trying to pay the utmost attention here!!!", she whispered, as if the room she was presently in was hung in silence, when, in contrast, it was filled with crowd murmurs and occasional shouts.

A large pile of passer-bys had gathered at the tournament spot, observing the fight critically without saying anything, others observing the game critically whilst saying a lot, to which Fuuko had almost lost her temper and pointed her lovable, slender third finger to, and the remaining crowd just walked by without noticing they existed.

"JUST CHOOSE ONE ALREADY!!!" the crowd yelled irritably, feverishly awaiting a move from the lovely female.

"OH ALL RIGHT, YOU MORONS!" Fuuko screeched, before placing her weapon onto the battlefield.

Her enemy smiled grimly, before Fuuko realized, a tad bit too late, she was DOOMED. "Checkmate," Tokiya smirked, placing a tile.

Fuuko groaned as the crowd laughed, some arching eyebrows. After all, it had been the 7th time she had lost a game of chess.