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Gaara has been Fifth Kazekage for a while now and wants an heir as fast he can- and he has his eye on someone.

Four funnels and a Wedding

The sky was clear and the evening bright as Kankuro and Temari sat in Gaara's study, deep in the heart of the Hidden Sand Village. The studious silence was broken by Gaara standing up from his desk, covered as it was with several large stacks of paper.

"As I am the Kazekage there is a high change of being killed, and therefore, I need an heir, the only problem being is I need a wife. Someone from an important clan."

"What about someone from the Hidden Leaf Village?" asked Temari in a wondering tone.

"What clan from the Leaf village has very good influences?" Gaara replyed with feigned interest.

"What about the Hyuga clan? It's the oldest and most powerful of the noble clans, Gaara," said Kankuro, "I think that Neji guy is from that clan."

Gaara started to pace up and down the room.

"He was fighting the quiet girl, what was her name…Hinata. Yes, her, she'll do. Quick- I wish to propose something to Lord Hyuga." Gaara smiled at this double entendre.

A lengthy hour later and Gaara had finished his letter. Kankuro was at the bar chatting up some of the girls there, using his favorite line: " I am the second most important man in this village, and I want to buy you a drink." Then he'd wink and the ladies would swoon and all would be well in his world.

"Damn you Sasuke! Why the hell did you have me leave Sakura?" Naruto cried out, hitting his hand off the table. It had been two and a half years since Sasuke had left the village, and Naruto remained stubbornly fixated on this, unable to forget. Where could he be…

Gaara called in Temari.

"Here, take that this to Lord Hyuga. I am making you ambassador; you can leave first thing in the morning." Gaara said whilst hand over the sealed envelope.

"Thank you," Temari replyed, stuffing it into a soft leather carrying bag, "I'll leave immediately."

Back in the Hidden Leaf Village, Naruto sat on his bed, contemplating his missing friend - ex-friend. Wishing it had never happened, he had never left.

"Hey" came a whispering voice, like the softest breath.

Naruto spun round, startled. But nobody was there.

Must've been the wind, I'd better close that window before its gets too cold, Naruto thuoght to himself. He walked over to the window, but suddenly stopped, sensing someone else was in the room, he nervously searched the shadows with rapid darting eyes, grabbing a dagger out of his bag, he asked the emptiness, "Where the hell are you? Show your self!" yelled Naruto.

"Behind you, idiot," the voice replyed. You could here the hidden laughter.

"Sasuke… is that you?" Naruto said quietly in disbelief.

"Of course it's me." He was standing, half-hidden in the shadows of Naruto's room. Naruto stumbled in the dark, clumsily finding the lightswitch.

"Sasuke. Why?" Naruto stood there, blinking in the glare at his intruder, "you bastard. You left me."

"Naruto, please, believe me when I say I'm back for good now, please, forgive me, please," he walked up to Naruto and hugged him tightly, "please," he whispered in his ear. Naruto nodded, he could not deny the sincerity in his voice, blinded as he was by hope.

"I forgive you."

"Thank you, Naruto," Sasuke choked. They pulled apart.

"Hey Sasuke, lets go out and celebrate!" Naruto laughed with pure happiness.

" 'Sounds fun," Sasuke replyed, holding ou his hand, "where too?"

A few hours later Sasuke come staggering in, holding upright a giggling Naruto whilst attempting to entering the appartment. Naruto clutched a bottle of sake in his left hand and was swinging it back and forth in an erratic rhythm.

"You're totally pissed," Sasuke smirked.

He led Naruto to his bed, on which Naruto bounced with great enthusiasm, sloshing the contents of his bottle over the bedcovers. He took a big drink and placed the bottle with exagerated care on the dressing table.

Sasuke start to smile at Naruto's antics, "you know I really missed you when I went away." Naruto looked up at him, features flowing naturally from happy to serious. He stood uneasily, taking the few steps towards Sasuke.

"shhhh.. be quiet, its ok," he said reasuringly.

"No it isn't; I put you guys through hell worrying about me," Sasuke said, shaking his head emphatically. Naruto tentitavly reached up to put a hand on Sasuke's face.

"I can see why you were so popular with the girls."

"Naruto, you're drunk, stop it now." Sasuke pushed his hand away. "It's wrong, even that I…" Naruto broke him off with a stare, hypnotically drawing him in, closer and closer until they stood, their breath tingling the other's lips. Naruto's eyes fluttered, and he leaned forward ever so slightly, meeting Sasuke's lips in a sparkling, feather-light kiss. Sasuke felt his own lips respond, unbidden, and he blushed as the kiss deepened, their arms entwining, melding together, and their kiss becoming all the more passionate in the heat of the night.

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