"My Protector, Teyla/Lorne, Protector, PG-13"

AN: My first ever prompt fic, be gentle, it's slightly unrequited, with the tiniest and most miniscule amount of Sheyla, but only if you squint…and tilt your head.

My Protector

He could do this…

He could…

It was what he trained for after all…

How hard is it?




He would do this, he had to…


…One, two, three, four, five…




Oh God! He couldn't do it. Why wasn't she breathing! Evan felt himself shaking; he wasn't strong enough for this. Why wasn't he strong enough, fast enough?

He could taste the bile in his throat; taste the copper in the air. It was too much, she had lost too much.


One, Two, Three, Four, Five and…



He tried not to think, not to feel, not to remember…

His team had arrived onto the planet already weary, Sheppard's team had missed the last check in and Lorne's team was ready to come to the rescue…god he remembered feeling so proud, he would get to save her.

He would be her protector.

Instead he walked into a nightmare; the team had recovered McKay and Ronon easily enough. They had been drugged, tied up and left in a tent on the outskirts of the nomadic settlement.

Teyla was another matter. He had split his team up, two of his men and two marines were charged with getting the 2 unconscious men through the gate and informing Weir of the situation.

Cadman and himself carried on stealthily through the encampment, when they heard a faint noise.


Lorne winced he knew the sound of hard slap when he heard it. He and Cadman made their way to the tent where the sound originated and walked straight into his nightmare.

Teyla's back was arched in a grotesque attempt to make it larger, and a wiry blonde man with ice blue eyes was standing over her with a bull whip in hand, the ends of which were dripping blood.

Teyla had thrown herself over Sheppard's prone and unconscious body, sheltering him from the blows, taking his hits for her own.

Evan burned in fury as he heard Teyla's moan of pain, he could tell she was trying not to disturb the Colonel. The rage that was coursing through his body took him by surprise. He didn't think, didn't aim, and didn't even use his P90.

The knife was cool and steady in his hand as he slit the man's throat from behind. The blood still warm as it soaked his arms.

He told Cadman to run and get help; he needed help if they were going to get both Sheppard and Teyla out of this mess.

He spoke gently, softly trying not to scare Teyla as he gently helped her off the Colonel. There eyes met and Lorne swore he had died, she looked at him, really looked at him, her thanks, and trust in him was evident.

He had never felt prouder; to gain Teyla's esteem was harder than her friendship and as valuable as her love. His pride was misplaced as within a fraction of a second she had managed to flip them over just in time to take the knife meant for him into her heart.

For the second time that night Evan didn't think he just acted on instinct. He pounded the man into the ground, not stopping till the tent floor swam in all the bloodshed.

When he glanced over to check on Teyla mere seconds later he noticed she had stopped breathing and skin had begun to cool.

He let out a mute roar of anguish as he began CPR.

'This wasn't supposed to happen' he thought. He couldn't stop the tear as it slipped down his face as he failed to revive her, but he didn't stop trying even as Cadman returned running back into the tent Carson with her. It took his entire team and Carson to pry his hands off her, he couldn't let go.

'He was meant to save her.'

Instead she became his protector.


The prompt was 'Protector' and it was written for the Battle fic prompt challenge over on Teylafen LJ.

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