There comes a time when the strongest warrior feels weak; the powerful, helpless; the loved, alone. A moment of weakness, of confusion, when one must ask if continuing is worth the price. At that moment, there is a crossroads, a choice that, once made, can never be changed back. Nor is it offered ever again. All heroes and villains reach this point: but all beings regardless of importance have this choice, the defining moment. It makes each what they are, determines what they may yet become. For some, this choice is straightforward: they follow their ideals, standards, what they grew up with…but it is not that simple for some.

Choosing between light and darkness is no easy matter.

An observer might exclaim, "Of course, this is simple! One must always do the right thing and choose good over evil."Those who can say that with conviction never have been faced with the type of choice where neither option is good, where the next step will cause great pain, no matter what direction that step takes. Such observers do not understand fully. They have never faced down the power of the night. Neither do they see just how vague the line between light and darkness can be, nor how the turning point can be obscured by shadow, nor just how terrifyingly easy that first step into infinite night can be.

But I know. I have been in that place, frozen in time with the future spread before me like a winding road. I have seen both the mighty strength of the light and the seductive powers of the darkness. I once stood upon the precipice of eternity, where the heroes are formed and the villains shaped. I saw clearly, far too clearly, the consequences of my choice. Yes, in the end, I choose light. But for a deep and drowning moment, I contemplated the darkness.

Would it truly be so terrible to leave the light?

I was tempted, sorely tempted, yet something deeper than myself stopped me. I could not forget my Creator, the love of Him who shaped me. The choice to dispel the darkness of the Echthroi by my light was difficult, costing more than could ever be imagined. A once-glorious star, now reduced to mere humanity by the struggle.

Did I make the right choice, you ask. Would I choose differently a second time?

No. My allegiance is the good which formed me, to the light alone and no other. And so I cling to hope and serve as best I can in the ashes of my heroic act, always knowing and clinging to a simple fact: light shall prevail. It always has in the end, and always will, to the end of time and through eternity. It can be no other way: this is how the universe was ordered, at the very dawn of time by the One in whom there is no darkness at all.

The darkness is powerful, that is for certain. Though it seems invincible, beyond our weak, mortal power to defeat, remember one thing, young one, when you face that choice…

The dimmest of lights can drive away even the deepest darkness of the night.