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The villagers of Konohagakure always looked down on Naruto. They'd tease him, pick on him, even try to beat and kill him; despite the fact that he was only a mere two and a half years old…

As such, he was constantly watched over by either an ANBU team, or the Sandaime himself. Today was special though… he had both. Since Sarutobi was taking him to play in the park like a normal boy his age. The aged Hokage sat himself down on a park bench, and urged the boy to go have fun. The boy was confused. He didn't like other people. Most of the older people scared him… So he went where he always did when he came to the park… the sandbox.

He always had fun digging around and building things, although Sarutobi was usually there to keep older kids from smashing whatever he was doing. That's happened a few times. This time, however, his sandbox was occupied. He didn't mind the girl his age playing there, it was a rather good-sized area, but rather the fact that she had guards. Naruto inched his way over to the edge of the box, as far as he could from the two scary men. When they finally saw him, they started to dash over, but were stopped by a glare from the Hokage. "Hi…" The girl said from the other side of her sandcastle. "You wanna help?" Naruto, glancing up at her guards, saw they looked away angrily. They couldn't stop him… so he nodded. "I'm Hinata…"

"N-Naruto…" He said, indicating it was his name before he walked over to help her pack in the base of her castle. He looked over at her, and she smiled back. Is making friends really this easy? He thought.

After a few minutes of silent fun, the two heard a roar from behind them. "Hinata! Get away from that boy!"

"Hiashi!" A woman beside him plead; "Don't do anything rash!"

When Hinata saw her father was heading towards Naruto, and not her, she did something completely unexpected by everyone there… She stood up and stepped between her father and her friend, arms open wide to defend him. "NO." She said firmly. "Daddy, you keep scaring away all my friends! You're a mean old man and I won't let you take away Naruto too! He's MINE!"

"Hinata, you don't kno-" Hiashi said, trying to reason with his daughter before she continued her argument.




"Grr… dammi-"


"Honey…" Hinata's mother spoke up, trying to calm her husband. "You know what we talked about, with the 'mine' phase kids go through?"

Hiashi nodded, but as he turned to plead his case, Hinata grabbed Naruto, who was still sitting by the sandcastle, and tightly hugged the dumbfounded boy's head to her stomach. "He's mine."

"I think it's cute…" Hiashi's wife chuckled.

"I agree…" Sandaime said, having walked over from his bench.

"Maybe we should set up a playdate for the two of them?" She asked.

"That sounds splendid." Sarutobi answered, neither giving Hiashi a say in the matter.

Hinata heard the word 'play' and was instantly overjoyed. Her father had failed to drive away her newest friend. Naruto however was still confused as ever as his first friend his age dropped him into the sand.


(Approximately six months later)

"No!" Hiashi said firmly. "I am not letting that fox brat share a bed with my daughter."

"Hiashi, it's her birthday… He's just staying the night because he's one of Hinata's only friends, and just happens to be the only friend she has outside the family." His wife said.

Hiashi grunted before walking away. "So, it's okay?" Naruto asked, walking in from the other room, closely followed by Hinata.

"Of course it is." She said. "It's Hinata's birthday after all. Now, why don't you two go play until the rest of the guests come?"


The two were curled up in Hinata's bed, asleep, snuggling together for warmth after a long day. They'd spent the entire day playing, opening presents, or sitting around with boring old people. "Those two are so cute together…" Hinata's mother said before she closed the door.

Just then, a figure swooped in from the roof, and looked down at the two. "Hn... Two brats…" Naruto stirred, and looked up at the figure, his eyes going wide as a fist struck his face. "I'd better take both of them…" Heaving one onto each shoulder, he jumped back out the same window, and started running out of the Hyuuga Compound. Before any of the guards could catch him, he ran along, the jarring motion waking Naruto again.

This man had hurt him. He didn't really care… it's happened before. He was being kidnapped. It's happened once before, so Naruto wasn't too surprised by it, but when he saw Hinata on the man's other shoulder, something in his mind snapped. He wants to hurt Hinata… He thought. He's kidnapping HINATA. At that, the young Naruto reached down into the man's kunai pouch, pulled out a knife, and thrust it as far as he could into his kidnapper's back. Naruto and Hinata were flung aside unceremoniously, the man fully intended to kill Naruto now. But something was wrong. The boy had already risen to his feet, but he wasn't paying any attention to the man. The young blonde was looking over to the little girl, whose forehead was now bleeding from striking the ground. "You hurt Hinata…" Naruto said, turning back to the man. He felt a weight slowly grow over the area as the boy's glare slowly deepened, his eyes turning from crystalline blue to feral red. "You hurt my Hinata!!!" He yelled, dashing towards the man at an impossible speed for a civilian boy.

Naruto only heard three words before he blacked out; "What are you!?"

He didn't know how much time had passed before he'd lost himself, but Naruto knew he felt hot, and he felt tears… He was crying? No… there were arms around him, grasping him from behind, a woman… these were her tears. "-safe Naruto…Hinata's safe now!" He heard, as he regained his senses, and he felt the heat slowly die away. "You don't have to hurt him anymore! He can't hurt her now…"

Looking down, he saw her arms were covered in blood. Blood from his clothing, but also from bite marks and scratches she'd gotten while… She was holding me back? From wha- Naruto thought, as he looked up, and saw several Hyuuga standing over a man, who was underneath a tarp-like blanket. There was blood everywhere… He looked over to his right, searching for Hinata where she fell, to see she was being held by her father. The girl was obviously scared of something. Looking up to see who was holding him, Naruto managed to squeak out a question; "Hi…kari? Did… I do something… bad?"

Hinata's mother looked down at the boy in her arms, or more specifically, into his bright blue eyes. "…No Naruto… you were just protecting your friend… you… you did a good thing…" She stood up to call someone over, but lost her balance, and was swiftly trying to right herself.

Hiashi rushed over, setting Hinata on the ground as he grasped his wife by her shoulders to steady her. "I told you it was a bad-" He started, only to have his wife strike the side of his face.

"He's the reason you still have a daughter! We owe him…" She said, as Hinata walked up to Naruto. "I owe him more than I can ever repay for saving my little girl…"

Hinata reached her hand out to her friend's cheek, brushing away her kidnapper's blood, which flaked away easily. It was dry… "Hikari-sama!" one of the Hyuuga medics yelled, pulling Hinata's mother a short distance away. "How long were you in direct contact with the Kyuubi boy?"

As this happened, Hiashi watched his daughter and her best friend as she brushed off more of the assailant's blood. "My hero…" She said, hugging him tightly. Naruto looked confused for a moment, before returning the gesture. Hiashi almost smiled then. Almost

"Come on you two…" Hinata's mother said. "Let's get you two cleaned up…"


After a few minutes, the three were at Hikari's private bath. Or rather, the clan head's private bath, which she often requisitioned from her husband… "B-but… she's a girl!" Naruto said as Hinata's mother undid the young girl's yukata.

"So then we'll wash the cooties off of her." Hikari chuckled. "It's okay for little kids like you to bathe together…"

"B-but!" Naruto started, until he saw Hikari undo Hinata's training panties, and then he was just… confused. "But… Hinata doesn't… what's wrong with Hinata?"

"Nothing's wrong…" The woman chuckled. "Hinata's a girl, and you're a boy. You both have different bodies."

"But… why?" Naruto asked, as Hikari started taking off his bloody, slightly torn clothes and underwear.

"Curious, aren't you?" She asked in return. "I'll tell the both of you when you're older, okay?"

The two kids both nodded as she lifted Naruto into the tub. Right before they decided this was a perfect opportunity for a splash-fight…

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