Insanity's Slip

By Boejangles

Summary: When Naruto was one he was adopted into the Uchiha household. When he is five years old his older brother Sasuke goes a little crazy and almost everyone ends up dead. His eldest brother runs away. And he is left to survive with Sasuke, who isn't quite himself all the time.

Sasuke stood there trembling covered in blood. He turned and looked at the older teen. "You! You did this!"

The older one stood unmoving staring back at the younger one without saying a word.

Naruto took a few steps forward, "Aniki stop, please just stop!" He ran and grabbed a hold of Itachi's legs. "Help, stop Aniki." He was almost pleading.

Itachi looked down at his adopted brother and then over at Sasuke, "I'm leaving."

"No! Don't go. Don't leave me." Naruto grabbed harder onto Itachi's legs.

"You! You were working with him weren't you!" Sasuke screamed grabbing the blonde hair and yanking back.

Naruto fell forward catching himself with his hands. His five year old frame shook, "No, no Aniki. Please just stop."

Sasuke kicked the smaller boy in the gut, "Shut up! Shut up you don't know anything! He killed our parents and you go to him for help! Traitor!" He kicked him again.

Naruto clutched his stomach, "No. No Aniki. Just stop. Don't hurt anyone else, please stop hurting people."

The dark-haired boy yanked the smaller one up and shoved him against the wall. "I haven't hurt anyone! It was Itachi that did it!" He moved to motion to his older brother only to notice that he wasn't there anymore. "Look at that! You let him get away! You let our parents murder get away!" He slapped the blonde hard enough to knock him to the ground.

"No! No! You did it." Naruto started crawling away before stumbling to his feet and running as fast as he could, "Don't kill me!"

Naruto fell backwards after running into someone. He quickly shielded his face, "Please don't kill me!"

"It's okay, we're ANBU, we are here to help." A man in a black cape and a mask spoke.

Naruto looked up and grabbed onto the man, "Help me, my brothers crazy!"

"It's okay you are safe now." The man in the wolf mask looked around.

A man wearing a hawk mask rushed over, "There was another survivor, he's in the other room. He is suffering from emotional trauma but should be fine. He has identified the killer. It was Itachi."

The one in the wolf mask rubbed the blonde's back, "It's okay you are safe from your brother now, we will catch him."

"No. No. No." Naruto shook his head back and fourth furiously.

"Its okay calm down, you are safe."

The small boy kept shaking, 'that's not the brother I'm scared of'

That Saturday was the funeral. The numbers of the Uchiha had already been reduced from the Kyuubi attack. Over fifty of the most important members of the clan died after being poisoned during a clan meeting, the clan head was also killed during that incident. Almost everyone else was caught in the violent explosions that nearly took out the whole Uchiha district. Only three bodies were found that were brutally murdered and chopped up. The clan heads wife, his sister, and brother-in-law.

Naruto stood with his head bowed hand to his face wiping away his tears as the speaker continued talking about how good the people had been. Besides him was his seven year old brother Sasuke, who was looking at the coffins that were getting ready to be buried.

The blonde sniffed and tried wiping his face clean as the funeral ended.

"Come on." The voice besides him spoke. Naruto looked up and saw his brother. "We should get home." The raven-haired boy moved his hand onto the smaller ones back and started walking lightly pushing the other one along.

They had been given a very nice apartment to live in, since the Uchiha district was considered unsafe to live in. So they had gathered what wasn't ruined in the fire and took it with them. They had inherited enough to buy all new furniture and live comfortably.

Naruto looked up at his older brother. He was still in a state of shock; Sasuke had been acting like nothing happened since the morning after the massacre. He was still frightened by him, but tried not to act to weird. The last thing he wanted to do was aggravate his brother, so best thing to do was play along and try to deal with everything he was going through by himself.

"Okay," He answered quietly and walked besides the older boy and slightly behind.

"I am going to talk to the Hokage tomorrow about getting you into the academy. I know it's a year early, but better safe then sorry if Itachi comes back." Sasuke said still looking forward.

'Does he actually believe?' Naruto sighed, "Okay, if that's what you want."

The older boy whirled around, "What? You don't want to go to the academy? You don't want to be safe from Itachi? You don't want to kill him for what he did?"

The blonde's eyes widened, "Oh, no! I mean yes! I mean I want to go." He finished off quietly.

"Alright, good." Sasuke gave a nod before turning and opening the apartment door. "You should really clean this place up to. I'm busy at the academy to have to come home cook for you and clean up everything."

"Yes, I'll get on it. I'm sorry."

So, the next week Naruto started the academy a year early from the normal six. And within three months Sasuke had convinced the Hokage to bump him up to where he was in Sasuke's class so that he could help with the younger ones studies.