I made this story up while I was sleeping…..It was weird, but sort of good at the same time. Hope you guys like it.

Avatar: Katara's Sacrifice

Katara held onto Aang almost everyday, trying to heal his wounds. Toph and Sokka watched as she held him closed to her heart, begging Aang to wake up again. Aang had not wakened up since Azula attacked him. And Katara was getting more worried everyday.

"Katara…you must rest, you haven't sleep in 3 days!" Sokka plead with his sister, who merely shaken her head.

"Katara…" Toph said softly, rarely using her name until it was really important. "I can feel your body shutting down. You must rest, I don't think Aang will like it if you died on him before he even wakes up."

Katara looked up at both of them, rings under her eyes showing her weariness, sighing softly. She walked over to her friends…no her family, and hugged them. She gave them a small smile. "okay" she said and she dragged her sleeping bag over to Aang. She fell asleep the moment her head hit the pillow.

She soon lost herself in her dreams, seeing her dad and mom hugging each other, her brother and Toph playing arm wrestling, and Aang laughing away, cheering them on. Then quite suddenly, Aang stop laughing, straighten himself out and walked over to Katara. She was surprised by this, but merely thought it was part of the dream. Aang reached out and grab her hand, smiling softly and spoke only two words.

'Hang on'

Katara eyes opened and bolt off the ground; she turned her head to see Aang kneeling by her, smiling sadly. She immediately hugs him and called out for Sokka and Toph.

'Sokka! Toph! Aang woke up he…' It was then that she notices that Aang was blue and Sokka and Toph looked like they didn't even hear her.

'They can't hear, Katara." Aang said. He then leaned in and kissed her on the lips, surprising her even more. She backed away from, more stun from begin kissed than aang begin blue…and see through.

'Welcome to the spirit world, Katara.'

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