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to save a life

Aang flew as fast as he could to get the others... he stayed behind to gather information for Katara and to let them know what their next plan of attack was. He was ashamed of Zuko... his anger caused him to act out like his own father... killing those who defied him. he saw appa and quickly floated over the gang.

"man... she went all out on them." Sokka said, placing a moist towel on her head.

'Indeed she has...it is sad to see her take on the role of the avatar... to carry such a burden onto herself is the making of a wise leader... but how did she even gain the power of the avatar? Where is Avatar Aang?" Iroh asked.

"Behind you." Toph replied. Iroh turned to examine the body. HE gave a soft sigh and nodded his head.

" I fear this my fault... I should of done more, to help Zuko, to lead him back from the darkness... The only choice i have left is to find his mother..."

"What?!" Toph said, turning head quickly to him...or at least the direction his voice came from. " but... isn't she dead? i know cause father told me all about the Fire Lord's family."

" A secret that was kept from Zuko...i only recently found out myself... when Zuko was banished, i recieved a letter from her, stating that i should keep him from becoming his father... i have failed so far... and i must ask for us to go to the eastern airtemple."

"What? Why? To see he old man?"

"Oh, i see you met Guru Pathik."

"You mean you met him? When?" Toph asked

" A very long time ago...when i was looking for myself and my place in the world... before Zuko's banishment." Iroh replied

"But nobody was there. Aang never said he met anyone else but him?." Toph said

"Then she must of been on a errend, or wish not to be found accidently by the avatar."

At that time, Aang floated onto Appa, quite sure that he cannot be seen.

"Speaking of which, How is the after life treating you Avatar Aang." Iroh stated calmly, thus amused when Aang fell through appa, a surprised looked etched onto his face.

"you can see me?!" aang cried out

"Yes i can, quite clearly too." Iroh responed, turning his head to the two other passangers. Sokka look a little lost while Toph looked disturbed.

"Everyone can see aang but me, and i am blind."

"I can't see him." Sokka said

"You can't see anything beyond food when it is right in front of you, that or girls. So i am not surprised."

"...thanks alot." Sokka said, grumply

"Anytime." Toph replied cheerfully/

"But how?"

"that is a story for another time. But You seem to have urgent news on your tongue. Care to tell us...or just me so i can relay to them."

"We need to go back."

"May i ask why?"

"Zuko and azula attacked Ty lee and Mai, ty lee is seriously burnt up and Mai looks like she could drop at any moment."

"What!?" Iroh yelled "Why would zuko do such a thing. There must be something wrong with him. I know Zuko, he would never attack Mai for any reason. We must go back."

"What?!" Sokka yelled "We just rescued you from from the the terrible twosome and you want us to go back. Katara is out cold if you haven't noticed."

"tell sokka not to worry, Zuko and Azula left them and are heading back to the fire nation. Mai and Ty lee are heading to the closest village.

"They have been abandon by my nephew and niece. And Mai and Ty lee are like daughters to me. Please, we must turn back."


"Sokka, just do it...i trust aang, don't you?" toph said

"Fine... but if this is a trap, i am blameing you."