Summary: As Naruto, Kakashi, and Jiraiya settle into their new lives back home. Each of them take on new roles, as their time away, life has brought many changes into their lives. Newly engaged and about to share their lives with the women they love. How will they react to becoming loving husbands, fathers, or both in the future? As the Konoha they once knew years ago, is no longer the same home before they left, as they forge their new lives in their new village.

Naruto vs. Sasuke: The Aftermath

Chapter 67: "New Lives, New Adjustments"

It had taken nearly three weeks working day and night for the laborers to finish the final construction of the Namikaze estate, but none of them were complaining. Not with the generous amount of money they were being paid by both Kakashi and Naruto to complete their new home as quickly as possible. So it was with great excitement that Kakashi, Kurenai, Minato, Hinata, and Naruto entered the completed grand estate to see it for the first time.

Access to the opulent mansion was through imposing large wooden entrance gates into a secluded and very pretty private courtyard, with a garden and a beautiful small pond filled with Koi fish. From the courtyard, double doors led directly into a spacious foyer of their home with superb high vaulted ceilings and original polished wooden floors. The building itself was like two identical mansions sitting side by side, as when you enter the household one would see that it has two identical floor plans within it. Everything from the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets, there was an exact duplicate on the other side of the huge palace like structure. The only thing about the two sides that differed was the center of the house held a single large common or living room area.

As the adults of the group discussed which side of the stately home they wanted, Minato was running around the mansion with youthful merriment, as he couldn't believe how much space he had to play in. When the two couples had made their decision, they each went to their respective choices to examine what would be their new home. When Kakashi and Kurenai showed Minato his new bedroom, the little boy was awestruck by the size of it, but remained unusually silent about it, as he seemed to be in deep thought. Kurenai finally spoke up and asked her son.

"What's wrong Minato-kun; don't you like your room?"

"I like it fine mommy, I was just thinking."

"What were you thinking about son?" Kakashi questioned.

"It's so big otousan, I was just thinking….."


"I'm going to need a lot more toys to fill it." Minato declared, as he looked up at his parents with hope etched on his face.

Both Kakashi and Kurenai saw the wide-eyed face of their son silently pleading to them to grant his wish for additional toys to fill the room. The two parents couldn't help but smile in amusement at their son's performance, before Kurenai stated.

"We'll think about it."

A smile lit up on Minato's face, as that answer usually meant he would get what he wanted from his mother, as he jumped up to hug her fiercely.

A short time later, Kakashi and Kurenai reunited with Naruto and Hinata in the main foyer of their home. It was then that Hinata and Kurenai glanced at one another and a silent message was sent and received by both of them. Both women in soft and suggestive voices proposed the exact same thing to their fiancé's. That it was time to go shopping to furnish their new home with everything it needed. Both Naruto and Kakashi inwardly groaned and exhaled defeated sighs, as they both knew the rest of their day would be filled going from store to store, with the contents of their wallets dwindling at each stop. As the women they loved would do their level best to empty them, before the day was through.

The next day after having dropped Minato off at pre-school, Kurenai and Hinata were busy directing the steady stream of deliveries coming in, as numerous men began to unload and move into the new home everything the two kunoichi's had purchased the day before. Both Naruto and Kakashi looked on sadly, as each piece of furniture, artwork, lamp, towels, pans, and whatever else their fiancé's had purchased marched by them like floating dollar signs. As the morning wore on, it was nearly lunchtime when they got a surprise visit from Anko and Ino.

The two kunoichi's had finished up an intensive training session that morning and afterwards had decided to invite their two best friends to have lunch with them. Neither Ino nor Anko had realized that today was moving day for Hinata and Kurenai when they had stopped by their apartment. Fortunately, one of neighbors had informed them that their friends were moving into their new home today, so both kunoichi's made their way to the Namikaze compound. Both Hinata and Kurenai spotted their best friends arriving and took a break from supervising the delivery men and movers.

"Anko, Ino, what brings the two of you here?" Kurenai asked warmly in greeting.

"Well me and my favorite pupil here just finished a rather grueling training session and we're famished. So we thought the two of you might like to join us for lunch." Anko replied with a smile.

"That's very kind of both of you to think to invite us Anko-Sensei." Hinata politely expressed with sincerity.

"Aww it's no big deal, you two are our bff's so why wouldn't we think of you." Ino jovially remarked to her closest friend.

"So where are your two studs?"

"Please don't refer to our future husbands as studs Anko." Kurenai said in reproach.

"Well they are studs whether you two want to admit it or not. I mean you should see some of the brazen looks the women around the village give those two since they got back. I mean if I didn't already have my Iruka-kun and Kakashi was available, you'd better believe I'd make a run at him." Anko unashamedly declared.

"And you already know Hinata I called first dibs on Naruto when he got back, if you ever decide to dump his hunky-ass." Ino quipped lasciviously.

"Well he's not available nor will he ever be Ino, so get that thought out of your head right now!" Hinata sternly proclaimed to her friend.

"And neither is Kashi-kun Anko!" Kurenai followed in suit.

"Th-that's a shame." Anko stammered, as she was looking at something behind Kurenai and Hinata.

"It, it really is a shame Anko-Sensei." Ino also stammered in agreement, as she too was looking at the same thing Anko was.

Kurenai and Hinata looked at their friends with confusion, before they turned around to see what had suddenly garnered Anko and Ino's extreme attention. Both Kunoichi's eyes grew wide and their breaths hitched in their throats at what they saw.

For having rounded a corner from the back of the house and walking towards them, were none other than their soon to be husbands Kakashi and Naruto, and they were…..shirtless. All four kunoichi gazed with deep interest, as the two men who were carrying toolboxes approached them. The sweat of their bodies glistened in the midday sun and seemed to highlight the broad shoulders, well defined chiseled chest, and perfect six-pack abs, both Kakashi and Naruto sported. As the two men continued to advance towards them, both Anko and Ino couldn't help but stare with shameless and longing admiration at the two men, before the voices of the women the two men were engaged too, broke them out of their lust-filled haze.

"Stop drooling Ino!" Hinata snapped at her best friend with irritation.

"You to Anko!" Kurenai quickly followed in suit.

Both Anko and Ino quickly wiped their mouths with their hands and looked guiltily at Hinata and Kurenai in slight embarrassment. However, before anything else could be said, Naruto and Kakashi had arrived.

"Hey Ino, Anko-Sensei, I haven't see you guys since Shikamaru's wedding." Naruto addressed happily to the two kunoichi's, as he and Kakashi placed their toolboxes onto the ground beside them.

"Hello Anko, you're looking as lovely as ever." Kakashi offered in pleasant compliment, making an effort as he promised Kurenai he would, to improve the adverse relationship he had with Anko.

Anko cocked an eyebrow in surprise at Kakashi's friendly compliment, before she replied in kind.

"Thanks Kakashi, you're not looking so bad yourself."

Kurenai shot her best friend a harsh glare, silently letting her know she didn't appreciate the sultry tone of Anko's voice.

Now it was Kakashi's turn to cock an eyebrow, as he wondered what was going on, before Naruto's voice interrupted his train of thought.

"So what brings you guy's out here?"

"Oh we came by to see if Hinata and Kurenai-Sensei wanted to get some lunch." Ino answered, before she innocently or so Naruto thought, reached up and brushed a speck of dirt off of Naruto's chest, as she asked in as equally a sultry voice as her sensei.

"So what have you been up to Naruto to get so sweaty and….dirty."

The harsh glare Anko had received from Kurenai was nothing compared to deadly glare Ino got from Hinata, as Naruto answered, completely oblivious to what was going on.

"Oh I was helping Kakashi-Sensei put together the jungle gym and swing-set in the backyard they got for little Minato yesterday."

"Is it all done?" Kurenai openly asked.

"Hai, it's finished although those damn instructions that came with them were practically useless." Kakashi replied in aggravation.

"Well thank you Kashi-kun for putting it together, I'm sure Minato-kun will love it when he gets home from the academy." Kurenai stated lovingly, as she leaned in and kissed Kakashi on the cheek, before she turned her head and shot a smirk at Anko.

"Thank you for helping Naru-kun." Hinata offered, as she too kissed her man on the cheek, before shooting a similar smirk at Ino.

Both Anko and Ino rolled their eyes at this, slightly annoyed at having their two best friends rub their faces in the fact that both Kakashi and Naruto were already taken….by them.

It was at that moment that a long two-horse drawn wagon from the village furniture store arrived. On board the wagon was a large and heavy oak wood bedframe with accompanying mattress and box-springs. Kurenai was surprised to see this, as she had not ordered it and realized Hinata must have, but she couldn't understand why?

"Hinata, why did you order a new bed, you just got one a little over a year ago?"

"Ummm….well…, my bed sort of got broken a couple of nights ago." Hinata sheepishly answered to her sensei.

"How did your bed get broken?"

Hinata couldn't answer, but the pensive nervous look she gave Naruto and her blushing face told everyone what had caused the broken bed. A moment later, both Ino and Anko erupted in boisterous laughter, causing Hinata to blush further in embarrassment, as Ino exclaimed in amusement.

"Ha, ha, ha, damn Naruto; what were you trying to do, hammer Hinata into the apartment below you guys?"

"Actually, if I remember right, Hinata was on top when the bed broke." Naruto absently replied, while he stroked his chin with his hand in deep thought, as he remembered that night.

"Naru-kun!" Hinata exclaimed in mortification, as she blushed even more upon hearing what Naruto had just revealed.

Ino and Anko erupted in even more raucous laughter and even Kakashi and Kurenai had to stifle their own amusement. After a minute, Ino threw her arm around Hinata's shoulder and openly declared in approval.

"That's my girl, you continue to ride him like a horse and if he breaks a leg… shoot him."

"Hey!" Naruto exclaimed with outrage.

"Oh I'm just kidding Naruto." Ino said, before she added with mirth.

"Well judging by the thickness of that wood frame, I'd say you two will have a difficult time breaking that bed."

"Pl-please stop talking Ino." Hinata stammered, before gasping in surprise, when she felt two powerful arms encircle her waist, as Naruto nuzzled her neck and began nibbling on her earlobe, while saying.

"Ino might be right, but that doesn't mean we still can't try to break the bed my hime."

An image of what Naruto and her might have to do to break the new bed suddenly entered Hinata's mind and that combined with the overwhelming embarrassment she was already feeling was too much for the Hyuga girl and she proceeded to faint into Naruto's arms, as everyone broke up laughing.

It had been a long and tiring moving day for both Kakashi and Kurenai, but that didn't stop the two Jounin from having a celebration that night and inaugurate their new bedroom in their own fashion.

As Kurenai fell forward and collapsed onto Kakashi, she rested her head upon his heaving chest, as he wrapped his arms comfortably around his fiancé's slender waist. As the two lovers lay panting on their bed, basking in the afterglow of their love making, Kurenai remarked in appreciation through labored breaths.

"Kami, I, I can't believe I lived without this for nearly four years."

"It, it wasn't easy for me either." Kakashi replied in a gasping tone.

"How did you survive?" Kurenai jokingly asked.

"I survived because there probably isn't one damn cold pound, river, or lake in this hemisphere that I haven't bathed in to cool off whenever I thought of you and your sexy body." Kakashi declared, as he kissed the top of Kurenai's head, while giving her ass a loving squeeze.

Kurenai appreciated her fiancé's racy albeit still loving declaration and snuggled her head deeper into Kakashi's well-toned chest and sighed with contentment, before she heard him say.

By the way, just so you know, Naruto and Master-Jiraiya were also members of the polar bear club whenever they thought of Hinata and Lady Tsunade, while we were gone as well."

At the mention of Tsunade's name, a troubling thought entered Kurenai's mind about the blonde Hokage. She had been harboring this disturbing suspicion about Tsunade ever since the day Naruto had learned the truth about Chouji's death. Chewing her bottom lip nervously, Kurenai raised her head up from Kakashi's chest to look at him and hesitantly ask.

"Kashi-kun, can I, can I tell you a secret."

"Of course you can."

"Well, I'm not sure secret is the right word, perhaps suspicion is more accurate, but you have to promise not to say anything to anyone about what I'm going to tell you."

Kakashi could hear the trepidation in Kurenai's voice and could feel her body tense up when she spoke. The silver-haired Jounin quickly realized that whatever she was going to tell him must be important to cause his normally calm and reserved fiancé this much anxiety. Nodding his head in acceptance, Kakashi watched his wife to be exhale a breath to calm her nerves, before she stated.

"I think Naruto still has family that's alive, a grandparent if I'm not mistaken."

Kakashi body stiffened upon hearing this and he silently thought with distress.

'How did Kurenai learn about Master-Jiraiya being Naruto's grandfather?'

"Wh-what makes you say that?" Kakashi stammered out nervously.

"Because I suspect it's someone we both know."


"You're not going to believe it, but it's a Sannin!"

'Oh Kami, she does know about Master-Jiraiya, but, but how?' Kakashi thought in a panic to himself.

"A, a Sannin, you can't be serious."

"I know it sounds crazy, but it's true."

'Maybe I can convince her she's wrong.' Kakashi pondered in desperation, before he started to say.

"You're right, it does sound crazy. I, I mean how could Mas..."

"I know, I can hardly believe it myself, but I'm almost positive Lady Tsunade is Naruto's grandmother." Kurenai exclaimed in astonishment, interrupting her fiancé.

"Huh...wait...what?" Kakashi uttered in confusion, as he was not expecting Kurenai to say that.

After a moment, Kakashi stared at the face of his soon to be wife and could see this was not some sort of joke on her part, but that she was being serious about what she stated, before he asked with skepticism.

"Lady Tsunade, c'mon aren't you just getting confused because Naruto always refers to her as baa-chan?"

"How Naruto addresses her has nothing to do it."

"Ok, so tell me why you think the Hokage is Naruto's grandmother?"

Kurenai rose up and straddled Kakashi's torso, before she began to explain.

"While you were gone with Naruto and Master-Jiraiya, Lady Tsunade and I along with Hinata grew very close. Our friendship forged by the bond we shared of the men we loved being away from us. Well during that time on more than one occasion, I would hear Lady Tsunade accidentally refer to Naruto as her grandson."

"Was she drunk when that happened?"

"A fair point, yes she was inebriated several times when it happened, but the fact that it continued to happen, says something as well. Anyway, what confirmed this suspicion I've had happened on the day Naruto learned of Chouji's death. I overheard Lady Tsunade say as she was gazing at the destruction Naruto had caused to the forest from his punch,

"I can't believe my grandson has learned my Chakra Enhanced Strength technique."

"That, that is suspicious." Kakashi remarked, as he was now starting to consider the possibility.

"I agree and Lady Tsunade wasn't drunk, nor do I believe she even realized I was there when she said it. I'm telling you Kashi-kun, I really think she's the mother of the Fourth Hokage, which makes her Naruto's actual grandmother! I mean it is possible when you think about it. Remember when we were little kids and the adults would sometimes bring up the scandal of the village was about the Senju princess getting pregnant out of wedlock. I remember them saying that the treatment she received from some of the villagers got so bad, she left the Leaf village and moved away because of it."

Kakashi was lost in deep thought as he tried to remember his conversation with Master-Jiraiya that night the Toad-Sage let slip, because of being drunk, that he was in fact Minato-Sensei's true father and in turn Naruto's grandfather. From what Kakashi could recall, when he asked Jiraiya about Naruto's grandmother and why she couldn't care for Naruto? He stated that Naruto's grandmother had left him and the village long before Naruto was born. The silver-haired Jounin was brought out of his musings, when Kurenai continued on.

"I mean think about it, the true heritage of the Fourth was never known by the villagers. The Third Hokage always said that he was an orphan from the Second Great Shinobi war and placed Jiraiya as his sensei, because the boy showed great aptitude in Fuuinjutsu. But what if that was all a lie from the Sandaime. What if the boy was actually the child Tsunade was pregnant with when she left the village."

Everything started to click in Kakashi's mind as he thought about it. Tsunade had to be the one that Jiraiya conceived Minato-Sensei with. When Tsunade was pregnant, Jiraiya had already left the village months earlier to start up his spy network. He only came back to the village during the Second Great Shinobi war, and after that is when he appeared a few years later with Minato and Sarutobi officially made him the boy's Sensei. The Third must have already known that Jiraiya was Minato's father, but wouldn't make that knowledge public due to all the enemies Jiraiya had made during the war. Not to mention in the time he's spent with the Toad-Sannin the past few years, Tsunade is the only woman that Jiraiya ever talked about. So he knew how much and for such a long time Jiraiya has loved her.

"It all makes sense, why didn't I see it before?" Kakashi exclaimed, as he bolted upright and accidentally bumped foreheads with Kurenai, causing her to fall backwards and cry out, while rubbing her head.

"What the hell!"

"I'm, I'm sorry, are you alright?" Kakashi asked in concern, as he lifted Kurenai back onto his torso and kissed her forehead to comfort her.

"I'm fine, but what was that all about?"

"I'm sorry, I just suddenly realized that you're probably right and I agree with you. Lady Tsunade must be Minato-Sensei's mother and Naruto's grandmother. I'm just wondering why she's kept it a secret from him, knowing how much he has yearned to have a family"

"Thank you for that Kashi-kun, you've no idea how long I've wanted to talk to someone about this. I guess the only thing that still remains a mystery is who is Naruto's grandfather? I suppose the most probable would be Tsunade's lover Dan she lost during the war."

"Dan is not Naruto's grandfather." Kakashi absently remarked with a little too much certainty in his voice. Kurenai eyed her fiancé suspiciously, before she then proclaimed.

"You know who it is don't you, you know who Naruto's grandfather is!"

"I….uhhh…, I don't know who Naruto's grandfather is? I….I was just commenting that I didn't think it was Dan…but…but I could be mistaken." Kakashi stammered nervously, as he attempted to backpedal from his statement.

"Liar, you stated with full confidence that Dan wasn't Naruto's grandfather. So tell me, who is it, who is Naruto's true grandfather?"

"I, I can't say, I gave my word that I wouldn't reveal that to anyone."

"I'm not anyone, I'm about to become your wife."

"Yes, you are going to be my wife, but I'm sorry, that doesn't absolve me of the word I gave."

A perplexed and annoyed look spread across Kurenai's face, as she could tell Kakashi was not going to budge and tell her what she wanted to know. The ruby-eyed woman decided she needed to be physically proactive to get the information out fiancé. Shifting her position on his torso, Kurenai reached behind her and grabbed….little Kakashi and began to lovingly stroke him, while saying in a sexy and sensual voice.

"I could make you tell me Kashi-kun."

Kakashi shuddered in pleasure and he felt his…..arousal begin to grow under Kurenai's amorous ministrations. The silver-haired Jounin was supremely confident that if Kurenai thought sex would get him to divulge the information, she was sadly mistaken. However, if she wanted to try, why would he stop her, as he would only be depriving himself of hours of passionate pleasure, as he smugly challenged her through clenched teeth.

"That's not going to work, but you're more than welcome to try."

Kurenai merely flashed a mischievous smile, before she leaned down and began placing soft, featherlike kisses onto Kakashi's chiseled chest. For his part, Kakashi closed his eyes and reveled in the feeling, as he gripped the wrought-iron bars of the headboard behind him. It wasn't until he heard an unfamiliar click sound and his eyes snapped open to see Kurenai staring down at him with a devious expression spread across her face. Kakashi attempted to bring his arms down and quickly discovered that his wrists had been shackled to the headboard by a pair of chakra-suppressing handcuffs.

"Wha-what the hell is this Kure-chan?" Kakashi exclaimed in confusion, as he struggled against the restraints.

"Oh this is just a technique that Anko told me about that she used on Iruka to find something out that he didn't want to tell her. There's no need to struggle, you won't be able to break those cuffs with physical strength or chakra. So you have a choice, you can tell me who Naruto's grandfather is now, or you can tell me later after I'm done with you."

Kakashi gulped nervously at the ominous inference of Kurenai's last sentence, but mustering up as much courage and bravado as he could. The copy-ninja spat with defiance.

"Do your worse, I'm not going to say anything!"

Kurenai leaned down and sensuously began licking Kakashi's ear, before she gave his earlobe and nip and cooed seductively into his ear.

"I think you will, as Anko told me this technique has never failed her…...ever."

A few hours later, Kakashi was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and tears were welling in his eyes. For his loving bride to be, had mercilessly brought him to the soaring heights of incredible ecstasy, only to pull back and deprive the silver-haired Jounin of his ultimate release time and time again. Kakashi was sure he was going to literally explode, before he finally surrendered and cried out in agonized desperation.

"It's, it's Master-Jiraiya….he, he's Naruto's true grandfather! Now please Kure-chan, stop this torture and give me what I need!"

Kurenai smiled brightly, happily assured of her victory over her fiancé, she reached over to unlock the handcuffs. However, the moment his hands were free, Kurenai suddenly found herself flipped over onto her knees with Kakashi slamming into her from behind with such force in one swift fluid motion, it practically knocked the wind out of her. Kurenai barely had time to brace herself, as he thrust into her with rapid and powerful strokes, relentlessly driving into her with a primal need for his own release.

Meanwhile, it was all Kurenai could do to hang on, as each vigorous thrust pushed her further into the soft bed and she had to dig her fingers into and grip the sheets tightly to keep herself from being shoved off the bed. Kakashi's lone visible eye was glazed over in blind lust, as he was completely lost in his desperately urgent need for release. Kurenai felt Kakashi's hand seize some of her flailing hair. Then he yanked her head up and to the side, before dragging his mouth onto her own causing Kurenai to moan when his tongue invaded her mouth.

This frenzied aggressive passion from Kakashi was turning Kurenai on and she began to slam with wanton abandon, her own hips back in time with his forceful strokes. The way she was clenching her muscles around Kakashi to keep him inside of her, only added fuel to the growing inferno within the copy-nin. Suddenly, Kurenai lost it completely and went wild under him, her body bucking and thrashing about from the intensity of her orgasm. Kakashi could no longer hold back, as he felt Kurenai explode around him. And with one final vigorous thrust, he ground his hips hard against her ass and buried himself fully and with a loud guttural groan that echoed through the bedroom emptied his seed within Kurenai, reveling in the satisfaction and sweet relief it gave him.

Kakashi collapsed on top of Kurenai breathing heavily, before he slid off her body and pushed his fiancé away from him gruffly. Kurenai turned her head to look at Kakashi who had his arm draped across his forehead and was still gasping from the exertion of his effort. Heavily panting herself, Kurenai strained to crawl next to Kakashi and lay her head down upon his heaving chest, before she commented in a rasping voice.

"Th-that was the most intense three minutes of my life."

"You-you're lucky I was able to last three minutes after the torture you've put me through the past few hours."

Kurenai smirked a bit at the comment, before she placed a tender kiss on Kakashi's chest and said.

"If it's any consolation, you endured it much longer than I thought you would."

Both Jounin were exhausted and covered in a fine sheen of sweat, but after a few minutes they began to calm down and as their breathing returned to normal, Kurenai spoke once more and remarked.

"So, Master-Jiraiya is Naruto's grandfather. Kami I'm such an idiot, I should have been able to figure that out myself."

"Don't beat yourself up over it Kure-chan, I should have been able to deduce who was Naruto's grandmother, but didn't until now." Kakashi commented, as he leaned down and gently kissed the top of her head, before adding.

"You have to promise me not to tell a soul about this."

"I promise, I won't tell anyone, but we do need to discuss this with Lady Tsunade and Master-Jiraiya."

"Why do we need to do that?"

"Because both Naruto and Hinata deserve to know the truth before they get married. I don't think something this big should be sprung on them after they're married."

"I suppose you're right, maybe if Tsunade and Jiraiya learn that we know about their true heritage to Minato-Sensei and Naruto. It will force them to overcome their fears about telling him. Because they need to tell him the truth soon, as the longer they wait the harder Naruto's going to take it."

"Well, we're having breakfast with Naruto and Hinata this Saturday morning, why don't we also invite Lady Tsunade and Master-Jiraiya as well and we can discuss it with them then."

"What about Naruto and Hinata?"

"After breakfast, we'll have them take Minato-kun over to Rock Lee's dojo instead of him and Gai coming by to pick him up for his taijutsu training like they normally do. That will give us a chance to talk to the two Sannin in private."

"Alright, it sounds like a plan. I don't know how good a plan, but I'll let the sexy green beast know he doesn't have to pick up Minato-kun this Saturday."

Kurenai leaned up and lovingly kissed Kakashi, before both Jounin settled down and drifted off into a peaceful slumber in each other's arms.

Saturday morning soon arrived and Kurenai was finishing up cooking breakfast. Looking at the feast she had prepared, the genjutsu mistress was proud of what she had accomplished. Her cooking skills were nowhere near Hinata's level, but everything looked and smelled quite good. Walking out into the common living room they shared with Naruto and Hinata. Kurenai was greeted with the heart-warming sight of Jiraiya and Tsunade doting on and playing with Minato, while Kakashi looked on; as the young boy showed off some the new toys her and Kakashi had gotten for him earlier that week. Announcing that breakfast would be ready in a few minutes, everyone moved to the dining room to take a seat. It was then that Jiraiya openly asked in curiosity.

"Where are Naruto and Hinata?"

"I don't know Master-Jiraiya; I would have thought Hinata would have been down already to help me with breakfast. They better hurry up, as everything is almost ready." Kurenai replied in wonderment herself.

"I'll go get Unca Nawuto and Awnty Hinata!" Minato declared, before he sprinted out of the room in a flash.

A minute later, Minato came racing back into the dining room with a panicked look upon his face, and was speaking a mile a minute.


"Whoa, whoa, slow down son, you're speaking too fast, what's going on?" Kakashi asked his clearly distressed child.

"I said otousan, that Unca Nawuto and Awnty Hinata are being attacked you need to come quick!"

"What, who is attacking them, what did you see Minato-kun?"

"Ummm, I couldn't see who was attacking them mommy, as their door was closed, but I could hear them being attacked."

"What exactly did you hear son?" Kakashi questioned.

"Well I got to the door and was about to knock, when I heard Unca Nawuto and Awnty Hinata moaning and groaning. I also heard this strange sound, as whoever they were fighting was slapping them and their moans got louder. I tried to open the door, but it was locked, so I came back here as fast as I could to get help. You need to hurry otousan; I don't want Unca Nawuto and Awnty Hinata to get hurt."

"Fat chance of that happening." Jiraiya openly mumbled in amusement, causing Tsunade to slap his shoulder in rebuke.

The blonde Sannin was also sporting a fierce blush that matched the one on Kurenai's face, as all of the adults quickly surmised what was currently going on with Naruto and Hinata. Kakashi reached down and placed his son onto his lap to calm the boy down, as he said with assurance.

"Everything is alright, you're aunt and uncle are fine and aren't being attacked."

"Then what's happening to them?"

Kakashi paused a moment, as he was flummoxed as what to tell his son, before Tsunade rescued him and said.

"It's ok Minato-kun, you're aunt and uncle are just….training right now."

"What kind of training baa-chan-Tsunade?" Minato innocently asked in curiosity.

Now it was Tsunade's turn to pause, as she pondered how to answer that question, before Jiraiya offered up in reply to help her out.

"It's a form of taijutsu training your aunt and uncle are practicing against one another, which explains the slapping sounds you heard."

"Oh, but why are they training right now?"

"Well you know how much you're aunt likes to train Minato-kun." Kurenai feebly declared in explanation, before Kakashi then added.

"And your uncle likes to train just as much as you're aunt. That's what makes them both such highly strong and skilled shinobi. Don't worry; I'm sure they'll both be down shortly to join us."

"Ok otousan." Minato happily agreed, satisfied with his parents explanation.

Fifteen minutes later Naruto and Hinata came walking into the dining room with bright smiles and holding hands, as they took their seats at the table and Hinata apologized.

"I'm sorry Naru-kun and I are late for breakfast."

"That's alright Hinata; I kept a couple of plates warm for you both."

Both Hinata and Naruto bowed their heads and thanked Kurenai, before she got up to retrieve their morning meal. Meanwhile, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Kakashi bore strange smirks upon their faces, as the three gazed at Naruto and Hinata. Both of them were puzzled by the strange looks they were getting, but before they could inquire about it, little Minato piped up and asked.

"So who won Unca Nawuto?"

"Huh, what do you mean who won Minato-kun?"

"Well baa-chan Tsunade and jiji Jiraiya told me what you two were doing a little while ago."

"Eeeep!" Hinata squeaked in surprise and she began to blush.

"Wh-what we were doing?" Naruto stammered in a panic, as he nervously rubbed the back of his head and began to shift about in his chair.

"Yeah, I heard you and Awnty Hinata when I went up to get you for breakfast, so I was wondering who won?" Minato stated in reply.

"You, you heard us!" Hinata exclaimed, with her eyes wide in mortified horror.

At that moment, Kurenai returned from the kitchen and placed Hinata and Naruto's plates of food in front of them, before she noticed both of them appeared to be in some sort of distress and asked.

"Is something wrong?"

"No nothing is wrong Kurenai; Naruto was just about to answer your son's question of who won his taijutsu training spar earlier, him or Hinata." Tsunade announced in amusement, as she watched the two young shinobi squirm in their seats.

"Train…training spar?...Oh yeah,… spar!" Naruto questioned in confusion, before he figured out what was going on and said.

"Your Aunt Hinata won the spar Minato-kun, she always wins."

Naruto then paused and turned to Hinata and asked.

"You did win didn't you my hime?"

"Three times." Hinata softly answered, causing both Tsunade and Kurenai to partially choke and spit out some of the orange juice they happened to be drinking at that moment, as they picked up on the true hidden meaning of Hinata's response.

"Three times, you must be really bad at that taijutsu Unca Nawuto!" Minato exclaimed, with innocent and unintended derision.

"That's not true Minato-kun; your uncle is the best at that taijutsu, at least as far as I'm concerned." Hinata openly remarked, as she raised her hand and lovingly cupped Naruto's cheek, while looking into his eyes.

"Really, that's so cool; can you teach me that taijutsu Unca Nawuto?" The young boy enthusiastically asked with hope etched in his voice.

For a second time, Naruto began to squirm on his chair and looked to Minato's parents for help, but all he got was amused smirks from both of them, before the blonde Jinchuuriki thought of something and said.

"Actually kiddo, your mom and dad know that taijutsu far better than me and your aunt."


"Yeah, you're proof of that."

Kakashi nearly choked on the food he was swallowing when Naruto said this, while Kurenai began to sport a blush a bright as the one Hinata had earlier. Minato didn't understand what his uncle had meant of him being proof, but decided it wasn't important, as he excitedly asked his parents.

"Otousan, can you and mommy teach me that taijutsu?"

"Errr….ummm…well?" Kakashi began to sputter, as now it was his turn to squirm in his chair, before Kurenai stated with authority to her son, as she shot a glare at Naruto.

"That's a big boy taijutsu your aunt and uncle were…... performing. So you'll have to wait until you're older until you can do it."

"Awww, how much older do I have to get?" Minato expressed in disappointment.

"We'll let you know." Kakashi answered.

"That's not fair; maybe I can ask Uncle Gai to teach me?"

"I can assure you son, your Uncle Gai knows nothing about that taijutsu." Kakashi openly declared, in sarcastic amusement.

"Don't worry Minato-kun, I promise you'll know about that taijutsu one day." Kurenai assured her son to comfort him.

"Ok, I'll wait." Minato glumly replied, before a quizzical look spread across his face.

"What's wrong Minato-kun?" Hinata questioned in concern.

"Ummm, well there's something I don't understand about your spar with Unca Nawuto?"

"What, what is it you don't understand?"

"Well, I heard you ask Unca Nawuto to pound you harder, doesn't that hurt if he does that Awnty Hinata?"

Hinata felt like her heart dropped into her stomach upon hearing this question and her blush returned with full force in embarrassment. Meanwhile, the rest of the adults in the room were struggling to contain their laughter, save for Naruto. For his part, he too sported a deep blush and desperately racked his brain for a suitable answer to give to Minato. Fortunately, Kakashi bailed him out, as he said.

"Remember what I told you earlier son, about how your aunt and uncle like to train so much and that's what makes them both such highly strong and skilled shinobi."

"I remember otousan."

"Well when it comes to training, they never hold anything back and that's what it takes to become such good shinobi's. And when it comes to that particular….training, your aunt and uncle…..always give it their all."

The double entendre of Kakashi's words was not lost on the young couple, as they both shot the silver-haired Jounin a sharp glare, before Minato's voice rang out once more.

"Wow, is that true Awnty Hinata and Unca Nawuto."

Both Naruto and Hinata were blushing furiously and nodded their heads to the young boy, before Naruto proclaimed.

"It's true, with that training I don't hold back with your aunt."

"Nor do I want him to Minato-kun." Hinata followed with a mischievous sly grin on her face.

"Then from now on I'm going to make sure I train just as hard as the both of you!" Minato announced with zeal, causing the adults to chuckle in merriment, before everyone settled in to enjoy the rest of their breakfast.

After breakfast was finished and Kurenai with Hinata's help had cleared the table, everyone retired to the large living room area to drink coffee. Minato went up to his bedroom to change his clothes for his weekly taijutsu lesson from his Uncle Gai and Rock Lee. When he returned looking like a miniaturized version of Konoha's sexy beast, it still unnerved Kakashi when he gazed at his son dressed that way. It was then that Kurenai asked Naruto and Hinata to escort the young boy to his training session, as she remembered that Gai and Lee were not going to be able to pick him up, as they normally do. The two young shinobi happily agreed and with Minato perched upon his uncle's shoulders, they left the two Jounin alone with the two Sannin in their home. It was then that Kurenai exhaled a sigh and remarked to Tsunade and Jiraiya.

"Well, now that they are gone, there's something of great importance Kakashi and I wish to discuss with the two of you."

Both Jiraiya and Tsunade looked at the two Jounin in befuddled curiosity, before the genjutsu mistress knocked them for a loop when she announced with confidence.

"We know the two of you are Naruto's grandparents."

"Wh-what are talking about? Wh-why would you think something like that? Th-that's just ridiculous." Tsunade shakily stammered in denial.

"Tsunade's right, that, that's just absurd." Jiraiya expressed nervously, in an attempt to support Tsunade's rejection of Kurenai's allegation.

"Don't deny it Master-Jiraiya, Kashi-kun already told me that you admitted to being Naruto's grandfather to him, when the two of you were traveling these past few years." Kurenai point blankly revealed.

The wizened Toad-Sage shot a withering glare at Kakashi, as he growled out angrily.

"Damn it Kakashi, you swore to me that wouldn't tell a soul about that!"

"I'm, I'm sorry Master-Jiraiya, but, but Kure-chan did b-bad things to me to gain the information." Kakashi sheepishly replied with his head lowered in shame to the Sannin.

"What do you mean by bad things?" Jiraiya asked in confusion.

"Na-naughty things." Kakashi stammered in response.

The elder shinobi sat silently for a minute to ponder what Kakashi was implying with his two word answer, before he exhaled a sigh and said to the one-eyed Jounin.

"Alright, I suppose I can't be too angry, I'd probably give it up just as easily you did if Kurenai had done those naughty things to me considering how hot she is."

Jiraiya's slightly lascivious compliment about the genjutsu mistress earned him a sharp slap to the shoulder from his none too pleased buxom blonde fiancé seated next to him. Rubbing his shoulder in discomfort, the Toad-Sage offered up in a whiny response.

"You're hot too my queen."

"Hmph, I don't want to hear any of your flattery right now!" Tsunade snapped at her husband-to-be, before she then turned her supposed wrath towards Kurenai and barked.

"And you, what in the world makes you think I would have slept with this lecherous pervert when I was younger to father the Fourth Hokage, which is what you're accusing me of!"

Unfortunately for the blonde Hokage, Kurenai was unfazed by Tsunade's show of bravado and said in a direct, calm and steady tone of voice.

"I think you slept with Master-Jiraiya because even back then you loved him as much as you do now. And though I was young, I still remember the scandal of the village back then of the Senju princess getting pregnant out of wedlock."

"Th-that doesn't prove anything." Tsunade stuttered nervously.

"You're right, it doesn't prove that you're the Yondaime's mother and in turn Naruto's grandmother. However, on more than one occasion the past few years, I've overheard you accidentally refer to Naruto as your grandson."

"Th-that doesn't mean anything, I was probably drunk whenever I said something like that."

"It's true you were inebriated several times when it happened, but the fact that it continued to be said by you on different occasions, is more than just a coincidence."

Tsunade remained silent and unmoving, as Kurenai continued on.

"And your inebriation theory doesn't explain when I heard you say with pride and admiration, as you gazed at the destruction Naruto had caused to the forest from his punch. That you couldn't believe that your grandson had learned your Chakra Enhanced Strength technique."

"You, you overheard me say that." Tsunade softly commented.

"Hai, I did Lady Tsunade."

"I was afraid you had."

Tsunade sat silently on the couch with her hands clasped tightly and resting on her knees. After a minute, she exhaled a defeated sigh and admitted.

"It's true; Jiraiya-kun and I are Naruto's grandparents."

An uncomfortable pall of silence filled the room gripping everyone present like a vice, before Tsunade finally asked.

"So what now, are the two of you going to tell him?"

"I...we...I, I, don't know, we're not sure yet." Kurenai stuttered, unsure of how to answer the question.

"We don't want to be the ones to tell him Lady Tsunade, but we both feel that Naruto does deserve to know the truth." Kakashi summarily stated.

"We already know that Naruto deserves to know the truth about us."

"Yet the two of you still haven't told him yet!" Kurenai snapped at Jiraiya.

"It's not that easy to tell him." Tsunade cried out in defense.

"Of course it's not going to be easy to tell him, but Naruto's going to learn the truth sooner or later and it would be much better off for him and both of you, if he learns that truth from his grandparents and not someone else."

"So you are going to tell him!" The blonde Hokage spat in accusation at Kurenai.

"Only if the two of you force us to." Kakashi declared in a cold calculating voice.

Both Jiraiya and Tsunade stared at Kakashi in shock, before they both stammered in unison at the one-eyed Jounin.


"Because it's for his own good and both of you know it. Everyone in this room save for Kurenai has betrayed Naruto in some way during his life. We three should have been there for him growing up and we weren't. And whatever reasons or excuses we come up with to justify why we weren't there are just bullshit. I know the fear the two of you have about telling Naruto the truth, because I too have held that same fear. When I first became Naruto's sensei, I had suspected for a long time he might be Minato-sensei's son, but I told myself there was no proof of that. So I ignored him to focus my efforts on Sasuke, as I felt I owed a debt to my late teammate Obito Uchiha to do so. However, if I had been honest with myself about Naruto I would have realized I owed a greater debt to Minato-sensei to take care of his son. I failed to do this and the guilt of my ignoring Naruto when he needed me most is something I will never forgive myself for doing to him."

Both Kurenai, Tsunade, and Jiraiya listened intently and with sadness as Kakashi spoke, before the blonde Hokage remarked.

"I understand your pain Kakashi, but you didn't have to worry about Naruto hating you because of something you kept from him."

"You think it was easy for me to admit my failings as a sensei to Naruto. You think I wasn't worried that afterwards he would tell me to go to hell and never want to have anything to do with me ever again. And honestly if he had done that I couldn't have blamed him one bit for having that reaction. However, the one thing that sets Naruto apart from anyone else I have ever known is his seemingly limitless capacity to forgive. It didn't happen right away, but eventually Naruto did forgive me and for that I'm eternally grateful for. I know it will be difficult for you and Master-Jiraiya to reveal your true heritage to Naruto and I'm not guaranteeing that he won't hate you for keeping the truth from him. You just have to find the right moment to tell him and take the chance and trust that Naruto will find it in his heart to forgive you in time."

A pall of stifling silence enveloped the room, before Jiraiya finally said.

"You're right Kakashi, about everything, and all I can say is I swear we will tell Naruto the truth very soon. All we ask is that you and Kurenai please give us a little more time to do so."

Both Kakashi and Kurenai nodded their heads in agreement to the two Sannin sitting across from them before Kurenai declared.

"We'll give you both the time, but it won't be forever. Because if after a sufficient amount of time you still haven't told Naruto the truth, then we will. And that is not a threat…...but a promise."

Both Tsunade and Jiraiya cast fervent worried looks to one another, before they nodded their heads in understanding.

As Naruto and Hinata were taking Minato over to Rock Lee's dojo they ran into the Konohamaru Corp along with Hinata's sister Hanabi who appeared to be in a heated argument with her boyfriend Konohamaru. Wondering what was going on, Naruto and Hinata approached the bickering couple and asked.

"Hey you guy's, what's going on?" Naruto questioned in curiosity.

"Hanabi-chan, why are you fighting with Konohamaru?" Hinata followed up in query.

"Oh hello oneesan, I'm fighting with Kono-kun because he's being a stupid baka!"

"I'm not being a stupid baka!"

"Yes you are and you're going to get into trouble if you do this."

"Whoa, wait a minute, what are you going to get into trouble for?" Naruto openly questioned in earnest.

"It's no big deal boss; we're just heading over to this public dojo to talk to the head sensei of it. The students he's been teaching taijutsu have been picking on the little kids at the academy after school and we want them to stop that's all." Konohamaru casually explained.

"That doesn't seem so bad, why would you get into trouble for that?"

"Go ahead Kono-kun, tell him what you plan to do if this head sensei refuses to discipline his students and make them stop bullying the younger kids at the academy." Hanabi chided to her boyfriend.

"What are you planning to do?" Naruto asked suspiciously.

"I figured if the guy refuses to make his students stop, then I along with Moegi, Udon, and Hanabi-chan would just beat up a few of his top pupils to show that they were being serious about protecting the younger kids at the academy. They kind of look up to us, so I think it's our responsibility to stick up for them against these bullies."

"I told you Kono-kun, I can't be involved in a public brawl with civilians, as it would reflect poorly upon my clan if I was. Besides, I don't agree with your plan of action in the first place."

"Konohamaru, it's admirable that you want to protect and defend the younger classmates at the academy, but by no means is it your responsibility to do so, even if they do look up to all of you. The best course of action is to find an adult shinobi who has some authority and status within the village and have him or her talk to this head sensei in a calm and rational manner and not resort to violence if he refuses to stop his student's actions." Hinata advised to the young genin.

"That's what I told him to do!" Hanabi loudly declared.

"Alright, but what adult shinobi can we get with that kind of clout to help us?"

"Well, how about a shinobi who was just recently promoted to Jounin and who also happens to be the son of the Fourth Hokage."

"Huh, you mean me?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"Of course I mean you Naru-kun." Hinata answered with a smile.

"That's a great idea, will you help us out boss!" Konohamaru exclaimed in excitement.

"Yeah I'll help out. I might as well put some of this hero worship I've been getting from the villagers to good use. If this guy is like the majority of the people around here, he'll bend over backwards to accommodate me." Naruto casually proclaimed.

"Good, while you're doing that, I'll finish taking Minato-kun over to Lee's dojo and meet you back at the house."

"Awww, I want to go with Unca Nawuto to see him beat up that bad sensei." Minato whined in disappointment to Hinata.

"Minato-kun, your uncle isn't going to beat anyone up; he's just going to talk to the man that's all."

"Your aunt is right kiddo, fighting is not the answer to every problem." Naruto remarked, as he ruffled Minato's hair.

"Can I come with you oneesan?" Hanabi asked her older sister.

"Of course you can, it will give us a chance to catch up."

Naruto and Hinata shared a chaste kiss much to little Minato's disgust, before the blonde Jounin walked off with the Konohamaru Corp. While Hinata with her sister in tow, left in the opposite direction with Minato to finish escorting him to his exuberant green-clad sensei's.

A couple of hours later, Hinata, Hanabi, and Minato returned to the Namikaze/Hatake compound and entered the opulent dual mansion. The trio was greeted warmly by Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kurenai, and Kakashi, who asked his son.

"So how did your training go with your Uncle Gai and Lee?"

"It was great otousan; Unca Gai said my flames of youth were burning very bright today."

A shiver went up Kakashi's spine when he heard Minato talk about the flames of youth.

Hinata smiled as she watched the exchange between father and son, before she looked over to Tsunade and Kurenai and could immediately sense an uneasy tension between the two women. However, before the Hyuga girl could delve into what was going on between the two elder kunoichi, there was a knock at the front door. Opening the door, Hinata was surprised to see Iruka and Anko along with their two young daughters bearing a house warming gift.

"Anko, what are you doing here?" Kurenai asked with a smile, as she joined Hinata at the front door.

"I just wanted to check out your new digs; here these are for you and Hinata." Anko casually replied, before she thrust a wrapped package into Kurenai's arms and remarked.

"They're scented candles."

"Anko, what's the point of wrapping the gift if you're just going to tell them what it is in advance?" Iruka openly groused to his wife.

Anko merely gave a dismissive wave to her husband, before Aniko and Anika sweetly cooed in greeting together.

"Hi Minato-kun…."

The young boy merely rolled his eyes and searched the room for an avenue of escape, when his mother said to him.

"Minato, why don't you show Anika and Aniko you're new jungle gym and swing-set in the backyard."

"Oooooh, you got a new jungle gym and swing-set." The young girls exclaimed in excitement.

"Yeah, it's pretty neat, my dad and Unca Nawuto put it together for me. You want to play on it?"

Both girls nodded their heads enthusiastically, before all three kids raced out of the room towards the backyard. All of the adults were smiling, as they watched with enjoyment the innocence of youth the children displayed to everyone. A moment later, Anko loudly piped up and asked of Kurenai and Hinata.

"So how many rooms have the two of you christened so far in this…..palace?"

Kurenai immediately began to blush, as she understood the implied meaning of Anko's question, but Hinata didn't understand and asked what Anko meant by christening? Kurenai leaned in and whispered in Hinata's ear the answer and the Hyuga girl then sported a blush as red as the one that adorned her sensei's face. After a moment, Hinata hesitantly stammered in reply surprising everyone in the room.


Anko cocked an eyebrow at her best friend, before Kurenai finally relented and answered.

"Just one."

Anko let loose an animated belly laugh, as she openly observed in amusement.

"Ha, ha, ha, it appears the student is outshining the teacher."

"Oh be quiet!" Kurenai snapped in a miffed tone of voice.

Anko merely laughed again and threw her arm around Kurenai's shoulder and said.

"Don't feel so bad, it took me and Iruka-kun almost a month before we christened every room in our house."

"Anko!" Iruka shouted with exasperation, as everyone else erupted in laughter at his embarrassment and discomfort.

Taking a moment to calm himself down, Iruka shot his wife a disapproving glare who answered his disapproving gaze playfully sticking out her tongue at him, before he asked.

"So where is my ramen addicted favorite student Naruto?"

Hinata taking a moment to compose herself and stop laughing finally answered.

"Oh, when we were taking Minato-kun over to Lee's dojo for his weekly taijutsu lesson. He and I ran into Konohamaru, Moegi, Udon, and my sister. They told us they were heading over to see and talk to the sensei of a public dojo. Apparently the students he's been teaching taijutsu to have been picking on the little kids at the academy and they wanted him to stop his pupils from doing that anymore."

"Kono-kun wanted to go over there to beat up a few of his students to show that they were being serious about protecting the younger kids at the academy, if the guy refused to make them stop bullying the kids." Hanabi added into the explanation.

"Ok, but that still doesn't explain where Naruto is?"

"Well, I told Konohamaru that resorting to violence was not the answer if this sensei refuses to stop his student's actions. I said that he should ask an adult shinobi who has some authority and status within the village and have a talk with this teacher in a calm and rational manner about the situation."

"And oneesan suggested that Namikaze-san be that adult shinobi to go with Kono-kun and the others and talk to this sensei about his students." Hanabi remarked, answering Iruka's question, who suddenly looked visibly shaken and stammered.

"So, so you mean Naruto went over to talk to this teacher."

Both Hinata and Hanabi nodded their heads in affirmation, before Iruka sank into a chair while he exclaimed with apprehension.

"Oh no…!"

"Iruka-sensei what's wrong?" Hinata questioned with concern about the sudden change in the man's demeanor.

"I, I've had some parents of the young kids being bullied make complaints to me about this dojo and the young man who runs it. I was going to talk to this sensei myself, but I wanted to do some research about him before I did."

"And what did you learn?" Kakashi candidly asked with interest.

"I found out he's one of the young shinobi Danzo was raising and training in his Root program."

"Oh crap! Don't tell me he was one of the Root operatives we weren't able to rehabilitate." Tsunade openly remarked with concern, before Iruka nervously added.

"I don't know Lady Tsunade, that particular ex-Root shinobi who is running that dojo was cashiered out of the Leaf shinobi ranks due to a rather…..gruesome injury he suffered in a bar fight that made it impossible for him to continue his ninja career in any capacity."

Tsunade and Hinata faces both took on an ashen color and their stomachs felt as though they were being twisted into knots. Both women suspected with fearful trepidation who this ex-Root shinobi was, as Hinata hesitantly asked.

"Is this ex-Root shinboi the one who Neji-niisan injured defending me and my honor?"

"I believe so, the young man who runs that dojo is named Sai and he has only one arm. Tell me Hinata, does Naruto know about the…...incident?" Iruka answered in a voice tinged with angst.

"Hai, Kiba-kun told him about it, when he first got back to the village."

"Kakashi, you and Jiraiya need to get over to that dojo and stop Naruto at once, before he does something reckless and possibly homicidal!" Tsunade quickly ordered in distress.

"What's going on, who is this ex-Root shinobi?" Jiraiya questioned in confusion.

However, before Tsunade could answer her fiancé's question, there was a knock at the front door. Kurenai walked over to open the door and standing on the porch before her were Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon. All three of them were sheepishly looking down to the ground and appeared to be quite anxious, as Kurenai invited them inside and they slowly shuffled forward. Standing on wavering legs, the three young Genin shifted nervously on their feet. It was Hinata who punctuated the uneasy silence that had filled the room upon their arrival and asked with concern.

"Konohamaru, where is Naru-kun, why isn't he with you?"

"Ummm…well….you see…'s like this…." Konohamaru hemmed and hawed in response seemingly unable to find the right words to answer Hinata's questions.

"Kono-kun quit stammering like a baka and answer oneesan's question!" Hanabi ordered with irritation at her worried boyfriend.

"Uhhhh…..well you see Hinata-sama…..the boss is, is…."

Unable to stand the anxiety filling the room, Moegi finally blurted out in response.

"Naruto-sensei is in jail!"

Author Note: Hmm, well in my opinion it's not one of my best cliffhangers, but it's still a cliffhanger. Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the chapter, I had a fun time writing it and that's the main theme I wanted the chapter to be for the readers…fun. With the very emotional, angst-filled, and dramatic scene of Jiraiya and Tsunade's true heritage being revealed to Naruto coming soon. I wanted to write a light-hearted, enjoyable, and fun chapter to read for people before that happens. Of note, I think Naruto might learn the truth in the next chapter. Now, there is a small smidge of emotional drama with the conversation between Kakashi/Kurenai and Jiraiya/Tsunade, but overall I really wanted my readers to just enjoy and have fun while reading this chapter. I guess I'll find out soon enough if I succeeded in that endeavor from your reviews.

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My second point/error is with regards to readers jumping to the conclusion that because of the threat messages from Jiraiya, Kakashi, and Naruto delivered to Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Sasuke. That the demise of those three will be coming soon in the story…it won't. I mean if it did the story is pretty much finished (which I don't think a lot of you want yet) and there is still a lot left for me to write. Plus I want those seeds of anxiety, doubt, and fear that have been implanted in them to grow and fester within Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Sasuke for a while, before they potentially meet their death.

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*Warning I do give away some spoilers in my rants, so read at your own risk.

#674 – The chapter starts with the final battle about to begin between Madara versus Naruto and Sasuke. There's not a lot to this chapter other than a lot of back and forth fighting between the three. Until the end, when Madara attacks Kakashi and steals his Sharingan eye, so he can transport to the other dimension where Obito is and obtain the Rinnegan eye he possesses. In that dimension, Sakura is about to destroy that eye at Obito's request because he can no longer keep the Black Zetsu from taking over his body when Madara arrives and attacks her ending the chapter. This chapter was alright other than Kakashi looking like a complete idiot for letting his Sharingan eye be taken so easily. I also have to laugh that as far as Kishimoto seems concerned; transplanting an eye from one person to another appears to be as easy as moving an egg from one carton to another.

#675 – This chapter starts with Sakura about to be killed by Madara, before Obito using his Kamui technique sends her back to the real world. Unfortunately, Madara is able to take Obito's Rinnegan eye and receive another Kishimoto gift-wrapped power-up for an Uchiha. Before this happens, Obito learns the truth that Madara was the architect behind Rin being killed and that he's been nothing more than Madara's puppet pawn from the start. The story then shifts back to real world, where Naruto grows a new normal eye for Kakashi to replace the one Madara stole from him. Kakashi goes into some reflective introspection about his three former students and what they've become. The chapter ends with a vortex appearing signaling that Madara is about to arrive. A good chapter if for nothing else we learn how Madara has been the mastermind behind pretty much every tragedy that has befallen our heroes for the past 20+ years.

#676 – Well this chapter begins with Madara arriving with his two Rinnegan eyes along with Obito who has been fully possessed by the Black Zetsu. There's some arrogant posturing and boasting on Madara's part towards the heroes, before Sakura decides to attack him in some sort of foolish and quite frankly useless attempt to prove to herself that she's finally caught up with Naruto and Sasuke. Of course we all know that she hasn't caught up with the two of them, as they are forced to save her from being killed by Madara. Naruto and Sasuke attempt to battle Madara, but are unable to stop him before he opens a third eye in his forehead and starts the Infinite Tsukyomi technique on the moon ending the chapter. This was a decent chapter, as everything is starting to ramp up big time in the story.

#677 – This chapter is really nothing more than showing how the Infinite Tsukyomi is entrapping everyone in a worldwide genjutsu, that's it. There was one really nice moment of Hinata trapped in the Infinite Tsukuyomi and before she falls under its effects called out to Naruto and he heard her through his Sage-mode and wanted to run and help her. The only beings unaffected by the genjutsu are the Edo-Tensei revived Hokage's and Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi who are being shielded by Sasuke's Susanoo defense from its effects. I can't even say if it's a good or bad chapter, as there's very little to it.

#678 – This chapter is still a continuation of showing the affects the Infinite Tsukyomi upon everyone. They are all caught up in their own personal dream and the readers are shown what is each person's happiest dream or fantasy. However, while they're dreaming, Madara is also using the roots of the Shinju tree to trap and suck up everybody's chakra. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi are about to counterattack Black Zetsu, when Madara arrives and says he'll take care of them. However, before he can Black Zetsu betrays him and attacks the elder Uchiha from behind, revealing that his will does not belong to Madara, but to Kaguya ending the chapter. Overall, this chapter was ok, some of the dreams that were shown are nice, but some others are really silly or stupid, and that's about all I can say about it.

#679 – This chapter starts with Black Zetsu betraying and absorbing Madara before he then releases Obito's body and ultimately transforms into Kaguya Otsutsuki who was the first human to use chakra after consuming the fruit of the Shinju tree. She essentially is the mother of all chakra and of the ability to mold it into powerful jutsu's. Interesting point about Kaguya is that she possesses the three great Dojutsu's of the Sharingan, Rinnegan, and Byakugan. Anyway, she declares that the world is her nursery and wanted no more fighting to damage it any further. She then teleported Team Seven and Obito into an erupting volcano, telling them that she will have them disappear ending the chapter. This chapter was alright, but its main function was to introduce the new main villain of the story in Kaguya.

#680 – This chapter begins with Team Seven and Obito falling into a river of lava. Fortunately, Sasuke saves Naruto and Kakashi saves both Sakura and Obito. Sasuke then explains to Naruto that neither one of them can die for if they do then humanity will be eliminated. Basically he's subtly implying that on he and Naruto are more important than Sakura, Kakashi, or anyone else. Meanwhile, the four edo-Tensei revived Hokage's due to Madara's apparent demise are free of the black chakra rods trapping them and each of them race towards the battlefield where Naruto and the others are at. Naruto and Sasuke attempt to counterattack Kaguya and the chapter ends. Overall, this chapter was decent, but it didn't do much to advance the story along to any great extent.

Yes, I'm still thoroughly disgusted that Kishimoto hasn't done anything yet with Hinata's confession to Naruto now reaching 243 freaking issues!

Now I'd like to give a shout out to a couple of stories of quality work that I recommend. I urge all of you to check-out these fine works when you have the time.


"Naruto's Decision by KittyKatChan96: This is a creative, interesting, and well written one-shot that involves Naruto and Hinata becoming a couple after her confession during the Pein battle. There is a very hot and steamy lemon within this tale, but this author did an excellent job in conveying the romance and emotions of the scene, as opposed to something that is just pure smut. Since it's a one-shot I don't want to spoil anything for you, but if you're looking for emotionally touching read with a romantic lemon attached to it, this is definitely a story worth reading.

"While You Were Away" by baynard: This is a well written and interesting story surrounding a burgeoning romantic relationship between Naruto and Ino. Their growing love in the story has a very realistic pace and feel to it and is not rushed at all. It's also a very detailed tale and the build-up of the drama in how the other characters will react to the relationship between the two. If you're looking for something well written, creative, and original to read, then this is a story you should check out.

Now please be kind and leave precious valuable reviews on these stories.

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Definition: To dismiss (a military officer) from service, especially with disgrace

Etymology: Latin to French to Dutch 1570-80a.d.

Part of Speech: Verb