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Easing the door open, Lucien cast his gaze around the foyer of the grand house, noting with distain the abundance of nick-knacks and items of furniture with no purpose but to advertise how wealthy the owner is, and compared it to the basic functional furniture of his old home which could be better described as a shack.

Truly there was a huge gap between the rich and poor.

But for once Lucien was grateful for the large amount of paraphernalia as it gave him a veritable gold mine of shadows to hide in. Quickly he plotted his route, not wanting to waste the few seconds he had left after the activation of his scroll.

He berated himself for not knowing any spells from the school of Illusion to aid his passage and resolved to learn the most advanced chameleon spell the money from this job would allow him to buy, as he disliked scrolls that could easily be dropped or lost as well as costing a pretty penny.

With that heart felt vow Lucien started to move across the main room, his footsteps no more then whispers, inaudible to all but the most experienced Khajiit hunters.

Coasting up the stairs to the living quarters, Lucien quickly picked the simple two bolt lock and went in, his chameleon spell failing as he did so. Again this room was filled with silverware pilled high with fruit, the bookshelves groaning under the weight of the tomes placed upon them with obscure weapons and curios warring for space in glass fronted display cases arranged so that when people where sat at the dining table they were in easy view, doubtless there to aid conversation.

Emboldened by the ease at which he had reached his destination, Lucien decided to take the most direct route to the bedrooms shunning the safer route which would force him to skulk around the edges of the room, preferring to take speed over stealth.

In ten steps he had reached the corridor that ran along the row of rooms that included the guest bedrooms, the lord's private study and the main bedroom. It was in front of this door that he paused and ran the words of his trainers through his mind.

"Never think of the target as a person, to do so will make your job impossible."

"Make sure you do your job as quickly and as efficiently as possible and know your escape routes."

"It is unwise to spend time pillaging from the body and even more unwise to go back through the house to take what ever you fancy because as a novice it will be extremely difficult for you to muffle the sound of a body hitting the floor and people will always investigate."

"Don't bother about the body, we're assassins and as long as the mark is dead nothing else matters, within the parameters of the contract of course."

Lucien pressed his ear to the door and heard only one set of breathing, which by the sound of it indicated that the target was awake. Damn. There was no longer any chance of taking the target by surprise and with this in mind; Lucien drew his steel short sword and took a deep breath before opening the door and walking in.

"Ah, Antheia, if you'd put the water on the table please." The target turned around, clad in a flimsy nightdress with a small smile adorning her features. Then she saw him framed in the doorway, clad in black, naked steel in his hand, no pity in his eyes.

Her eyes widened, and her mouth opened in the beginnings of a scream.

Lucien sped up and swung.

Scarlet coated the wall.


The appearance of a flickering light in the window which Lucien was only half paying attention to forced him out of his day-dream.

With a merciless smile on his force, he turned in a swirl of black cloak and stalked down the alley towards the sewer entrance.

Once again death would visit that house.


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