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The book club was over and somehow Juliet found herself alone with Ben. He'd managed to linger in the living room while everyone else left, and she just stood there, sofa purposely placed between them, unsure of what to say, knowing one of them had to say something. She couldn't help but feel awkward after the kiss that they'd shared last night, which in the heavy, fragrant darkness had seemed so natural and right, but now seemed like a dream or a half-forgotten memory or a fleeting, wonderful mistake that might never be repeated.

Neither of them said a word for one pregnant moment. Then, Ben asked, "So, do you have any cards?"

Juliet stared. Blinked. And then, she laughed. She couldn't help it. It wasn't exactly the question she'd been expecting. "Cards? Yeah, why?"

With a small smile, Ben replied, "I just thought we should do...something. You know, besides --"

"What we did last night?" Juliet finished for him, an eyebrow quirked.

"Yes." He took a couple steps towards her, around the sofa, but then stopped and met her eyes. "Not," he added, "that we shouldn't do more of that at some point."

Her heart skipped and she couldn't quite keep the grin off her face. "That sounds...perfect," she said, leaning against the sofa, invariably pulled towards him. "But right now, you'll have to teach me a card game."

"You don't know any?" Ben asked, surprise tinging his tone. He came around to her side of the sofa, watching her studiously.

"No. Well." She laughed. "Besides Solitaire. I play a lot of Solitaire."

Ben moved closer and put a hand lightly, hesitantly, to her waist. "I don't think you'll have to play it anymore."