"Zero I love you! Ok. I cant live without you!" Yuki shouted as Zero started walking back to his dorm. Zero turned around abruptly as he heard this. His eyes were wide with shock.

"You love me?" He said.

"Yes", Yuki said. He ran to her and hugged her tightly.

"I wanted to here that for so long. I love you too, Yuki." Zero said then kissing her so passionately that he had to hold Yuki because she almost fell. Yuki kissed Zero back with as much passion when he kissed her. When they stopped they just held each other for a long moment. After they let each other go Zero took Yuki back to her dorm. Zero could still taste Yuki's lips in his mouth as he started to leave. Yuki noticed that he was having trouble holding back the blood thirst.

" Zero... Do you need blood?" She said.

"No!" He said.

"Please... I know you've been starving" Yuki said with a sad expression on her face.

"I'm sorry", he said as he took Yuki's waist in his protective grip. As Zero drank from her, Yuki could feel the ecstasy in her body. When Zero was done he licked the remaining blood from the bite mark wounds. Yuki gasped when he did it.

"Zero please… I can't take it any more", Yuki said, gasping again. Zero now had Yuki pined against her dorm door. Then all of a sudden, Zero swung her door open. He started kissing her intently as he was carrying to her bed. Zero put Yuki on the bed, with her blouse half opened. Yuki started unbuttoning Zero shirt as he was lying on top of her. Zero stuck one of his hands up Yuki's blouse cupping one of her breasts. As he started to rub and message her nipple he heard a small gasp of breath.

"Oh Zero…" She moaned. Zero's shirt was now on the floor and he just removed Yuki's. Still messaging her nipple Zero puts it in his mouth. He starts to suck and lick it until it was hot and hard. So he moved to the next one. Once again he started to hear moans and gasps of breath coming from Yuki's delicious mouth. Once the second nipple was hot and hard Zero started to move down when he was stopped.

"Wait!" Yelled Yuki.

"Why", Zero said confused.

"I think we should use protection first because I don't want to become pregnant", Yuki said.

"Fine", groaned Zero as he pulled out a condom from his pocket. "There are you quite content now", he asked.

"Yes", answered Yuki with a smile. Zero went back to what he was doing. He started to remove Yuki's skirt and underwear. Throwing them on the floor he started to analyze her beautiful form. Zero smiled with pleasure from the sight. He started to lick her vagina. Yuki started to scream with pleasure as she started having her first orgasm. When Zero was down he looked at her once more but this time he had sadness on his face.

"What's wrong zero?" Yuki asked.

"It's just… I don't want to hurt you", Zero said.

"You wont hurt me Zero, I promise", she said. Zero nodded. He spread out her legs and put on the condom. Zero entered her slowly as he watched her cringe in pain. He stopped but Yuki told him that it was ok to keep going so he did. When he was all the way in she was crying.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

"Yeah, the pain's starting to subside", she said. Zero started to move faster and Yuki started to scream once more with pleasure as she was having another orgasm. Once they started to stop Zero laid down beside Yuki, still breathing heavy and kissed her on the forehead. Yuki cuddled up next to him and laid her head on his hard chest and fell asleep. But before she did she heard zero say that he loved her so much. Then she smiled and then Yuki and Zero both fell asleep.