Waking up this morning was rather peaceful. For once I didn't feel like curling up into a ball and going back to sleep but instead I found myself taking a deep breath of air and stretching out. My stomach wasn't bothering me and I felt well rested to boot. Fate was curled up against me, resting her head on my chest and lightly gripping my shirt with one hand. The girl snored lightly but I always found it too cute to be annoying. Currently she was breathing rather heavily, still being stuffed up with her illness. I took a small moment to run my fingers through her hair and smile down at the blond. It was weird how a little bout of the flu could make us open up about our feelings toward each other. I knew that I would always love her and be there for her as well. Through anything, anytime, anywhere. I would always…Wait a second, I smell something… Sniffing again, I smiled. 'Score, Yuuno is baking muffins!' I slid out from bed after setting my girlfriends head gently down and trotted down the stairs to get some food.

Onyx Days IV

By: Satashi

"Morning!" Yuuno greeted his friend while sitting the pan of muffins on top of the stove. "How are you feeling?"

"A hundred percent," Nanoha replied, looking over his shoulder at the fluffy treats. "Are they ready to eat?"

"They need to cool. No touching." He grinned at her as he made his way back to the sink to start cleaning up the mess he made earlier. "I said no touching, Nanoha."

"You can't even see me!" She took her hand back in mid-reach.

"Don't have to, I know you better than you know yourself."

"I guess so, you're even wearing my apron. You look great in pink, by the way."

"Oh that's mean." Yuuno chuckled despite himself. "And after I take care of you for three days, even running your classes."

"Thank you very much." Nanoha hopped up to sit on the counter, watching him. "You have to leave today?"

"Unfortunately Chrono only gave me enough time off to make sure you two were okay." He got down a glass and filled it up with orange juice before handing it to his friend. "Here you are."

"Thank you," She gratefully drank half of it on the first go.

"Even if you're feeling fine, remember that you could relapse if you stress yourself too much. Fate's still sick so don't think for a moment you're in the clear yet. Stay in bed and drink lots of fluids okay?"

"Yes Mother," Nanoha smiled at him happily.

"And don't forget to wash behind your ears." He poked her arm, getting swatted at. "Here, muffin." The boy handed her a small plate with the strawberry muffin on it.

"Good morning," Fate yawned as she walked into the kitchen hazily.

"Fate-chan, should you be up?" Nanoha quickly hopped down and walked over to her. "Here, come sit down." She lead her girlfriend to the barstools and helped her up on one. "Can I get you anything? Don't stress yourself okay?"

"Yes Mother," Fate grinned at Nanoha but turned his attention to Yuuno when the boy suddenly started laughing. "…What?"

"Nothing, nothing." He waved it off. "You two really are a couple."

"You told him?" Fate blushed lightly.

"Um…He knew a long time ago I liked you…"

"How long?"

"Like two years," Yuuno snorted, amused.

"Yuuno-kun!" Nanoha stomped her foot. "Don't embarrass me!"

"Two years? Wow." Fate leaned forward, idly munching on the muffin Yuuno plopped in front of her. "I feel special."

"You should," Yuuno grinned. "She would always talk about you whenever we would go out and do something." He grabbed the girl's hands when she tried to bop him on the head. "And she would change into clothes and ask me if I thought you would find her cute in them."

"Yuuno-kuuuuuunnn!" She whined lightly. "You're making me blush, don't tell her that!"

"What else did she do?" Fate pondered happily.

"Well you know she talks in her sleep right?"

"All too well."

"I do not!" Nanoha stammered. "People need to stop saying that!"

"Well there was this one time she stayed over at my place…"

Nanoha gasped out, obviously remembering that dream. "You tell her that and I'll make sure you'll never have any little ferretlings!" Yuuno wisely closed his mouth and grinned at her. "I can't believe you." The girl crossed her arms. Fate watched the two life-long friends argue with each other a moment longer before laying her head down on the counter and yawning. "What are you plans for the day?"

"Well," He took a sip of coffee before continuing. "The people at the library tend to slack off when I'm not around so I'm going to be heading back right after today's lesson."

"Aw," She pouted. "But we haven't even been able to have any fun together yet!"

"Playing scrabble at two in the morning with sick girls who slept all day is a blast."

"I still say you made that word up. The one with all the X's and Z's."

"Oh come on, you're just mad you lost." He smiled as he finished his drink with the last sip. "On that note, I should be heading out for the final lesson before I turn them back over to you." Yuuno took out Raising Heart from under his shirt and slid off the necklace. "I won't have time to come back after the class so I'll return this now." He put it around her neck. "All the data is stored under my name, don't forget to switch user mode or you'll end up with the book form."

Nanoha held back a laugh. "Yuuno-kun, I've been with her for fourteen-some years, I know how she works."

"Oh yeah," He grinned sheepishly. "Sorry." The boy reached down to the floor and picked up a duffel bag. "Well then, I should be going. Thanks for having me over, take care of yourself." The two hugged each other.

"Thank you for taking care of us. Be good okay?"

"Always." He looked over at the blond. "Bye Fate, feel better all right?" He got a sleepy murmur in response, making him smirk. "Tell her bye for me again when she's not so sleepy?"

"Will do," Nanoha walked him to the door and gave another girlishly cute wave as he walked down the hallway. Closing the door slowly, Nanoha's lips turned up into smile. "Now that the Ferret is gone…" The door locked with an audible click, making Fate look up. "It's time for some fun…" She, for lack of a better word, strutted across the floor towards Fate while unbuttoning her nightshirt.

"Na-Nanoha-chan!?" Fate blushed darkly, slipping herself off the stool and walking over to her. "What are you- ahh!" She gasped out when the girl grabbed her shirt and ripped it open, tearing the buttons off the front in the process. Quickly she was pushed backwards up onto the wall. Nanoha's body sandwiched her between the wall and herself as she grabbed Fate's butt and quickly pulled against her thighs, forcing the legs out form under her. Instead of falling she found herself pushed harder against the wall and allowed her legs to wrap around Nanoha's waist. "Wha, what are you doing?" She felt her friend shift lightly and suddenly felt something pressing against her stomach. Looking down nervously, she gasped out. "Oh my god, are you wearing a strap-"

"Yes I am," Nanoha cooed at her seductively, licking her lips.

Slowly the corners of Fate's mouth turned upwards as she wrapped her arms loosely around Nanoha's neck, resting them on top of her shoulders. "…Then give it to me rough!"

"I was planning on it." Nanoha kissed her harshly. "Fate-chan…Fate chan!" Her hands squeezed her friend's butt tightly, rocking her hips just a little to tease the girl. "Fate-chan…. Wake up Fate-chan. Come on, Wake up Fate-chan."

Fate slowly opened her eyes and looked at the half eaten muffin in front of her. Her gaze turned to the side where she spotted Nanoha and Yuuno looking at her. "Aw look," The male laughed. "She doesn't have a clue what's going on!" Slowly she pushed herself up and realized that she had been resting against the bar.

"Oh leave her alone, she's sick." Nanoha giggled to herself before walking around the bar and over to her. "Really, Fate-chan, you shouldn't get out of bed if you can't even eat breakfast without falling asleep… Here, you're drooling." She picked up a napkin and wiped her friend's mouth while she became more aware. "You had this really weird laugh going on in your sleep, as if you were really enjoying something?" She finished cleaning the saliva from her mouth. "Good dream?"

"Ye-yeah…" She blushed darkly as the pieces fit together.

"You're all red…" Nanoha put her hand on her friend's forehead. "You seem to be a little warm… You should get back in bed." Taking a step forward she got in-between her friend's legs and pulled her onto herself in a type of backwards piggyback ride. "I'll carry you." The position quickly reminded Fate of her dream ten fold. "Ahh! Yuuno-kun get some tissues quick; her nose is bleeding!"

"You think it will be all right to stop by again un-announced?" Caro asked lightly as she rode the elevator up with her partner. "We've come by every day since they were first put in bed…"

"We won't stay long; I just want to make sure Fate-san is all right still." Elio looked over at her.

"You really like her don't you?" She looked over and up at him to see him nod. The boy had hit a growth spurt since he joined the squad a few months ago, making him a good half-foot taller than her. All in all she rather enjoyed him being so tall, as it made him look rather charming in her eyes. Subaru and Tia had both gained an inch almost, the harsh training forcing their bodies to adapt to it. Despite this, however, she hadn't grown any at all. 'At this rate I'll only come up to his chest when we're both fully grown…' She sighed softly.

"Something wrong?"

"Eh? Um, no." She blushed lightly at the tone of voice he had with her; it was so much softer than when he spoke with anyone else. The elevator doors opened and the pair walked out, lightly brushing against each other. Caro was never shy about touching him, after all the first time they met his hands found themselves on her chest…or lack thereof. Lately however she realized that when they weren't on the battlefield, she would find herself seeking him out. On breaks or at dinner she would be next to him, sitting so their sides touched or with one hand on his elbow while they walked. 'It's almost like I have a crush on him…'

Elio stopped walking a few steps later when he realized that the hand on his elbow was suddenly gone. He turned to look back, seeing Caro standing there with a shocked look on her face. "…You okay?"

"Y-Yeah!" She trotted up next to him again quickly, blushing. "Sorry…"

"No problem." The two began to walk again.

'Okay Caro, calm down. So you have your first crush, he's no different than he was twenty seconds ago!' The pep-talk calmed her down slightly and she allowed herself to once again reach out to the boy, finding his arm already there as if he were waiting on it. She pushed the com button when they reached the door and only had to wait a few moments before they got a cheerful response.

"Hello," Nanoha greeted. "Who is it?"

"Elio," The male answered promptly.

"And Caro," She added in for him, finishing his sentence.

"Come on in, it's unlocked."

The two did as they were asked and looked around, finding Nanoha cleaning the living room while Fate laid on the couch, half asleep. "Are you well enough to be cleaning?" Caro asked, looking a little worried.

"No, she's not." Fate answered for her. "But she won't listen to me."

"Hush, I'm fine." Nanoha scolded as she put down her rag and cleaning spray. "Hello you two, make yourselves at home. Want anything to drink?"

"I'm all right, thank you." Elio instantly went over to Fate, who lifted her pillow and allowed the boy to sit down before replacing the cushion on his lap and using him as a prop. "How are you, sis?"

"Call me mom," She yawned.

Elio blushed lightly, looking over at Nanoha. "She's doped on medication," She smiled. "Just ignore her." She noticed that Caro was thinking awfully hard about something so she lead the younger girl into the kitchen to get her something to sip on. "Fate-chan originally wanted to adopt Elio," she explained while getting a glass down. "But since she wasn't old enough, or really able to properly do it, Fate-chan's mother is the official signed guardian, making Elio Fate's little brother."

"I see," Caro smiled while accepting the glass of kool-aid. She took a small dink and looked down into the colored liquid a moment before turning back up towards Nanoha. "Ne, can I ask you something? Um, personal not military?"

"Sure?" The older girl watched Caro hop up onto the barstool so she leaned against the bar from the kitchen side so they would be face to face. "What's on your mind?"

"Well…" Her cheeks colored a little. "How did you know when you had your first crush…?"

Instead of instantly pressing for answers on if it was Elio or not, Nanoha pretended to think a moment. "Hmmm…Well my first crush was different, you could say."

"How so?"

"Wellllll…." The girl proper her cheek up on her hand and thought about it. "We were always together since we were little and everyone always thought we were a couple so one day he just asked me if I want to. I said sure and we tried it out."

"Did it work?"

"Not at all," She laughed happily at the memory. "Nothing changed at all. We didn't talk any more or any less. We didn't hold hands more than we used to, we never kissed, didn't really do anything more than we used to."

"Oh, so it's not a good idea to rush things…?"

"I wouldn't say that." She reached out to pat the girl on the head to lift her spirits a little. "We were just friends and we're still really close today. I wouldn't change that part of my life for anything. We both learned a lot about each other and how we felt. It was then that I realized there were two different kind of 'loves'."


"Yes," She put a finger to her chin in thought. "This may be a little hard to understand since you're still young but for example: my first crush, Yuuno, is my best friend in the world. I love him a lot. My current crush, Fate-chan, is my girlfriend. I'm in love with her."

"Fate-san and Nanoha-san are a couple?" She looked pleased at hearing that.

"Yeah," Nanoha nodded happily. "We are."

"That's so sweet!"

"So are Elio-kun and you."

"H-how did you know!?"

"It's plain as day." Nanoha laughed to herself. "So, Caro-san, how do you feel about Elio-kun?"

"I'm…not sure. I always feel a little easier when I'm around him, as if I'm a little stronger. I like touching him, too… Is that love?"

"I would say it's a nice start." Nanoha smiled at the younger girl. "Where it goes from there is up to you okay?"

"So go for it?"

"Go for it." She led the girl back into the living room after the drink was finished and had to bite back a laugh at the sight before them. Elio had a very amused look on his face with Fate laying on the couch on her back now. Thanks to her nose being stopped up, the girl was snoring rather loudly. "Seems like she's had all the fun she can stand for a little bit…" Nanoha walked over to them and scooped up the woman. "I'll put her to bed." The sounds cut off as Fate woke up slightly from the movement. She sniffed lightly and moaned out lazily.

"We'll let her get some rest then," Elio looked down at Caro when she took his hand but didn't say anything about it. "I'll see you tomorrow at the field?"

"You got it." Nanoha nodded at them and gave Caro an encouraging wink. The two left hand in hand, saying something about getting lunch together. "Well, that was interesting," she mused to herself while carrying her friend.

"What was?" Fate yawned out.

"Caro-san has a crush on Elio-kun, it's really quite cute."

"Mmhmm," Fate felt herself being laid down and grabbed Nanoha's shirt sleeve when she went to move away. "Nanoha-chan?"

"Yes Dear?"

"Wanna make love to me?" She gave her a sleepy smile, obviously more asleep than awake.

"Sure," She teased. "But you need to be better first, and to get better you need to sleep. So be a good girl and rest up okay?"

"Stay with me?"

Nanoha bit back a groan. 'I don't even want to –look- at my bed, let alone get in it again…' Despite the thoughts the girl still nodded cheerfully and lifted the covers to crawl under them. 'I've been in this bed for the better part of en entire week almost…' Fate curled up onto her and rested her head back onto her chest. 'I am a little tired from moving so much though…' She allowed herself to cuddle up with her girlfriend. 'And besides, holding onto Fate is always nice…'

Nanoha looked down at her students and smiled nervously as the smoke rose from their bodies. "Um, you all seem a little slow today… Did you slack off while I was away?"

"No," Tia moaned out as she forced herself to roll over onto her back. "I just feel funny today…"

"Me too," Subaru sighed. "The world is spinning…"

"… Please tell me you're not all sick!?" To answer her question, Elio stumbled over to the edge of the field and threw up into the water surrounding them. "Oh for the love of…" She looked over at Caro who seemed to be more or less okay, minus the hard training session she just had. "Caro-san how are you?"

"I'm fine," She smiled weakly. "Although if Elio's sick then…"

The instructor rubbed the bridge of her nose. "You only have a day or so before you're gone too huh?"


"It's okay… It's my fault for letting everyone stay over while I was sick first… Oh man…" She thought a moment. "Everyone go to Shamal's office right now and get a check up. The rest of today's training will be cancelled and I'll talk to the doctor before deciding what we'll do the next few days. Dismissed, and please take care of yourselves okay?" The girl let out another sigh as the people picked themselves up and staggered off. 'I guess I'll make rounds between them and make sure they're okay for the next few days...'

"I'm home!" Nanoha called out as she walked through the door. "You here Fate-chan?"

"Up here!" She called from upstairs. "I'm on the bed!"

"Elio came to training today," Nanoha informed her as she walked across the living room. "He recovered fast, hard to believe it only took him two days to get over it."

"We're used to it," Fate replied absently. "Subaru and Tia should be there tomorrow. Caro-san is like you, though, so she'll probably be in bed for another few days. At least after this, everything will be normal around here again. What a weird week."

"I see. Anyway, what do you want to do…for…dinner…?" Nanoha's words tailed off when she saw her girlfriend on the bed.

Fate blinked, wondering what made her friend suddenly get a dreamy look on her face. Looking down, she realized that she was only wearing her silk see-through night gown and precious little else. On top of that; Bardiche was in pieces around her, getting cleaned and lubed. 'That's right,' She thought happily. 'Nanoha is a sucker for weapons and technology and the like… Seeing me wearing this while working on Bardiche probably has her so hot she'll pounce me and force hot fiery love-love on me until my body collapses!' A hot blush went over her face as she brought her hands to her cheeks. 'Kyaaa, what will I do?! If we start now we probably won't get any sleep and I'll be too tired to spar with Signum tomorrow!... But if my dear Nanoha wants too…'

"Oh wow…!" Nanoha finally managed out, cheeks coloring. She quickly walked over to the bed and got onto it, crawling towards Fate. The blond opened her arms up and closed her eyes, offering herself to her girlfriend. "Is this the new model cleaning kit!?" Nanoha squealed out happily, making Fate falter and look at her. "It is! They say that the new lube prevents cartridge jams by ninety-eight percent!" She picked up the cleaning tools and gasped at them. "And these will make your parts run a lot smoother and reduce the heat transferred!" Her hands picked up another item. "Oh my gosh, they even have the magical distribution system wash in here! Raising Heart has been overheating from my new shells so this would be perfect for her!" Nanoha looked up into Fate's eyes with an expression of a little kid in a candy store. "Can I use the kit when you're done? Please? Please!?"

Fate sighed. "I don't mind."

"Thank you!" Nanoha hugged her happily.

"You're welcome," The red eyed girl smiled despite herself. 'Well, no love-love, but if she's happy then I'm happy too.'

"By the way, Fate-chan?" She pulled back and allowed herself to look down at Fate's breast through the sheer fabric. "Lately I've been having these weird…"

"…Dreams?" Fate finished for her, locking their eyes. "Me too." The next moment she found herself pushed back on the bed and lips claiming hers frantically.

"…Sir?" Bardiche asked lightly, still dis-assembled on the bed as the two girls started rolling over each other and losing clothing. "…Sir?" He tried again. "Put me together again, sir?"

"Bardiche," Fate gasped out as Nanoha's head went to her chest.

"Yes sir!" The device sounded happier now that he would be put back together.

"Start video recording, camera on us please." Fate grinned at her girlfriend, pleased she would be able to release the tension that had built up from staying in bed with her girlfriend for so long but not able to do anything.

"Oooh, kinky," Nanoha purred as she rolled them over again so she was on top.

"…Yes sir…" Bardiche answered after a small pause.

The end.