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A six year old girl with long fire engine red hair ran as fast as she could through ally's and streets. Her heart raced with her and she feared it might burst from her chest to claim first prize. But this was not a real race, not one for prizes at least, but a race for her life.

She tore down a side ally, skidding in the puddles and gravel as she turned sharply onto a street. She wore martial arts looking wardobe complete with black Kung-Fu shoes. It was simple, and black. There were rips and stains over the top and bottoms and she could have sworn she had literally worn down the soles of her shoes from her flight.

Chancing a look over her shoulder she saw no one following her, but she knew they were still close. There was no option in letting her escape, or it was their lives. She was so tired and really hungry that she almost thought about stopping and leting them catch her. She shook her head and thundered on, gaining more speed. She was obviously no ordinary child, and there were some peculiar things about her.

She was losing them completely now and she could feel their frustration. She laughed in her head and cursed them with every fiber of hate she could muster in herself. They were sick fucks for what they were involved in. Eve they had called her, but it did not stand for Eveline, or anything like that. She was just Eve, like Eve from the bible.

Their presence was faint but she feared if she stopped they would have her. That was NOT going to happen, not while she stil had air in her lungs and life in her body. She pumped her arms and propelled herself forward into the dim darkness. Thunder cracked overhead, and the rain came down on her.

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