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There! Half a mile away there was a building. She would bunk there for the night or for part of it atleast. It looked abandoned form her point of view so she made her way towards it, ignoring the mud splashing onto her pants.

About halfway there she felt that horrible ache in her limbs. It started in her fingers, and would soon spread to all of her body soon. Almost there! She skidded in front of the door and yanked at it, but it did not budge. There was a lock on a chain hanging from the door handles that she had somehow neglected to notice in her hurry.

"This is NOT happening to me!" She wailed to the cloudy sky overhead. She was soaked to the bone from the rain which had began to come down much harder then. She looked at the lock and after a minute or so she took it into her hands and yanked with all her might.


The lock broke and so did a few lengths of the chain it had been connected to. She threw it in the mud and opened the metal doors. She was in! It was completely dark in there and it was a second or two before her eyes adjusted. Closing the doors behind her she turned back to the huge warhouse.

Blinking her bright blue eyes a few times she could make out a living space. She had thought this place was abandoned! Oh God she was in trouble now! She turned back to the doors but before she could slide them open again pain ripped through her body and she went down on the cold hard cement floor. Her eyes fluttered then closed as a wave of darkness draped over her.

Castle, or rather the man who was him, arrived at his home. Something was wrong though and he couldn't believe what he saw. His door lock and chain lay in pieces in the mud by the door. He reached for his gun tucked into the back of his pants and went around the back of the warehouse. There was a second entrance there.

His place was dark and slightly eerie now that he thought of it. He closed the door silently and slowly made his way towards the area with the double doors. There laying on the ground was. .

"What the hell?" He lowered his gun and approached the unconcious child. She had flaming red hair and a sleek complexion, an dher black clothes were soaked, ripped, and stained. She looked about six years old. He turned on the lights so he could get a look at her better.

Taking of his jacket, he knelt beside her. She was the prettiest little girl he had ever seen even though she was caked in mud and wet. He brushed away some hair that stuck to her face, but as he preformed this tender gesture something strange began to happen.

Her body was maturing right before his eyes. Her arms, legs, feet, hands, and torso extended; her hair grew longer but only by a couple inches, and her face began to lose the childish features and became more angular and woman-ish.

He watched in frozen wonder. He had just been looking at a six year old child, but now he looked upon a woman in her mid twenties. Her six year old clothes were completely shreddrd from her out of the ordinary growth spurt.

He stood up quickly and back away a few steps. He wasnt so much afraid, but he was seriously weirded out. He knew it wasn't alcohol induced but he sort of wished it was. This by far has won the award for the craziest dream contest, He slapped himself a few times but he didnt seem to wake up.

'So this isnt a dream. . .' he thought as he looked at the pretty much naked woman on his floor. He couldn't just leave her there.

Carefully he lifted her up into his arms and carried her upstairs to his bed. Her skin was warm and soft despite the wetness from the rain. What will happen when she wakes up? When he had reached the bedroom he layed her gently on the bed, taking the remaining tatters of her wardrobe. It was a challenge not to look at her though, she was like magnetic for his eyes.

For a few more minutes he just looked at her face, having covered her up so she had some modesty. Flashbacks of his wife passed over his vision. His wife was dead, along with his son Will. Her face had woken something inside him that had been dead for almost two years. He shook his head, this was nonsense.

He moved away from her and went to a pile of clothes on a chair. He grabbed some jeans and boxers and shed his sopping wet clothes. He was dry and warmer now and thank god too, it was the only normal feeling he was experiencing as of late.

His mind was buzzing with questions. She was very different apparently but how'd she get that way and where the hell did she come from? How the fuck did she break that lock and chain without anything to help her do so? In the body of a six year old no less!! Something was going down here and he was going to find out.

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