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Onto the MOA!

Bella POV

Edward started his Volvo and pulled out of the driveway, they were driving down the highway when I realized that we had missed the turn to go to the airport.

"Edward…" I said, "You missed the exit…"

"No love, I didn't" he replied. "You really didn't think we were going to fly to Minnesota did you?"

"Well, actually, I did. Wouldn't that be much quicker."

"Of course, but I just feel safer with us driving instead of flying. Your life and the babies is much too precious for me to risk having us fly."

"Plus," Alice threw in "This will actually be quicker as long as we stay on the highway and one of us always is listening out for the Popos!"

"Fine…" I said reclining the seat back a little more. I leaned my head against the window and the next thing I knew I was fast asleep. I could faintly hear Alice and Edward bickering about something but I was to far gone to pay any attention to it. When I woke up, I wasn't in the car any longer. Instead I was lying in a lavishly decorated bedroom that I didn't recognize with my angel next to me.

"Where are we?" I mumbled.

"At the Ritz Carlton in the presidential suite." Edward replied. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes I did," I said giving him a kiss on the lips. Then it registered in my mind what he had actually said. "You got a room at the Ritz Carlton just for me to sleep in for one night! What were you thinking! All I needed was" At that moment he shut me up with a kiss. Will I ever get used to that? Probably not.

"We're in Minnesota love, and this is where we're staying for the next week."

"Two Weeks!" Alice yelled from what must be the living room of this place. "A ton of the stores at MOA are having a giant sale next week and we have to stay!"

"MOA? I asked

"Yup, the abbreviation for Mall of America."

"Oh Brother." I sighed. Fine, I guess I would just have to deal. I'm still a weak little human thanks to Edward, so it wasn't as if I could stop her. I had just laid my head back down on the incredibly fluffy pillow to try and get more sleep when Alice bounded in and jumped on the bed.

"Silly, You can't go back to sleep now! We have to go SHOPPING!"

"No, Please no! We're here for two weeks, why do we have to go now!? Edward, SAVE ME!"

"No, you have to come so you can see what I'm getting for your baby's room, and we have to go now because I had a vision that the last available of the crib I want to get is going to sell out. So get up, and I'll help you get dressed as soon as you eat. I already ordered you room service, which should be here right about…now." At that moment there was a knock on the door, and then a faint "Room Service!"

Alice ran out to get the door, and Edward lifted me out of bed, carrying me out to the living area and setting me down on the couch.

"Here you are Bella, eat up then we can play a quick game of Bella Barbie!" Alice said with a twinkle in her eye.

"No Alice, that's where I draw the line. I'll go shopping with you but not if I'm forced into Bella Barbie beforehand."

"Fine," Alice said pouting. I'll go get your boring t-shirt and jeans then.

"Thank you" I said before taking a giant bite of my fried egg.

I took as long as possible eating my breakfast, trying to put off the torture for as long as possible. Finally though I had to face the facts that there wasn't any way to avoid it any longer. I went and pulled on my clothes and walked out the living room. "I guess we can go now Alice." I mumbled.

"YAY!" she exclaimed pulling me out the door, with Edward following behind me.

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