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Roughly Six Months Later…

She woke in the darkness, eyes darting about the shadow-filled room, listening fervently to the sound of the occasional car driving by on the street outside. The eyes searched the darkness, needing to find some indication that there was even the slightest bit of light to help her see.

She hated the dark, hated not being able to see, and hated, even more, the dreams that still plagued her mind even months after the events had occurred.

The doctors had told her that they would stay for a while and had prescribed her sleeping pills, which she quickly dumped in the toilet. She didn't want drugs to help her sleep; she knew that the drugs would not keep the nightmares at bay.

All she needed was to be in his arms.

In the darkness, she rolled over, reaching out to him with a pale, trembling hand that grasped his warm shoulder. Like always, no matter the hour, no matter what time they had lain down to sleep at, he would turn around and pull her into his arms in a tight embrace.

His hands would trail compassionately down her sweat-soaked back, comforting her physically while his whispered words eased her mind. He would lie there and hold her, telling her that she was safe, reminding her that he would always protect her and keep her from harm.

Some nights, like this very night, she would need more than his embrace to calm her fears. She would need more than his arms around her to push back the memories that had been unearthed by darkness and shadows.

In the dark her mouth would seek his, gently pulling his head down to lock his lips in a tender kiss that always calmed her more than anything.

This tender kiss, that always turned savage with arousal, was the sole reminder that she was not in maniac's arms. His taste, his arms, his smell, the very feel of him pressed against her, always pushed back the nightmares whereas the drugs would instigate them.

Eventually, her tongue would seek more of his flavour; just the texture and taste of his lips was not enough. As this phenomenon occurred, she trailed his mouth with her tongue, sliding it past his lips to dance with his tongue.

Their flesh began to heat up, hearts racing and breath coming out in gasps. He dipped his tongue into her mouth, tasting her sweet honey as her hands roamed down his back, enjoying the feel of his muscles contracting under her fingertips.

Deftly, he rolled over, pulling her on top of him as the kiss went from chaste to savage. She plundered his mouth, needing to feel him, all of him, on her, within her. She ached for him to bury himself within her and push all of the nightmares away with each and every thrust.

She threw her head back with a cry as his fingers found her breasts, teasing and tugging at the nipples. He drew moans from her as he teased the hardened nubs, pinching and rubbing as she slowly began to writhe on top of him.

Groaning against her throat, he placed butterfly kisses along her heated flesh, delighting in the feel of her full breasts overflowing in his hands.

One hand trailed down her stomach, finding her smooth mound and the moisture that lay at the center of her thighs.

"Yamato," she gasped, grasping at his hair while his fingers worked magic on her clitoris. "Please…I…right away…please…I can't wait…"

Growling at her husky, sensual voice, the urgency thick, he gave one last rub to her clit before grasping her hips. Her hand trailed down his body, grabbing hold of his hard cock before slowly guiding it into her body.

She sank back on him with a cry of delight and his hips jerked up as she began to slowly undulate against him.

Her movements were slow, erotic, and savage at the same time. This was the way it always was. Every night she was tormented by memories, she would wake up and he would let her take control. She would climb on top of him and take her time with him, even though at times he had to fight back the need to roll over and pound his cock in her until she screamed.

Tonight was one of those nights, when his fingers dug into her hips, urging her to go just a bit faster, just a bit rougher, and, yet, he let her take full control of the situation.

She rubbed against him, her chest pressed to hips as she moved her hips up and down, reveling in the feel of his cock sliding in and out of her, coated in her moisture, hitting her in the right spot each and every time.


Her gasp, the breath on his ear, made his cock jerk violently in her, earning a small scream of pleasure in response.

"Mimi," he groaned against her throat, teasing the skin with his teeth until she shuddered on top of him.

She arched back, feeling the urgency, the need, and letting it overwhelm her. Her hips slammed hard against his as she gyrated, feeling his swollen member rubbing every little aching spot inside of her sensitive pussy.

"Baby…arch your hips. Push them up…I need to feel you deeper inside of me."

He listened. Every time she had a demand, a need, he always listened. It was another way of letting her know that she was in control. Then, later, he would show her just who the dominant one really was.

Her muscles tightened and she let out a soft cry as she fell over the precipice, consumed by desire and pleasure as her orgasm hit her. The urgency doubled and her movements became almost erratic, her hips surging forwards, aching for him to be deeper, for it to be harder, stronger, and she let out another, louder, cry as her muscles convulsed around him for the second time.

"Oh, Kami, yes Mimi!" he cried, slamming his hips upwards, feeling his balls tighten as his orgasm drew near. "Please…please don't stop…"

Her lips latched onto his, her hips slamming harder and harder, her hands grasping his hair as she moaned into his mouth. Their tongues fought and danced, his fingers dug into her buttocks, urging her to move harder and faster with each passing second. She tasted his need, his urgency, and, most importantly, his love.

He shouted into her mouth, his whole body tensing as the orgasm ripped through him. Her pussy clenched tightly around him as she fell over the precipice at the same time as him. Pleasure consumed them in fiery waves as their cries mingled, their bodies tightening and contracting as the desire slowly ebbed away.

Her sweat-soaked body fell on his, her chest rising and falling quickly as she panted heavily. His hands fell limply to his sides and he closed his eyes, regaining his breath while enjoying the feeling of her naked body on top of his.

It was then, in the silence afterwards, that they heard the ringing sound.

Groaning, Yamato managed to move despite Mimi's limp body on his, and she shuddered violently as he reached for the phone, causing his cock to slide a bit deeper in her.

He bit back a growl of pleasure as he answered the phone, ready to kill whoever was on the other end for ruining the aftermath of their pleasurable encounter.

"This better be important, someone better be dead or I will make sure that somebody is dead," he snarled into the phone, recognizing the I.D. as Taichi's cell phone number.

"Yamato-kun, sorry if I intruded on a sex session or something but this is important," Taichi replied.

Yamato somehow sat up, ignoring Mimi as she limply rolled off of him and into her side, where she proceeded to try and fall back asleep.

"What's the matter?"

Her head lifted, eyes half-open as she partially paid attention to the conversation.

"Sora's in labor."

"Give me the location and we'll be right there."

She watched his fingers grip the steering wheel, no longer half-asleep as their made their way down the empty streets of downtown Tokyo. He sped without a care, ready to turn on the lights in order to get to the hospital faster.

She turned to stare out of the window, running a hand through her mussed up hair as she thought about the situation.

She was about to become a godmother.

That, out of everything that had happened in her life, was one of the greatest things to ever happen to her.

She could care less if her hastily put on clothes matched, or that she wore no make-up and her hair had not been brushed. She didn't even care that she flaunted two decent sized hickeys on her neck like a hormonal teenage girl. All that mattered was urging Yamato to get to the hospital faster so that she didn't miss the birth.

As they drove as thought about the past few months and recalled just how glad she was that they were over. Even now, four months after she had been allowed free reign of her life, four months after being allowed out of the hospital and away from a psychiatrist, she still felt emotionally exhausted.

The first month after the attack had been absolutely overwhelming. She had been hospitalized; her wounds treated, and had been visited almost daily by a therapist from the hospital. While she tried to not get antsy with them, knowing that they only meant to help, she couldn't help but feel that this guy did not know how to properly treat people.

Maybe she was going through some ego-complex at the time, she wasn't really sure. Perhaps her ability at being a therapist, her ability to get people to talk and to show people how they weren't monsters was the only thing she could properly rely on. Maybe that was why she didn't really regret treating the therapist like dirt.

Well, she had to admit, she didn't really treat him like dirt. She just made him feel inferior to her, especially when she announced her titles, her awards, and the fact that she was a good ten years younger than him and made, at least, twice as much as he did a year.

Aside from the therapy, aside from the hospital stay, she still had to live with the fact that Shibayama Junpei had, ultimately, died trying to protect her. She knew that he had not been a good person, that he had performed some acts that were unforgivable, but she also knew that he had risked and lost his life trying to free her from the hands of a maniac.

That someone lightened her view of him, not by much, but by enough so that she felt some pity and sadness when the coroner had announced his time of death.

To go with the feeling of regret, the guilt of feeling like she should have worked harder on helping him when he was in her office, she was consumed by endless bouts of panic and anxiety whenever she thought about the court date.

Usually, when someone committed a felony, it took a long time just to set up a court date, get everyone into court, and it could take months at a time to finally reach a verdict. This, on the other hand, took about a month. Not only did all of the evidence point to him being the murderer, his confession helped speed the process along. However, many of the jurors had found Hida Iori to been mentally unfit to go to prison, so they agreed to send him to a mental institution until he was deemed mental stable and able to spend the remainder of his life in prison.

Those days, the days were she was brought into the courtroom in a wheelchair, the sight of his eyes boring into her, glaring at her from his seat, made her feel unbelievably uncomfortable and terrified. Each day she went there ended with a night consumed by nightmares so intense that she couldn't sleep. Every day that she had to stare at him, had to feel his gaze on her, she felt physically sick and spent half of her night vomiting from the memories that plagued her.

It was during that period that she had realized that the drugs only helped her dreams. The drugs forced her to sleep, forcing her back into the realm of her memories where the dreams were even more vivid than the others, where she felt everything to the point that she woke screaming in pain, her body on fire, her stomach contracting as she felt the memory of his hands on her breasts.

Yamato was always there for her, holding the bedpan, caressing her hand, and, eventually, he would sneak into bed with her, lying with her and she fell back asleep in his arms.

It was then that she discovered that his embrace was far more effective than the drugs had ever been.

When the grueling, painful month had finally finished, she was finally able to smile when she was pleasantly surprised.

Instead of being brought back the duplex, Yamato drove her to his apartment, where all of her belongings mixed with his. She had cried for hours, barely listening as he told her that he had discussed it with Sora, how Sora and Taichi were now in the duplex while he and Mimi could live together.

This moment was one of the best ones.

They pulled up in front of the hospital, tugging her out of her reveries of the last months, reminding her that they had one more grueling task to deal with and then, life would be beautifully perfect.

Sora and Taichi would be able to add one more person to the world. They would become parents and, they admitted, when their child was old enough to walk, they would get married. For now, the couple remained engaged.

Mimi held Yamato's hand in hers as they power walked from their parked car and towards the hospital. She still moved with a slight limp and her face was no longer unblemished, the home of two pink scars on her forehead and chin. She had jokingly called herself Harry Potter when the doctor told her of the scarring, although Yamato hadn't found it overly funny.

Then again, the man had admitted that he didn't even know what Harry Potter was, which was beyond blasphemy in Mimi's opinion.

She waited as Yamato ordered for Sora's room number and rushing after him, hurrying as fast as she could with her still-healing leg. The doctor's had said that she might walk with a minor limp for the rest of her life, there had been that much damage to the ligaments.

The silence in the elevator was deafening, the tension and excitement thick, making Mimi wonder if the nurse with them got out a few floors early just to get away from it.

She limped after Yamato and watched, waited again, as he shouted with the nurse, demanding that they be in the room for the birth. When the nurse said no for the fourth or fifth time in a row, Mimi stepped forward and placed a hand on her lover's shoulder.

"What's her reason for not letting us in?"

It was funny how different they were when they had a lack of sleep. Yamato was short-tempered and bossy while Mimi remained rather calm and understanding. This said a lot about her personality when she had a full night's sleep.

Yamato spun around to face Mimi, his eyes darkened with frustration. It was obvious that the simple idea, the notion that he would not be there for the birth of his best friend's child would cause him a great amount of grief. Yamato had spent the past weeks talking about being present for the birth, joking about how he would have to hold up Taichi while the brunet fainted from the sight of Sora shooting a baby out of her body. Then, he would get this glow to his eyes, almost a glimmer of jealousy, and she would wonder, quietly, if he wanted to have children of his own one day.

For now, however, this would be as close as he could get to having a child and she knew that he wouldn't miss this for the world.

"She says that it would take us too long to get prepped and that by the time we get in there, the baby would probably already be out."

"She's that far along?"

"Apparently," Yamato spat.

Mimi turned to the nurse, who appeared more annoyed than frightened. "Are you sure there's absolutely no way for us to get in there to watch the birth?"

The woman crossed her arms, the annoyance increasing, making Mimi wonder if she felt like she was wasting her time on the two of them.

"There's no way. Takenouchi-san was already quite far along, she was fully dilated and we had to rush her into the delivery room for preparations. You'll just have to wait outside until after the child is born and taken care of."

Licking her lips as annoyance began to flow through her veins, Mimi fought the urge to sigh heavily in response. "So, you assume that it won't take us a total of two minutes to get some damn blue scrubs on and into the room to witness the birth of our godchild?"

Perhaps it was the word 'godchild' that did it or it was something else altogether, all Mimi knew was that some sympathy filled the eyes of the nurse before her.

"I understand that you wish to witness the birth, but I'm afraid that even if you two do get cleaned and changed in time, there won't be any room for you. Aside from the doctor and nurses in the delivery room, there are also the parents of the mother and father."

Mimi almost jerked back in surprise. Sora's parents had, somehow, managed to get in the same room for a period of time without causing some sort of ruckus or instigating another endless argument? Even Sora had been doubtful that her parents would willingly stand in the same room to witness the birth.

Maybe this would help Sora find some closure with her estranged mother…

But that didn't excuse the reasoning for why she and Yamato would not be able to witness the birth.

"Look, the father called us with the idea in his mind that we would witness the birth." Mimi sighed softly, wondering if she should bring up some of the events that had occurred in the last six months. Glancing to Yamato, she decided that perhaps it would be an okay idea.

"We've been through a lot in the past year," she glanced at the nametag, "Yukie-san, and we would really appreciate it if you could, somehow, get us into the room to witness the birth. Sora and Taichi are like family to us and it would mean the world to us if we could just witness this birth."

She watched the conflicting emotions play on the nurse's face and resisted the urge to scowl when the sympathy was pushed aside and replaced with determination.

"I'm sorry, but I can't."

Swallowing thickly, Mimi decided to play it up. Holding Yamato's hand tightly, she placed her free hand against her abdomen. Suddenly formed, unshed tears glittered in her eyes as she pushed aside all emotion save for sadness.

"It's just…it really would mean the world to us…I…you see, I can't conceive children. Ovarian cancer, you see, when I was younger." She shuddered slightly, as though pushing back repressed memories of white rooms and the scent of antiseptic. "I just…this is as close to having a child as I'll ever get. Please…it would really mean a lot if we could watch the birth, to share the joy of being able to bring a child into this world…it would mean so much to us…"

Every last resolve in the nurse shattered at the sight of Mimi's teary eyes. "Oh, fine, follow me, and hurry."

It took them a total of one and a half minutes to get scrubbed and dressed, and less than ten seconds to rush in the room, when Yamato rushed to Taichi's side while Mimi hurried over to hold Sora's hand.

They listened to her grunts and shouts, patted Taichi's back while Mimi wiped the sweat from Sora's brow. They forced back their chuckles every time Sora savagely cursed Taichi for getting her pregnant and resisted the urge to gag whenever she began to sob about how much she loved her Taichi-kun.

It was painful to watch and Mimi wondered if, in the end, all of this pain would be worth it. But, as the child came out, letting out the first shrill scream, she saw the love in Sora's eyes. She stepped aside, falling into Yamato's warm embrace while Taichi went over to Sora, stroking her hair and watching as the doctors cleaned the baby. She saw the triumph, saw the compassion, and saw the raw and exposed love in the eyes of the two people before her.

Then, only then, once they were able to hold the tiny child in their arms, did Mimi understand that maybe, in the end, it was worth it.

She turned to Yamato, snuggling against him while the parents and grandparents began the tradition of coddling and spoiling their only child and grandchild. Looking up into his azure eyes, she felt her lips twitch and form a smile.

"You know, this is the part of the story where you remove all glory and attention from them, get down on one knee, and propose to me in a grandiose manner with a gold ring and a shiny, huge-ass diamond in it."

He chuckled in response and kissed her capped head, already missing the curls that were hidden under the blue cap.

"In a corny, sappy story it is, but, to be honest, our life has been anything but sappy."

"True," she laughed quietly. "Even our sex lacks the sappiness of a perfect, romantic love story. And," she added, "the heroine is supposed to end up looking perfect and flawless in the end, no matter what happens to her."

"But you have these beautiful scars that only add to your character."

"Suck up."

"I do it and say it for the sex."

Her smile broadened and she glanced briefly towards the happy couple. "So, no ring with a diamond the size of Pamela Anderson's breasts?"

"I didn't know they made rings with diamonds that big."

"Of course they do."

He smiled and sighed softly. "If you must know, I haven't really thought about getting married." He cupped her cheeks and continued before she could retort with a comment that matched the annoyance in her eyes. "I was hoping we could live together for a year, see if you could stand me, and then we could think about it. Of course, you have to realize that we'll be busy babysitting Sora and Taichi's lovely little boy."

Mimi's eyes lit up at the prospect of babysitting and spoiling the child. "So, you want to see how we react with taking care of the baby and see if we'll be ready to have our own, right?"

"Obviously, and I take it that you can have children, unless you're hiding another story of your past that will make your life seem even sappier and sadder. Almost too Mary Sue like."

She resisted the urge to playfully punch him in the kidneys and responded instead with a smile of her own. "Nope, I had a boring childhood until a few years ago. Perfect family, nice parents, only child, good education, good friends, and a great life until I met you."

"I sense a blow to my ego."

"Oh shut up." She hugged him tightly. "So, I have no more skeletons in the closet aside from the fact that my mother is a rather eccentric cook and moved to the States with the idea that she could become a famous chef. She fits in but…my father's a rather pathetic excuse for an American."

He let out a quiet chuckle and kissed the tip of her nose in response. "So, how about we stop talking about you for a bit, go see the parents and talk about something far more interesting?"

"You jerk," she laughed, but turned and led the way to their best friends and godchild.

When all was said and done, when the grandparents and godparents were ushered out of the room to give the exhausted mother her much needed rest, Mimi sat in the car with Yamato as her side, watching the sun rise from the hospital parking lot. Both had work in a few hours' time and both considered the idea of calling in sick. Yamato, however, had two cases he was close to finishing up with, and Mimi had three new patients coming in.

So, they sat and enjoyed the sunrise, wondering if this would be the perfect setting to the end of their eventful love story. Mimi jokingly demanded that he propose and he added that proposing to her in a car was anything but romantic. In the end, they just sat and watched the sun rise.

They weren't sure where their lives would lead them, weren't sure what would happen to them in the future, but they were sure that, in a few years' time, they would watch their best friends walk down the aisle and exchange vows. They were certain that they, themselves, would one day perform the same acts and become one before a crowd of people. They were certain that, maybe, they would have children of their own.

They were also certain that, while the sunrise was the perfect backdrop to the end of a romantic story, it was also the perfect backdrop to the beginning of a new life, as corny as it seemed.

She smiled, taking his hand in hers, looking up into the clear blue that had tempted her so much. She knew then, at this moment in time, that everything would be all right. Despite their past, despite what had happened in the past year, everything was going to be okay.

Nobody would ever be able to tell her otherwise.

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