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Kakashi walked casually towards his students who glared at him impatiently. The short pink haired girl sat unnecessarily close to the last of the Uchihas and Naruto glared at them, when he was not glaring at his slow paced teacher. "You are three hours late!" That was Sakura. Standing and clenching her fists.

Kakashi smiled under his mask, "My my, why are you all out so early?"

"You told us to be here at eight! EIGHT! And what time is it now?"

Kakashi looked down at his wrist and shrugged, "Time to buy me a watch?"

"Eleven o'clock, smart ass!" Sakura groaned. "How are we suppose to do anything with a sensei like you around!"

Kakashi sighed, "Well, as it turns out the mission we were requested for was withdrawn. Seems Cupcake came back on her own."

Naruto snorted, "Is that the fat lady's cat."

"That is Mrs. Kyto's cat, it was fornicating with the tom who was hit by a cart the night before last."

Sakura sniffed, "That's so sad."

"The good news is the cat population should stop climbing at an exponential rate. Thank goodness! I hate the little beasts."

Naruto smirked, "Your just mad because a cat's getting more action than you."

Kakashi flinched and reddened under his mask. Naruto obviously had no idea where Kakashi was for three extra hours that [articular morning. Luckily the young Shinobi took this as a sign that he was right instead of dead wrong, "Yeah, not once have I seen or heard of Kakashi sensei with a woman. All he's got are them books." Sasuke grinned wickedly and Sakura rolled her eyes, even though she smiled.

"Who's mad that a cat's getting more than them?" Kakashi fired back at his student, who flinched. Sasuke burst out laughing and Sakura tried to muffle her giggles, but was unsuccessful. Kakashi grinned at his students, "How about I take you out for some brunch?"

Naruto jumped up, "Ramen!?!?"

"Yes, ramen." He rolled his eyes as they cheer. Of course Sasuke only shrugged. "So how about we head out, hm?" They walked down the street, and Kakashi fell in behind his students, watching them with mild interest. Sasuke was in the middle, Sakura on his left was practically falling over herself to get him to speak. Every time she asked a question he'd remain silent, but instead of taking the hint she'd just keep talking. Naruto was on his right, simply glaring and answering some of the question Sakura had meant for Sasuke but his only reward was a glare from the pink haired Shinobi. Kakashi couldn't help but smile under his mask, seeing Sasuke's almost undetectable frown when Naruto answered a question. It was only so hard to notice because his blank expression was reminiscent of a frown. Kakashi however knew better. It was amusing to watch the little love triangle walking around. They enter the soup shop and sat at the counter. Noodles were ordered and made with Sakura the only one chatting the whole time about herself. The new shampoo she was using, the fight she had with Ino, her close encounter with her mothers cooking. Sasuke pretty much ignored the girl, while Naruto hung on every word. Asking questions about Sakura, nodding, etc. Kakashi was just about to slip away to leave his students to pay the bill when suddenly before Naruto could as another Sakura question, Sasuke slammed down his chop sticks rattling the entire counter. He turned to the blonde Shinobi and in frustration.

"Sakura, Sakura, Sakura! Why always Sakura? Shesh, she talks about herself enough! What about, 'Oh hey Sasuke, how was your day, hm? That's good. So was mine.'" He stood and trudged out leaving to confused teammates staring after him. Surprisingly Naruto's voice came back first.

"Sasuke, wait! I'm sorry. Come back!"

Sakura glared after Naruto, changing to a more distressed look she followed suit, "Wait, Sasuke! I'll listen, how was your day?"

Kakashi blinked after then, surprised. Sasuke wasn't the out burst type. But the silver haired Shinobi was brought back to earth by the owner and the check that he now had to pay do to his students departure. The strange event left him broke and amused. He walked to his apartment building, in the door, down the hall, through the door to stair case, then out the emergency exit. It lead to a back alley way. His easy route to Gai's. He reached up and grabbed the fire escape and began his climb. It was his normal route but it was much more hassle then using the stairs which had a door just five more feet down the alley. Still it was his favorite entrance. Added a lot more fun to sneaking around. Gai's apartment was on the top floor, allowing for a fireplace. He got to Gai's level and tapped on the window. Gai was sprawled out on the couch and made a motion like opening a window. It was open. He climbed through and the man on the couch grinned, "well that didn't take long."

"Gai, I have a question."


"Do Naruto and Sasuke remind you of anyone?"

"Not particularly. Why?"

Kakashi looked at the ceiling, "No reason."

"What you think they're like you and me?"

"Sasuke is a lot more up tight than me but yes. That's exactly what I was thinking."

Gai chuckled, "I thought that of Neji and Lee once. They grew out of it. That and Lee has the strongest will I've ever seen. He seems to have his heart set on your Sakura. To him it's her or nobody." He shrugged, "Maybe we just see ourselves in them because their still in the prime of there youth. It's the way we always feel we are."

Kakashi smiled and looked out the window, "Yeah, maybe you're right."

"Of course I'm right." He grinned at Kakashi who walked over to the couch kissing the top of his head.

"You are such and idiot." He walked over to the kitchen area to get a drink.

"Well you aren't exactly a genius yourself. But at least I've got my GOOD LOOKS to fall back on."

"Ha, don't make me laugh."

"What'd you say?"

"You can't hear or think. Darn, you are S.O.L., love."

Gai stood and made his way towards Kakashi who he chased around the couch. "I'd like to hear you say that to my face."

"Make me!"

"I challenge you to a match, first to pass out wins!"

"Can't I enjoy my day off in peace!?!?"