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"My Bitter Crimson Tears"
Chapter One:

Looks Can Be Deceiving

"Alright, this is the perfect chance to try out my strengths! Of course, last time it didn't work, but this time I didn't drink any spoiled milk, so the plans foolproof! It can't fail!" a blonde haired boy's cocky voice rang throughout his one bedroom apartment.

It was no one other than Naruto Uzumaki. He stood in front of his large full body mirror, placing his hands in an unusual fashion before yelling, "Transform!"

His blonde hair disappeared, and was replaced by slick raven hair. His cocky grin was no longer seen for it was masked by a sexy rugged smile. Naruto's usual orange jumpsuit disappeared; in its place was a loose blue T-shirt, and white shorts. Then, in his new masculine voice he stated, "Heh, okay Sasuke. Hope you don't mind if I borrow your identity for a bit. But Sakura's gotta know the true you. If she sees how big a jerk you are, she'll forget about you, and fall head over heals in love with me, Naruto!" Naruto then scampered out of the room hurrying down the stairs and into the morning sun.


Sakura sat on the metal bench in silence staring longingly down at her feet, as distant memories of the hours before hand danced across her mind,


Sakura approached Sasuke, a blush creeping across her cheeks, "Good morning Sasuke. I was wondering…um," She looked away almost too afraid to get shot down for the thousandth time. Sasuke looked at the pink haired girl uninterested, "Well, what is it?"

She stepped closer, going in for the kill, "Um…Well I was wondering if you wanted to..." quickly, Sakura thought up some random thing they could do together that might attract Sasuke, "Go on a date with me!"

'Oh that's cleaver', Sakura thought, subconsciously slapping herself. "No thanks. Why don't you go ask Naruto, I bet he'd be interested." Sasuke began to walk away before Sakura lashed out and grabbed his arm, "Wait! Please, can't we just do something together, to strengthen our team work?"

She flashed him a smile, but he stared through her with an icy gaze, "Let go of me, and leave me alone." Sasuke tore his arm out of her grasp and began his departure. She watched him leave, like every other time, until he was out of sight.

Flashback Over♥

Sakura's reminiscing ended when she gazed in front of her; a shocked and embarrassed look replaced her sorrowful frown. "Huh…" She began to blush uncontrollably,

'It's Sasuke! And he's staring right at me! Quick, what do I do? What do I say?' Sasuke was leaning against a tree, hands in pockets, his onyx eyes steering straight to Sakura. But before she had anymore time to think, Sasuke was walking towards her on the dusty path, grinning. He stopped directly in front of her and merely said, "Walk with me," before he started walking towards the forest.

Sakura shook her head as she began to follow the boy of her dreams into the wide range of trees. "Um, Sasuke…I thought you wanted me to…leave you alone…" She gazed at the ground in front of her.

Sasuke cupped her chin in his hands, "I know, I'm sorry. But, Sakura, if you knew how I really felt…" At that moment, Sakura was lost in his dark mysterious eyes, before he embraced her in a deep kiss. She gave into it, over the years she longed for this moment, and now it was finally happening.

The kiss ended after what seemed like an eternity, and they both slowly pulled away, not wanting the moment to end. They stood staring at each other, gazing deeper into each others eyes. Sasuke still held Sakura in his strong protective arms, as if they were a barrier blocking off any one that tried to take her away from him. She smiled, her eyes shining as she whispered, "Sasuke," The morning air swept through her long pink hair, twirling it around in circles.

Then, the romantic mood came to a screeching halt as three shuriken came striking towards them. Sasuke shielded Sakura from the attack. "Who's there? Show yourself, you coward!" Sasuke shouted, causing birds to soar from the treetops into the morning sky. A courageous chuckle was heard before someone stepped out from behind a tree, "Coward? I'm not the one hiding behind someone else's face."

Sakura looked confused as her head swung right and left, looking from the boy standing next to her, and the one that came out from behind the tree. He was tall, attractive, and everything a girl could want, and did want. "What?! Sasuke? But…" The boy from behind the tree was Sasuke, too! "Okay, now I'm really confused." Sakura stated, shaking her head and closing her eyes as if it were a dream. "Show me what you really look like!" The boy by the tree shouted pointing at Sasuke. "Heh, no thanks, go ahead," Sasuke said.

Then another voice sounded from behind them, "Aw man! You stole my idea too you loser!" It was…another Sasuke? Sakura got closer to the Sasuke beside her. "It's okay, I'll protect you." He whispered down to her. The new comer had flames in his eyes, "This was a foolproof plan! Now it's ruined cuz you, two, whoever you are, stole my idea! This sucks ass…Come on!" He shouted looking from one to the other. Then, he shouted, "Transform!" And there stood Naruto. "Well that narrows it down." Sakura said rolling her eyes.

Sakura was getting angry, "Okay, tell me the truth, which one of you is the fake!" She was hoping it was the Sasuke by the tree, because the other one had kissed her, and she felt a bond spark between them the moment their lips met. The Sasuke by the tree muttered to himself under his breath, "Well, if it's not Naruto…" His eyes grew round, "That guy…He must be a threat. Sakura! Get away from him!" She gasped, the Sasuke that stood behind her chuckled evilly, causing Sakura to gaze up at him a fearful look on her beautiful face.

"Good guess. But it's too late," Suddenly, he wrapped one arm around Sakura's waist, forcing her body to touch his. Then, his other hand held a kunai knife snug against Sakura's throat, "It's over…Little Brother." Sasuke shuttered as the man with the kunai transformed into a taller more rugged and evil man than Sasuke.

Sakura's panic stricken eyes pleading for help as they began to sparkle from the tears that flowed gently down her cheeks, "Help…me, please…Sasuke." She cried, the sound of Sakura in pain and fear ripped a hole through Sasuke's heart. His anger rose to a boiling, "Itachi…Let her go! She doesn't concern you!" Sasuke shouted to his older brother.

"Actually," He placed the kunai closer to Sakura's neck, "She does. Sakura is very important to you, isn't she?"

Sasuke pushed his feelings aside when he felt a blush running down his spin to his face, "No! She doesn't mean anything to me at all, but you can't hurt her!"

Itachi laughed, a wide set grin danced across his tan face, "Oh but she does, Sasuke." Itachi ran his free hand along her waist. "Too bad she doesn't love you as much as you imagine. Ask her yourself," His evil eyes gazed down upon her, making her shutter in fear.

"No! Let me go! Sasuke! Naruto, help m"- She was cut off when Itachi knocked her out with the kunai. Sakura slipped out of conciousness, and landed in Itachi's arms. He held her close to him, bridal style, making Sasuke furious with jealousy. "I'm gonna kill you, you bastard!" Sasuke shouted to the heavens before charging at his brother, the constant painful beat of his heart ached, before his foot lashed out to kick Itachi, but he disappeared after saying, "She's mine now. If you want her back, you'll have to seek me out, and be prepared to kill me."

Sasuke screamed in anger. "No! You bring her back!" Naruto stood awe struck the entire time, but quickly snapped out of it, running over to Sasuke's side, "Sasuke, are you okay? What happened? I zoned out…"

Sasuke punched the rocky ground, "Sakura, Itachi took her." Naruto's cockiness got the better of him, "So? We'll get her back and save the day! Just like every other time."

Sasuke stated the simple fact, just in case Naruto didn't get it, "Itachi slaughtered my entire clan, and my parents. Everything and everyone that was important to me, he destroyed purposely making me watch and leaving me alone to live with the horror of it. Naruto, he's going to kill her!"

Burning tears rushed to Sasuke's dark eyes, but he pushed them away, because over the years, he's learned that they only make things worse. A sorrowful expression appeared on Naruto's face as the truth finally sunk in. The color began to leave his face, "What? But what are we going to do? How are we gonna save her?"

Sasuke closed his eyes as he stood up, clenching his fists, "We're going to find Itachi," His eyes shot open, and the Sharingan was clearly visible in both of them, "And we're going to kill him."


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