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Chapter 3

"Seductive Passion"

I could feel it coming--that sickening flip that occurred in your stomach at the sight of anything grotesque or unimaginably horrid. I felt this constantly the moment Itachi stopped feeding me and bringing me water. I lay there, frustrated, on the silk and satin covered bed as unwanted tears filled my uncaring eyes.

I tugged, heaving at the chains that bind me to this prison. But no matter how much strength I still possessed, I wasn't able to set myself free. I was too miserable and far too terrified to even think about freeing myself anyhow. If by some magic I did break free…where could I possibly go? I'd make it about two blocks, then Itachi would catch me, bring me back here, and the beatings and 'fun' would start all over again.

I let out a depressed sigh in annoyance at being so weak. My weary eyes glanced around the room. A second sigh left my lips as the realization hit me that Itachi wasn't in the room at that particular point in time. I took this as my time to examine the room.

Above my head was an abundant painting of a magnificently perfect creature, her auburn hair blowing gracefully in the invisible wind. The Goddess-like creature held her hands in an odd, yet seductive position across the front of her violet and topaz gown. Her eyes locked on me, captivating me in the moment, before I forced myself to look away.

My eyes fell to the crimson drapes, hanging lazily over the window pain. Beside the covered window was a quant bedside table made of mahogany wood, with a vinyl finish. The intricate designs outlaying the table were fashioned into elegant roses.

Atop the structure was a lapis lazuli chest full of unknown mysteries. My curiosity shot up as I could only imagine the secrets hidden deep within that small, gorgeous box.

I was drawn from my imagination as I bit my lower lip in agony as the shanks around my wrists and ankles, suspending my arms high above my head and out of my reach, began to feel as if they were growing tighter with every passing moment. My eyes weld up with tears, before a gentle tear of blood dripped down my lip. His vicious laughter was heard just outside of my room which sent chills down my spine.

Itachi swung the door open as he sauntered to my bed, "Well, well. Your awake finally, are you?" Another sinister cackle left his lips as he neared me, stroking my cheek. I flinched at his touch from the sharp pain that shot through my body with every breath. He growled under his breath before running his blade down the center of my chest. I couldn't take it any more. The pain was too unbearable.

So, I bit my lower lip harder, forcing the blood away from my body, hoping I would drift into unconsciousness. Itachi must have sensed my plan as he grinned, "Aw do you not love me anymore, beautiful?" He placed his hand over my mouth, forcing a pill down my throat. I couldn't help but swallow it as I gasped in shock before choking from swallowing the dry pill. I began to hear Itachi's laughter once more from the site of me in pain, before two other men entered the room, each with that same sinister smirk etched into their flawless features.

I shied away in embarrassment at the realization that the previous hour, Itachi had finished stripping me of my attire, and now I lay naked and exposed to the newcomers. Tears began to brim my bloodshot eyes once more as I choked back a sob. I couldn't stand allowing this hideously gorgeous monster see me cry.

The two new comers wore the same attire as Itachi; black jeans extending downward, ebony tank and of course, the Akatsuki robe fashioned with red clouds. I stole a glance from the man with the flash of crimson hair. His topaz eyes bored into mine, his delicate cheek bones were both masculine, and yet some how elegant. His slender lips curved into a devious grin as he narrowed those eyes that thirsted for blood, "My, what a beauty. Itachi, who is she?" Itachi glanced at him from the corner of his eye, "Sakura Haruno."

The third man in the room had his blonde hair up in a partial ponytail, and a smirk traced his features the entire time since he had entered the room. It was as if it were carved into his features, a stone statue, never to be redesigned in all its perfection. His tanned face was slender and sinister, and yet also vaguely lonely. I could sense a long history of isolation bottled deep within this mysterious man.

Itachi's velvet voice called me back to reality as he addressed the men by their names, "Sasori, Deidara, I called you here today because a few guests will be showing up for this little beauty." He grinned, "One of them is the Nine-Tailed Fox, Naruto Uzumaki. I'll leave him to you two for now. But leave the Uchiha to me. Got it?"

Sasori chuckled lightly as he shifted his weight, "Well of course, Itachi. It would be selfish to take on both of them and leave nothing but a broken, naked bitch for you." He laughed once more. His words made me tremble as Deidara's eyes fell on my limp form, "Hmm….I take it she's of importance to the two that are coming?"

Itachi nodded, "She's of great importance." I looked away, staring off into space as my mind traced two figures into my thoughts, '…Oh Sasuke…Naruto…' Tears rolled down my cheeks and I showed no resistance to stop them. I was done fighting. There was no point any longer.

Suddenly, a familiar voice emerged, ringing throughout my thoughts, 'Sakura! Don't give up! We're coming to save ya—Believe it! So damn it, when I get there, you better be okay! Got it?' Her tears fell faster as a soft smile traced her delicate features, 'Thank you…Naruto.' I turned my attention back to the Akatsuki members as Sasori and Deidara left with bloodthirsty grins, "We won't disappoint you, Itachi."

My mind drifted as I thought back to my friends, only to be disturbed once more by his insatiable laughter, "Your friends will be dead within only moments now that the Akatsuki are after them as well."

I regained some restraint as my stubbornness took over. I glared at Itachi, "Itachi…I won't let you hurt them! If you try to then I swear, I'll…" She shouted before he laughed once more, "I don't think your in any position to be making threats, little girl." I growled under my breath, "Damn it." He clenched his hand into a fist, punching me in the stomach with all his might. My eyes grew wide as I groaned in pain. Itachi flexed his fingers, "Now keep your mouth shut, Sakura." I shook my head, "N-no…"

I winced as he brought out his kunai and stabbed me in the leg. Grimacing, I struggled to stifle a scream in agony. He dug the blade down my leg, deepening the wound. Suddenly, to my surprise, and dismay, he took the blade out and threw it across the room. My eyes refused to meet his gaze, but I was finally able to force myself to look at him. His eyes were now a soft auburn, his features were less tense, and full of sorrow as he whispered, "Sakura…"

I closed my eyes once more, forcing this all away. Wishing it was only a nightmare and soon Naruto would bust through the door, storm over to my bed and shake me awake to tell me that I was late for training once again. But of course, I'm a top student at the academy, and so this little dream was quickly proved false as my mind unconsciously calculated the impossibility of that being the case.

A cold, muscular hand cupped my right breast, drawing me out of my daydreams for the thousandth time in that mere hour. I gasped in shock as my pride took over and I attempted to slap his hand away, only to find that it remained suspended above my head.

He chuckled at my stupidity then he lowered his face to mine with a wide-set grin, "My Love, vengeance is futile, not to mention impossible. By restricting any of your possible movements, and draining you of your chakra, your precious little innocence will be easily tarnished…"

He nibbled playfully on my ear as he dug his nails into my hips. I groaned in agony as my small frame began to feel crushed underneath his weight. Itachi stroked my slender body, taking in every detail and enjoying every whimper that dared escape my lips. Once again, by the mere sight of the handsome devil, the gorgeous deviant that captivated me and strapped me down, sent my hormones spiraling as our eyes locked.

Hesitantly, I bit my lip turning my eyes away from him to avert his gaze before I did anything unforgivable. Itachi chuckled as he proceeded to take off his shirt. I tried desperately to stop myself from falling for this frightening, not to mention flawlessly gorgeous, creation of God, but my eyes were too curious for their own good. They widened as he revealed histoned torso, flexing his every muscle to add to the effect.

Unconsciously, I took in a deep breath, my tongue running across my lips. Itachi smirked playfully as he lined himself atop me and proceeded to assault my exposed neck, working his way up to my ear once more, "I take it you like what you see, am I right, Cutie?" I moaned softly, not able to hold back the pleasure any longer. He laughed before purring, "You're mine now, Sakura."

I closed my eyes, and prepared a scream, one good scream and that would be all I would need. But to my dismay, nothing came out. All I could do was struggle against the shanks holding me down and keeping me from my freedom.

My body tensed at his touch as he ran his slender fingers down my hips and over my thighs. I blushed nervously, taking in a sharp breath. I winced as a sly smirk plagued his once beautiful and flawless features as he began to grind his lower body against mine roughly. He waited patiently for me to give into him as his strong, firm hands stroked every part of my body, starting with my neck, then to my bust, and finally my stomach.

I attempted to hold back every various moan of pleasure that threatened to emit from my lips, replacing then with cries of despair, but sadly, I had no such luck. His lips descended to the other side of my neck. Then, a grin spread across his cheeks as a wild moan left my lips.

Itachi took this as his chance as he began to thrust himself upon me, causing me to wince, shivering from the sudden warmth emitting from his torso to mine. He grinded his pelvis against my lower body, making heat rise from both of us.

I felt my body giving in long before my brain had time to think. Itachi's movements became harsher and less discrete as he nuzzled my nape, grinding his lower body against mine playfully. I had to break the trance he had over me. Somehow.

So, my small voice called out between moans, in a delicate whisper, "W-why….are you…doing t-this….?" Itachi chuckled, "Why?" He repeated before moving his lips down to my nipple, biting it roughly until the taste of blood met his tongue. His hand cupped my other breast tightly and firmly, causing another flurry of hormones to rush through my already seduced body and a moan to emit from my lips.

He smirked, "Well if you must know, it's for my own cruel enjoyment." His smirk widened at my new expression of anxiety and confusion before he returned to licking the blood away from my nipple, his lips retraced their path back up to my neck where he tickled my nape gingerly. His torso continued to grind against mine, forcing the air from my lungs as I struggled to breathe. Tears fell from my eyes as I felt myself giving into the guilty pleasure, 'I'm sorry Sasuke…' My mind raced before Itachi carefully untied me from the bed posts; first my arms, then my legs, and wrapped my arms around his neck.

Surprisingly, I found that all resistance I had once felt escaped my body. In fact, my arms tightened around his neck, pulling his body closer to mine. Then, I locked my toned and defined legs tightly around his torso. I no longer felt the need to run away, far away from this deranged man. Now, all I could feel were fears of longing and despair for the man I once despised and feared. Pleasure shot through my entire body before my emerald eyes slowly drifted closed, and his lips crushed against mine in seductive passion.

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